Dream come true – shot 10

Twinkle checked her watch… It was 9 pm.. She knew it was late.. Moreover she was injured.. She silently tip toed in
her house thinking dat she will deal wid her parents in d mrng..
“Twinkii.. Dn’t u dare step into ur room widout answering me..!! ” Twinkle paused hearing a voice..
“Oops.. Mom.. Actually wo na.. V had a project work today so.. ” Twinkle strted giving clarifications..
“Dat’s ok.. But u shud have informed me at least! N hah..? Wht’s dis..?? Wht happened..? Tell me d truth.. ” Her mother said widening her eyes on examining her wound..
“Come on.. Mom.. Dat’s fyn..!! U know na it’s my old habit of tripping n falling over here n there.. ” Twinkle chuckled..
“But still.. It looks fresh.. Did u injured few hours ago..?? N how u came home..?? ” Her mother enquired..

“Yup.. Mother India..!! I even had an injection.. It’s ok now.. N Kunj dropped me home.. ” Twinkle replied..
“Kunj..?? Who’s Kunj…?? ” Her mom asked..
“Dat FM guy Sid on which I drool everytym he won’t come to escort me na mom.. He was my senior.. V r working on d same project.. N den I fell n injured.. N mom.. Now dn’t act like a RAW agent.. M hungry.. Cook something for me.. ” Twinkle said making a puppy face..

“Look.. I told u in mrng only! Okay.. Bachha.. Have rest… I’ve cooked ur favourite dish today.. N den ur favourite ice-cream.. ? It wil do na..?? ” Her mother smiled..
“Yayy.. Mom..!! U r soo sweet.. I love u dher saara.. ” Twinkle impishly kissed her mom cheeks..
“Ahemm.. Ahemm.. I’d love to know wht’s cooking in my darlo’s mind.. There’s smthng new today.. ” Her mom said kissing her on her forehead..
“Hehehe.. Nthng mom.. U know na m always crazy like dis.. ” Twinkle grinned n left..
She entered her room.. Placed her books n bag at their place… She flicked on d lights..
“Uff.. Where’s d remote of d TV.. ” Twinkle rummaged thru d cupboard..
“Momm!!! Where’s d remote..??? ” Twinkle shouted..

“U only kept it on d TV .. ” Her mom replied..
“Oops..!! Kya ho gaya h mennu..! (What has happened to me..) Pagla gayi hu main.. (I’ve gone mad) ” Twinkle whispered to herself picking up d remote n switching on d TV..
“Cheezein Mein Rakh Ke
Bhool Jaati Hoon,
Bekhayaali Mein Gungunati Hoon
Ab Akele Mein Muskuraati Hoon
Badli Hui Si Meri Ada Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai”

“Hehehe.. It so well suits me now.. ” Twinkle laughingly slapped her forehead..
“Kunj.. Umm.. He seems rude but actually he isn’t.. N his today’s behaviour was totally out of league.. I still can’t immune myself to his looks.. Contours of his handsome face illuminated by d moon in d stark darkness .. His fragrance is
ruling not over my mind but on my heart too.. Now I can understand d reason why my frnds r crazy over him.. Even on some lsmall weird moments, I find myself dazzled up.. D way he ruled over me though it was not at all acceptable… D way he panicked wen I fell.. D way he soothed me at clinic.. D way he pulled me out of d rain, though he wud have been slapped for his act but frankly dat moment I found him cute.. Somewhere I think it’s my destiny playing wid me.. Dat raabta song..
Goshh.. How come it has to be d only song to come up..?? N somewhere he resembles to my Sidhant.. His instant answering.. His way of managing d situations reflect his personality.. Aaaaye.. I wish my Sid wud b also lyk dis.. He wud protect me from falling again n again.. He wud hold my hand while m doctor.. Heck y m so scared of injections huhh..??

Kunj.. portraying u as my Sid.. Hahaha.. At frst wen I met him I never thought dat I wud actually talk to him ever n see today it’s like m wishing for my Sid to b lyk him..
Sid also reached in his apartment.. N as usually settled himself on his couch..
“What’s happening to me.. Dis feeling is familiar yet strange.. I’ve felt dis before too.. But still it’s smthng I cn’t understand.. Today I again want to live dose moments I once had.. I’ve not forgotten nythng.. Evry memory is still der.. I always advice people to move on but following it myself is out of league! N Twinkle.. She’s.. She
something ONE n ONLY piece.. She’s crazy.. Even in d sheer moments of pain she can smile.. No brainy u r wrong.. She cn’t not only smile, she can be crazy as well.. Dat out of blue ice-cream.. Her generosity of giving one to d taxy driver, I juz wanna kiss her for dat but nyhow I resisted.. D touch of her fingers drenched my soul wid a feeling of being ALIVE again.. No brainy!! I m not being desperate! It’s smthng I cn’t force to ignore..
Yeah.. Heart.. Babble again.. I know I still love her.. But do I’ve to tell u again dat she has left me..?? She told me dat m gud for nthng.. She’s hell happy in her lyf.. I know.. I’ve created d walls of memories around my heart but be it for moments Twinkle succeeded in knocking dem over..
I m not saying dat I like her or smthng like dat.. But ya.. As a frnd.. I’ll not b cold towards her.. I mean.. Shitt.. I can’t act rude inspite of wanting it..!!
10.30 pm..

“Heyya guys! Here Yuvraj again!! So.. I din’t know Sid has got so many grls followers haah.. !! Still d rings haven’t been stopped.. Come on evry1! Hurry up.. Time is running!! ” yuvi announced on air..
“Whatttt.. Shiiitttt Shiittt.. How come I can forget dis contest!! Well I’ll make sure dat no other girl dates him! ” Twinkle murmured picking up her fone in rage..
“Hello.. May I know who’s talking..? ” RJ Yuvraj picked up d call..
“Heyy.. Dis is Twinkle… ” Twinkle replied..

“So.. I guess u called up for d contest..?? ” Yuvraj asked..
“Yes.. I dn’t want any1 else to date Sid.. ” Twinkle sounded sombre..
“Ooo..!! For d frst tym.. I m not listening dat I wnt to date him instead m hearing u cn’t stnd him wid ny1 else..! Gal.. U already impressed me half d way! Go ahead! ” Yuvi smiled..
“Yayy.. Thnx! ”
“So tell me wht u know about Sid.. ” Yuvraj directly came to d point..
“He’s from Amritsar basically.. He shifted here 2 years n 6 months ago.. He has been a scholar as well.. 6 June 2016.. D frst tym he started his show.. His frst shayari was..
He won young RJ prodigy award in 2016 as well as dis year.. He’s a single child.. ” Twinkle was muttering..
“Woaahh!! I asked u about Sid not his biography.. Even I dn’t know some thngs!! His frst shayari !! U seem to b a pretty gud follower!! ” Yuvraj answered in amazement..
“Yupp.. M not a follower.. M a crazy listener.. Plz.. Plz..Do me a favour let me meet him for once..!! It doesn’t matter it comes out to b a date or not.. ” Twinkle tried to convince her best..
“Okay.. Okay.. Calm down miss.. ” Yuvraj asked..

“Twinkle.. ” Twinkle recalled her name to him..
“Well.. Twinkle.. I never heard u on air..!! R u a new listener..?? ” Yuvraj asked..
“Noo.. Actually.. M being a listener to Sid’s show for
2 years.. I never missed any of his show.. It’s just dat.. I never had strength of calling him.. Wnever I do, my throat gets chocked wid hesitation.. N I juz wannna listen to his voice.. But since, I never spoke, I was never reverted to him.. ” Twinkle sounded low..
“Ahaaan.. So dat’s d thng.. But suppose if u get a chance to meet him.. Will u be able to stay calm..? Or can u actually meet him.. ” Yuvraj mocked at her..
“I’d for sure!! I know m crazy for his voice but I’d never let any chnce to meet him.. Plz.. Plz.. Let me meet him.. ” Twinkle again convinced..
“Ahemm ahemm.. Since I cn’t break heart.. I’d try my best to let u meet him.. Ms. Twinkle.. I’ll remember ur name.. ” Yuvraj smiled in assurance..
“Yayy.. Thnk u soo muchh!! ” Twinkle cheered..
“My plsre lady! ” Yuvraj chuckled..
*To b Contd.. *

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  1. Aashiya

    Gosh,this is damn amazing. It’s smthng new man. I never got soo crazy for any ff till date. Thanks for posting it dude. Now pls post the next one soon,coz,I can’t wait for the next!!!!!!!!

  2. SidMin23

    Fabulous episode

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    Awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

  4. SidMin

    Yaar. …… just loved it the episode was like more than awesome …?
    Loved Twinkle and her mom’s bonding? and Kunj’s POV gosh …. just loved it ?… Twinkle imagining Link to be Sid was so sweet ?
    Uv’s and Twinkle’s talk on the radio was just too good … Two kle seems like a stalker ?
    Keep smiling ? post soon ?

    1. SidMin

      *Link =Kunj

  5. Sohi

    So sweet
    Both of them thoughts were fabulous
    Do continue

  6. Mia12

    Hey dude…..
    WOW just WOW…..???
    I mean it was just FANTASTIC,,???
    Now u r ruling me wid ur every update man….?? Really twinj POV was so damn AMAZING…?? And these shyeri WOW love it..??? n last twiraj talks on radio was AMAZING…??? Plz plz post next soon… Eagerly waiting 4 it…
    With lots of love…❤❤

  7. Presha

    Hey its just awesome u r making me go crazy for ur ff loving it to core yaar… Just loving it…

  8. Baby

    Ohhh god ohk sooo thanks first of all for dis episode…..
    I was like ohhh god dude srsly how did u manage to write soo well d shayris n den d k u njs pov n luvd d mumma beti bonding n also d talk of uv n twinkle maybe fr d first time……
    Fabulous marvellous speechless episode….kunjs heart n mind brainy talk….osm
    Post soon…. 🙂 cya…. 🙂

  9. it..was..lovly..chappy

  10. Lovelyyyyy……. So cute…… Post soon…..

  11. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Amazing superb excellent yrr….cute & Lovely episode…I loved it…
    Post next one asap…

  12. Kruti

    The epi was just Amazing……spcly that non stop blabering of Twinkle about sid??…..Nd Kunj’s pov was just?…..loved it
    Continue asap

  13. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    I’m njoying it a lot .
    TWINJ feels something fr eo woowww
    Awesome super
    N twinkle is so crazy about sid
    Superb post soon
    Loads of love

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