Dream come true – shot 4

Twinkle checked her cell.. It was 1.30 am.. Sidhant’s show ended 1 n half hour ago..
“Uff… Y I can’t sleep yaar..!! >_< I’ll get dark circles Sid.. 🙁 Kinna jagaayega re tu mjhe… 🙁 “ Twinkle shuffled her playlist..
“kyun aajkal neend kum khwaab zyada hai
lagta khuda ka koi nek iraada hain
kal tha fakir aaj dil shehzada hain
lagta khuda ka koi nek iraada hain
kya mujhe pyar hain yaah
kaisa khumaar hain yaah

kya mujhe pyar hain yaah”
“Twinkle baby.. Utho naa.. “ Sid kissed her forehead..
“Main nhii.. Pehle mere liye koi song gao.. Tab hi..” Twinkle replied rubbing her eyes..
“Huhh.. Ziddi hoti ja rhi ho.. 🙁 “ Sid propped her up in his arms..
“Ahaan.. Chhoro.. Sid.. Meko utaaro..” Twinkle wrestled..
“Ooouchhh… 🙁 “ Twinkle swayed her hair..
“Twinkiii..!! Wht happened…?? “ Twinkle’s mom shouted..

“Nthng.. Mom.. I…I juz fell down from bed.. :/ “ Twinkle stroke her forehead grinning foolishly..
“Huff… Wen u’ll grow up..? I think v shud lay down a pile of cushions at d end of ur bed.. U usually fall :/ “ Her mom looked at her wid knitted eye-brows..
“Hehehe.. Mom.. It’s alryt.. 😛 I was juz dreaming.. N I fell.. -_- “ Twinkle contorted..
“Fyyyn! I’ve prepared ur hot coffee.. Here.. “ Twinkle's mom handled her a hot cup..
“Thnk uu mom.. U r d best.. :* “ Twinkle chuckled..
Twinkle picked up her coffee mug n went to d balcony.. White camisole, caramel Capri pants was her fav comfy attire.. Mrng chirping of birds, sunshine making her face flow n her headphones wid d previous nyt’s Sid’s recording.. ^_^ It was her daily routine..
She went to her easel, changed her canvas, opened d box of paint palette, cautiously picked up a paint brush.. She painted d canvas in hues of dark n bright colours.. Stroking each n each colour exquisitely just like a professional quickly sipping on her coffee.. SIDHANT __< If she wud have known dat m Sidhant..!! RJ SIDHANT..!! She won’t dare to talk to me lyk dis..!! Silly gal..!! :/ :/ “ Sidhant talked to himself..
“Ajeeb duniya hai re teri khuda..

Bura karne waalo ko koi kuch nhi kehta aur
ache karne walo ko har koi suna jaata h..”
“N ye.. Yuvraj ka achha drama hai.. Pata nhi kya blind date keh rha tha.. :/ “Sidhant murmured..
*11 pm*
“Welcome to d show.. Dil ki baat Sid k saath.. M sry.. I know m not Sidhant.. I m RJ Yuvraj guys… I’ve got a golden chance for all d gals who die for Sid.. 😀 Guys.. Der’s a contest named Dream Girl.. 😉

Ahemm ahemm.. Actually.. It’s like.. Sid bhai is single.. To v RJ thought of finding a gal for him.. Though for him d idea was out of league.. But I think it’s a perfect chance to all d gals to put a face to d SIDHANT voice.. So gals …. Strt calling..!! There r certain levels.. We’ll judge who’s d biggest fan of Sid n who actually can love him .. 😀 There will b an official *DATE* wid him..”

“Date..!! SIDDD!! I can see him.. I can meet him.. OMG.. Did I juz heard dat he is single..??” Twinkle’s heart was pounding.. Blood in her nerves was dancing..
“I wished I’d have asked for smthng more thn that in d mrng..” Twinkle grinned..
*To b contd..*

Me:- So.. Dis was a flash forward to d stry..!! 😛 I hope no1 is disappointed by now..
Stay Tuned

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    Loved it ….. awesome….. I me na Twinkle is madly in Love with Sid … …. so sweet …?
    Blind date ? awesome idea ?
    Love you post soon ❤❤❤

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    Hey my …… Here i m this eas awesome just loved it aage mujhse psnga liya na toh i will reveal ur name nd ur identity… Nd u know i m serious

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    It was nice and twinkle blindly love sidhant that so sweet keep on posting.

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    loved it…amazing episode….cant wait for next one…….post soon…..

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