Dream that can’t be fulfill….. Sidmin os(twinj)

Hii friends back here with another os on sidmin please bear me with that…
Thank you for commenting on my previous os. You can call me anything you want to. Love you all.. ?

Here we go…

I was thinking how my life changed after i started working with her. Yes she is none other than Jasmin Bhasin. I fell for the very first time i saw her on the movie Vaanam.

At that time i was just a model. She is first and last crush i have had. I still remember the time when rakesh sir made me introduce to her on the sets of Tashan-e-ishq.

But I got the biggest shock when i got to know ki mujhe villain banna hoga uske life ka. Jo main nahi banna chahta tha chahe wo real life ho ya reel life. My mind told me to leave whether my heart tells me stay. Pehle toh i decided that i will leave the show. Then i choosed to go with my heart. Aur uske baad i don’t know what happened to director sir he told me to be in lead next to her. I was so overwhelmed that i choosed to got with my heart. Sahi kehte hai log Hamesha dil ki sunni chahiye. Waise toh i should thanks rakesh sir for that sacch mein he is a nice person.

And after that time I got friendly with twinkle. We shared good bonds. Infact audience use to like our jodi. And as the day passes by i fell more and more for her. I also want her to tell the thing that aman told to naina…

Naina kaash mein tumhe bataa sakta, mein tumhe kitna chahta hoon. I love you, I love you very very much Naina. Main aankhein band karta hoon toh tumhe dekhta hoon, aankhein kholta hoon toh tumhe dekhna chahta hoon. Tum paas nahin hoti toh tumhe charon taraf mehsoos karta hoon. Har pal har ghadi har waqt mere naina mere Naina ko doondhte hain. Ise pyar kaho, paagalpan ya mere dil ki dhadkan. Mere liye ek hi baat hai. Pyaar toh bahut log karte hain, lekin mere jaisa pyar koi nahin kar sakta, kyonki kisi ke paas tum jo nahin ho. Main tumhe bhool nahin sakta Naina. Main tumhe bhoolna hi nahin chahta. Tum meri ho, main tumhe zindagi bhar pyar karoonga. Marte dam tak pyar karoonga aur uske baad bhi.

I also wanted to tell all that to my Jasmin…

But it is said that sari aachi cheezen ek na ek dinn khattam ho jati hai so does my thought. It was the time i get to know about Suraj who is her real love. That’s the reason why i left the show halfway. Lekin kehte na durr rehne se pyar ghatta nahi balki aur badhta jata hai. Waisa hi mere saath hua. These were the worse day of my life. I was so jealous to see her working with naman.

I am lucky that now the serial ends. I don’t have to see them together. Wait i think i should be ready my self.

Next scene,
As soon as I reached there I saw her, yes i saw her after 4 months. Just i know how i live without even glancing once at her.

As soon as i entered zain waved his hand. I shared some talks with zain and naman. And i shared some silence talks with jasmin Infact i was about to talk to her. But shit media people reached us….

I just hate them for that i thought when I heard her telling “Yeh kya mere do do paati”.

Like really? How can she even think to say that i thought. And moved my way towards bar. I gulped 2 or 3 three shocked when i never use to drink but in these months i got habitual to that.

I waked up in suprised as i found jasmin who drunk full bottle in just one go. Without even wasting a single second i took him back the pillars.

I: Let’s go to room Jasmin….

I was repeating that but she ignored it continuously when i found just a way. So i put her up in my arms and was moving towards the room when i found her telling….

You’re the last thing on my mind at night. You fill my every dream. You’re the very first thing I think of when I wake up–and you don’t know it. So, I am confessing my love to you.

I always miss you when you’re gone. I miss you when you’re sitting close to me. I miss you when I can’t see you smile. I miss you any day that you’re not here.

I want you like you’ll never know. I want you, body and soul. I see your face, I want your heart. I want your love, I NEED your love, but I won’t tell you because I can’t. I can’t tell you how I feel, because I know you’re just my friend. I know that you’re happy with that. I know you’re not looking for someone to love. I know. But, I don’t understand.

I want a day when it’s just you and me. I want a day when my heart can tell you how I feel. I pray every day that you’ll tell me that you want me the same way I want you. I beg every day to that unseen force that you will one day be mine.

I’m moving away, but I’m leaving my heart with you. Forever and for always, my heart will belong to you. My heart NEEDS you. So please love me or leave me. I love you so much Sid. But i don’t want you to love me back. Its enough for me to live my life that i am yours forever and ever.

I was just abstract to hear these words from her mouth. I feel like i am on cloud infinity. It was better than the words that aman tells to naina Infact it was the best confession I have ever heard.

I came out of the shock.

I love you too jas. Infact i love you from that day only i saw you on your movie. But i never have guts to tell you. I want to say her that but leaving that i took her to the room and laid her to the bed. I was about to go when she hold my wrist and told..

Tumne jawab nahi diya abhi tak. And she made me fall on herself. Firstly  I lost balance then i loose my control. I kissed her at lips. And kissing her i turned her to the back and came to the top of her ,moved her hair to the one side and kissed her at both shoulders by moving her cloth a bit down.

After that i again got consciousness that what i did a while ago. I was feeling so shameless. I composed myself and wake up from her. My eyes got filled with tears to know that i touched her even without her permission.

When she told….
Bharoso hai tabhi toh chaha tha,
Haq hai tabhi toh aajmaya tha,
Pyar hai ye bhi toh bataya tha,
Par Sayad tumne meri baat ko majak mein udaya tha….
I love you Sid.  You don’t need to be guilty. Ok. You have all the rights in me as i said…

But…just tell me do you love me? She continued

I: Khud se Jyada chaha hai tujhko Khud se jyada manga hai tujhko Khud se jyada jiya hai tere liye Khud se Jyada pyar karta hai ye dil tujhe…..

Wo bhi aaj se nahi balki tab se jabse tum mujhe janti bhi nahi thi. Jasmin.

They both said I love you so much and they kissed each other…


Hope u liked it? Thanks for lending ur valuable time n reading my OS. Sorry if it bored u. Do drop ur cmt below?

Love you a lots..

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  1. Hi. Although this OS was really good, but I just have one advice, that is that we shouldn’t include their personal lives in our writings, I myself have written 3 or 4 OS(s) on TWINJ, but honestly speaking, I don’t like the idea of writing on their personal lives. Everybody has their own privacy, and we’re no one to describe such events, like showing their personal lives. This forum is basically for writing on TWINJ, not on Sidmin. Haha don’t know whether the rest of the readers think like me or not, but it’d be better if the writings continue to be upon TWINJ. Thank you!

    1. Kruti

      Theres nothing like we r interfering into their lifes….Its just our imagination ppl can imagine any other character in their place

      1. SiyappaQUEEN

        Thank you my jaan… I love you so much..

    2. hey…..i totally agree wid u me too have written ff and os i only like twinj…not sidmin bcoz they have their personal lifes and Queen has written so beautiful how can i deny it….i too think that we should not write about the personal but its just a imagination…and queen u have written beautiful os i appreciate u

    3. Baby

      bt i think she is right to write on sidmin n dere is no one to stop any body
      its not gonna change wats happening n we all loe it we know dat sooo wont mind if she writes it☺

      1. SiyappaQUEEN

        Thank you divya. Yaar I love you. Tussi bahut aache ho..

  2. *I don’t know whether…

  3. Mia12

    No dear, I can understand but uski yaha par unki personal life likhnese toh unki life change nai hone wali hena, and our Siyappa queen u can write what u want, its up to u, it’s totally ur matter, we really appreciate of ur writing, ur writing..its amazing, bcoz of u writers we will able alive our sidmin,,, our twinj in our heart, I really love ur writing, and will support you always like this, I rqst u plz don’t disheartened and continue ur writing, sorry i didn meant to heart to anyone, we readers love ur writing, cahe wo sidmin ki ho ya phir twinj, and sidmin ki big fan hone ke nate we r want and wish ki if they are real life partner??, but never mind tum sab writers ke liye hum sidmin ko hamari imagination mai ek hona feel kartehe, its humble rqst write like more, what u thought it penned down here plz, we just want to read, That’s it, ✋✋✋
    And os was just MIND BLOWING,??????? u touched my heart,???? Really an AMAZING peace,????? wish it will be but no pblm,?? plzzzzz it humble rqst write like more, sidmin and twinj also,☺☺☺
    Love you siyappa Queen,❤❤❤

    1. I agree with u mia….
      Queen , really u did a fabulous job….
      Luv u loads ??

      1. SiyappaQUEEN

        Thank you dear

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear for supporting me. But i saw your comment for first time. And don’t do this much of tareef. You made me blush. Love you dear… Lover

      1. Mia12

        M not 1st time, I cmntd on ur prvs also,my real name is priya, remmbr me,☺ and baby had rgstr me in this name,but soon I’ll change it, so now m a rgstr member,and no mttr wht i will alwys support u like this,☺so ur wlcm lover,☺

    3. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear… Love you to the moon and back…?

  4. Presha

    Hey awesome yaar just loved it

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear…..??

  5. Kruti

    That was an amazing one….I just dont know how u pick such points from where u can make a story….I have tried but never happened…. I loved d os

    And ya dont feel that u r invading their privacy….its just ur imagination nd everyone is free to put out their imaginations….thats y these sites r made for…..So feel free to write

    Loads of love??

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      As I told today thank you thank you so much for being wonderful friend of mine and for supporting me in ups and downs… Tussi bahut pyare ho.. Bye god…?? love you

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      ?Thank you dear?

  7. Superb os dear

  8. Hey queen yrrr it was damn cute loved it…write more stories dear..and plzz don’t mind u r a beautiful writer i appreciate u darling…..
    luv u…

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      I hope you didn’t felt bad of my words. I am sorry if I hurted you.. Love you ?

  9. Sohi


  10. Queen it is superbly marvelouslyyy good ?????
    And the title isss soo perfect??

    #my hidden wish ??

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear???

  11. SidMin

    Loved it … each word each dialogues had such a beautiful meaning 🙂
    Love you and Keep writing 🙂

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Dhanyawad yaar… Love you.?

  12. SidMin23

    It was nice and cute at same time and Sid has crush on jas from beingening even he don’t see her personally was cute and do write more of it.

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear??

  13. Baby

    amaizng siyappa queen…….☺i mean our lo…..urf ar….☺
    tooo cute n amazing n fabulous n emotional n lovely episode☺
    would love if u keep writing on dem only☺
    srsly jst m falling more n more for sidmin yaar♥♥
    lods of love☺
    post nxt5 piece of writing soon queen☺

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Haan pura kar de tu lover urf aarohi… Right? Chal I love you because you are…… My babydoll cum friend. Thanq you..

  14. RUTU.....

    Lovely os dear

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear??

  15. Ramya

    Awesome queen
    Loved it n u can write by der names
    Yeh sirf imagination hai
    Isse kuch nahi badlega dear
    So don’t be sad sry fr late
    Love u keep smiling

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear. It means a lot…?

  16. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing.. just loved it.. sidmin??

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you???

  17. Shalini15

    Hayeeeee my Syapa queen phir se sidmin ???????????? it was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. loved twinj pov nd their confession was toh just amazing superb. loved it so much ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Love you too my bf ????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you. Daer. But I love you more???

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