Dream come true – shot 11

"Welcome to d show.. ‘Dil ki baat, Sid k saath.. <3 ‘ I know aaj thoda zada senty ho gaya na..?? Yup.. Coz today topic is senty only.. So v’ll be discussing on LOST LOVE today.. <3
Yes.. I know… I can undrstnd how it feels to lose d one u love… I’ve a frnd Shrey who has lost his smile.. Dis 1 is dedicated to u man..!!
Hmmm.. N for all d grls baby.. Smile.. U r beautiful.. Dn’t let ur eyes drench wid tears instead cry hysterical tears..

Let ur lips curve for real smile n not faking one.. Wait… Before I say nythng else.. Let me play a wonderful song for u all.. It goes as:-
"Bikhri-2 si zulfe hai kyu,
Khoyi-2 si aankhein hai kyu,
Gam ka ye pal guzar jaega,
Fir koi humsafar aaega..
Beete pal bhool ja
Wo pal nahi h kahiii,,
Laaayenge pal naye
Ek zindagi fir haseen
Ye bheegi palkein utha..
Ye soch k muskura..
Laega fir samay koi zamana aisa yaha.
Fir chlegi hawa manchali..
Firse mehkegi koi kali..
Fir koi humsafar aaega dil koi geet fir gaaega… "
(Dis song is from What’s your raashee.. 🙂 )

"Welcome back to d show.. So coming back to d topic.. Lost love.. U’ve lost ur smile since he/she left u.. Do u always keep on thinking about dem..D memories of old tyms still haunt u.. U still remember dose moments ur fingers got intertwined.. U r still keeping dose promises he/she sealed wid a kiss.. U sometyms dn’t have ur meal thinking dat cz he/she will again care if u had food or not.. U still check out his/her facebook profile.. U still stalk their whtsapp statutes n pictures.. U feel bad dat even if he/she broke ur heart, dey r happy in their life.. So do I need to remind dat u still have dose parents who r taking care of u since ur birth.. Dey r always d frst one to know abt ur heart.. Be it ur frst crush or ur last meal, ur mom always takes care of it.. Ur frnds..? Dey r always around wen u cry or laugh.. U still have dose frnds who try to make u laugh flawlessly.. Who knw dat u still miss him/her still says look at him/her he/she looks so s*xy naa.. Who dn’t mind wen u shout at dem.. Who will b wid u till eternity..

It’s okay to cry, to crib or even shout.. But dn’t cry, crib or scream for d same reason twice.. Wen time doesn’t u second chance, wen death doesn’t give u second chance, wen opportunities dn’t knock twice, wen der r millions of ppl out der waiting for their frst chance, y to give him/her a second chance.. Y to give him/her satisfaction of seeing u cry..?? Y being sad wen u can laugh instead..?? Open ur heart.. Laugh a bit more.. Listen to ur fav songs.. Sing aloud " Aaj maine break up ki party rakh li hai..;) " Hang out wid ur frnds.. Check out gals/guys. Mind it… Der’s nthng wrng giving ur heart a second chance.. 🙂 Fall in love.. Coz as I always say love never hurts people hurt.. Der intentions hurt.. N ur expectations hurt.. Be careful.. Take care but dn’t miss out chances of enjoying.. 🙂 At last be besharam sing Badtameez dil..<3
Tada sabko..
Phir milenge chalte-2

So d last song I m playing for all of u.. So dat u can actually thank ur idiotic frnds who helped u in ur shoddier phase n some who r still doing..
"Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi..
Jaise daaru desi..
Khatti-meethi baatein h nashe si..
Jaise daaru desi..
Ladkhadane lagi.. Muskurane lagi..
Bewajah har jagah aane jaane lagi..
Tu mujhe main tujhe jo b ho dil mein khul k batane lagi..
Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi..
Jaise daaru desi..
Khatti-meethi baatein h nashe si..
Jaise daaru desi.. "

"Pheww.. Goshh.. I m soo sensible.. But wen it comes to me.. I forget wht to preach, wht to do n how to do..?? :/ I m soo idiot..!! " Sid switched off his mike n plugged in his headphones n flipped over d songs list n strolled out of his cabin leading towards his apartment once again humming d song..
"Aankho mein tere saaye,
Chaahu to ho naa paaye..
Yaado se teri faasla..
Jaake b tu na jaaye,,
Thehri tu dil mein haaye,,
Hasrat ki banke kyu bhala,,
Kyu yaad karta hu,,
Mit ta hu banta hu
Mujhko tu laayi ye kaha..
Benaam rishta wo..
Bechain krta jo..

Darmiyaan.. Darmiyaan.. Kuch to tha tere mere darmiyaan.. " <3
Suddenly his fone dropped from his hands n fell n his haste of picking it over, his fingers went over another song.. Sid quickly plugged in his headphones.. He feared of being lost.. Lost of being lonely widout d company of music… Lost in his solitude.. Lost of his thoughts of her.. Lost in his memories of dem..
D song which was playing in his fone was not known to him.. Yes.. He loves music.. His gallery has millions of songs he never heard.. He was liking d tune of new song..
He checked on d song name it was ‘kahi ye tere dil se..’ Below dat der was d song.. ‘Hey chalo na dhundhe sheher ek naya.. " Dat song reminded him of Twinkle.. He closed his eyes n listened to d new song which was slowly oozing in his heart thru his ears..
"Pehle kabhi hua karti thi,
Dil se meri dosti
Pehle kabhi raha karta tha,
Ye dil mere paas hi
Phir hua ise jaane kya,
Mujh ko hui na khabar
Mera sab kuch le gaya
Mujh se bacha ke nazar
Kehne ko hai mera
par meri sunta nahi
Kahin ye tere dil se to
chhup chhup ke milta nahi
Kahin to mere seene se ye dil nikalta nahi "

His fingers were running thru his hair unknowingly.. "Par meri suntan nahiii.. hmmm hmmumm.. " Sid was jumping in delight on his way.. Kicking evry single stone out his way.. Whistling in happiness.. In between.. He saw a small child who was singing to earn something not to forget it was d city who never sleeps.. Sidhant held his hands, swirl him round n round singing n dancing along wid him.. Few seconds later he bent down on his knees, held d chin of d small boy n handed him some money.. " Take admission in a school.. Dn’t spoil ur life.. " He smiled..
"Bhagwaan aapko saari khushiya de sahib.. Aur jinki wajah se aap inna muskara rhe ho, wo aapse kabhi door na ho.. (May god showers all ur happiness at u.. May god bless d person behind ur smile" d child smiled wid a little tear welled in his eyes..
Sid smiled in return..
"M smiling..?? Oh yesss.. <3 After all dose years m smiling again.. Twinkle thnk u for coming in my life.. <3 " Sid dozed off to sleep thinking after a long tym..
Sorry for no twinj scenes
A lot to come

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  1. Nashk

    Awesome epi..love it…update soon..plz show some romance between twinj…love u????

  2. Sohi

    It was incredible episode wow

  3. Fatimaa.

    It was really soo good….
    Ur shayris r awesome…..
    I really love dem….
    Post soon

  4. Presha

    Hey awesome yaar just falling in love with this….. Eager for twinj romance…

  5. Aashiya

    My gr8 bhai, ain’t I right bro??? U r really gr8. I’m still pondering how cd any1 write soo well. My brain will surely burst due to overthinking. U know im having my exams, then too I’m just opening TU to read ur ff. My craziness for this ff is just increasing day by day. It’s just like this FF IS ON MY MIND ALL THE TIME…….And today’s epi was just out of the world….It took me to some other world…like whatever u wrote was just so true,so real. Kaash mai bhi aisa likh pati bhai. There were no twinj scenes,nd I don’t mind that if I get to read such a beautiful nd eternal piece of writing.
    I won’t say to post soon coz I know u will post soon?
    Take care bro.
    With loads of love? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  6. Paavu

    Awsum ty for making my kunj smile dis smile on his face males him best he smiled and is feeling for twinkle gud

  7. Ramya

    N shayris ufc dey r just amazing u have great idea about it
    N dis drrastic change in kunjj /sid
    He was awesome in dis New shade
    Loads of love keep smiling

  8. Mia12

    Wow man..??
    what to say.????
    Just MIND BLOWING epi…??
    And ur shyeri was AMAZING..??
    N no pblm now m eagerly waiting 4
    next epi to see twinj scean..??
    Post soon..☺☺
    With lots of love..❤❤
    See you..??

  9. SidMin

    Aww … Just loved it …
    The topic for tbe radio show was so senti yaar .. ? par Sid’sSid’ s words .. nahe have your words were awesome ? Second chance and all … koi the khya ? …okay sorry just joking ?
    Loved the Shyari and songs …
    Keep smiling … Post soon ?

  10. tooooo..good

  11. Baby

    Ohhh god ohhhk…..
    Srsly yr u r amazing….
    U shuld hv been a RJ yaar…..sch mein senti kardia aaj toh itna ruladia well aapki bhi kya galti hai humare RJ…..
    Srsly it was sooo good wala episode all r fabulous bt d words sid said naa were soo true……..soo meaningful. …
    Loved d episode to moon n back….
    Kunj smiling playing wid kid giving him money sooo sensible sooo nice of him…..loved d episode….it was marvellously gorgeously written…….speechless……. 🙂

  12. SidMin23


  13. Kruti

    Nice one
    Continue asap

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous cute

  15. Amaya Bhardwaj

    I really loved the episode yrr…Ur sayaris are amazing superb….Loved it

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