It’s our dream devakshi one shot

Hey friends!! How are you??? Ok here is a ff on kuch rang pyaar ke… This is a one shot! So my ff is totally different from the serial! In this Dev and Sonakshi are childhood friends and are in a relationship… Dev is a businessman and Sonakshi a professional dancer… Dance is her soulmate! She can do anything for dance…
Dev and Sonakshi get engaged too…
One day…
Sonakshi goes to Dev’s house and… She bumps into Dev’s ma…
Sonakshi: hi aunty ji!
Ma: how are you beta?
Sonakshi: I’m good aunty!
Ma: btw beta I need to talk to you!
Sonakshi: ji aunty!
Ma: beta, are you going to continue dancing even after ur marriage?
Sonakshi: aunty, woh actually yeah!
Ma: but beta… Think after your marriage you will have to handle home, children also…
Sonakshi: hmmm… DEV!! I want to talk to you! Bye aunty!
Dev: yeah Sona! What’s up??
Sonakshi: actually aunty ji was telling me to stop dancing after marriage yaar!
Dev: ma, ma is not wrong yaar!
Sonakshi: do you too think so?
Dev: no no, sona but ma wants u to be a good bahu and pathni!
Sonakshi: I can do both!
Dev: ok I gotta go to the meeting I’ll talk to you later!
Sonakshi: ok bye!
After meeting Sonakshi goes to Dev’s office with a diarymilk silk and…
Sonakshi: Dev I just got into the semi finals yaar! If I win it then I’ll be in New York for the finals!!!
Dev: are you sure you gotta do this??
Sonakshi: how could you Dev?
Dev: ma doesn’t want it!
Sonakshi: if I have to choose between fiancé and friend then I’ll chose my fiancé Dev… But if you put it for dance then I’ll choose friend Dev who supported me and fought with my baba!
Dev: Sona I know!
Sonakshi: if u ask me to choose between you and dance then it’s dance I’ll choose Dev…
Saying this she removes the engagement ring and keeps it on the table and goes from there…
Dev thinks and…
Dev: Sona is right! I’m first her friend and I understand her!!! I shouldn’t have done this!
Sonakshi in home runs and locks herself inside the room…
Sonakshi: I shouldn’t fall weak… I know he’ll understand me one day and come back to me!
A tear drop comes from her left eye… The next morning…
She opens her eyes and finds a letter near her… She reads it…
She smiles…
Sonakshi: Dev!
She goes to his house and…
Dev: Sona!
Sonakshi: shut up and listen to me! Look ok let both of us sacrifice ok? I’ll leave dancing after marriage and you wait for me for a years ok? Till then I don’t want that ring!
Dev smiles..
Dev: deal accepted !!!
Both hug… Sonakshi wins the semifinals she has a year for the championship!!
A year passes by and the day comes… She does the dance… The results are to be announced….
Judges: And the winner is……SONAKSHI BOSE!!
Sonakshi jumps in joy… She gets the trophy and runs through the crowd to Dev who is standing near the door waiting for her.. She runs and jumps on him… The hug each other… Dev kneels down and takes the same ring and…
Dev: Ms. Sonakshi Bose! Will you marry me??
Sonakshi: yeah…
Both laugh and he puts the ring back…
They both take a selfie with the trophy with smiley faces!!!
Dev: you know what?? Don’t leave this!
Sonakshi: thanks! I love you!
Dev: I love you too!
***********the end*********
How was it guys??? I’m sorry if you didn’t like it! Luv u all!

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  1. It’s really nice!!!nice concept of sona being a Dancer!!!is this the only epi You would be writing

    1. yeah coz its a one shot..

  2. It’s really different…..

  3. princess it was so unique..i loved it…

  4. Thank god it had a happy ending..coz most os hv sad endings..n I don’t like sad endings

  5. totally different….loved it….

  6. Different and beautiful. They way she fought for dance is beautiful. And Dev’s support was also a great stand for her. I hope dev’s mom accepts her dancing. But could explain a bit more dear. Emotions could be a bit more. Keep writing…

  7. She won’t be writing anymore bisha…it’s one shot

  8. Unique and cool

  9. Maria(Mishalian?)

    It was nice, something different..

  10. It is nice.only epi but superb

  11. Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

    Nice one shot loved it 🙂

  12. Superb os and unique 🙂

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