Dream Come True(OS)

It was a cold chilling winter day in its own glory….The sun was shining bright as if welcoming winter’s regime in profound spirits…Sky appeared a mild shade of light blue….Branches were enclosed with white snow…Streets looked like a incomplete painting of a artist who left the canvass midway….Crossing over the snowflakes, she hurriedly took long strides to reach her school as soon as possible…She had overslept and it was almost time for the morning prayers to be said in the school….She kept on mumbling, ” Debhi…you’ll reach…calm down.”

She was walking splashing all the snow in air in a rhythmic foreplay….But she didn’t notice the large pebble covered by snow and stumbled upon it….Her knees ached like hell as the stony object pierced in her skin and blood oozed out….Her eyes started pouring….she tried rubbing the wound to stop the blood from flowing out…But the more she rubbed…the more it pained…

She tried to get up but her limbs were badly hurt….She was about to blooper again just than a strong manly hand caught her in nick of time….She had closed her eyes tight in fear of getting hurt again But she didn’t… Shockingly she was there standing looping her arms around an unknown man’s neck while his hands had a strong yet gently grip on her waist….She quickly composed herself and stepped backward…He also freed her off his grip….

She stared at him from top to bottom…Her eyes had millions of emotions altogether…She averted his gaze from him and murmured, ” Th- Thank you.”

He just smiled….his eyes were ocean deep…he forwarded his hand and spoke politely,” Your knees are bleeding…Let me help you.”

She wouldn’t have taken help from an unknown person but she herself didn’t knew why her heart wanted to trust him…Her lower self esteem dominated her stating that She z a plain Jane…He z so elegantly handsome….why will he ever look at her….So she gave her hand in his….Her heartbeats quickened but she ignored….His one hand held her forearm while other encircled her waist….His touch was so graciously gentle that she wondered can anything be more tender than his touch…

Her heartbeats were moderate But his were racing since the day he first saw her in a mall holding her mother’s little finger…He had been always following her since that day….Days passed…Months faded away…..Years vanished one after another But his unspoken feelings just increased day by day….He had been in love with her since the day he first saw….He still could clearly visualize that day in his memories…. How she looked that day….Those cute neatly tied pigtails which reached beneath her waist….her dark brown eyes possessed him in the very first sight….her adorable almond shaped nose seemed so perfect on her face….her perfectly shaped gorgeous features created a spell on his mind…body….Soul…Her lips  resembled lotus petals….He was a goner in the very first time he saw her that day. His eyes use to gawk her from head to toe everyday as if she was turning more beautiful day by day…The mole on her eyelashes seemed so endearing to his hungry eyes filled with love and longing for her…There was not a day in his life when he didn’t see her once…

.He was a simple sophisticated guy who didn’t open up much in front of people he didn’t knew…He was currently completing his business degree in administration…He was reliable…He had an amazing intellectual approach…He could grasp things really fast…He hardly gazed at any girl other than debhi….He was a orphan who craved for love and care…He received a scholarship in the topmost college owing to his extraordinary intelligence and diligence.. From that day he never stopped or looked back at his painful past…He believed in upgrading the present and planning for future….He had big dreams which were like his lifeline…He was a extremely ambitious yet patient trustworthy man…Except Debhi he had no soft points or weakness….

He made her sit comfortably on the bench and got down on his knees…he blew warmth breath on her wound to sooth the aching pain….He took some snow in his hand balled in fist and applied on her wound…He looked up at her and asked in a concerned voice,” Does it hurt too much?!”…..He smiled when she nodded negatively… He took her hand in his….That feeling was so immensely beautiful for him that he couldn’t describe in words….her hands moulded in his so perfectly…. He again enquired,” Can you walk?!”

She nodded….But her limbs were not supporting her words….she started limping trying her best to not to show how bad it hurt down there….He as if understood her silence…chuckled at her hopeless attempts to walk…He swept her off her feet in another minute and started marching towards his car….She unwillingly made a lock of her arms  around his neck….He spoke while walking,” Take a off today Debhi….you can’t make it to school.”

Her eyes opened wide in shock hearing that….She never gave him her introduction than how he knew her name….She impatiently spat,” How do you know my name?!”

He was caught off guard there…..But even he was not naive….If he can handle the toughest situations then answering her alert questions was not a big deal for him….But somehow he didn’t wanted to tell her the truth and fall in her eyes….He didn’t wanted her to hate him or live in his fear….He whispered gruffly,” I have two eyes that can clearly see your name imprinted on your ID card.”

She didn’t like that tone….But she preferred to keep quiet since he helped her so much…As they reached his car….he opened the door for her like a gentleman… She shifted inside and buckled her seat belt…he took the wheel and drove off…..

On the way he asked her route to her house…Though he knew where she lived but he didn’t wanted her to get suspicious about him…He pulled the car in front of her lane and spoke, “We reached… Take care.”

She turned to open the doorknob then she realized that she was still clueless about his name…She spoke in a voice filled with gratitude, ” I think I should know your name to say thank you.”

He replied with a smile that stretched his lips, ” Aniket Narayan.”

She whispered politely, ” Thanks Aniket…. She was about to get off but she turned and spoke in a soft tone,” By the way my ID card was in my bag.” She grinned wider seeing the modest guilty expression on his face….She stepped out of the car and in no time she disappeared in the mob on the road…

He rested his head on the seat supporting his back and whispered, ” You should have answered attentively Aniket… But she didn’t make me feel offended…Love you Debhi.”

He was lost in his thoughts just then his phone buzzing sound brought him out of his stance…. It was Abhi…His batchmate…He brought the phone close to his ear and mumbled in a cheerful tone,” Hello Buddy…”
Abhi,” You look happy…what’s the matter?!”

Aniket spoke in a voice filled with happiness whose limit couldn’t be determined,” She talked to me….Not just one word…She chirped more than three sentences…See I use to tell you…One day God himself will bring us together…Finally now I can say I am no more her stalker…Oh Abhi!!!…I am so happy…I would have never wished anything else other than this.”
Abhi,” Buddy so then now what are you to her?!
Aniket thought for a second and whispered,” Can’t say a friend but can say acquaintance.”
Abhi chuckled,” Buck up Aniket…Go tell her your feelings…or else you’ll grow old following her everywhere.”

Aniket responded,” I want to grow old with Debhi….But I want to take this slow….I know everything about her But she should also get time to know me….I want to give her time to adjust to my feelings…And its her boards this time….I can’t side track her demeanour towards studies.”

Abhi laughed,” Aniket, Stop being like some sacrificing actress of some stupid daily soup..”

Aniket admitted,” Oh I am….when its about her.”

Abhi stated,” I have send the notes of today’s lecture…When your Debhi fever gets down…read them…Its our last year in masters….Please concentrate on studies too.”

Aniket thanked him….He opened his friendsbook profile and a very sweet surprise greeted his eyes….Debhi’s Friend Request!!!…He quickly accepted….He couldn’t do this in 5 years and she did in a day…He smiled staring at the ceiling and kept thinking about his ladylove until he slipped in deep slumber….
Few Days Later….

Debhi was returning home from her classes…She was clad in shorts and a white tank top…her long hair were neatly braided in a ponytail which reached her mid waist in form of soft curls…The road was abandoned and it was inappropriate hour of night…She could actually feel her racing heartbeats…She couldn’t get a cab as it was raining cats and dogs since evening…She just wanted to fly to her house and heave a sign of relief…Her confidence was shattering inside as she had heard many scandalous activities taking place on this road…Her forehead ceased lines of worry while her eyes opened wide in shock and fear after she caught sight of Two drunkards…

She started taking long strides to just escape from there….But God had some other plans for her….One of those slugs blocked her way…She trembled…Her eyes started pouring…Her hands were shaking while her heart was thumping harder and harder in her rib cage…She tried to push him away but he caught her wrist and twisted it…She gave a painful groan which had no effect on those deaf ears…They started forcing themselves on her….She didn’t gave up fighting…She was throwing her hands and legs in air to protest whatever vile which was going to happen to her….She closed her eyes tight and whispered,” God please help me or else take away my life instead of my dignity…Either kill me or them.”

Her prayers were as if answered by Almighty…a white SUV headlights flashed in front of their eyes…Debhi instantly recognized his car….Her eyes brimmed with a new hope…

Aniket clenched his fist seeing their filthy hands on her body…How dare they!….His mind growled like a beast…He was no less than a beast who was mad with rage and intended to kill those bastards who tried to hurt his most loved one….He got off and swiftly strode….He barked in a sardonic tone,” You son of a b*t*h!!!…Get  your filthy hands off her.”

They didn’t obliged and in no time they kissed the ground all injured and bruised….He pulled off his jacked and covered her….Her sleeves were tone while there were several nail marks on her cheek…neck…hands…He cheeks was imprinted with fingerprints of their ruthless slaps…She was still shivering profusely…he pulled her in a hug and patted her head lovingly…He could still feel how terrified she was….Her body was stiffened…Neither she pulled back nor she responded to his hug…

They stood in that position for more than five minutes….Finally she came out of her shock state and wept clutching his strong shoulders tightly…She hide her face in his broad chest left bare as he only buttoned up four buttons of his shirt….Her lips touched the place where his heart was….He felt a rush of adrenaline in his blood…He lifted her chin holding her jaw gently and whispered,” Shshhhhh….Nothing will happen to you as long as I am there….I’ll always take care of you.”

She hugged him more desperately….He held her close to his heart for sometime more….Then he led her to his car and dropped her near her house…

But Debhi was just not feeling sleepy….She was still feeling vulnerable about whatever that happened today….She had not dared to speak a word to her family….Somehow she feared that may put her freedom at risk…She scrolling her contacts….she badly needed to pour out her heart…But before she could call someone else….Aniket’s name flashed in her caller ID….
She spoke in a low tone,” Hii…”

Aniket’s heart had a sting feeling the pain in her voice…he responded in the most assuring tone he could speak,” Debhi….why are you up still?!…please don’t strain yourself…It hurts me…Go to bed.”

She paused and speeded her tone,” Aniket….I am feeling so scared…whenever I close my eyes…All I could think z their eyes blinded with lust….their dirty eyes on me feeling me up….Aniket I am so scared…I don’t know why I am not able to forget anything.”

Aniket whispered in a soothing tone,” Debhi can you come near your window.”

Debhi asked in a grim suspicious tone,” Don’t tell me you are standing down.”
Aniket chuckled,” Cool down my angry bird…Do as I say.”
She got up from bed and threaded towards the window,” Now say.”
Aniket,” Now tell me what you see?”
Debhi spoke in a irritated tone,” Don’t beat around the bush Aniket….Come to the point.”
Aniket,” Debhi please for once listen to me….Tell me what you see on the streets.”

Debhi peeped out and spoke,” There z small kid polishing a man’s shoes on the edge of road….one dog z being thrashed by a old man…a girl in torn clothes z begging and no one z paying heed to her….one young lad z carrying sacks maybe he z cursing God….The streets are wrecked with cars….There z a traffic jam….Everything z a hotchpotch business here Aniket.”

Aniket,” Now tell me are you the only one bearing pain?!”…..Debhi all receive their share of pain and suffering in one way or the other…But important z how you deal with it….Debhi you are lucky that you got saved…It was God’s will to save you and he did..”
Debhi smiled,” Aniket in what words should I thank you….you are such a sweetheart.”
Aniket,” Oh I am….Now sleep dear.”
Debhi nodded negatively,” Nahh….not sleepy still….Can you sing a lullaby.”
Aniket chuckled,” I would have done that if I had known any lullabies….moreover I sing like a crow….your ears will bleed if you ear me singing….”
Debhi,” Aniket I am not even a bit sleepy.”

Aniket thought for a minute and then spoke,” Look at that Sweet-smelling rain-washed darkness, sky freckled with stars. Smudgy illumination of a lamppost, sky sprinkled with stars….Can you you see million of fireflies shinning and making the night more beautiful?!”

Debhi whispered,” Ummmm.”

She walked towards the bed and lied down resting her head on the pillow….He kept on talking and her ears stayed glued until her eyes became heavy….She slipped in deep and peaceful slumber…

Aniket understood that she slept…he kissed his phone,” Goodnight my doll.”

Many things had changed in their life but thing that remained same was his unspoken unconfessed feelings….He was on peak of success now….His hard work….His dedication…His intelligence made him what he z today…He was very independent…confident and unafraid of anything…He knew what he wanted and went after it…He was unstoppable…a brilliant negotiator and a risk taker…He showed no fear in dealing with the other skilled executives, magnates, tycoons even with princes and kings…

Now at age twenty seven, he was the CEO of Assetz Lifestyle Builders….He made his company hundredfold profitable and earned billions of dollars annually….His company was one of the most competitive in global market…

Today as he stood up and shoved his hands deep in his pockets emphasizing his tall, lean yet muscular frame….The rich outline of his shoulders strained against the fabric of his rich Armani grey suit and white shirt displaying power and confidence…

All Goals, Dreams, Aspirations, Ambitions were achieved and he was at ease now But one thing always pricked his heart…He still couldn’t confess his feelings to Debhi…He had undeniable courage in front of everyone else but when he would stand in front of her….all his courage…confidence seem to be vaporized…

He was stood infront of the window admiring the weather outside…the soft breeze fanning his face made him recall every moment with Debhi….
He was lost in his thoughts…just then a notification popped up…It was Debhi’s pic with a guy…Her Status…Out on a date with a friend…
Aniket’s expression turned grave…He fisted…But there was nothing he could do as he had not even propose her officially…He had a busy day ahead so he decided to ignore her thoughts for a while….But she never left him alone….neither the simmering  anger nor jealousy did..
As he came out of the meeting…his phone started ringing…Debhi!!!…He rolled his finger on the dismiss option…He kept on doing this until she gave up…He picked his car keys lying on the table and walked out of the office building…He drove off to his house in lightening speed…
He was sitting on the couch leisurely working on his laptop…He was trying hard to distract his mind from her but all in vain…The more he chose to ignore her…the more her thoughts travelled through him…
Just then the bell was being pressed…He got up and threaded towards the door…He opened it…She just barged inside and pulled his collar,” How dare you hang up on me?!…you know how worried I was about you….I left my date halfway just for you.”
He removed her hands in a jiffy…he got back to his work and chose to ignore her yelling…She sat beside him on the couch…But he shifted…she again shifted more to his side…he shifted more…Finally he came to the edge of couch…He got irritated and got up,” You sit here….I’ll sit on the bed.”
Debhi furiously glared at him,” What the f**k z wrong with you?!”
Aniket replied back in a ear splitting tone,” You go on a date with an unknown man and now you ask me what the f**k z wrong with me…You know what Go screw yourself!!!”
Debhi couldn’t take it….She stared at him with reddened eyes full of angry tears…She slapped him and left…
Four weeks had passed….Aniket had not seen her since that day….It was living hell for him But he was furious and his own feelings were really torturing him and driving him crazy….Debhi was missing him terribly…She regretted slapping him that day but it all just happened in a split of second….She couldn’t just control herself that day…She had broken up with her date though they were never in relationship still she made it clear to him that there can be nothing between them…
Finally she gathered up some courage and dialled Aniket’s no…He picked up after 4 calls…He was very happy inside but still he answered in a gruff tone,” What the hell do you want now?!”
She replied spontaneously without thinking,” YOU!!!
Aniket’s jaw dropped on the floor…He instantly blurted out,” WHAT????”
Debhi bit her lower lip regretting her previous stupidity…She quickly composed herself and spoke to clarify,” I mean I want to talk to you.”
Aniket replied in a rough tone,” Why you got bored of your new date?!”
Debhi spoke in a low tone,” No nothing clicked between us…”
Aniket heaved a sign of relief…He felt a soothing feeling in every cell of his body…He still spoke in a hard tone,” Good….So what the mouse wants from the cat now?!”
Debhi tried to explain,” Aniket its not that…we have been friends for more than 10 years now…please don’t cut me off anomaly. “

Aniket couldn’t take her low painful sobs…His heart melted and he whispered,” Debhi…Don’t cry…Our bond z not that weak to break that easily…Let’s meet today.”
Debhi wiped her tears and curiously murmured,” When and where?!”
Aniket’s heart was thumbing in his chest…He had not seen her four weeks together…Only he knew what a torturous feeling it was…He felt he was thirsty for her one glimpse since ages….He was infuriated but he felt he’ll die if he did not see her now….Her brown innocent eyes had cast a spell on him…He wanted to stay in the shade of her dark tresses…He wanted to pull her cheeks for hours together….He wanted to hold her hand and squeeze it gently….He wanted to rub her nose to his….But above all he just wanted to give her a bone crushing hug….

He quickly murmured,” Debhi how about today.”
Debhi still had a cranky nose due to crying since weeks…She cleared her throat but still her voice was choking….she spoke in a whisper” Anything you say…”
A small smile crept on Aniket’s face….She just read his mind…without even knowing it…He smiled looking at her wall size portrait on the wall in front of him…He blew a flying kiss to her…He finally spoke,” debhi I want to meet you now….How about Adisas cafe?!”
Debhi obliged,” I’ll be ready in 30 mins.”
Aniket replied with a happiness brimming in his eyes,” OK…will be there to pick you up…Don’t be late.”
Debhi spoke in a low tone again,” Aniket I am sorry….I didn’t mean to slap you…I just got angry and it just happened…I am extremely sorry…” She paused and took a deep breath to gulp down her pain…her tears,” Aniket are you still mad at me?!”
Aniket confessed,” My doll…I can never stay angry with you…Because punishing you z more painful for me….Honestly that day it was my mistake…I shouldn’t have said that….So I am sorry too…But let’s start afresh, alright?!”
Debhi nodded…
Aniket,” Alright?!
Debhi,” I just nodded…”
Aniket chuckled,” Debhi how will I be able to see you nodding?!..
Debhi banged her hand on her head….She smiled,” Stupid Me….Aniket I can never regret us so you don’t need to ask me that question.”
Aniket,” OK….see you in a hour then…Bye…take care.”
His POV,” You don’t know what you are for me….I have and will always love you…Since the day I saw you first time…its always been you…only you.”
He smiled looking at her portrait which was smiling back to him…
He quickly pulled his tuxedo out…He dressed up handsomely…he gelled his hair backwards and stood up admiring himself in the mirror…
He picked up his car keys and took long strides down the staircase….he got in his car and drove off to finally quench his thirst of her one glimpse…
She was already standing down waiting for him in her lawn….He stepped out of the car and threaded towards her….She had not noticed him till now as she had her back to him….He took silent steps towards her and screamed in her ears,” BOOOOOOOO……”
She spontaneously jumped in fear and her eyes started pouring in fright….He started laughing heartily…She started him hitting him but he just kept on whooping seeing her irritably…She finally gave up and spoke in a complaining tone,” Ouch!!!…What are you made of?!….My hands are aching here hitting you and you are least bothered.”
He pulled her cheeks and spoke,” Baby I have bones more than skin….you may hit me to your heart’s content….your this fragile arms cannot even make me feel the pain.”
She glared at him…He held his ears and finally apologized…She smiled and gave him a big hug…He swept her off her feet and twirled her in air,” I missed you so much…”
She just nodded and pecked his cheek,” Then we are even.”
He opened the car’s door for her….he got in next to her and drove off…
Adidas Cafe….
He pulled the chair for her like a true aristocrat…He sat opposite to her staring at her endlessly…She got instantly uncomfortable with his unmoving gaze on her…She lowered her eyes and spoke,” Can we order something instead of killing each other with this dead silence.”
He chuckled,” As you wish….” He gestered a attendant to come to his table…He spoke to him but his eyes were only on the beautiful lady sitting opposite to him,” One Roast expresso and one vanilla latte.”
She stared at him with her eyes wind opened….How could this man remember every single thing about her despite being such a rich big shot….She smiled at his sweet gesture…
She gawked all around the place….She noticed that many eyes were on him…Most of them were crazy females and some jealous males….She chuckled seeing his popularity…She scratched her nose a bit and spoke,” Did you see how many are staring at you!?”
He shrugged his shoulders in air and spoke careless tone,” I am out to enjoy not to see how much response I get.”
Debhi,” Aniket you are 27 now….you should think about settling down now…I mean most of your male friends are married and they have children too…Look for a girl now.”
Aniket replied,” Hmmm…I should get a good girl first….And what’s the hurry…I am 27 not 57….Chill babe…let me enjoy my bachelorhood for some more years.”
His POV,” If you had known what’s going in my head…you would have never dared to ask me this stupid question.”
Debhi spoke in an excited tone,” OK then I will look for a girl eligible to marry my dear friend….I am not telling you to get married tomorrow….But now its high time you take this topic seriously.”
Aniket glared at her furiously….he clutched his jaw tight to control the fire inside him…He had put on a fake smile to hide his inner feelings which were full of annoyance…
After the coffee date got over….He dropped her and left for his house…
He was working overnight….Just then a message popped up…She had send him the details of about 10 girls along with their pictures….He balled his fist in anger….He quickly dialled her and barked on her,” What the hell z wrong with you!?….You think this z funny right?!…How dare you even send me this girls profiles and details?!…when I said NO then how could you….What the f**k z wrong with you?!..Do you even know what’s running inside me now?!….do you have any idea about what I want?!…SPEAK UP Debhi.”
She started crying hearing his high pitched tone…,” I am sorry…I just wanted to see you happy…you are alone so I thought….”
Before  she could complete…he answered back with fury in his tone,” You thought I am not happy right?!…who the hell are you to take my life’s decisions?!….Can’t you understand a simple NO….”
He disconnected and banged his phone on the floor….
He sat holding his head in his heads,” What the hell I have done?!…How could I behave so rudely with her?!…I am such a pain in ass at times….Oh God!!!…Debhi I am so sorry….I didn’t mean to be hard on you.”
He drove off to her house to apologize…But he knew that she won’t forgive him that soon…
He ringed the bell…She unbolted the door…He got frozen seeing her appearance…her swollen red eyes showed him how much she cried…her face blooming red…her dishevelled long stresses seemed as if she had not comb them for weeks together…
She glared at him angrily,” Something more z left to be said?!…Now which insult you want to throw on my face?!”
He spoke in a hesitant tone,” Debhi I am extremely sorry…can I come inside please.”
Debhi shrieked back,” NO!!!…,Feel free to leave….I don’t want to see your face.”
He begged,” Please Debhi…”
She stepped and backwards and stood cross arming her chest…,” Whatever you want to say…Say it fast.”
He went on his knees and folded his hands and hung his head low,” I am really very sorry…I shouldn’t have raised my voice on you…But I got very angry.”
Debhi,” Why?!”
He cleared his throat and spoke fighting all his nervousness and fear…He had to tell her this…Now or never…He finally spoke taking a pause of a minute or two,” Because I love you….I want to marry you…I can’t think about anyone else now.”
Debhi was hell shocked hearing his love confession…She spoke in a exasperated tone,” WHAAAAAAAAT!?”
He got up and held her hand in his…he touched her forehead to his and whispered,” I have always loved you.”
She pushed him back slightly and blurted out,” Since when?!”
Aniket confessed,” Since the day I saw you in the mall with your mom.”
Debhi was confused and she couldn’t even remember anything,” I don’t remember.”
Aniket,” How will you!?…you were in 6th std that time….Its almost 10 years back in time.”
Debhi’s jaw opened wide hearing that….She crashed on the sofa palming her face,” Oh God!!!…You are such a jerk….How could you eye a 11 year kid?!”
He knelt down in front of her and whispered,” I don’t know what happened that day….My heart just gave up when I saw you…I couldn’t think anything else other than you…if marriageable age for girls wasn’t 18 that time….I would have carried you on my shoulder and married you rightaway.”
She slapped him lightly,” You are crazy.”
Aniket chuckled,” Oh I am…only for you.”
Aniket asked with earnest eyes,” I have waited for 10 years…I didn’t wanted to propose you in such a hasty way…But you left me with no other option…please don’t say No.”
Debhi lowered her gaze and spoke,” OK.”
Aniket,” What!?”
Debhi,” Are you deaf?!”
Aniket,” Come up again please.”
Debhi,” I said yes.”
Aniket got up and pulled her to his chest…he spoke on top of her head,” You made me the most happiest man living on this earth…But z it just for the sake of our friendship…I mean if you don’t feel the same…..”
Before he could complete she kept her index finger on his lips,” I am sure about my decision….No one can ever love me the way you do and no one can drive you crazy the way I do….we are perfect for each other.”
He kissed her forehead…her eyes…her cheeks…But he stopped near her lips…His eyes asked her for permission….She blinked her eyelids…He captured her lips completely…his fingers found their rightful place from her neck to her dark tendrils….She heard him give a low possessive grunt as her hands slithered more comfortably from his shoulders up to the back of his neck….Her fingers curled themselves in to his hair…He placed desperate kisses on her face,” I love you Debhi…you just don’t know how much.”
1 year Later….
“Do you, Mr Aniket Narayan, take Miss Debhi Fernandez to be your wedded wife, to cherish in love and in friendship, in strength, in weakness, in success and in disappointment, to love her faithfully today, tomorrow and as long as the two of you shall live.”
“ Yes I do.” Aniket said without any doubt in his mind…
“ Do you, miss Debhi Fernandez, take Mr Aniket Narayan to be your wedded husband, in strength, in weakness, in success and in disappointment, to love him faithfully today, tomorrow and as long as the two of you shall live.”
“ I do” She answered with a smile stretching her lips wide…
He cupped her face and captured her lips in the most passionate kiss of her life…They kissed till it seemed like eternity for both of them and as the heavenly beings blessed them from above…
As he pulled the car next to his bungalow…he huffed and whispered,” Finally I did it.”
She arched her eyebrows in confusion,” You did what!?”
He leaned and pecked her lips lightly,” I brought you home as my wife.”
She blushed hiding her face in his broad chest hearing that wife word from his mouth…It seemed like the best compliment that she could ever hear…
He stepped out of the car and unlocked the door for her….He forwarded his hand and she intertwined her soft fingers in his long ones….He lifted her bridal style…She pleaded him to put her down,” Anyone will see….please put me down.”
He arrogantly replied,” So let them see….I don’t care and even you shouldn’t…You are my wife.”
He entered his house proudly with Debhi who had looped her arms around his neck firmly but was still hiding her small face in his chest due to embarrassment…
He walked towards his room and pushed the door open with his leg….The room was glamorously decorated….Aroma of roses was spread across of every nook and corner of the room….The bed which was exactly in centre was illustrated with a big heart made on it and initials of ‘AD’ incurved exactly in the middle….The walls were fully occupied by only Debhi’s pictures…Right from her childhood to her adulthood…
She whined like a kid,” You are crazy….you should have born in caveman era.”
He chuckled,” Oh I am a caveman when it comes to you.”
He again asked,” Did you like it?!”
She had tears flowing in response to his question…she hugged him and whispered,” I loved it…But promise me you’ll never change.”
He detached her head from his chest and cupped her face….he spoke with honesty brimming in his eyes,” The day I stop loving you will be my last.”
She drew him more closer to herself and confessed,” I love you.”
Aniket,” Say it again.”
Debhi,” I love you.”
Aniket,” Oh don’t stop….please keep saying it.”
Debhi rested her head on his chest and whispered again,” I love you.”
He rested her on the mattress and came over her….He pecked her forehead…She wrapper her arms around his neck and whispered,” Am I your first?!”
He instantly got startled by this question…he immediately tried to get up but she refused in a innocent tone,” No don’t.”
He stared straight into her eyes trying to read the expression in them….He kept his hands on either side of her and took care that he didn’t crush her beneath him…
He inquired in a firm tone,” What makes you ask me this question?!”
Debhi lowered her gaze and spoke,” You are a guy….So you…”
Before she could complete he cut her off in mid,” You think this cheap about me….I have not glanced back at any girl after seeing you in mall that day…What z this stupid psychology?!…I am a guy so its obvious that I would have done it many times before getting hooked up to someone….You are really annoying.”
She apologized,” Oh I am so sorry…you are the only man I will always love….please I am sorry.”
He pecked her nose and whispered,” You are so cute….I think I will never get bored with you.”
She glared at him,” You better don’t.”
He pulled her on top of him and touched her cheek lovingly,” We don’t have to do this if you are not ready.”
She touched her forehead to his and spoke,” You are so boring and unromantic….if I wanted to just call it off I wouldn’t be lying on top of you in the most arousing position.”
He chuckled,” God!!!…your tongue z so sharp.”
She proudly exclaimed,” Oh!!!!….I know that.”
He unzipped her wedding gown and brushed his fingers on her bare back….Her breathing picked up…her heartbeats raced feeling his touch…his one hand abruptly removed all the clips holding her hair together in a bun…her long lustrous hair set freed and gave him their dark shade…He came over her and slide  the wedding gown down…He yanked off his clothing and pecked her cheeks which were inscribed with the deepest red blush he had ever seen on them….He trialled long deep wet kisses on every part of hers while she just clutched the mattress tight with one hand and other massaged his dark locks gently…He entered her finally….She gasped with a sudden stab of pain but his kisses soothed her suffering…Soon her all pain vanished away and only pleasure filled her senses…They made love until both were dead tired and exhausted…
She rested her head on his chest while his head rested on hers….He was playing with her hair curling them in soft locks,” I love your hair like anything.’
She nodded burying her face in his chest….He again spoke,” Debhi….”
She whispered in a tired tone,” Ummm?!”
He intertwined her fingers in his and spoke,” Say something.”
Debhi detached her head from his broad chest and spoke softly looking straight in to his eyes,” I did not love anyone before you and now I cannot love anyone after you…you are the first and the last man in my life.”

1 year later….
He ran his fingers through his hair harshly….his face had a fear of losing both of them…But he heaved a sign of relief seeing the doctor greeting him with a smile playing on his lips….
He inquired about his wife….A sudden gush of relief entered his veins after knowing that his wife and babygirl both are hale and hearty….
He entered the cabinet and his eyes shone with happiness seeing a cute little angel smiling back to him from her cradle…he moved his gaze to his wife…she had rested her head on the pillow and was dead tired…she was still breathing heavily as her body was still sore after experiencing the labour pain…he walked to her bed and kissed her knuckles,” Are you feelings alright?!”
She lifted her eyes and gave him a small nod despite feeling the most tremendous pain in her muscles…But her baby girl was the best gift God could give her….So all the pain was worth it….She took her little baby in her hands and handed over to her father…
Aniket still couldn’t believe that he became a father….he was still trying to face the newfound happiness in his arms….Just then yelped in pain when his wife pinched him….She laughed,” Believe it dear husband.”
He kissed her forehead,” Thank You…She z a reflection of you…I could have never asked anything more than this what am holding now.”
She nodded and hugged him…
The atmosphere was filled with sweet giggles…profound promises…love confessions…And most important the deep colour of commitment….
Hii People… Basically not new here….I only write on mmz page…But this one z a tribute to a person who z no more now….Hope you all liked it…
Aniket Bhai…wherever you are… This a small gesture to convey how much we all love you and miss you back on earth… May your soul rest in peace….I cannot write more to you…Or else I’ll start crying…
About me…My name z Supriya….I am 16 now…I am a Science student currently completing my 12th….This update z a gift to my bro from a heart of a mother….Do pray for his eternal peace….

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  1. ???this is soo beautifully written

    1. Gummiebear

      Thank u dear?

  2. Amazing dear
    Surely your brother will rest in peace especially after knowing your feelings and the way u convey them stay blessed dear

    1. Gummiebear

      Thank u dear?thanks for praying for him…stay blessed?

  3. Savanshi27

    Hey dear I can’t tell u how much fantastic this os was… ur description.. ur words.. ur way of expressing and the way u came up with the plot of the story was unfathomable…
    the way you described the inner turmoil of ur lead was something that made me ur fan… I can easily admit that u are an awsm writer…

    The story was heart touching but it dedication for ur brother made u worth appreciating… I do pray for ur brother… May he achieve peace…
    God bless uh dear!!!
    With lots of blessings!!!

    1. Gummiebear

      Thank u so much dear?i m overwhelmed with your words…. Thank u z a very small word…wish could tell u in some other good words that how happy I m reading your comment….thanks for praying for my bro too….Stay blessed and a big hug for u?

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  5. Brin

    Amazing story, but very sad your brother died young, my heart goes out to you.

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Di?love u?

  6. Shree

    totally loved it!! flawless writing.. may he rest in peace.. can say no more

    love you baccha

    1. Gummiebear

      Thank u mamma?love u so much?

  7. god this os is so flawless so cute and lovely bubbly and i loved it to the core Ankit and dhebi so cute i loved the character ankit and so dhebi their story u potrayed so cutely nicely and the ay their love confession was so cute. Ankit bhai will surely like that. I am really feeling proud of u u made ur brother a cute lil lover a gr8 business man a love struck guy and a complete man. Love u my lil one love u so much. RIP ankit bhai . Love u my lil one.

    1. Gummiebear

      Thank u so much Di?your words touched my heart….u r a sweetheart….thanks again for praying for him….love u….muaaaaaaaah… Tc?

  8. M out of words..stay blessed ..mmuah

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks dear?love u?

  9. Manolove

    I just loved it brilliant and really awesome u portrayed it very well… I really loved it a lot

    1. Gummiebear

      Thank u dear?stay blessed?

  10. Supu….it was really very beautiful n outstanding lovely os…..I loved each n every bit of it…very beautifully narrated n very thoughtful….may Aniket’s soul rest in peace. ..ameen….he will be very happy today…seeing this unconditional love in your heart for him…..u shared this marvellous story with us n made us all Aniket’s close friend….I loved his innocent n pure heart…his unique love from debhi…his commitment n determination….his hard work n intelligence….his pure raw feeling n very lovelyyyyyy character. ..I’m totally immersed into his story. …I’m loved it from the bottom of my heart. …supuuuu. ..I’m love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeethearttt. …keep loving us n be like this always. …take care sweetheart. .muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 🙂 😉

  11. Sathya

    Chotu….Oh gosh..how come i missed this…Yeah i remember you were saying right that you will write an OS and post it on Monday..SHIT..am soooooooo sorry dear…i completely missed it..since we used to check only MMZ updates na. I didnt even see the name …am so sorry Chotu…

    Now coming to the chappy…I am now bow down infront of you dear. It’s simply Magical writing. The way you narrated, the vocabularies you used and the description you have given …everything is Mind blowing. The concept is so tooo good and getting emotional reading it. I am really praying for him and May his soul rest in peace and Suppu..you really did a great job by writing this and dedicating to him. You are so beautiful by heart Supriya..Love you lots

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