Dream come true – shot 14

Twinj were having a gud day wid each other.. Despite of their belonging to two different worlds, having two different choices they were becoming gud frnds..
“Twinkle.. Sun naa.. ” Kunj said..
“Hmmm.. Say.. ” Twinkle smiled..
“It’s 5.30 pm.. ” Kunj said..

“So..?? ” Twinkle asked raising her eye-brows..
“Ummm.. I want to show u something.. Will u come wid me.. ” Kunj said intently looking in her eyes..
“Hmmm.. No prblm!!! Let’s go..!! ” Twinkle blinked in trust…
Both stood up. Kunj walked up to d terrace.. Twinkle followed him..
“Hmmm..?? Here..?? ” Twinkle asked confused..
“Wait na.. Here.. By this side.. ” kunj took her to another side n pointed towards d sun..
“Woww… ” Twinkle whispered…
“U know I love d sun-sets.. I watch it regularly since I was 7 years old.. ” Kunj murmured..
“I also love sun sets… I’ve been painting dem since 7 years.. But dis one is actually incredible.. I never thought dat d view from our college terrace wud b so beautiful.. ” Twinkle was smiling..
“U do painting..?? ” Kunj asked..
“Yupp.. I love doing painting.. 7 years! M stroking d brush since 7 years!! ” Twinkle grinned..
“Woaah.. Cool !! Kunj said..
“Hmmm.. Wht r ur hobbies..?? ” Twinkle asked..
“Ummm.. Mine.. I love reading.. I love singing.. I love playing guitar.. ” Kunj answered..
“Wow!! U can sing n Guitar..!! Dat’s amazing..!!! Wud u sing something for me with guitar..??? ” Twinkle asked with shimmer in her eyes..

“Not now.. Twinkle.. I’ve left playing Guitar.. I used to.. ” Kunj sighed..
“But why…??? ” Twinkle asked in surprise..
“Dat’s a long story.. Leave it.. ” Kunj heaved a sigh..
“Okay as u wish.. I hope u soon come out of ur shell.. U know u r not dat bad as u show.. Underneath u is a person who is scared of his own emotions dat’s y u pretend so much.. Der is a person in d core u r hiding.. I can’t say anything exactly but d way u behaved today after u shouted on me, u came n apologised, u actually revealed 50% about u.. U may seem insensitive but Kunj! I m a painter, I can see beyond d materialistic things, I can look beyond what is visible to others, I can see what u try to hide.. Dis sunset might be just a sunset for u.. But look from an artist’s eye, u won’t be seeing just d setting of sun…
Sunset for me means something else.. Look at d sky.. D oranges, pink n yellow hues.. D horizon.. Parting d sun from its sky.. D sun is sinking in dark painting d sky in blood.. Threads of light lingering in d sky.. Look at d clouds.. At once they r rolling into red, then mauve, silver, green n black as if all d colours in d world are being scattered by a vast melting pot.. ” Twinkle said pointing her finger towards d sky thn motioning over d clouds..
Kunj was listening to her spellbound.. Unveiling d beauty of nature wid his naked eyes..
“Goshh.. Can a simple sunset also b so complicated.. ” Kunj said widout letting his eyes blink staring blankly at Twinkle..

“Yes.. Kunj n vice-versa.. D things dat appear complicated can b simple too.. Now look at d sunset thinking just dat d sun is setting down” Twinkle said..
“Yeah.. U r ryt.. !! U r so sensible.. I never knew.. ” Kunj said blinking his eyes continuously in disbelief..
“Hehehe.. Yaar.. Evry1 has a child in himself.. U choose where to frolic like a child n where to act mature like an adult.. ” Twinkle laughed..
“So u choose to act idiot like a child always..Kiddo ” Kunj grinned..
“Aaaan.. :/ I soo acted like a mature one.. U r still calling me kiddo.. Huhh.. Dn’t talk to me.. 🙁 ” She made a puppy face filling it wid air..
“Ole.. Muh mat fulao.. Now look at ur chubby cheeks.. ” Kunj said digging his finger in her cheeks which made Twinkle laugh..
“Now do u trust me or I’ve to explain u nythng more.. 😛 ” Twinkle laughed..
“Hahaha.. Wht wud u explain me now..??” Kunj asked teasing her..
“Umm.. I can explain nythng abstract.. 😀 Just ask me.. ” Twinkle grinned..
“Woahhh.. Enough for today.. 😛 Explain d later tomorrow.. 😛 I think we shud leave now.. It’s 6.30 now.. ” Kunj said checking d tym..
“Oh.. Yes.. Hurry.. I’ve to leave early today.. Else my mother India wud strt thinking dat I m kidnapped ny some1.. ” Twinkle poked her tongue..
“Hahhahaha.. U r always dis crazy or there is something special today..?? ” Kunj asked..
“Somethng special.. ” Twinkle smiled holding his hand n taking him along while Kunj followed her surprised by d answer..

Kunj dropped Twinkle to her home inspite of being resisted by her…
“Just in case some1 kidnap u n gag u so dat u can’t babble further.. ” Kunj said on his counter-part..
“Ha-Ha-Ha.. U really have a vry bad sense of humour.. ” Twinkle grimaced..
“Sssh.. Quiet..!! No more argument now! ” Kunj said wid a stern..
“Ok.. ” Twinkle nodded silently..

Twinkle reached to her home bustled straight to her room n set her easel, poured paints on her palette.. She was swirling her paint brush stroking it up down.. Wid different colours shading a spectrum.. Finally she dipped her brush in black acryl n exquisitely sprinkled it wid caution…
N her master piece was ready.. Fiery red orb of light as a perfect disc cut in half by d edge of d amber-pink horizon… Sequin silver stars twinkling softly.. D sky above covered wid chalky mauve… N der dey were.. Two dark silhouettes holding hands facing d sunset..
It was marvellous.. Surreal.. It was one of d best paintings Twinkle ever painted.. She herself was finding difficult to believe dat she had painted it.. D perfect tinges.. D bright n dark hues.. It seemed dat d sun in d painting wud soon sink down n d clouds wud be dark.. She was overwhelmed..
She checked d tym.. It took her approximate 2 hours to paint it.. She actually lose the track of tym.. She din’t realise wen her mother came n feed her despite of her obstinacy of not leaving d paint brush..
“Mom..!! Looked.. Wht I’ve painted..!! ” Twinkle screamed in joy..
“Baby, m busy now.. I’ll come n have a look at it in some tym.. ” Her mom answered..
“Fyn.. ” Twinkle was getting exasperated now.. Each n evrythng she ever painted her mom was d frst one to rush n see it.. She checked her fone n clicked on her whtsapp..
“Online” Kunj’s whatsapp was showing..
“Heyy.. ” Twinkle pinged him..
“Hi.. ” Kunj instantly msged as if he was waiting to see whn she comes *online*
“U knw I painted d sunset today.. ” Twinkle replied..
“Wow.. I’d like to see it now.. ” Kunj answered wid a smiley..
“Wait till I send it to u.. ” Twinkle pinged back..
She clicked on her camera option, adjusted d illumination in her room, clicked a picture of her painting n sent it..
“Tell me howz it.. ” Twinkle msged along wid it..
–2 minutes later..–
“Tell na..!! ” Twinkle pinged again..

–4 minutes later—
“Ok.. I got it.. It’s not gud.. 🙁 ” Twinkle msged..
–Kunj calling—
Twinkle looked at her cell..
“Hello.. ” she answered in a low voice..
“Twinkleee..!! It’s just AWESUMMMMMMMM… I dn’t have ny words to express it.. It seems as if m again sent to dat place.. I can actually feel d sun freezing in front of my eyes.. ” Kunj said it all in one breath..
“Hehehe.. Thnk u soo muchh..!! ” Twinkle blushed..
“N dese 2 ppl..?? Dey r u n me naa..?? ” Kunj asked..
Twinkle became conscious wid d question..
“Haan.. Ummm.. Actually.. Black colour spilled at d centre ruining d sunset.. So, it came to my mind dat y not paint d silhouettes only..!! ” Twinkle acted smart..
“Ahaan.. Smart I must say.. I wish I can have dis painting framed in my room.. ” Kunj sighed..
“Hahh.. Bas..?? Ms. Twinkle grant u dis wish.. ” Twinkle laughed..
“Really..!! Thnk u so much! But I dn’t keep obliges.. Tell me if I can do something in return.. ” Kunj laughed..
“Ummm.. If u seriously want to return.. Dedicate a song to me in Sid’s show… 😀 ” Twinkle smirked..
“Ur wish granted mam!! ” Kunj chuckled..
“Seriously..?? ” Twinkle asked in amazement..
“Yupp.. Just wait n watch..!! 2day’s show’s first song will b dedicated to u only.. ” Kunj replied..
“Wowww.. Think again.. U r giving me smthng dat’s actually more worthy dan dis painting… ” Twinkle giggled..
“It doesn’t matter to me.. Der is nthng in comparison to dis painting..” Kunj said..
“Ok.. Let’s c.. Der is still an hour left for d show..” Twinkle grinned..
“Hmmm.. Okay.. Gotta go.. I’ll talk to u later.. Dn’t forget to give me my painting.. ” Kunj replied..
“Yeah.. Sure.. But song frst.. ” Twinkle giggled..
“Ok.. Bubyee.. “Kunj hung d phone..

I don’t know wht’s happening to me.. I m liking him.. No, m falling for him..
Dey always say dat a moment is enough to fall in love.. N I m having d pack of moments..
D way he’s always around me.. D way his eyes peep into my soul.. I can tell dat somewhere dey r dark, hiding a storm of pain which rained a little today.. He rules me yet I like it.. N when I tripped today also n slipped in his arms.. I wonder if der is nythng dat can be more perfect dan dat moment.. .. D sunlight which was making his face glow.. His parched lips.. I wanted dat moment to freeze.. Dat music to play more..I want to paint colours in his dark silhouette.. I want to see him smiling..
Yes.. I m in love.. and dis feeling is even more wonderful dan I ever imagined it cud be..
No he is not a prince, rather a dark knight wid hidden colours… She switched on a song..
“Kissa tera teri daastaan..
Chehra tera khud kare bayaan,,
Kisi se pyaar tujhe ho gaya,,
Tu maan ja haan maan ja..
Kahi na laage mann,
Kya h ye soonapan..
Mjhe tum bata do, koi to wajah do..
Har ghadi ab khalo mein keh raha h koi,,
Har ghadi mere khwaabo mein aa rha h koi..
Is dis love.. Maine na jaana..
Tu hi bata na.. Is dis love.. ”

I dn’t know y I get so lost seeing her.. She’s d one who is turning my world completely upside down.. I want to tell her dose thngs I never told a soul.. I got a feeling dat she’ll absorb every darkness of me blowing d spectrum of colours in my lyf.. I know m becoming vulnerable dis way, it may break my heart again but m still opening it to her.. Dis is giving me a true pleasure dat it’s so real but somewhere it is scaring me too..
D moment I held her in arms.. A feeling was seeping thru me..
He switched on a song..
“Hu khud hi se lapata..
Cheekhti meri khamoshiya yaha..
Bekhwaab se khwaab h khwaabo mein mere
Khurdure sannato mein..
Kahi to kaid meri aahatein hai..
Beshaakhta iss dard se ab lejaa chhura ke,
Le ja tu mujhe.. Khule aasma mein..
Le ja tu mujhe.. Apne jahaan mein..
Kar ke rihaa tu leja.. Leja.. mujhe le jaa.. ”

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    Pls post d next 1 soon (although I don’t nèeda tell)
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