Dream come true – shot 9

Twinj were becoming comfortable wid each other gradually.. Dey were still on their journey to Twinkle’s home..
“ICE-CREAM !!! ” Twinkle screamed..
“Huhh..??? Hallucination…?? ” Kunj tilted his head looking at Twinkle..
“Of course not!!! I look crazy but m not dat crazy.. :p ” Twinkle said pointing to a distant ice-cream stall..
“Dn’t tell me.. U want an ice cream now.. U know it can be harmful to u.. Moreover it seems rainy.. ” Kunj was interrupted by d scream of Twinkle..
“Bhaiyyaaa… Stop!!! ” Twinkle shouted..
Auto rickshaw stopped with a screech..

“What..?? What happened..?? U alryt..??? ” Kunj looked tense n gently probed her wound..
“Arre… Wait.. Come.. ” Twinkle said pulling him out of d auto..
“2 mins haan bhaiyya.. V’ll b back.. ” Kunj turned to driver n replied..
Kunj stared at Twinkle wid can-I-know-wht’s-happening miserable look.. Twinkle din’t say anything rather held his hand n take him to d ice-cream stall.. While Twinkle was holding his hand, Kunj was looking at her dumb founded..
“Umm.. This.. ” Twinkle said putting her finger on her favourite ice-cream Sunday..
“I said NO.. ” Kunj sounded strict wid his knitted eye-brows..
“M I asking u to pay..?? Just have it na idiot! U won’t gain nythng..!! ” Twinkle laughed..
“Did u call me IDIOT..?? ” Kunj asked frowned..
“Haah..!! Yes.. U r an idiot..!! No1 in dis world can REJECT an ice-cream dat too in dis awesum weather.. ” Twinkle chuckled asking for her ice-cream to d stall owner..
“Which one wud u like to have..? Consider it a token of thanks from myside.. Now tell me fast.. I cn’t resist longer.. ” Twinkle clapped her hands..
“No need.. It’s fyn.. I’ll recommend if u also dn’t have ny.. ” Kunj sighed..
“Y r u soo boring haan..?? For a while put dis ego, dis geeky Kunj aside n think about life.. It’s not meant to crib or to be serious..!! Just live in d moments.. ” Twinkle said pulling his cheek naively..

“Hey hey, chalo na
Dhoondhein shehar naya
Jahaan muskurahatein hain bikhri
jahaan se gham ka mausam gaya
Jahaan meethi baatein, har ik ajnabi se ho
Bhule hum bhi jo saari fikrein
Lamha lamha khushiyan bikhrein
Idhar udhar aur yahaan-wahaan
Jayein wahin, dil kahe jahaan
Baby baby baby…
Kab tak giney, hum dhadkane
Dil jaise dhadke dhadakne do
Kyun hai koi aag dabi
Shola jo bhadke bhadakne do”

Twinkle hummed d tune while holding kunj’s hands n swaying dem along wid hers…
Kunj was dumbstruck.. He was not resisting.. He was not replying.. He was not following.. He was just feeling..
He was feeling d seed of delight seeping in his cumbersome sterile heart which was dead from years.. A bright ray of hope shining on his dark soul.. A pleasing melody to his melancholy.. A beat to his comatose heart.. His fingers were feeling no longer dumb.. The blood in his veins was no longer frozen.. It was not only flowing rather singing d song his legs were desperate to move on.. He was feeling ALIVE..


Kunj mind was saying something to him.. It was shouting LEAVE… Juz LEAVE from here.. His heart was singing.. “M actually beating after a long tym.. Dn’t take me from here.. Let me capture dis magic.. ”
He was struggling wid his heart n mind.. He was helpless which one to listen..
“Oye..! Kahaan..?[Heyy, Where..??] ” Twinkle raised her eye-brows in question snapping her fingers..
“Aah.. Nthng.. I was just thinking.. Um.. Umm.. I was thinking I’ll have an ice-cream.. ” Kunj answered confused..
“Much better..!! Which one..?” Twinkle asked..
“Umm.. Since m having it coz of u.. Ny1 u say! ” Kunj smiled..
“Sahab.. Aur kitnii der lagegi..?? ” [Sir, how much time more will it take..?] Auto driver asked coming out..
“Bhaiyya.. U go.. We’ll pay d fare up till here n here have dis ice-cream.. For u.. ” Twinkle said paying d fare and handling him an ice-cream..
“But.. It’ll start raining in few mins I guess.. We won’t b able to have ny auto den.. ” Kunj said interrupting her..
“We’ll.. Dn’t wry.. ” Twinkle blinked smilingly..

Twinkle gave Kunj his ice-cream n clinked it to gave it a cheers form.. 😛
Kunj smiled n undo his ice-cream wrapper.. Suddenly it started raining..
The drizzle of rain fell on Kunj’s hand n vry soon he realised dat it was raining..
“Twinkle..!! ” Kunj yelled n briskly pulled her aside n in this effort his ice-cream fell..
“U r ridiculously careless.. I told u it wud strt raining.. See..Where u n ur childishness has lead us to… ” Kunj scolded her..
“Uhuun.. 🙁 Firshe.. Cn’t u say nythng widout shouting..? ” Twinkle made a puppy face wid a little innocent twinkle in her eyes..
“Fyyn.. Now quickly have ur ice-cream.. We have to rush.. ” Kunj answered wid a sternness in his

“Baby.. U dropped ur ice-cream.. Here u can share it wid me.. ”
“No.. It’s okay.. U’ve .. ”
“Plishh.. One bite.. ”
“Okay.. ”
“Aaaann… U ate d whole chocolate of d ice-cream.. :/ ”
“Hehehe.. Here.. Der is some left on lips .. U can have it from here.. 😛 ”
“U r so mischievous.. No.. U have it.. ”
“Aankhon mein ankhen teri
Bahoon mein baahein teri
Mera na mujh mein kuch raha hua kya
Baaton mein baatein teri
Raatein saugatein teri
Kyun tera sab yeh ho gaya
hua kya
Mein kahin bhi jata hoon
Tumse hi mil jata hoon
Tumse hi tumse hi
Shor mein khamoshi hai
Thodi se Behoshi hai
Tum se hi tum se hi”
Kunj’s arms in her.. N d rain falling like heaven.. D mesmerizing moment..

“Oye..?? Again..??? ” Twinkle snapped her fingers..
Kunj was dreaming.. No.. Twinkle was not in her picture of ice-cream n dance n song… It was HER.. Some1 else.. Kunj was reminisced of dat tym again.. For months, he was avoiding d rain, d ice-cream, d sight of happy-go couples.. But today.. It all flashed in front of his eyes again.. Just like it was all happening in front of his eyes.. She was d centre of his world.. His planet revolved around her smile.. She was d sunshine in his lyf..
"Helloo…. " Twinkle moved her hand in front of his face..
"Yeah.. Nthng.. I was just thinking.. " Kunj stuttered..
"Where’s ur ice cream..?? " Twinkle asked noticing a fallen 1..
"It fell.. " Kunj replied bluntly..
"Whom were u thinkin about..?? Dn’t wry.. Ur girlfrnd won’t scold u.. " Twinkle poked her tongue out..
"I dn’t have ny girlffrnd.. " Kunj sternly reply..
"Ummm.. U had brk up..? " Twinkle asked wid a inexplicable expression..
"Can v plz leave now.. It seems u’ve finished ur ice-cream n d rain has also stopped.. " Kunj said looking for conveyance..
"Hmmm.. Okay.. " Twinkle curtly said..
Kunj hired an auto.. Der next moments together were in grip of silence.. No1 bothered to initiate..
Twinkle spoke once dat too to lead d way to her home.. As soon as dey reached destination..
Twinkle got off bidding gud-bye to Kunj.. Kunj in return smiled n asked her to take care..
"Why is he dis way..?? But he’s cute too.. Wait.. Did I did something wrong..?? Why did it all went dis way after dat ice-cream scene ..?" Questions were banging Twinkle’s head..
"Man..!! Wht was in her..??? What I was doing..?? She was not meant to control me… I was listening to her..?? Y I felt scared for her..?? N dat rain.. It brought back all d old memories once again.. " Kunj was left wid endless questions whose answers were nowhere to find.. "

Meanwhile he plugged on his headphones n strted listening to his all tym fav song.. <3
"Pyaar mein.., ek dil ki jeet hai, ek dil ki haar hai
Har dil hai mohra pyaar mein
Kehte hain pyaar woh hai
Kaanto ka haar jo hai
Ya phir kisi ki khaatir
Rimjim puhaar woh hai
Chingaariyon ke jaisa
Dil ka malaal hai toh
Takdeer mein kisi ki
Jashn-e-bahaar woh hai
Ek sa..akab iss ka roop hai
Ek pal yeh doop hai
Ek pal hai kohra pyaar mein..
Pyaar mein.., ek dil ki jeet hai, ek dil ki haar hai
Har dil hai mohra pyaar mein "

*To b Contd.. *

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