Dream come true – shot 15

—-11 pm—–

“Welcome to d show ‘Dil ki baat, Sid k saath’ Dis is ur host Sidhant.. 🙂 So I guess u all can guess d today’s topic by d proposed shayari.. ‘Aapka Bachpan’ Absolutely correct! Listeners call us n tell ur story of ur childhood.. But before going further, der is a dedication for Ms. Twinkle.. Caller doesn’t wanted to reveal his name.. So here’s d song coming for u Ms. Twinkle.. Bless u.. 🙂 ” Sid switched off his mike quickly as he saw his cell ringing ‘Twinkle calling’…
“Hello.. ” Kunj picked up d call..
“U were serious!! Damn it !! Thnk u thnk u sooo muchh!! 😀 I’ll never forget dis gesture.. ” Twinkle elatedly replied..
“Hehehe.. Just let d song come.. 😀 Listen which song.. I dedicated u.. ” Kunj grinned..
“It has started playing.. 😀 Wait.. 😛 Let me listen.. ” Twinkle increased d volume of d song..

“Aati hain wo aise chalke jaise jannat mein rehti hain
Dekhti hain sabko aaise jaise sabko woh sehti hain
Par gusse mein jab aaye aur ankhein woh dikhlaye
Ladte ladte galti se muskaaye
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm… ”
“Hawwww… ” Twinkle said..
“Hehehe.. Ignore d line my dil goes mmm.. Rest defines u well.. 😀 ” Kunj chuckled..
“Achhawww… ” Twinkle made a puppy face..
“Ha woh na na karti hai
Ha bada akadti hai
Ha thodi si ziddi hai
Ha akal se piddi hai
jate hain sab baayen daayen woh jaati hai
Tedhi in baaton se mujhko yeh satati hai”
Kunj sang along wid d song..

“Aaaan.. Har waqt se pehle aanaa sunn na na koi bahana
Par dekhna mera rasta rojana” Twinkle sang poking her tongue out..
“Ye baat hai.. Ruko.. Ummm.. Haan thodi alag si hai,,Haan thodi galat si hai ” Kunj picked some anthr lines frm d song..
“Haan jara nalayak hai
Haan pitne ke layak hai”
Par fir bhi.. Aisa bhi hoga woh aisa na socha tha” Twinkle laughed..
“Aisi hi hogi woh aisa hi socha tha” Kunj also laughed..
“Thnk u Kunj. Thnk u soo muchh! ^_^ I srsly love u for dis.. ” Twinkle said..
“My plsre mam.. 🙂 Now if ur musical saga has end can I go..?? ” Kunj asked earnestly..
“Yupp.. Go go.. ” Twinkle smiled..
“Okay.. Enjoy d rest of d song.. ” Kunj said n hang d fone..
Mmmm … Mmmmm… Twinkle was humming d tune.. It was a blissful moment for her…
“Twinkle.. My dil srsly goes mmmm.. ” Kunj murmured to himself smiling like an idiot..

“Welcome back to d show guys..!! So.. ‘Childhood..’ We were talking on dis.. U know yesterday I met a child.. I was asking him how his studies was going on.. N listen carefully wht he said to me..
He said dat he don’t understand wht is noun, what is pronoun.. How wud d world change if he forgets d verb or adverb definition.. N spellings! Goshh.. N dat repeated reprimand from d teachers to write cursively, neatly always go above his mind.. He asked me why do we need to learn d spellings ..?? He said dat wen v’ll grow up we will type on computer or laptop or phones only n dey already have d autocorrect option.. Competition is so cut throat, dat besides subjects coaching his parents send him to dance class, music class, drawing class n blah blah classes..
Hufff.. God.. I was listening to him without blinking my eyes.. I mean yes.. Der are a lot of thngs dat r changed but I never thought dat it is affecting children d most..
Apart from all dis, if we look at ourselves, can we recall wen was d last tym we laughed open heartedly, wen was d last tym we made any1 smile, wen was d last tym we danced carefree without caring about we have to leave early for d mrng nxt day, wen was d last tym we ate chocolates without ny fear of getting extra calories, wen was d last tym u played on d swing..??

Wht I mean here is not dat u shud always act like a child but spare some tym for urself too.. Let d child in u come out so dat u wn’t age early.. Jump like a child, be innocent, never harm ny1.. N yes for d kids, I knw some of dem will b probably listening to my show, kids tune off.. U shud play wid toys now n not crib abt ur feelings… Break toys not hearts..
So, m leaving a song for u all.. Tada..
“Fir milenge chalte-chalte.. ”
“Mere Buddy Suno Zara, Chalo Kare Kuch Mazaa
Thodhi Shararat Kuch Shaitani, Kaam Koi Gadbad Ka
Na Roz Jee Ke Na To Mar Ke, Kushi Paye Thi Jee Bhar Ke
Jo Tumse Dosti Karke, Kushi Paye
Bahut Hi Tez Bache Ho, Agar Tum Dil Ke Acche Ho,,
Hai Sach Toh Yeh Ki Sache Ho, Mere Bhai
Mujhko Hai Yehi Kehana, Sang Mere Sadha Rehna
Suno Vaada Yeh Hai Na, Mein Jo Chahunga Hoga
Mere Buddy Suno Zara, Chalo Kare Kuch Mazaa
Thodhi Shararat Kuch Shaitani, Kaam Koi Gadbad Ka.. ”

“Hello.. Ya Twinkle.. ” Sid swiftly pressed d answer option..
“Today’s show ws just awesum.. U knw.. I actually wanted d show on childhood.. 😛 N I srsly loved it.. ” Twinkle chuckled..
“Thank u mam.. ” Kunj modestly said..
“Haan..?? Y r u thanking..? :/ ” Twinkle asked..
“Arreey.. I only told him d topic no..!! ” Kunj acted smart..
“Reallyyy..!! U r such a liar !!! ” Twinkle grimaced..
“Arree.. Srsly! Wen I called him for d song dedication na.. I proposed him d topic ‘Childhood’” Kunj said..
“Ohhh.. Still.. By d way wht r u doing..?? ” Twinkle asked sipping her juice..
“Going for dinner.. Oops! Was going!! ” Kunj sighed..
“Huhh..?? Why was..?? ” Twinkle asked..

“Closed !! D dhaba where I eat is closed today! ” Kunj replied..
“Ohhh.. Thn cook smthng for urself.. “Twinkle said..
“I cn’t! Gas cylinder just emptied today!! M starving ryt now!! ” Kunj heaved a deep sigh..
“Ohhh.. Where r u ryt now..??? ” Twinkle asked..
“C block just a lane from ur house! ” Kunj said in a low tone..
“Great! Den come! I m eating magi ryt now.. Come join me.. 😀 ” Twinkle giggled..
“Yaa yaa.. If u won’t mock now thn who else wud do..?? ” Kunj contemplated..
“Arree.. M serious.. Come.. I dn’t have ny prblm.. I was genuinely asking.. ” Twinkle said..
“R u crazy..?? It’s 12.30 now!! ” Kunj shouted..
“Nopes.. See.. U dedicated a song to me n thn I can do a small favour to u atleast! ” Twinkle chuckled..
“NO! No way! I m not coming.. ” Kunj protested..
“I sighted u.. Look above.. ” Twinkle said waving her hand..
“What..?? ” Kunj asked looking upwards..
“Come.. Maggi.. It’s still hot.. ” Twinkle said showing her d vapours of hot maggi..
Kunj looked at her irrestibly..
“Don’t just don’t.. I dn’t have much patience ryt now!!! ” Kunj grimaced..
“Fattuuu..!! U r such a coward seriously!! ” Twinkle provoked him..
“Ohh.. Really!! Thn just wait n watch!!!!! ” Kunj put his fone in his pocket looking around n thn climbed on d pipeline..

Twinkle was watching him wid uncontrollable laughter..
“Arree.. Dhyan se.. ” Twinkle shouted as she saw his hands slipping..
Wen Kunj reached at d top she extended her hand n helped him climb on d window..
“Huhh.. See m not coward ” Kunj said breathing heavily..
“Hahaha… Yupp.. I agree.. Now have dis maggi.. ” Twinkle said moving d fork wrapped wid noodles in front of his face..
Kunj cudn’t resist anymore.. He ate d whole in one go..
“Phew.. It’s so relieving.. Now I can stand at ease.. But I m finding it srsly difficult to stand at d balcony like dis until n unless u r feeding me coz I cn’t free my hands now.. ” Kunj said laughingly..
“Oops! M so sry.. Come in.. ” Twinkle got aside helping him to come inside..
Kunj jumped inside but he banged his hand to d corner of balcony n d flower pot fell down making a loud noise..
“Twinkle!! Wht happened beta.. Evrythng is fyn..??? ” Twinkle’s mother knocked at her door…
*To b contd..*

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  1. Paavu

    Awsooo I love it kunj falling fr her dedicated song to her everythng awsoo

  2. Fatimaa.

    It was awesome…
    Loved it

  3. Sohi

    It was amazing
    And today’s topic in fm was superb
    Do continue

  4. SidMin

    Awesome … just loved it … and the childhood topic was just too good and each line was true …
    Loved it …
    Love Twinj cute talks and that Maggi vala part ..
    Loved it …
    Keep smiling … Post soon .. stay happy ?

  5. Aashiya

    This was just soo cute….kunj song dedication to twinkle….sid’s talkies on childhood……twinj Maggie scene…….everything was soo cute….soo sweet…..In love wid this………nd everything sid said abt childhood was jus too good?????????????????. ..I mean shooo real….
    m just thinking how do u write shoo well….
    I’m just a crazy fan of this ff now….?????….
    PoSt the next 1 soon,?
    wid loads of love,????????
    -AASHIYA ? ? ? ? ?

  6. amazimg..super..epi

  7. Kruti

    Amazing epi….The lines abt childhood were so true…..Nd the song?….perfect
    Continue asap

  8. Amazing loved it…….

  9. Presha

    Hey it was awesome… Nd twinj moments were funny yet amazing… The maggi nd provoking part was my favourite

  10. Fantastic episode i loved it

  11. Now I am on lovee with this??????
    Kya likhte ho app….Fab???
    Post next soon???

  12. SidMin23

    Fanatic episode

  13. Ramya

    Awesome episode
    So cyte
    Kunj climbed twinkle balcony so sweet
    Post soon
    Loads of love keep smiling

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing cute

  15. Purvi128

    This was amazing yarr..! Sorry for not commenting on previous ones. I was busy..! So sorry for late comment..
    This shot was superb..! Song dedication part toh ???
    Nd fms topic was too good post soon

  16. i m silent reader of ur ff …but today i m commenting bcoz its just awesome…ibloved it…

  17. awesome …amazing…lovely…i m silent reader but commenting today as its awesome

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    i m isha….n a silent reader….
    i m commenting on ur bcoz it just awesome nd fantastic…nd it made me comment…

  20. Baby

    Ohhhh god I waited for it since sooo long well u knew dat srsly luvd d RJ….n everything was beautiful…..I cmntd it got deleted….bt srsly d episode was osm n dey bth hahaaa luvd it n kunj eating noodles wid twinkle marvellous. … 🙂

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