Dream come true – shot 1

“twinki !!!! betaa.. mahi ka fone h.. ” riddhima’s mom called her..
“mom!! frst of all..!! dn’t call me twinki .. it’s so outdated.! >_< call me tiii..!! n secondly tell her.. m studying now.. i’ll talk to her later.. " twinkle grimaced n again plugged in her headfones..

"haan.. i can c d way u r studying.. " her mom scowled at her..
"come on mummaa.. u r my loving mumma naa.. plz.. plz.. u knw.. 11 o’ clock i juz hate talking to ny1…" twinkle pouted impishly at her mom..
"ohk.. fine.. i’ll.. i’d wait for d day u’ll tell me about dis secret of ‘11’ pm! " her mom left d room saying dis..
" aankho se wo sab kuch keh gaye, bina kahe saari baatein samajh gaye..
jaise hi unhone kaha ki unhe bhi humse pyaar hai, tabhi hum neend se jaag gaye.. "
"welcome to d show ‘dil ki baat sid ke saath’ dis is ur host n dost rj sid exclusively on radio city 93.8 fm.. i hope as usual mere listeners r tuned in on tym.. so, today’s topic is andekha anjaana sa ishq, call me on 424******* share ur views as well as experiences about can u love someone on d sole basis of his/her voice even wen u dn’t have met him/her n neither u have seen dem.. u can also leave ur reviews on d page dil ki baat sid ke saath.. till den.. a song is coming on ur way.. i wud like to reminisce some lines of dis song.."
" mere khayalo me na jaane kitni tasvire banne lagi

bas aasmaano pe do dilo ki takdire banne lagi "
"yes.. u guessed it right.. andekhi anjaani si… from d movie mujhse dosti karoge.. arre wait.. main to already tum sabka frnd hu… i m not asking u to befrnd me guys.! 😉 bahuut zada bolta hu naa main.. haan re i know. ab kya karu.. rj hu to mera kaam hi yahi h.. haaaaaan.. main aa rahu hu.. tum sabki calls receive karne.. chlo jldi sab shuru ho jao…!! "
sidhant turned off his mike n sipped on his lemonade struggling from d songs collection n adding dem to playlist..
"aankho se wo.. " twinkle swiftly scrabbled d shayari on her diary..
"sidhant .. mann!!! how can u b soo awesumm… ur voice is soo s*xy.. i tell u.. n ur shayaris i fall in love evrytym wid u..!!! ^_^ " twinkle smiled at herself picturizing sidhant n went thru his page again n again..

"n mr. sidhant.. .. let me tell u d answer of ur question.. i’ve never met u.. i’ve never seen u.. i’ve never talked to u even.. but yes.. i love u.. i love ur voice.. i love ur thoughts.. i love d way u r.. might b ppl will call me crazy.. crazy for chasing some1 whom i never know will ever be mine or not.. loving someone who might not be d same in reality as he is in my thoughts.. " she made a heart in her diary enclosing a n r in it.. sidhant n twinkle . <3
twinkle was adoring d heart when she heard a ring on her fone ..
"not again..!! mahiiii !!! i told u naa dn’t call me between 11-12 pm..! teko samajh nhi aata..? :/ " twinki replied seeing innumerable msgs on whatsapp..
"ahaaan.. so meri dreamer is lost in jiju’s thoughts again..!! 😉 " mahi replied instantly..

"husshh… teri to.. u r such a b*t*h u knw.. " twinkle replied n tossed her fone on d pillow..
"hahahaha.. jiju k naam se itnnaaa shyyy.. i wish sid, i mean jijuuu jaldi se tujh idiot se mil le.. " nupur msged..
"hehehe.. haaye tere muh mein badi waali silk " twinki hit d send option wid a grin..
"waise jeej k aaj k question ka i’ve a live answer..!! u twinkle .!! :d " nupur replied..
"hahahaha.. haan re.. i wish i can tell him dat myself.. 🙁 " twinkle half-heartedly replied..

"awwww.. y dn’t u call him..?? " mahi asked..
"u know naa yaar.. i just can’t.. once i called struggling wid my shivering fingers n wen he picked up d call.. ‘hi m sidhant .. may i know ur name..’ i juz heard dis n my heartbeats juz accelerated.. my fingers went numb.. my lips got dried.. my throat chocked.. my mind started spinning.. it seemed as if my heart wud come out of my mouth.. n i just cudn’t reply.. n within few seconds d call was disconnected.. :/ " twinkle scowled…
" hehehe.. waise badi jhaansi ki raani banti firti h waise tjhse baat b nhi hoti.. " mahi answered back wid a poking tongue emoticon..
"huhh.. bmj !!! go die!!! " twinkle responded coldly..
"hawwww.. u r asking me bmj..!! u r saying bhaad mein jaa to meee.. i won’t talk to u.. " mahi retorted..
"chal be.. over reaction ki dukaaan.. i’ll catch u later.. mera sid aane wala hoga.. ^_^ " twinkle replied…
"haan bhayeee… thik h.. it’s fyn.. :/ " mahi said..

"heyy.. dis is rj sid . may i know ur name.. "
" yeah.. dis is aashna.. "
"yes aashna.. so wht u think about it…?? "
"umm.. i feel dat one can love the other just by listening to his/her voice. presence is not important but finding presence in someone's absence is called love. one's voice can touch other's soul if the feelings are true! love is blind. it is only capable of hearing the other side..be it a truth or a lie! "
"wowww… dat’s juz grt.. a perfectly superb answer!!! "
"thnk u.. "
"dis recording will b played in few mins here only"
"okay… "
"woahh.. i m getting a lots of calls regarding dis.. it seems mostly ppl r blind in love" sidhant talked to himself..
"heyy sid dis is suravi..!! "
"yeah, suravi.. tell me ur opinion.. "

"sid.. i think dat luv cn happen wdout seeing each othr..
d perfct xmple z d love of d mum..she luves d baby 4m d very beginning when d baby got a place in mum's stmch ..even she hs nt seen it,hs nt heard d voice..
so y nt here,yha to u r talkng abut voice,jb bina dkhe pyar ho skta h,toh voice se to surely ho skta h…. nd dats d reasn blind people also luv,dey also get der soul mates,inspite they cnt see..they luv each othr jst by hearng der voice.. n infact mjhe to tumse hi pyaar ho gaya h.. "
"hehehe.. thnk u soo much for d perfect answer.. n
humein apna dil na do sanam,, na jaane kitne dilo k chor kehlate hai hum..
fir tum b kahogi mera dil kho gaya.. firse ek haseena se ilzaam na seh paenge hum.. 😉 "
"hehe.. u r just d way wonderfuuull.. n ur shayaris.. uff… "
"my plsre dear.. "

"m so sry for making my listeners wait.. so here i m.. waise to all d answers were juzzz superb n amazing.. shruti, mamta, aashi.. n many more but i found 2 answers precisely more beautiful.. ms. aashna n ms. suravi.. u r d queens today.. thnk u soo much all for d wonderful answers.. "
*to be contd..*

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂
    Awesome 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  2. Purvi128

    Hey dear,
    You literally rocked..! It was splendid. Loved it.
    Its a unique plot.. very interesting ..! Ohhh goshh .. you killed me by this amazing master piece ..!!
    But a confusion he is sid or kunj?? But loved this concept hero being rj… so sweet it was.
    Mahi nd twinkle’s talks were so sweet.! Twinkle loves him so much without even seeing him ..!
    Ufffff his shayaris ..killed me …! How come you write so well ..!
    I loved this idea …!
    Please post the next shot pretty soon ..!!
    I m waiting …!

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  4. awsm n nice start do continue

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    Hey its awesome just loved it post soon

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    It was amazing
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    That was pretty good….spcly those definations on unseen were Nice
    Continue asap

    1. Kruti

      *unseen love

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  10. Baby

    yaar ohhhhhhhhhhh god………………..♥
    mar hi jana hai mene sch mein…….i swear……….itna acha kaiseeee…..matlab srsly luvd d thing wen u told dat mum n baby in stomach from beginining like soooo true………
    m in love wid it…………..too good………….☺
    plssssssss post nxt asap……….☻
    lods of love……..♥♥

  11. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    D way u told about love was superb

  12. Aanya_pandey

    Awesome update

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    yr srrrry fr being late srrrrrrrry bt really u rocked it awsum,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm loved it to core well pls will u be my frnd?

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