Dream come true – shot 7

4 pm..
“Heyya..!! ” Twinkle spoke reaching to Kunj..
“U r late..!! U r 10 mins late..!! >_< " Kunj scowled in anger as if those 10 mins were not 10 ‘mins’ but d 10 years..!!!
"But it’s juz 4.10 !! I guess it’s fyn.. Gals usually come late..!! "Twinkle poked her tongue trying to b friendly..
"But u r not my date so I wud wait for u n thn whn u come I’ll jump.. ‘Heyy swt hrt..!! Where were u.. I was so worried u know…’ So better u come on tym frm next tym.. "He rudely said pulling out his worksheets..
"Fyn..!! I won’t..!! U r such a HITLER u know..!! " Twinkle frowned helplessly..

"Yeah.. Dat’s d only way I do my projects!! Now better u stay quiet or I’ll … "He raised his eyebrow towards Twinkle giving her a do-u-undrstnd look..
"Hmmm… Tell me wht I’ve to do..? "Twinkle said wid a barely discernible *whatever* look
"Haan.. So where was I..? Hmmm.. Dis topic it needs some observation records.. Above der.. It has some cables v have to note down their details.. I will do dis since it will need extra surveillance n u stay here company me if I need nythng n note down d details.. Understood..?? "He soudned domineering ..
"Okay.. "Twinkle nodded..

Kunj stood up on d table holding a magnifying lens n some tools in his hands..
"Note Copper Room 1.. High speed optical….. …… "He continued giving her some details..
Twinkle was noting down d details patiently surreptitiously watching at Kunj’s face… She observed him.. He was stoical.. At tyms he felt frustrated wearily looking at d boring wires n connections but was still diligently working..
"Ummm.. Kunj Sir.. It’s 5 already.. M starving.. Can v eat something if u dn’t feel ny prblm in dat.. "Twinkle hesitated in asking..
"Okay.. No prblm.. N plz.. M not at all scary.. M not a ghost.. I m rude sumtyms but dat depends on d othr person how he/she treats me.. N plz! Call me SI… Call me Raghav plz..!! "He tried to calm down for he just said Sidhant..
"Hmm.. Thnks.. " Twinkle smiled..

Though in her heart it was all a torture.. She din’t like Kunj frm d frst glimpse.. She was still trying to maintain d decorum..
Half heartedly she agreed to accompany Kunj to d canteen..
"Wht will u like to have..?? I’ll order.. "Kunj asked modestly pulling a chair for Twinkle to sit..
"Umm.. Orange Juice.. "Twinkle answered wid a sweet smile melted by his gentleman etiquettes..
"Dat’s IT..?? U said u were starving..?? N now just juice..?? "Kunj asked shockingly..

"Yupp.. Dat’s my diet..!! "Twinkle answered wid a y-so-shocked look..
"Huuhh.. Y r u gals so figure-conscious.. ?? I mean if some1 asks me which type of gal I like I’d say instead of choosing a gal who wishes to have juice or fruit salad in evry meal just to fit in her size.. I’d rather choose some1 who will give into d temptation of a molten lava cake or her favourite ice-cream..!!!

"Sid.. "Twinkle spoke in astonishment..
"Haan.. "Kunj said impulsively..
"U sound like Sidhant… "Twinkle said wid a twinkle in her eyes n her hands on her mouth in disbelief..
"Huuhhh…?? What..?? "Kunj coughed clearing his throat quickly gaining his senses..
"RJ Sidhant..!!! U know m a vry vry vry BIG FAN of him.. He’s absolutely awesumm..!! "Twinkle said excitedly jumping in her chair…
"Haaan.. Well dat’s gudd…!! "Kunj smiled thn instantly looking to anthr side..
"Aaj to bach gaye Sid sahib!! Pheww.. Dis girl.. She’d actually end up disclosing it before I can.. " Kunj murmured to himself..
"Haan..? Did u just say Sid..? "Riddhima snapped her fingers bringing Kunj back to d present situation..

"No.. No.. Hmm.. So I was asking wht wud u like to have..?? "Kunj asked resting his elbows over d table..
"Umm.. I’d have Chhole bhature…!! 🙂 wid juice.." Twinki replied..
"Guud..!! Wait..!! "Kunj stood up n bring d order..
"Thnk u… "Twinkle said..
"U r welcome.. "Kunj smiled…
"So.. V can continue d rest of d project tomorrow na..? "Twinkle said filling a morsel of bhatura in her mouth..
"No.. V have to complete d current topic today only.. " Kunj said eating his meal..
"Fynn.. "She grimaced..
Twinkle ate some more n quickly sipped on her juice..
"I’ll meet u in few mins .. Der only.. "Twinkle said standing fishing out her headphones frm d bag…
"Okay.. "Kunj nodded..
Twinkle plugged in her headphones n strolled around.. She reached d place where dey left d table..

"I can also do dis.. "Twinkle talked to herself making her way on d table..
Twinkle was observing d cables though their complications were going above her mind. She was just enjoying listening to d music, humming d song..
"Watch out! Else u’ll fall.. " Kunj came running screaming on his peak..
"Whhatt..?? "Twinkle turned to see from where d voice was coming..
But before she cud undrstnd, d table slipped from its place making her losing her balance .. Twinkle tripped n fell down on d ground wid a bang.. Her headphones slithered from her ears..

"Ooucchhh.. "Twinkle screamed wid pain.. Her leg was bruised as well as her elbow..
She held her face up to see who was der..
"Can’t u hold me..??? If u have done it I shudn’t have fell" Twinkle said rubbing her elbow..

"I thought u’ll again say dat I was taking ur advantage or looking out a chance of touching u.. "Kunj said sitting on d floor..
"Ehh..??? Wht did u say..?? "Twinkle rolled her eyes in amazement..
"Nthng.. I was kidding.. Actually wen I reached u have already fallen.. So I guess m not a superman as u can c who can fly to save u from falling down.. N rather if u wud have been more careful u wud have heard dat I warned u beforehand u n wudn’t have fallen.. " Kunj said peeking into d wound of her elbow..
"Goshh..!! I m just.. I dn’t know wht to say.. "Twinkle grimaced in guilt..
"It’s okay… U have a deep wound.. V have to get u to a doctor.. "Kunj said holding her elbow..

His touch sent a shiver down her spine.. She looked at him spellbound..
"What..?? What r u waiting for..?? Remember..?? I m studying engineering not medical..? I can’t help u in dis..? "Kunj clicked moving his hand towards her to support her..
"Ohh.. Yeah.. Yup.. It’s paining badly.. "Twinkle answered giving her hand into his hand..
Kunj stood up n pulled Twinkle.. Twinkle tried to stand but she fell..
"Aaaaah… My leg!! "Twinkle screamed in agony..
"U must have got sprain in ur leg.. Wait.. I’ll.. Umm.. I’ll pick u up n take u to d doctor.. " Kunj said stutteringly giving a thought again to what he said..
"NO! It’s okay..!! Ask ny1 else to help.. U don’t need to get me out from here.. "Twinkle uttered..

"Look..!! Health is wealth..!! N since it’s 6.30 already.. Der won’t b a single bird flying in d clg.. Except d watchman.. N I just can’t ask dat desperate man to help u!! I can’t allow him to touch u!! So just SHUT UP!! "Kunj said scooping Twinkle in her arms..
As he held her up her headphones get detached from her fone n d song started playing in her fone…

"Kehte hain khuda ne iss jahaan mein ,,
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya,,
Har kisi ke liye,,
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta"
Kunj looked at her wid a surprised look.. Twinkle pointed towards d fone in her pocket.. She pulled it out n switched off d song..

*To b contd..*

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