Dream come true – shot 12

Twinkle woke up in haste..
“Shiitt.. Mom.. Y din’t u wake me up.. I m again late.. :/ ” She shouted throwing her quilt away..
“I did.. But u were sleeping like a baby.. N in addition u were not well so I thought u wud take an off today.. ” Her mom answered coming in her room..
“But mom!! U’d have asked me atleast.. It’s okay now.. ” Twinkle said shuffling thru her cupboard..
She pulled out a short pretty mauve coloured half sleeved kurti slightly embellished wid pearls adding to its beauty.. She tossed it on to her mom saying “Mom, plz iron it.. ”

“N wen did u strt wearing Indian..?? ” Her mom looked at her in shock..
“No reason mom.. I just had an urge to wear it.. So 😛 ” Twinkle got up n pulled out d matching ankle length leggings wid it..
She swiftly got ready in half an hour.. N let her long straight hair flow prettified with a simple barrette..
“Mom.. M leaving.. ” Twinkle said stuffing a piece of bread in her mouth n sipping d whole milk in one go..
Twinkle reached metro station in 5 mins.. She saw Kunj der..
“Heyaa..! ” Twinkle waved..
Kunj looked at her for few seconds..
“Helloowwww… ” Twinkle snapped her fingers again..
“Heyy.. Hii.. Gud mrng.. ” Kunj smiled..
“Vry gd mrng.. ” Twinkle smirked pointing towards d approaching metro..
“Yup.. Come.. ! ” Kunj moved his hand towards Twinkle..
“Hunn..?? ” Twinkle looked at him in confusion..
“Haah.. Nthng.. Come.. It’s already crowded na.. N u already have a bruised knee as well as elbow.. So I was juz trying to b more generous.. ” Kunj said..
“Ahaaan.. Some1 is going gud now.. 😛 I m loving it.. ” Twinkle grinned n moved towards him..
Twinj got into d metro.. It was a crowded coach.. Kunj encircled Twinkle so dat no1 can’t even touch her let alone hitting her..
Twinkle looked at him.. She can feel d sense of protection n safety around her.. She felt secure.. She no longer has to take care about d people around her.. She longer has to fret about d insane disgusting looks who r always ready to scowl at her searching for a chance of touching her..

Twinkle was standing near her.. He was not holding her except for d few moments wen d crowd has jerk tearing her apart from his presence.. In dose moments Kunj wud gently put a hand on her shoulder n get to her side so dat even if she lose balance she can hold him instead of falling on some1 else.. Their eyes locked twice in dose moments.. N wenever it happens Twinkle wud look aside to avoid being d centre of attraction..
Wen dey got off from metro, Twinkle turned towards him
“What happned..? Ny prblm..?? U r soo different today.. ” She asked..
“Ummm.. Nthng.. By d way.. U look.. Different.. ” Kunj shuddered..
“Hain..?? Different..?? Is dat a word to define a pretty gal..?? 😛 ” Twinkle laughed.
“Hehehe.. I mean.. U look pretty gorgeous in dis different outfit.. ” Kunj answered wid a relief…

“Thnk u..!! ” Twinkle smiled..
“My plsre! Thnk god u din’t say awwwwwww.. I was actually expecting dis from u.. ” Kunj grinned..
“Ha-ha-ha.. It was not at all funny.. By d way.. Awww is gal’s signature dialogue.. 😛 We can use dis signature anytym nywhere..!! ” Twinkle grinned..
“Let’s go! V r running out of tym.. :/ Dn’t u have ny class in d mrng..?? ” Kunj asked..
“Heck.. Of course I do have!! Run run run… ” Twinkle speed up her pace..
“Hahahaha.. Der’s nthng dat can b done of u.. 😛 ” Kunj laughed n speed up to match her pace..
“Ahemmm.. Aheemm.. Some1 is enjoying d company of a nerd.. !! Love is in d air.. Haaah.. I heard dat he dropped u to ur home.. ” Shreya poked Twinkle as soon as she entered d class..
“Aaah.. It’s nthng like dat.. It’s just dat I fell.. I cudn’t walk soo he just.. He was just being liberal.. ” Twinkle answered..
“Ahaaan.. Baby.. Ur lips can lie but ur cheeks r saying a different stry.. Look at urself idiot for d frst tym I’ve seen u blushing for one’s name othr than SID ” Shreya grinned wid devilish look..
“Hush.. Dn’t b silly.. Der’s nthngin between us! ” Twinkle dismissed her babbles along wid d flush on her face..

“Say it or not.. I cn tell u about u as well as about him.. Der is anecdote about him dat once a girl had to work wid him n he humiliated her so bad dat she left college.. n u seem to befriend him.. Incredible!! ” Shreya exclaimed..
“Den der wud have been a prblm wid d girl only! He’s so cuute I mean.. I cn’t believe he can do nythng like dat.. He respects gals .. He’s vry helpful.. He’s.. ” Twinkle was telling her abt Kunj..
“Hell.. Wait.. Pause!! U were wid him only for a day.. N u r praising him lyk any1 else.. Look at urself.. U r falling for him..!!!!!! ” Shreya shook her hand..
“No.. Shreya plz! V r nt even frnds.. ” Twinkle stopped by hearing a voice of her lecturer..

“Yeah.. U knw he was lifting her in his arms.. ” Der were whispers going on which were paused as soon as Kunj entered his clsroom..
“What..?? Do u wanna say nthng..?? ” Kunj gave a stern look to one of his classmate who was pointing towards him..
“Um.. No.. Nthng.. Kunj.. ” He stuttered knowing dat Kunj was not at all frndly in nature..
“Fyn thn.. ” Kunj said n stood on his bench opening his books..
He was never seen wid a girl before.. People always think dat he was just a crazy nerd who either likes to spend tym wid his books or his headphones..
“I was waiting for her since 15 mins at d metro station.. I mean I cudn’t resist waiting for a single glimpse of her.. N wen she came.. Goshh I cudn’t took my eyes off from her.. She ws looking sooo stunning in dat Indian attire… I can look at her for d whole day.. Damn.. Der r millions of pretty gals out der more beautiful dan her.. But den y she has to b d only one mesmerizing me.. I cud’t even gave up on her thought last nyt.. Have I strted liking her..?? Dat’s d reason she’s affecting me soo much..?? Dat’s d reason she knocked over d walls of my heart..?? Dat’s d reason I no longer act insensitive..?? Dat’s d reason it actually matters wht ppl r saying for her..?? Ohh! Come on Sid..!! U cn’t like ny1 in a single day!! Dat’s something fishy now!! ” Kunj was struggling thru his thoughts..
“Ishq ki saazishein..
Ishq ki.. baaziyaan
Haara main khel ke
Do dilon ka juaa.. ”
Twinkle peeked at d lecturer wid d corner of her eyes..
“Soo boring lecture!! Hufffh..!! ” Twinkle flipped her notebook n strted scribbling wid her pen..

She was stroking her pen forth n back.. Blue pen.. Black pen.. She was so engrossed in drawing dat she doesn’t realised dat d lecture was over..
“Ooo..!! Let me also see.. Wht’s dis.. ” Shreya jumped snatching d notebook from Twinkle’s hands..
“b*t*hh!!! Dn’t u dare!!! “Twinkle almost shouted in anger..
But her voice seemed to have no effect on Shreya.. She was already holding d notebook in her hands.. She was looking at d drawing wid bulging eyes..
“OMG.. It’s sooo astounding .. ” Shreya spoke in utter amazement..

“Haah.. I know.. After all.. Wht else u can expect from an artist! 😀 ” Twinkle answered wid proud..
“But.. Wht’s dat.. It doesn’t seem to be a scene of ny movie.. D guy holding a girl in his arms.. Headfones clinging on from d gal’s pocket.. It is smthng absurd..?? Shreya asked wid wide eyes..
“Ummm.. No.. Umm.. Yupp.. It is.. ” Twinkle answered wid a stutter..
“Ok.. ” Shreya smiled n winked..
“Pheww.. Thnk God she doesn’t d whole story of me n Kunj.. Else she wud come to knw dat it was not absurd it was Kunj holding me.. 😛 ” Twinkle grinned at her smartness..
“It’s d tym.. I guess Twinkle wud be free.. We shud work on our project.. ” Kunj talked to himself coming out of d class..

“I shud meet Kunj now.. I shud ask him wht to do further.. ” Twinkle murmured to herself plugging in her headphones again..
“Aisi kabhi pehle hui naa thi khwaahishein
O.. kisi se bhi milne ki
Naa ki thi koshishein
Uljhan meri suljha de
Chaahun main ya naa
Aankhon aankhon mein jataa de
Chaahun main ya naa”

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  1. SidMin

    Yaar Why do you write so well ….The shayari I have no words to describe it …..
    Just awesome …Loved the episode every time I write a comment i just can’t think of a new word to describe the episode …
    But wah yaar You explained Twinkle’s dress pretty well …. (lol)
    Keep smiling and post soon 🙂

  2. Sohi

    It was tooo good and amazing

  3. Mia12

    Arrgghhh.. its very irritating u knw,,?? Yarr epi kyu finished ho gaya,,?? Mujhe or read karna hai,,?? I want morrree,,?? N yarr what to say about ur epi…it was FANTASTIC,,??? I just loved it man,,??? Now agerly waiting 4 next,,??
    Plz post soon buddy,,??
    Lotss of love..❤❤
    2 you dude..??

  4. Aashiya

    Heya dude,this was shooo amazing. Geese,the twinj scenes were just fantabulous. That were just superb. Not only twinj scenes, but every thnk was just fantabulous, mind boggling ???.
    Kunj’s protective nature was just shoooo cute. Cuteness overloaded. Craziness for this is increasing nd increasing????
    As always,post the next 1 soon. Wd b eagerly waiting for it???
    Take care nd keep smiling?????
    loads of love????
    – Aashiya

  5. Roshini125

    Asusual outstanding… day by day it’s becoming so intrsting n thnks fr early posts.. loved it a lottt
    The most important thing which I love in ur ff is… MUSIC
    Even I will be seen only with music or books… hehe….
    Come back soon

    Urs lovingly

  6. awasm..marvelous..epi

  7. Fatimaa.

    heyy sidhant…
    it was amazing dear…
    yaar how come u describe each and every scene so well…
    and u perfectly match songs wid d scenes…
    r u a RJ in real life..
    keep writing…
    post soon…

  8. Presha

    Hey its awesome just loved it to core… Nd ur sayaris are amazing just love them

  9. Awesome episode i loved it and u write very well I was a silent reader of ur ff this is the first time I’m commenting I’m loving the storyline do continue soon

  10. Baby

    Ohhh god…..day by day becoming more lovely and astonishing. ….m getting speechless…..as always bindaass….. 🙂
    Jst loved it soooo mch….it was sooo cute n twinkle wearing indian n kunj looking at her in awe….was lovely soo cute n soo adorable episode….kunj thinking bout twinkle n liking her…..and twinkle drawing twinj in her drawing…..I can cmnt soo mch for dis…..srsly u r fab bt yup I missed our RJ… 🙂 in dis episode….ur shayris r as always amazing marvellous. …
    Post soon…..

  11. Kruti

    I seriously hate u for stopping this epi here…..I swear while reading d epi the only thought was let this not end so that I keep on reading it….but it ended?
    Kunj’s thoughts…..d metro journey….just Amazing it was….loved it

    Pls post d nxt one asap….pls

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous

  13. Hey sidhant… Awesome amazing fantastic fabulous…. Lovely…..

  14. Ritzi

    I swear I m in love with yr ff yaar…I m sorry for being a silent reader till now…but …the way u write is simply amazing dear! May I knw yr real name

  15. Paavu

    Oooo geez why on the earth u let it happened why it ended here I mean sooo beautifully scripted I m falling in love wid dis ff deeply madly yrr why u ended it here I want more plss post now yrrr plsss plsss and todays shayari is part of a song na idilon ka juaa wali I have listened it of course bt leave ur shayarus are alwats awesome all description and suit wali ya In my ff also I wrote na abt suit bt really I hate suits hehe leave it and yah awwwwww its really our signature sign mine toh trillion%

  16. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    It’s so interesting
    N d way kunj protected twinkle was superb
    N twinkle change n d change in kunj
    Everything was going superbly
    As usual u r rocking
    Loads of love keep smiling

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