A Dream Episode – 13


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The episode begins with mom announcing abhigya’s marriage will take place in the upcoming days. Tanu gets shocked by hearing this. She says aunti ji what are you saying??? Why you took this sudden decision??? This chasmish…. Mom stares at her. Tanu says I mean Pragya is not a suitable girl for bhai and to our family. She belongs to low class.. Abhi gets angry by tanu’s screeching. Mom says bas Tanu bahut hogaya ab aur nahi ( stop it Tanu.. Not anymore). Mom continues I don’t know about any classes. I know only about human being’s heart. Pragya’s heart is pure. The moment when I saw her for the first time, I have decided that she is my daughter in law. Mom says I am abhi’s maa.. I have the right to take decision in his life. I know pretty well that who is suitable for abhi and for this family. Look Tanu, you always run behind money, which I don’t like in you. I told abhi not to involve you in his office work. But he didn’t hear my words. He allowed you in his office and asked you to handle important files but for that you cant take important decisions in his life. Abhi interrupts and says hereafter I wont maa… Mom couldn’t understand anything. Tanu was confused. She thinks what abhi is upto??? Tanu asks abhi, bhai what do you mean by it?? Abhi says Tanu don’t ever call me as bhai. Mom was confused. She thinks why abhi is telling like this?? Pragya thinks Mr. Mehra is going to take out his anger on Tanu.
Abhi holds Tanu’s arm and asks why you did this to me??? Tanu thinks in her mind, what bhai is speaking about??? She says bhai, I…. Abhi says chup kar… I said don’t call me bhai. You have lost the right to call me as bhai. Tanu was shocked. Mom was puzzled. She thinks why abhi is speaking like this?? Abhi says tanu i have considered you as my own sister. Without a second thought I have fulfilled all your wishes. Each and every ,day and night, I use to think about your betterment. But what you have done the to me is betrayal and attempt murder. Tanu was shocked. Mom was shattered and asks abhi, what are you saying??? Tanu says I think you have misunderstood something. Why would I try to kill you??? Abhi says for money you did so.. Since I dint sign on Mr. Nikhil Arya’s contract, you and Nikhil joined together to kill me. I have kept you high in my heart but now you have lowered in my eyes.

Tanu says just stop it…. Nikhil is my friend. That’s it. He likes to do business with you. So he asked me to recommend , that’s what I did. I didn’t do anything more than that. Abhi asks then what about that money??? Tanu asks which money??? Abhi says the money which you got from Nikhil to get this deal fixed. Tanu was shocked. She thinks in her mind how abhi comes to know about it??? She says I didn’t get money from anyone. I am your sister. Whats a need for me to do so ??? I always wish for your betterment. Abhi says to cover up a truth don’t tell 1000s of lie. You have lost the right to be my sister. I know you got money to finalise this deal and I have enough proof to prove your wrong deeds. Tanu looks at Pragya and thinks that surely this chasmish would’ve filled abhi’s ear against me. Abhi says do you want me to show it?? Wait a min.. He calls Mr. Kapoor ( lawyer). He says Tanu i hope you know him pretty well. Tanu thinks in her mind why he has come here. She says awh I know. Mr. Sadharan Kapoor, our family lawyer. Abhi says exactly. Good that you remember him.

Abhi asks Mr. Kapoor to show the proof for her wrong deeds. Mr. Kapoor gives a document to her, Tanu was shattered by seeing it. Since it contains her fake bank account details and statement. Abhi gets it from her and says hope you remember this name, rakshita. Tanu says I don’t know anyone in that name. Abhi asks Then why you transferred crores of money to this acount from office account??? Tanu says I didn’t do anything like that. Abhi shouts at her.. Stop it Tanu still how many lie you will say ??? According to this statement, rakshita is your fake account and you are the one using this account. Tanu says why don’t you understand.. I didn’t… Abhi says Okay.. Then lets move to the other proof. Tanu thinks in her mind, i think bhai has found all my wrong deeds. Mr. Kappor gives abhi a file. Abhi shows her a file(the report which Pragya has prepared). He says this report has prepared by Pragya. Tanu interrupts and says I know pretty well that this chasmish has prepared a fake report and you also believing this and questioning me. What happened to you bhai??? You are questioning me by hearing a 3rd person words. I didn’t expect this from you. Abhi says initally i too didn’t believe Pragya. I know for sure that fraudulent has happened in auditing but I couldn’t find who is responsible for all this. So I thought to hire an accountant to clear my doubt. Pragya has found out the truth and I personally checked each and every page in it. So its not a fake report. Abhi says atleast now you accept your guilt. Tanu says I don’t know what’s happening around me. But trust me bhai. I didn’t do anything. Abhi says I trust you more than me. I prayed that all this proof should be fake. Since I have lots of affection on you. But all my trust has gone in vain once I see this. Tanu was puzzled. She thinks still what is left?? Mr. Kapoor shows the photocopy of Nikhil’s contract paper. Abhi says according to this paper, Mr. Kapoor said that, if I signed this contract then Mehra Industries funds will be transferred to Nikhil’s company automatically. By saying this abhi asks Mr. Kapoor to plays a video. Abhi says hope you will atleast now, accept your wrong deeds. Its a video which has been recorded in restaurant camera where abhi and Nikhil met. The video shows Tanu met Nikhil before abhi comes to the restaurant. In video Tanu asks Nikhil that are you going to put abhi’s life in danger?? Nikhil says yes. Tanu tries to tell something but Nikhil stops her and says you have got money to finalise this deal. So you have nothing to speak now. Try to convince your bhai to sign this deal. Tanu says you make sure that bhai doesn’t comes to know about the contract motto. If he comes to know that after signing contract Mehra Industries funds will be transferred to this company then he wont leave us and you need not to remind me each and every second that I got money for this deal. But I will tell you one thing, if you put abhi’s life in danger then we will caught for sure. She then leaves from there. Then abhi comes to restaurant. He is speaking with Nikhil. Once abhi tries to leave the restaurant, Nikhil nods his head and a hidden man shoots at him. Since abhi bend down the bullet hits glass. The video ends. Tanu was shocked. Mom was shattered by all this. Tanu tries to say something but mom slapped her hard??.

Abhi says Pragya has informed me about all this before itself but I didn’t believe in it. But after meeting Nikhil in restaurant I met Pragya. She has told about your involvement.( A flashback shown , guys this has happened in episode – 8?? where I kept a suspense?. Hope you all remember ??) in flashback, after he comes to about Tanu’s truth, the next morning, he goes to pragya’s hostel to meet her. He sees Pragya was speaking to her rose plants. He calls her, Miss. Arora, Pragya sees abhi. He says, I have gone through your report. I believe that this report is true since I myself know about the blunder but this proof is not enough to prove anyone’s guilt. Pragya looks on… He asks Pragya will you do a favour for me??? Pragya says, sir whatever you say I will do. Abhi asks her to collect bank statement of tanu’s account and have to find to which account the funds of Mehra Industries has been transferred ?? Then where she has kept the money given by Nikhil ?? He continues that the restaurant has CCTV camera. So if we check that we will come to know who has tried to kill me. Pragya says , sir after collecting all the proof I will come to office in noon. Abhi nods his head and leaves from there. Then Pragya enquires bank manager and gets the statement from him. After that she goes to restaurant to collect the video. Then she reaches office in noon. She sees Tanu and Nikhil speaking outside the office. Without giving notice to it she goes in to meet abhi. On seeing him she signs??. Abhi smiles and says now the ball is in my court. Flashback ends.

Mom says how dare you are ?? How can you do this Tanu ?? You tried to kill my son. He has considered you as his own sister but what you have done??? Abhi always took care of you. Tanu, you have no wish to stay with us because of that Abhi was worried about you, 24/7 he was thinking about you. Only to take care of you he allowed you to work in office. He always thinks that it is his duty to protect you from all problems. He has supported you in all situations. He always fulfilled your needs. But you always run behind money…money…money.

Tanu says all this proofs are fake. Why you people are deliberately accusing me??? Abhi says whatever Mr. Kapoor showed is not fake because all these are collected by Pragya under my order. And I gave all this to Mr. Kapoor inorder to keep it safe. He continues, I didn’t expect that you will run after money. If I have known before, I would not allowed you to rule my life. Tanu if you want money you could have asked me, I would have given you everything. What is the need to do fraudulent in office?? Open your mouth and speak Tanu.. Tanu says sure some misunderstanding is there. Abhi says, yes I have misunderstood you before but not herethen. I have identified your real face. You need punishment for your wrong deeds. Only if you get punishment, you wont repeat it again. Mom says no abhi leave her. Abhi says no maa… She has crossed all her limits. Now punishment is necessary for her. I have called the police already. They will be here at any time. Before that Tanu, accept your guilt. Tanu says everything has happened because of Pragya. Pragya didn’t say anything. Tanu continues, she has given fake reports to you. Abhi asked her, what’s the need for Pragya to show fake reports??? What will she gain with it??? Tanu says by showing this she will gain good name and after that you will fall in her trap and she will become rani of this palace. Mom says stop your badmouthing. There is lots of difference between you and her. Don’t ever compare yourself with her. Mom tells abhi , not to send Tanu to jail. Just send her out of Mehra Industries. I have promised her mom that I will take care of her as my daughter. Her maa has given me that responsibility and went to Paris. I cant see her like this. Her all wrong deeds came to light and sending her out of Mehra Industries itself a punishment for her wrong deeds. Abhi says as your wish maa.. He says to Tanu, don’t ever show your face to me as I hate you like anything. Just get lost from my sight. Tanu goes out of MM. While going, she sees Pragya and thinks all this has happened because of you. I will spoil your life for this. Wait and see my game. Till now I have not done anything against you. Now you will see the real me. She then leaves from MM.

Guys I have gone through your comments. Most of you want me to add abhigya’s cute comic and romance scenes. Since in this episode I have concentrated only on bringing Tanu’s truth out infront of all, I was unable to fulfil yourself wishes. I am sooooo sorry guys. I will add those scenes from tomorrow’s episode

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  1. wow super dear atleast tanu get punishment in this

    i am so happy that……… thanks lot roil………

    1. Roli

      Thank you di. Keep reading continuously as lot of twist and turns are yet to come

  2. Wow superb yaar…in this epi I saw the real tanu.. Its just like real KKB….becoz every time she try to cover up her mistakes and deeds….u very well understood her role….simply superb hats off to you?

    1. Roli

      Varsha actually I like Leena very much?. May be because of that I can able to know her role very well. But I don’t like Tanu ? . Thank you for your comments. Keep reading continuously

      1. Wow nice…..?

  3. This was Superb to the core !
    Ta…ta….Chudail _ Tanu!! Don’t ever come back!
    But I know she would! Waiting to see the Upcoming Twist and Turns!!
    And don’t be Sorry Dear! It’s not any one’s mistake! Ppl give suggestions or ask for these….it doesn’t mean that u need to make your next update like that! The track now u r going is absolutely Perfect ! So No worries! U can add them whenever u feel like!
    But what ever u update is Seriously Superbbbbb…..
    Do Continue in your same Rocking Way! And don’t be sorry again!
    And now I am really very sorry… It’s just Wat I felt…. Sorry if I had told something wrong… To both the writer and the readers!
    Take Care Shonaaaaaa…..<3 And I wouldn't call u di unless u call me Riya Ji!!!

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Ha ha don’t worry I wont call u as ji?
      Yup Riya, Tanu will be here only. At present she is out of Mehra Industries.. She will be back soon in the story. ?
      Don’t be sorry you just said your opinion. Keep reading continuously ?
      Have you noticed I dint say thank you ??

      1. Roli

        Riya for you alone it has posted in unregistered id don’t knw how it had happened ???

  4. Sandy

    From morning I was waiting for your ff. Tanu’s exposure was good with documents, CCTV footage ??.
    Waiting for abhigya scenes ( romance and comic )

    1. Roli

      I’m really sorry sandy. I have updated by morning 5:30 itself. Don’t know why telly updates didn’t publish it. Thank you for your comments sandy. Ya sure tomorrow will be full and full abhigya’s scenes. I don’t know whether it will be comic or not but I have done something. I’m sorry if I dint fulfil your expectations. Keep reading continuously

      1. Sandy

        Come on dear you don’t have to be sorry. Please don’t force urself to add abhigya comic scenes since we want. Do it in urstyle am sure it will rock ???.
        Thank you for updating Hello dear ? it was a cute episode. I liked the below scenes
        Abhi being hungry at exhibition
        Bulbul shouting jiju
        Even I too suspect that something had happened that night Abhi missed his wallet. Hope fuggi will find it through her new job ?regularly and early. Nowaday i start my day with ur ff

      2. Sandy

        †****** please ignore the other review *********
        Come on dear you don’t have to be sorry. Please don’t force urself to add abhigya comic scenes since we want. Do it in urstyle am sure it will rock ???.
        Thank you for updating regularly and early. Nowaday i start my day with ur ff

      3. Roli

        I’m very glad to hear that you start your day with my ff. And yup I have tried something just now finished typing. I really don’t know how it is going to be. Review you after reading it. Thank you for your motivations. Ya I am taking Saturday and Sunday break know. So updating daily. ?

  5. Superr dhamaka episode ☺☺atlast tanu is out? Abhi and his mom rockzzz ??❤keep rocking?? eagerly waiting for abhigya’s scenes ❤?

    1. Roli

      Yup mokshi tomorrow you will have abhigya scenes. Thank you for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  6. super episode keep it up but please dont saperate abhigya

    1. Roli

      Don’t worry mukund raj. I wont separate abhigya at any point of this ff. Thank you for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  7. Just read the story….very nice…today u update late or I n having problem with server…anyway I m very happy to read yr episode…waiting for episode 14…

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Sorry Jessie telly updates didn’t publish don’t know why. Thank you for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  8. Tanu’s truth is out yayyyy????yayyyy????
    But I’m scared of tanus revange on pragya…?
    & I’m eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode for abhigya scenes???

    1. Roli

      ??? honestly Manu. I myself don’t know what is going to be next ???. I really scared of tomorrow’s episode don’t know whether I can fulfil all your expectations. Keep reading

  9. Asmithaa

    Superb yaar…

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you asmithaa. Keep reading continuously

  10. Roli

    Guys im really sorry I have uploaded ff in early morning 5:30 as usual. don’t know why telly updates didn’t post it till evening . Sorry guys making you all to wait till evening

  11. superb episode yaar tanu exposure was so good and one thing instead of one slap she would get 1000 from abhi maa but i am pretty sure that she will get in upcoming episode keep going …keep rocking …………

    1. Roli

      Yes Divya as of now one is enough for her. But she will be getting more in the upcoming days for her bad deeds. Thank you for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  12. I read all episodes today..it’s really superb amazing???i loved it?? atlast move tanu move out of mm..
    Don’t bring tanu into abhigya’s life…waiting fr next epi..

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you sasti. I’m glad that you read all episodes at a stretch. Thank you for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  13. Prathi

    Finally that vampire is out of MM! I am so very happy this is enough for me for now!! Thank you Roli

    1. Roli

      Parthi, Tanu is out of Mehra Industries only. She may step in at any time ????. Keep reading continuously. Thank you for your comments

  14. ?? year…??

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you yogi for your comments. Keep reading continuously.

  15. Awesome….

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you abhigya for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  16. Wow amazing amazing super…

    1. Roli

      Thank you sugan for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  17. nice story line interesting

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Kaif for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  18. Saranya24

    Superb dear loved it????

    1. Roli

      Thank you Saranya for your comments. Keep reading continuously.

  19. Roli y u update this much… I waited till afternoon… but the epic was awesome dr….

    1. Roli

      Lakshmi, sorry yaar . I have updated it early morning itself but telly updates didn’t publish my post till evening. Thank you for reading today’s episode in between your work. Keep reading continuously.

  20. Suppperrr di so nice episode ? diii

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Shanu for your comments. Keep reading continuously

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Jessi for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  21. Amazing n rocking episode yaar

    1. Roli

      Thank you Durga for your comments. Keep reading continuously. I am really happy that you read this episode. Since this episode has been published in the evening. So I thought that many of my regular readers will miss it but it didn’t happened as such. Thank you Durga and sorry for this delay in publishing

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