Her Dream for him (Episode 1)

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Good Morning Mrs. Khrgosh ; Dev says hugging sonakshi form the backside who was brushing her hairs,standing infront of the mirror.Fisting all her hairs and Edging them on her one shoulder he nudged his head into the crook of her neck inhaling her sent. A shiver ran down into her spine. She closed her eyes feeling him,her head automatically cleansed on his chest for support. Her knees were getting weak bit by bit with his sweet torture while he kept nudging on the crook of her neck,kissing her collarbone hungrily.

Good morning mumma…..; soha said dashing inside their room out of blues,scaring them. Sonakshi immediately moves away from dev as if she was committing some crime dev smiles foolishly seeing his daughter with a confused look. His tiny sonakshi be the cutest ; he thoughts while sonakshi knelt down infront of her to wish her princess the same. Dev stretched his arms tiredly and moved towards the bed.

Hum aaj Dadu ke ghar jaayenge na….Aur golu BHI aayega na vha…. ; soha asks sonakshi about their plan which they made yesterday night only.

Haan hum ABI breakfast k baad chalenge Dadu ke ghar aur golu BHI vha jrur aayega aur uske sath elena masi b aayengi ; sonakshi replied cupping her face with her palms and then kisses on her cheek.

Yeh Kya baat hui soha sirf mumma ko hi Good morning wish kiya…….PaPa ko wish NAHI karoge…. ; Dev asks settling down on the bed.

NAHI mujhe aapse baat nhi karni or na hi aapko wish karna hai……..Kyoki aap gande ho…..Aapne golu ko jaane se nhi roka or usse vapas BHI nhi bula rahe; soha snapped back at him making his heart to bleed. Each word which escaped from her mouth broke his heart into million pieces. His little princess started considering him as a bad person…… The mere thought of it kills him.

No wonder that she’s his replica in true senses,another version of him when it comes to showing her anger. Her anger is also uncontrollable just like his’. Yes She’s still angry on him over the fact that he let golu go out of the house;No matter how much sona tried to explain her the reason behind it.How much anger her tiny heart has developed for her own father.

Soha……..Yeh kya tarika hai apne papa se baat karne ka….Say sorry to him…Now…… ; sonakshi says in a calm yet strict tone,trying her best to keep herself calm. This rude behaviour of her towards dev is just not acceptable when She very well knows how much it affects him.

Nhi main sorry nhi bolungi or na hi inse baat krungi. Jab tak golu,chachu or Elena masi ghar vapas nhi aa jaate main inse baat nhi krungi ; soha says angrily and runs from there leaving her parents in a shock.
gGusse main bilkul tum par gayi hai tumhari beti ; Sonakshi said snapping him out of his thoughts. He smiled a little listening her.

Haan toh meri beti hai. Kuch….Kuch BHI kar sakti hai voh mere sath. Hauq hai uska mujhpr. Gussa bhi toh pyar ka hi ek rang hai. Hum gussa ussi par karte hai jinse hum pyar krte hai. Voh mujhpr gussa kr sakti hai mujhe uski baaton se bilkul bura nhi laga. Dekhna Main jaldi hi apni princess ko mana loonga ; Dev replies faking a smile.

Gussa bhi pyar ka ek rang hai…Voh mujhpr gussa kr sakti hai. Mujhe uski baaton se bilkul bura nhi lagta ; sona mimics him. Tumhari shakal par likha hua hai ki uski baaten Tumhe kitna affect krti hai. Ek jor ki daant lgaungi na sab gussa bhool jaayegi tumhari princess. Phir dekhti hu kese badtameezi krti hai voh tumhare sath ; sonakshi says determinedly.

Jee nahi aap esa kuch nhi krengi Mrs. Dixit. Yeh mere or meri beti ke beech ka maamla hai so you better stay out of it. Iss baar bss thodi jyada naraz hai mujhe voh par main usse mana loonga voh bhi tumhare usse daantne se pehle ; Dev says refusing her idea of making soha talk with him cos he knows if she scolded her than her anger will rose more and right now he couldn’t handle more anger of his lifeline.

Sirf aaj tak ka time hai aapke pass Mr. Dixit. Make her talk with you properly or else I’ll go with my way ; sonakshi ordered him;cleaning the imaginary dust from his shoulders.

Ok ; she said bringing her lips towards his cheeks. Dev closes his eyes expecting a lite peek but instant of that she patted his cheek litely and then left the room,leaving a confused dev behind. Now he have to do something to convince his little princess or else her mother would do the honour in her own way which he definitely don’t want.

At Bose House

It’s been more then 3 hours since everybody gathered at Bose House. They had their lunch with a healthy talk. Now when Elena knows about each and every sin,committed by Vicky,she felt ashamed on herself that she loved such a spineless person. She felt extremely sorry for Devakshi and soha.Only Because of her husband they gone throw the worst time of their life. She so wanted to abandon Vicky for committing such sins but she couldn’t cos of golu. She don’t want golu to feel the void of his father and this is the only reason of her incurring the broken marriage of her’.

Devakshi being kind hearted took no time in accepting her though she said ill about dev but they knew that the words spilled from her mouth only;She never ment any of them,she was fooled by Vicky just the way they were 7 years ago. Soha and golu were playing outside after having their lunch and the main reason for which they all were there wasn’t disclosed yet.

Maa…Baba…..Dada….Ronita…..Ab aap chyaron mese koi Hume yeh btayega ki Hum sab yha Kya kar rahe hai ; sonakshi says placing the empty ice cream bowl back on the table. After all curiosity brings best out of her. Dev and Elena noded in a yes giving them the approval to spill the beans out.

Woh……Khana…..Khana kaafi acha banaya tha na ronita ne aaj ; asha blabbered nervously not knowing what to say. She started to feeling conscious while choosing the words hence blabbered anything. Everybody stared at her unbelievable while rest of Bose become more conscious listening her. The most sensible person of the family is feeling nervous to disclose the news what would be their condition,They wondered.

Chaliye Dev hum chalte hai yha se. Jab kisi ko kuch batana hi nahi hai toh hum kyun apna time waste kare yha ; Sonakshi said standing up from her place and dev followed her.

Rook na sona…..Ek toh pehle se hi hum sab log nervous hai the soch kr ki tum logo ko voh baat kese bataye or tu h ki Hume or conscious kare jaa rahi hai ; Saurav says standing up from his place thus stopping them from going.

Kounsi baat…… ; Sonakshi asks crossing her hands across her chest raising her left eyebrow.

Yahi ki….Ki….Main….Main aur ronita……Ronita aur….Main….mtlb hum dono…….. ; Saurav stammered with his words while this. Bose’ hopes were on him that he’ll defiantly disclose the news but to their dismay he didn’t.

Bijoy hits his head saying ; Mene toh kaha hi tha ki yeh football kisi kaam ka nahi hai…Dekha Asha dekha……Itni si baat nhi bol paya yeh tumhara laadla.

Baba yaar please kamsekam Dev babu ke samne you mujhe football mat bulaya kro ; says an irritated Saurav. Asha shrugs her shoulders in dismay seeing them fighting as always,ronita’s nervousness knew no boundaries. Devakshi along with Elena chuckled seeing their antics.

Kya yaar Saurav itna kon haklata (stammer)hai baat karte hue. Esi Kya baat hai jisse kehne me aap sab itna time laga rahe ho…. ; Dev says this time having no more patience to know the news.

Main aur Ronita…..Hum dono……apni family start karne ka soch rahe hai or isiliye hum aapko yeh batana chahte the specially hume sona ki permission leni thi taki agar kabi future me hum uske room ko humare baby ko dede toh usse koi problem toh nahi hogi na……………. ; Saurav said in one go without even breathing properly. Everybody’s mouth widen in a O shape while Ronita squeezed her eyes close not wanting to see their amused look.

Ab boliye Dev babu…Kya aap the bol paate itni aasani se…. ; Saurav asked in a serious tone. Dev glared at him angrily moving towards him. Saurav get scared seeing his expression and closes his eyes in fear thinking of his worse reaction but Dev pulled him into a bone crushing hug leaving him shocked with his action and smiled his brightest. Sonakshi goes towards ronita who’s eyes were still closed with fear and She also hugs her tightly expressing her happiness while Elena squeals at her place happily.

Seriously guys…Aap sab log itni achi baat btane ke liye itna nervous ho rahe the….Or Maa aap..Aap BHI ; Dev asked in his amused tone. Asha let out a tired sigh and gave a tight liped smile to them while other Bose’ smiles nervously.

Dada I am so happy for you…..You both deserves all the happiness in this world ; sonakshi says giving a side hug to Saurav who felt extremely happy hearing her positive reaction.

Kya Aapko sachme esa laga ke main iss baat ke liye aapko permission nhi doongi…..Itna hi jaante hai aap sab apni Sona ko…..Kya main itni parayi ho chuki hu; sonakshi says in a hurt(ed) tone. Bose’ nodded their head in a no and gave a apologetic look to her. They genuinely didn’t meant to hurt her or make her feel as an outsider.

Haha……Look at your selves…..Hahaha ; sonakshi said bursting into the feast of laughter. All of them didn’t took much time to get her game. Saurav raises his hand up pretending slap her,sonakshi closes her eyes in fear while dev gets furious over his move but then Saurav pats her cheek loving.

Tujhe Kya laga ki sirf tu hi humare sath majak kr sakti hai hum NAHI ; Saurav says and took her into a bone crushing hug earning a loud yell from sonakshi who pretended to be crushed by him. Everybody laughs whole heartedly seeing their cute bond.

No on a serious note….Main aaj baba se issi baare me baat krne vali thi ki Kya main apna aur soha ka sara poorana samman apne ghar me shift kar sakti hu Kya. I know baba ki aap mere or soha ke bachpan ki cheezon ko le kar bhot emotional hai par phle BHI main aapse permission lena chahti thi ; sonakshi says turning towards bijoy waiting to see his reaction and just a happy nod from him made her squeal at her place like a 2 year old baby.

There is too much positivity and love into the Bose House that dev never felt like an outsider among them. All of them had accepted him the way he is now;forgetting about the bitterness once they shared and didn’t even let him carry the burden of their dreadful past. He admired them having their we time with each-other standing at the corner of the hall.

Coffee peoge mere hath ki ; Asha asks standing beside him. Dev looked at her with a smile. The guilt of hurting them unknowingly is still visible into his eyes and asha can see it like always but like always she stayed quite because she knows that only time can heal some wounds of him which he had hidden in a deep corner of his heart.

Toh tumhari princess ka gussa kam hua ke NAHI ; Asha asks giving him his cup of coffee. They were standing in the kitchen,their favourite place to catch up with each other over a cup of coffee. After his mother and sonakshi Asha is the one who understands him and always be there to guide him in his life. He can share each and every problem of his with her without any hesitancy because she’s the one who always stay glued with reality and truth unlike other who guided/misguided him with their own mean.

Abhi tak toh nahi par aaj shyam tak ho jaayega.. Uski mumma ne mujhe strict order dia h aaj ka din khtam hone se pehle usse manane ka or agar ese nhi Hua toh…..I am gone ; Dev replies sipping his coffee. Asha smiles listening his reply while dev gets confused by her reaction.

Pata hai. Tum dono ki beti bilkul tum dono ka mixture hai. Jab voh gussa hoti hai toh bilkul typical dev ke jese behave krti hai or kbi kbi sona ke jese itni samjhdaari dikhati hai ki poocho mat Aur uski jidd you tum dono se BHI bhot jyada hai ; Asha says reminding of the resemblance of soha with her parents.

Matlab aapko BHI apni beti ke jese yhi lagta hai ki main or meri beti bohat jiddi aur gussail hai ; Dev asks in a annoyed tone because he definitely didn’t expected this from her though inside of his heart he knows that she’ll take the stand for truth only. Asha smiles at his cuteness though he tried to sound annoyed but ended up looking cute in his annoyed state.

Toh kuch socha hai ki usse kese manaoge ; Asha asks but before dev could reply her queries they heard the cries of soha. Dev runs out of the kitchen to see if soha is fine or not and gets a shock seeing the person who carried her into his arms.

sonakshi says taking soha from Vicky’s arms and then examined her from up to toe to see any other injury but thanks to god only her knee was hurt and was bleeding slightly.

Seeing Soha crying and that too in vicky’s hold dev gets furious and bangs towards Vicky with blood shot eyes. He fisted his hand in anger and then grab the collar of his shirt jerking him from his place. Everybody gets shocked seeing his anger while kids get scared of him. Golu who was standing few steps away from them runs towards Elena and hugs her in fear while soha hides her face inside sonakshi’s dupatta.


Soha….. kya hua bachaa….Yeh…Yeh chot kese lagi aapko…..Sonashi says taking soha from Vicky’s arms and then examined her from up to toe to see any other injury but thanks to god only her knee was hurt and was bleeding slightly.

Seeing Soha crying and that too in vicky’s hold dev gets furious and bangs towards Vicky with blood shot eyes. He fisted his hand in anger and then grab the collar of his shirt jerking him from his place. Everybody gets shocked seeing his anger while kids get scared of him. Golu who was standing few steps away from them runs towards Elena and hugs her in fear while soha hides her face inside sonakshi’s dupatta.

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