Dream come true – shot 13

Twinkle was ambling around in hallway wid headphones in her ears swaying her head back n forth to d rhythm of d song…
Kunj bustled out from his class too.. He saw Twinkle who was dawdling at a distance…
Seeing her coming closer he get aside..
“Oye!! ” Kunj screamed at her..

Twinkle turned to look at d voice source.. She found Kunj standing wid his hands folded n his fingers tapping his arm.. He raised his eye-brows towards her.. Twinkle shrugged her shoulders..
“Arrre..!! R u habitual of walking like dis only..?? Without caring dat u might bang some1..?? ” Kunj said pulling one of d earphones out of her ear..
“Huhhh..?? Tumko kaiko aisa lag raha…?? (Y do u think so..??) ” Twinkle asked putting both her hands on her waist..
*No answer*

“Helloww…???? Where u get lost evry moment..??? ” Twinkle asked raising her voice a little more..
“Ohhh.. Nthng.. I was saying dat if I wudn’t have been get aside, u wud have surely knocked into me.. Can’t u be more careful..?? ” Kunj warned..
“Oops! Sry!! But as far as I din’t knock u over it’s fyn.. 😛 ” Twinkle laughed..
“Achhhaaa.. 😮 (Really) ????” Kunj looked at her wid wide eyes..
“Hehehe.. Leave it na.. I was saying dat I m free now.. If u also have tym den v can continue..?? ” Twinkle asked..

“Yeah.. Sure! Infact I was also searching u for saying dat! ” Kunj answered..
“Tumne bulaya hum chale aaye.. 😛 (U called n I came) ” Twinkle winked..
“Haah.. Wht..?? ” Kunj din’t expect dat wink from Twinkle.. He was startled..
“Ummm.. Nthng.. Next tym u need me juz ring me! ” Twinkle said switching off d music player..
“Yup.. But I guess we need some1’s no to call him/her..??? I m ryt na..? ” Kunj said wid a mischief..
“Oops! Yes!! My number is … ” Twinkle dictated her number to Kunj as he also saved her number n gave her his number side by side..
“So shall we move..?? ” Kunj asked wid a serious tone dis tym..
“Yup.. ” Twinkle nodded..

Kunj walked along wid Twinkle to d place where dey needed d next task to b completed..
“Heck… ” Kunj whispered as soon as dey reached d place..
“Wow.. ” Twinkle murmured..
“Huhh..? Wht’s der to b amazed..?? ” Kunj asked her with a confused look..
“It’s looking beautiful! See na.. Ruby velvet carpet, orchids, n ummm.. Whiff of scrumptious ambience is so enticing.. ” Twinkle answered wid a glitter in her eyes..
Kunj looked at her in admiration.. He cudn’t resist praising d sparkle of her eyes while she was busy looking at d surroundings..

“U know ur … ” But before Kunj cud complete his sentence the man who was binding the gazebo canvas lost d string of d last side n it dropped.. Twinj were standing der but before dey cud realise wht happened, they were standing at d centre with canvas over their heads.. Draping dem in light yellow cover.. Bright sunlight peeking through it.. Twinkle was inclined towards left side.. Kunj’s hands around Twinkle’s waist holding her from falling.. Her arms swathed around Kunj’s neck.. Her long hair gracefully swaying to her waist..Her long lashes shutting her eyes firmly in fear..

“Mamkin si baat hain
har nayi si baat mein

teri khusboo chal rahi

hai jo mere saath mein
halka halka rang beete kal ka
gehra gehra kal ho jayega
ho jayega
aadha ishq aadha hai
aadha ho jayega
kadmo se milo ka
vada ho jayega
Aadha ishq aadha hai
aadha ho jayega ”
“Twinkle… ” Kunj spoke..
“Hmmmm. Aadha Ishq aadha ho jaega… ” Twinkle whispered…
“Twinkleee..” Kunj shook her helping her stand at ease again..
“Haaan.. ” Twinkle spoke startled..
“FONE Twinkleee..!!! ” Kunj spoke exasperatingly..
“Haan.. Sry.. ” Twinkle fished out her fone from d bag..
Within seconds other people also came to lift d canvas.. Kunj also raised his hands in order to remove d canvas from der heads.. Finally dey came out of d canvas..
“Hufff.. Weird people n der ringtones n d weird timings.. :/ ” Kunj sighed..
“Hello.. ” Twinkle answered d fone..
“Yup!!! I called up for d contest finnally yaaar..!! ” Twinkle started gossiping on d fone..

Kunj was watching her intently.. Kunj was noticing d way her glossy lips were murmuring.. Her million dollar smile exposing her teeth.. D way she was tucking hair tendrils coming on her eyes to d back of her ears.. D way she was peeking at Kunj continuously.. D way she was looking at Kunj with one eye closed asking for 2 minutes more.. Kunj was smiling at her childish acts in his heart.. Her innocent smile was tempting him.. But in front of her he stayed cold n insensitive wid a numb expression on his face..
“Okay.. Mahi!! I’ll talk to u later.. ” Twinkle said disconnecting d call..
“M soo sry.. Actua.. ” Twinkle went to Kunj to apologise but she was interrupted by Kunj..
“Wht d hell u want haah..?? Wht do u think..?? M ur care taker..?? U wud stumble n I’d hold u..?? All d pointless drama is going above my head.. If I helped u yesterday infact if m still doing it, dn’t take it to be my generosity.. M d way too selfish! Can’t u keep ur fone on silent mode..?? M noticing u since 15 mins.. Don’t u have ny courtesy..?? We r here for project n not to gossip all around. N If u still want to take dis project lightly, u can leave now. I can handle it on my own. Infact, I’d b glad that I no longer have to manage d messed u.. Goshh.. U r soo irritating >_< " Kunj badly shouted on her..

Twinkle was looking at his face.. She was shocked by his demeanour.. 20 mins before he was acting lyk her frnd gradually becoming comfortable in her company.. N now he was shouting on her lyk hell.. Her eyes were getting brimmed wid tears yet she controlled dem from coming out.. She was hurt by d behaviour of Kunj.. Der was nothing in d words rather d way he said it all..

"M so sry.. Mr. Kunj I won’t bother u from further now… I’ll also handle it myself.. Thnk u for d tyms u helped me n sry for d tyms I bothered u.. " Twinkle stormed saying dis tears flowing from her eyes to soft pink cheeks..
Kunj din’t try to stop her at all.. He din’t say nythng.. He just watched her going.. He sighed.. For few minutes he sat there, curled around his knees, resting his head on his knees.. He was sobbing.. His eyes were puffy n red.. After taking a deep breath he stood up n left..

Kunj went to d terrace.. He saw Twinkle drawn on her knees sitting deserted at a corner wid her headphones in d ears.. Her sniffing voice was audible..
"If he had problem wid me.. He shud have told me.. Wht he thinks of himself.. How dared he shout on me.. Dat too in public.. " Twinkle was murmuring with a snivel in her voice..
"Twinkle.. " Kunj whispered softly went near her n sat wid his legs crossed..
"What r u doing here.. !! " Twinkle shouted…
"Sssshhhh.. Come here.. " Kunj asked her to b quiet pulling out d headphones from her ears..
Twinkle was watching him naively.. She stood up silently.. She was still sobbing in intervals..
"Twinkle.. Look.. " Kunj held her hand bowing his head down in acquiescence..
"Twinkle.. See.. M not a happy or jolly person.. Nor do I like people’s company.. I’ve been a loner since months.. Dat’s d only situation I’ve moulded myself into.. M not a person whom u can expect to open up easily.. It took me years to bottled up so beneath.. " Kunj was saying all dis meanwhile a tear formed in his made his way from his eye-lashes to make a pearl falling on Twinkle’s hand..
"Kunj.. " Twinkle shuddered clutching his hand tightly..
"No Twinkle.. Plz.. Frst let me complete it.. " Kunj said..
"I din’t intend to hurt u… I dn’t know wht happened to me in a second.. Trust me… Evrythng I said was rubbish.. I din’t even mean a single word of it.. After all dat prolong tym of being lonely, I’ve learnt how to control my emotions.. I’m not emotionless.. I just dn’t flaunt dem.. I m afraid of losing people now.. U r d only person who knocked dose walls of cold and insensitive me.. N I’d never want to hurt u at ny cost.. M sry.. M sry for evrythng dat I did.. " Kunj heaved a deep sigh saying all dis..
"It’s okay.. I know main hu hi aisi.. Koi b irritate ho jaye.. (I knw d way I m can irritate ny1) " Twinkle said smiling through her tears n squeezing his hand in assurance..
"Sure na..?? U forgave me..?? " Kunj raised her face to confront Riddhima..
"Yupp.. I m sry.. I bother u too much.. " Saying dis Twinkle wrapped her arms around his waist burying her face in his chest..
Intuitively Kunj also draped his arms around her shoulders placing his chin on her head..

For few seconds dey stay in d same position.. When Twinkle gained her senses she loose her grip on his waist.. Kunj also held her free..
"Arree.. It’s okay.. It happens… Frnds can hug ryt..!! " Kunj said realising d guilt on her face..
"Haan.. " Twinkle answered…
"Hawwww.. Wht’s der.. " Kunj spoke pointing his finger on her face..
"What.. Where..? " Twinkle panicked..
"There… " kunj said wiping a tear drop from her face n running his fingers to d corners of her lips extending dem to a curve..

"Hehehe.. " Twinkle was shying…
"Hmmm.. Now dis smile looks gud.. " Kunj said blinking his eyes..
"N dn’t u ever dare again to make me cry.. I’d complaint against u.. " Twinkle laughed..
"Really..?? Whom will u complain..?? " Kunj grinned..
"Sidhant..!! I’ll tell him.. " Twinkle answered wid a proud..
"Ohhh….Sidhant..?? Who’s he by d way..?? " Kunj asked..
"U dn’t know Sid..?? Damn thn how come u r living in dis city..?? " Twinkle asked in astonishment looking at his face..
"Now dn’t act like he’s a celeb..!! Huhh.. " Kunj said..
"Arree.. He’s d king of my heart..!! Dat FM RJ, I told u yesterday!! Remember..?? " Twinkle replied..
"Ohh.. Yupp.. I remember.. By d way have u ever met him..?? " Kunj said failing to control his laughter..
"Ha-Ha-Ha.. Wht’s so funny der.. No I’ve not met him.. But I’ll meet him vry soon.. I know.. " Twinkle replied..
"Ohh.. I see..!! " Kunj said laughing hysterically..

"Husshh… Wen I’ll meet him na den I’ll see ur laughter..! Huhh.. Let’s go now.. V have to continue d project.. " Twinkle said..
"Achha.. Sun.. U won’t mind na if I call u tu..?? 😛 " Kunj asked..
"Haan re.. Tum meko kuch bolo.. It’ll do.. N yeah.. Call me T..!! 🙂 My frnds call me by dis name.. " Twinkle smiled..
"Achha.. T.. Ya fir siyappa queen..?? Hahh..?? " Kunj laughed..
**——————————————N der silly conversation continued—————————————**
*To b contd...

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  1. Anshikajainn

    Yarr it was soo cutee

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    Episode was mind blowing
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  7. Presha

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    Loads of love keep smiling

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    Hahahahaa ohk am smiling m laughing dey bth r too cute……dere silly talks n kunj ohhh he is sooo good wen he shouted bt den apologised lovely….n den above all him controlling his laughter on d name of RJ sidhant….n twinkle telling him dat he is her king of her heart…everything was sooo marvellous soo beautiful d scene in gazebo osm….n den also d time wen kunj cleafed twinkles tears….it was beautiful as always u nailed it 🙂
    Loved it to eternity sooo very sweet speechless…..ek dum bindass RJ bt u r making me wait alot for dis RJ ab or kitna meetha hone wala hai humara next RJ…..I hope ho….hehe well lovely update…post soon…. 🙂

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    Loved the part where Twinkle was telling Kunj about Sid …
    Loved it ….
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