Dream come true – shot 6

Mrng 9 AM
“Mom!! It’s getting late! M leaving for d clg! ” Twinkle shouted..
“Okay.. But at least have ur breakfast na sweet heart..!! ” Her mom called her..
“No mom!! I’ll eat smthng in clg..!! “Twinkle replied..
“Ufff… Ye aaj kal k bachhee.. I tell u..!! Take a note..! U won’t eat nythng in clg n in d evng u’ll come screaming “mom! M starving.. Cook smthng for me.. Huff.. Kya hoga tera Twinkii… “Her mom exclaimed..
“Hehehe.. Mom.. U know evrythng.. 😛 😛 Thnk u for dat.. But no thnks m getting late.. V’ll continue it later.. 😛 C yaaa… “She slipped in her footwear n picked up her books…

Twinkle boarded d metro in hurry..
“Not again!!!!! >___< He’ll not be like dese cheap persons! :/ He is special.. He is different.. Der is smthng in him which is rarely find in ppl.. His charm, d magic in his voice.. _< " It was Sidhant..
"Goshh.. So u r following me even to my clg..?? " Twinkle grimaced wid wide eyes in anger..
"Excuse me..!! I study here.. N who r u Miss World or Misss Asia or ny great celeb.. God.. I mean y r u so self obsessed wid urself.. N dis tym u were d person that collided wid me NOT I … " Sidhant picked up his papers n made his way leaving Twinkle speechless..

"Wht d hell.. I mean how can he say dat to me.. :/ I..?? Self obsessed..?? :/ :/ How can ppl be so judgemental .. :/ Nyways..!! I don’t care.. Mr. !! U owe nothing more than a moment of waste in my lyf.. " Twinkle talked to herself n moved to her class…
"Excuse me.. Mrs. Ahuja… Can I come in..?? " Twinkle asked standing outside her class..

"No need Twinkle.. I m dismissing d class now.. U can ask ur colleagues for d project work dat I gave to u.. " Mrs. Ahuja said leaving d class..
"Phewww..!! D hitler din’t scold me today..!! By d way wht is about d project work..?? "Twinkle said placing her books on d desk..
"Actually it’s lyk something on ‘Cables n Connections’.. She asked us to do it in pairs in collaboration wid our seniors.. Our assessment will b marked on d basis of dis assgnmnt.. N d list of d working partners one she got for us n d other she handled to d seniors.. " Shreya one of her classmate replied..

"Goshh.. Twinkle!! U r so lucky gal..!!! U’ve gotta pair up wid Kunjj.. D topper amongst our seniors.. " Simmy exclaimed..
"Whhhattt…?? Who is he..?? Is he smart..? 😉 " Twinkle winked..
"Ohh.. Come on..!! How come u can expect a geek to look smart haah..?? But u know dis one is an exception baby.. 😉 He is tall.. His eyes speak much.. N his smile.. Ummmm.. It can make wonders happen.. " Simmy heaved a sigh..
"Simmy.. Idiot u r making my expectations high..!! Now I’ve to meet dis guy.. I also wanna c, who’s d hero.. 😉 "Twinkle snatched d list n read out d roll number.. "1212 "

"Woaahhh… double 12.. He’s gonna lucky to me.. 😀 "Twinkle grinned..
"Heyy.. Dn’t u like Sidhant..?? " A voice came from d babbling group..
"Yeah.. Of course.. I dn’t like him yaaal.. I juz love him.. Damn crazy for him.. " Twinkle replied wid her red cheeks..
"Hehehe.. Thn y r u taking so much interest in dis Kunj..? " Shreya poked her wid her elbow..

"Arre.. Ainvayi.. I dn’t intend to go head over heels for him.. It’s juz I wanna meet him.. U know .. Gal curiosity " Twinkle winked..
"Hahahaha.. Got u baby.. Gotta go now..!! We’ve to strt dis project as soon as possible we haven’t got a talented partner as urs swt hrt! " Shreya grinned devilishly..
"Excuse me.. Kunj..?? Roll no 1212..?? May I know where I can find him..? " Twinkle enquired to a senior..
"Yeah sure..!! Kunj!! Sm1 is looking for u.. " He replied..
"Yupp..!! Coming!! "Kunj replied..

"Shiittt..!!! Whose face did I see in d mrng..?? Dn’t tell me u r Kunj..?? " Twinkle spoke wid her bulging eyes finding d same guy she collided in d mrng..
"Of course.. M Kunj.. What do u want..? " He knitted his brows..
" Actually.. M ur partner for d project work Mrs. Ahuja gave.. " Twinkle answered in a low tone..
"Heck..!!! M not gonna work wid u.. " He contemplated at her..
"Even I dn’t want to..!! I wud b grateful if u ask her to chnge d partners.. " Twinkle frowned..

"Well.. I dn’t need ny partner.. I can do my project myself.. U can ask if u need to.. " He gave her a look..
"Heyy.. Actually.. Ummm.. I … I dn’t know a single word abt dis project.. I won’t bother or trouble u.. But if u can plz help me.. " Twinkle held her head low..
"Fyn.. I dn’t have ny prblm as long as u stay sane..!! " He agreed..
"So..? Whn shud v strt doing it..? "Twinkle asked..
"In d evng.. Meet me at 4 O’ clock in front of Auditorium.. It will do gud..?? "He asked..

"Yeahh.. Sure… " Twinkle left..
"Goshh.. I dn’t believe I asked him to help me out..!! :/ I mean I’ve to do it.. Else evry1 wud think dat he refused to work wid me n secondly I really needed some1 to help me in dis boring n irritating topic.. So I guessed it was better to ask him thn to crib later.. Come on Twinkle.. U can do it.. It’s juz a project.. Juz stay calm.. "Twinkle heaved a deep sigh n smiled at her triumph…
"Kunjj..!!! " Some1 shouted..

"Coming!! Juz a min.. Last call..!! " Kunj replied..
"Hello.. Haan Yuvraj .. U’ve got hell lot dan I can bear.. Smday I m gonna kill u mann.. U r getting on my nerves.. Listen now.. M in clg.. I’ll talk to u later.. "He hung d phone..
"After a few days.. I’ll no longer be called as Kunj..!! Evry1 wud call me by d name Sidhant den.. Wht wud my life will become wen dis prolonged hidden secret wud spill out in front of evry1.. Wen evry1 wud read my interview not for winning ny quiz but for d RJ prodigy award.. " Endless thoughts flooded Sid’s mind..

Me – So suspense cleared!! !! Kunj is SID… Let's see what happens ??

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    Awesome …. just loved it Twinkle is tho just a Siyappa queen the one she has fallen in love with without even seeing him … she hates him real ?
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    Keep smiling stay happy ?

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    Amazing update???

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