A Dream Episode – 12


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The episode begins with Pragya thinking that finally my dream has become true. She says thank you Ramji. Abhi holds her hand and they walks towards home. He asks her what are you thinking?? She says about my dream. Abhi says what!! She says I saw you in my dream, before I saw you in office for the first time. You were proposing me like this and we wearing exactly the dress. Abhi says how it is possible?? I don’t believe all this. It will happen only in flims not in real. Pragya says but its true. I am telling the truth. Infact I used to get that dream daily morning. Abhi says I think you used to watch lot of movies.. She smiles. Pragya thinks in mind that hey Ramji what have you done?? Till now you have only pain on this day. For the first time I am feeling happy on this day. But still I cant be whole heartedly happy.
Mom was searching abhi and Pragya in the home. She asks servant, did you see abhi ?? He replies no. Mom gets tensed.
Tanu goes to MM, she sees mom is tensed. she thinks that this is the right time to fill aunti ji’s ears against chasmish. She has decided to tell aunti ji everything. She thinks to make Pragya lower in aunti ji’s eyes else this chasmish will be always an obstacle in my goal. She goes near to mom and tries to tell her bad about Pragya but at that time abhigya entered the home. Mom gets happy on seeing them. Mom goes to them. Tanu gets irked. Mom asks abhi and Pragya where you both ?? I was waiting for you. Abhi says maa I was just…. Mom interrupts and says okay okay.. its time to begins the party.

Pragya thinks this is strange aunti ji told me that this party is a family function. But it doesn’t look so. Anyways I have to leave soon. I cant be here for long time as my heart is heavy due to…….. she pauses for a while. Before coming here I was sad, Mr. Mehra has brought smile on my face. But still I don’t want to be here for long time.
Abhi and Pragya sees some of the couple dancing. Abhi stretches his hand towards Pragya to dance. Pragya nods her head as no. She has no idea to dance as her thought is in leaving the party as soon as possible. But abhi insist. So she has no other go other than to dance with abhi. They goes to the dance floor to dance. Abhigya dances for
Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna…… song. They both lost their thoughts while dancing. Abhi as dancing says your eyes are killing me. Pragya has a cute smile on her face. Abhi continues that today he is very happy that he has found his angel. As the song ends they stopped their dance. Everyone clapped hands for their performance. Pragya gets shy. She leaves from there.
Mom’s friends and relatives says that their jodi looks pretty good. Mom smiles. Tanu gets irked. I have planned for something but someother thing is happening.. Oh no I cant let this to happen. I have to put a full stop this love story.
Mom announce, I welcome each and every one gathered here to Mehra Mansion. I know that all were thinking, for what the party is arranged?? Now let me tell you all the reason behind this party. Tanu was eagerly waiting to know the reason as well as Pragya and other. Mom says this party has arranged by abhi to celebrate Pragya’s birthday. Pragya gets shocked as well as Tanu. Mom continues, yes, today is pragya’s birthday and we are here to celebrate the same. Pragya shouts stop it…… Abhi, mom, Tanu, and all the guest was puzzled. Pragya without saying anything, she goes from there.

No one can understand why she behaves like this. Abhi goes behind her. Mom thinks, what happened to her?? Why she did so??
Pragya goes out of MM. She was crying. She sits on the ground. Abhi sees her but couldn’t understand anything. He goes near to her. He keep his hands on her shoulder. She gets up and wipes her tears. She was about to leave but abhi holds her hand. She stops. Abhi asks her what happened to you?? Why you left the party?? Why you are crying?? You didn’t like this surprise?? Pragya asks why you arranged this party??? Who asked you to do so?? Why you are hurting me like this ??? Abhi says what I am hurting you??? I have arranged this party for you, only for you. I thought it will be a surprise for you and you will enjoy this day with us. But I really cant understand why you are crying? And why you are leaving this party?? Pragya says you want me to enjoy this day?? Abhi looks on.. She says, Open your mouth and speak Mr. Mehra. You want me to enjoy this day??? She continues, on this only I have lost all my happiness in life and you want me to enjoy this day. On this day only I have become an orphan. Abhi was shattered. She says from this day only I have started to feel loneliness in my life and you want me to celebrate this day. She says 15 years before I lost my parents on this day in an accident. She holds abhi’s coat and asks do want me to celebrate my parents death anniversary??? Abhi was speechless.She burst out and rest on his shoulder. He feels that she is leaving… He holds her hand. She stops. Pragya says please Mr. Mehra leave me alone. I cant…. Abhi interrupts and says its enough of being alone. Now its time to be with a family. I didn’t ask you to celebrate your parents death anniversary. I just want you to celebrate your birthday. Its enough of being in dark, come to light. Enjoy your life. I hope your parents too expect the same from you. No parents can see their child being sad like this. I know its difficult for you to do it but you can do it for your parents. Will you ??? For your parents??? On seeing your happiness your parents too will be happy in heaven. If you are sad like this, then your parents will also be sad. Do you want that??? I didnt mean to hurt you at any point. I just need your happiness. Pragya’s eyes filled with tears. She nods her head. Abhi hugs her to pacify her.

In home mom was tensed. She thinks what I have thought and what has happened?? Hey Ramji, you only brought Pragya in abhi’s life. Abhi has done all this for Pragya but don’t know what has happened suddenly to Pragya. I think she is under certain problem. Ramji, whatever the problem be, please solve it.
Tanu thinks why Pragya left the party?? Bhai has arranged party for Pragya, bhai loves Pragya. This is really a bad news for me. At any time Pragya will find out my truth and at the end I will caught. Oh no.. This should not happen. First I have to try to separate bhai and chasmish. This is the beginning of their love, so it is easy to break it.
Pragya breaks the hug. She asks him how do you know that today is my birthday?? He says I have checked for your address in employee detail file, before coming to hostel to ask you what the truth is . He continues at that time I come to know that today is your birthday and your parents…. he pauses for a minute. Pragya bits her lips and says that’s okay. She thinks in her mind that I should celebrate my birthday for my parents and Mr. Mehra. Abhi then asks her shall we go in or….. Pragya nods her head to go in.
Abhigya entered MM by holding eachother hands. Mom gets happy on seeing them together. She thinks together they look like Ram Sita. Tanu gets irked on seeing abhigya. Mom comes to Pragya and says come beta, its time to cut the cake. A big choco cherry cake was placed on the table. Pragya thinks about her mom and dad. She says maa.. papa.. if ur wish is this then I will celebrate my birthday. Candles has been lighted. Mom asks her to blow the candles. She tries to blow off but abhi stops her saying before blowing off, you should have a wish. She does. She closes her eyes and says Ramji, I need this happiness till the end of my life with abhi. She opens her eyes. Abhi says now blow off the candles. She does. She cuts the cake as all sings
Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to dear Pragya…. And may God bless you……

Pragya takes the first piece of cake and see abhi. Abhi thinks that she is going to feed him first. But she feeds to aunti ji. Mom had it. She says thank you beta. Mom asks her will give for abhi too ??? Pragya blushes. She sees abhi. He is eagerly waiting for Pragya to feed him but he acts as if though he doesn’t want. She cuts another piece of cake. She goes near abhi. She looks into his eyes. He too looks at her eyes. She feeds him. He had a bite of it. Abhi then feeds her as
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera
Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho….
Tanu gets angry on seeing all this. She thinks this chasmish is crossing her limits. I have to show her, her place. I have to find time to manipulate abhi and kick this chasmish out of MM. She then goes to abhi, but he was busy in speaking with his guest.

Mom gets overwhelmed and prays to Ramji. Life long abhi and Pragya should be happy. She says, I thank you all for coming to our family function. Tanu interrupts and says how will Pragya become our family members??? Mom says she can, by marring abhi. Tanu is shocked to hear it. Abhigya too. Mom says yes, abhi and Pragya will get married in the upcoming days. On hearing this abhigya looks at each other…….

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  1. super epic….

    1. Roli

      Thank you Lakshmi for your comments keep reading continuously

  2. Lovely and full of emotional episode ??❤❤❤Abhigya superrrr duperrr amazing and feeling pity for pragya but abhi’s way of convincing pragya just lovely❤❤??keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi ?

    1. Roli

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  3. superb dear keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. superbb yarr……………………

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  5. Awesome epi dear?
    Really u r an amazing writer Shona.. Keep on gng?
    My best wishes for you?
    Loving this track.. Eagerly waiting for abhigya marriage & their happy moments?

    1. Roli

      Hii Manu I also waiting for that only. Keep reading ??

  6. Nice episode…so sad for pragya…anway she got new love in her life…pls update soon..episode 13…

    1. Roli

      Yup quite emotional episode. Thank you for your comments Jessie. Keep reading continuously

  7. nice story very interesting

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  8. Sethidisha002

    osam i love the tanu shocked face

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      Yup there are more shocking reactions of Tanu to come ahead. Thank you sethidisha for your comments. Keep reading continuously.

  9. Super epi….more emotional…so sad for pragya. It will be fine when Abhi with her…..

    1. Roli

      Ya nothing to worry whenever abhi is with Pragya. Keep reading continuously. Thank you for your comments

  10. Sandy

    Nice episode ??. Cake scenes were good ?. Can you please add some njok kjok / cute abhigya fights

    1. Roli

      Sure sandy I will add in the upcoming episodes. Thank you for your suggestions. I will keep it in mind while writing. Keep reading continuously.

      1. Sandy

        Thank you ?

  11. Superhit episode yaar really sema sema sema chanceless…

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  12. supperrrrr di can u please put some noke joke between abhigya and romantic scences nice episode roli di

    1. Roli

      Sure Shanu I will try to add thank you for your suggestions. Keep reading continuously.


    Sorry roli… I always read your ff.. but till then I have not commented about this.. you are really amazing yaar.. very good storyline and writing style.. but please add some abhigya cute joke scenes in it… it’s only my opinion… I am not compelling for that.. keep rocking maa

    1. Roli

      Don’t be sorry haritha, I am glad that you read my story. Thank you for your compliments and suggestions. I will try to do so in the upcoming episodes. Keep reading continuously and review on my story.

  14. Wow super…..waiting for next episode…

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  15. Superb episode! Waiting for the next one!!

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  16. sorry 4 late comm

    but morning read story yaaaaaaaaaa

    lovely epi……….

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      Di don’t say sorry and all.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. Keep reading continuously

  17. Nice episode hey please dont saperate abhigya ever

    1. Roli

      Mukund raj, don’t worry I wont separate them at any point of the story. Thank you for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  18. Omg di it was really awesome i read all the episodes which I missed now only really each and every scenes was awesome. I loved it to the core. Really you are rocking by your rocking episode. Thank you di for ur wish. My exam didn’t over today leave so I took my phone. Really awesome episode. I can’t comment for another 4 days so don’t angry on me. After my exam completed definitely I will give you a comment. My support is always be there. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤

    1. Roli

      Thank you monesha for your support even in the middle of your exams. At this point I will tell you to concentrate only on your exams . As exams are most important now. And I wont be angry on you. All the best for your remaining exams. Thank you for your compliments. Will catch you soon after your exams got over

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    Awesomeness overloaded darlu loved it????

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  20. Riyashri

    Emotional as well as Lovely Update ! ??????This was seriously Superbbbbbbbb !???
    The Songs that U use is Perfect & they r my fav too ! ?????? U r presenting it sooo beautifully !?????
    Keep Writing More !! ?Will surely support u always !?

    1. Roli

      Same pinch Riya ji they are my fav song too ??. Actually all the songs which I use here is my fav ?
      Thank you for your sweet and lovely compliments. Your comments are like a power booster for me?? Sure I will write more and thank you for your support ?? keep reading continuously.

      1. Riyashri

        Riya Ji ???????????? And Please Shona Dear don’t make me upset by telling thanq or sorry here after ! And Glad that My Comments are Power Booster for u ! And i think the reason is that I drink a lot of Boost !?????? It’s My Biggg Request don’t tell like that ! Pretty Please … Atleast if u consider me as your frnd !

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  22. Prathi

    Roli please throw that Tanu out she is so irritating I am getting irked here!! Awesome epi as usual

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      Don’t worry parthi soon she will be out of MM. Thank you for your comments. Keep reading continuously.

  23. it’s like fast express.. nic very interesstng.. keep gong..

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