Dream come true – shot 8

Kunj held Twinkle in his arms… Twinkle was shivering due to his touch.. D touch was giving her goosebumps.. She had
never been in ny1’s arms ever before..
On d othr side.. Kunj was also conscious for what he was doing was against his notions.. He loves somebody else.. Won’t
it be Twinkle in dis helpless situation he wud have never taken dis step…
He held her close to his chest..

Twinkle caught d whiff of his cologne.. It smelled fresh n masculine..
Kunj gazed in her eyes. For seconds he found himself lost in dose deep intense brown eyes wid long eyelashes n d
flick of hair curling around her face.. Just as he came back in senses.. He blinked back in assurance.. “Dn’t wry..

It’ll b alryt..!!” Kunj said..
“Hmmm” Twinkle nodded..
Kunj took her outside.. His heart was beating vigorously.. Kunj Sarna.. “THEEE TOPPER” holding a girl in his arms..
“Wait here till I arrange any means of transport.. ” Kunj said slowly getting her off from his arms n helping her sit
on a glass slab outside d college..
“Hmmm.. Okay.. “Twinkle said..
Millions of thngs were running in her mind.. “Y d hell it has to happen…? Dat too wid him.. It’s kind of filmy.. I wish instead of Kunj it was Sidhant.. ” Twinkle dismissed d thought concentrating on d current situation..
“Just a second.. It’s bleeding.. ” Twinkle uttered wid a moan..
“Wht happned..?? U fyn..??? ” Kunj approached her again noticing her sound..
“Yaa.. But it’s bleeding.. I guess I shud have washed it first.. ” Twinkle said making a puppy face..

“Ummm.. Yeah.. U r ryt.. Wait.. ” Kunj took out a bottle from his bag..
He soaked his handkerchief with it n place it on her wound..
“Oooucchhh… ” Twinkle screamed..
“Sshh… Dn’t shout.. ” Kunj said mimicking placing his fingers on his lips..
“M a human being.. N I guess human beings yell wen dey get hurt.. ” Twinkle taunted..
“Dat I know.. But u shudn’t have been a human.. U talk soo much goshh.. Can u plz stay quiet for while.. Else I’ll also panic.. M not a professional in escorting medical help.. ” Kunj sounded rude..
“Fynn..!! ” Twinkle sighed n turned her face away..
Kunj knotted d handkerchief on her wound..
“Well.. I guess v got a conveyance.. Just a second.. ” Kunj swiftly stood up n ran towards an auto rickshaw..

“Mehra’s Clinic..? “Kunj approached d auto..
Kunj reached to Twinkle.. “Der..Auto.. “Kunj said pointing towards d auto..
“Okay.. “Twinkle tried standing up..
“Did I ask u to get up..??? ” Kunj raised his eye-brows..(the famous one) ?
Twinkle shook her head.. “But.. I can walk to it at least.. ” She answered..
“No..!! Juz stay quiet!!! N do whtever I say. Dn’t use ur silly brain.. ” Kunj dominantly said lifting her up..
“But.. Every1 is… ” Twinkle murmured but before she can complete her sentence Raghav interrupted..
“I said.. Don’t.. I know dey r watching.. But it’s none of ur business.. N as a human I think I shud help u instead of joining d watching crowd.. ” Kunj said..
Twinkle din’t answer nythng..Kunj carried her to auto.. N let her sit.. For minutes silence prevailed..
“Do u always sound so domineering..?? ” Twinkle asked breaking d ice..
“No.. But wenever I come across ppl like u doing such silly things my rudeness switch gets on.. ” Kunj said coldly..
“Aaaaan..!! Y r u soo rude.. I din’t intend to fall.. N plz. M not ur girlfrnd.. Don’t try to rule me.. ” Twinkle said trying to b rude too..
“U shud be glad dat u r not my girlfrnd.. Else u won’t b talking ryt now.. U even won’t b able to open ur mouth.. ” Kunj said moving his gaze over her..
“Dat hardly matters cz I m still not allowed to speak as well…!! ” Twinkle grimaced..
“Huhh.. Did u say nythng..?? ” Kunj asked..
“Umm.. No.. ” Twinkle replied..
Within few mins dey were inside d clinic..
“Wt’s d name of d patient..?? ” Receptionist asked looking at Kunj..
“Umm.. Just a second.. ” Kunj answered wid a guilt..
“Shittt.. I dn’t even know her name. N I’ve been roaming around lifting her in arms.. ” Kunj murmured to himself..
” Wht’s ur name..??? ” Kunj went to Twinkle to ask her name..
“Ummm.. Twinkle.. ” She answered sceptically in surprise..

“Hmm.. Okay.. Thnks.. ” Kunj answered n moved to d reception..
“The wound is deep.. V have to give her an injection.. ” Doctor replied observing d injury..
Twinkle looked at Kunj wid a plead in her eyes as if she wanted to say dat she din’t want to have injection.. Her lips were moving in a “plz plz plz.. ” motion though it was not audible.. Her face showed a sign of fear..
Kunj understood her situation.. He got up n sat near her.. He put his hand on her hand gently squeezed it n blinked soothing her..
“Yeahh.. Doctor.. No prblm.. ” Kunj said..
Twinkle was looking at him in shock not knowing what to answer..Comforted by his action she quietly nodded..
Doctor injected a syringe on her hand while Twinkle closed her eyes tightly, she cud feel d grip on her othr hand being firm n assuring..
“Here.. Dese r d medicines.. 3 times in a day.. Upto 4 days n if d prblm remains visit me again… ” Doctor handed Kunj a prescription..
Kunj thanked d doctor n helped Twinkle in getting up..
“Since.. It’s vry late.. N u r bruised too.. I cn’t allow u to travel via metro.. Where do u live..??? ” Kunj asked firmly dis tym..
“45 mins .. Near Bandra Worli.. ” Twinkle said knowingly it is futile to argue wid dis man…
“Gudd..I also live there.. We’ll go via auto.. N u know u r doing better.. U din’t argue dis tym.. ” Kunj chuckled..
“As if u will listen.. ” Twinkle muttered..
“Hahaha.. True..!! ” Kunj laughed..
“Haah..! U can laugh too.. I thought u always have a look-m-rude or dn’t-mess-wid-me look.. ” Twinkle said..

“Hahahaha.. U know m so glad dat some1 found me rude..!! It’ll take tym u’ll get to know more.. ” Kunjsaid holding her hands n helped her to sit in d auto..
“I don’t want to know.. Huhh.. U r insane.. ” Twinkle said jerking her hands off as soon as she sat comfortably..
“Tera mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi
Mera Tujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na..
Maane Tu Ya Maane Naa… ”
D song was playing in d background..

Twinkle n Kunj exchanged looks n thn Twinkle moved her face forward “Bhaiyyaa.. Plz change d song.. ” n asked d driver to change d song..
Driver instantly flipped d remote n changed d station..

“Chaahe kuch na kehna
Bhale chup tu rehna
Mujhe hai pata, tere pyar ka
Khamosh chehra, ankhon pe pehra
Khud hai gawaah, tere pyar ka
Teri jhuki nazar, teri har ada
Mujhe keh rahi hai ye dastaan
Koi shaqs hai jo ki in dinon
Tere zehan-o-dil pe hai chha gaya
Teri jhuki nazar, teri har ada
Mujhe keh rahi hai ye dastaan”

Twinkle hummed d tune for a while thn realising dat Kunj was staring at her.. She became quiet..
“Twinkle look m sorry.. M sorry for acting crazy.. But I don’t know y.. I cn’t c u in dat situation n moreover u were acting so weirdly, u cudn’t stand still u were trying to walk.. N dat lifting u.. Dn’t take me wrong but I had no other option.. I m sry.. I m not a spoiled brat.. I respect girls.. I m sry if somewhere I did nythng wrong.. ” Kunj said holding his head low..
“It’s okay.. I can undrstnd.. Infact m sry.. I shudn’t have talked to u like dis.. ” Twinkle said apologetically..
“So.. It’s all fyn now..? ” Kunj asked wid a smile..
“Yupp.. Completely.. N u shud smile more often… Ur smile is not bad.. ” Twinkle grinned..
“Hehehe.. Okay.. Point noted! ” Kunj smiled..
“Chote Chote Kuch Palon Ka Dostana ye..
Jaane Kyun Abb Lag Raha Hai Jaana Maana Ye..
Cos When Smile For Me World Seems All Right
Yeh Saare Pal Yehi Yuhi Tham Se Jaaye
Jaane Kyun Jaane Kyun Dil Jaanta Hai
Tu Hai To I’ll Be All Right”
“Aaaah..!! Wat a perfect song.. ” Twinkle strted humming d tune…
“Huhh…? Did u just said perfect song..?? ” Kunj asked..
“Yeah.. I just love dis song vry much..!! ” Twinkle showed her teeth like a child..

“Do Dill Mile Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke
Sabko Ho Rahi Hai
Haan Sabko Ho Rahi Hai
Khabar Chupke Chupke
Do Dil Mile Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke.. ”

Twinj looked at each other for moments.. N burst out in a fit of laughter..
“So imperfect song now.. ” Kunj laughed..
“Haan.. Dis one has a wrong tyming.. ” She grinned..

*To b contd..*

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  1. Sohi

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    Soo nice… curiosity rising like anything. .. waiting fr next. Post it asap n it’s longer enough bt plz make it little more longer

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