hey friends i m a thahaan fan and i m big fan of manyasa also ie. manish & jigyasa.

i totally fed of the dragging showing on the show.
only evilness of the two evil lady shraddha & vasundhara.
only bihaan character is gud. fab job done by manish.
actually friends writers r not responsible for the dragging colors tv itself is responsible.
for ex. u all know the show balika vadhu it was gud show when it aired but after that it only drag nothing else.
U all know about Ssk a gud show but by the bhoot aatma sequence only dragging.

so u can imagine about the trp rates it also decreases.
and our lovely show TPK which we watch only for thahaan the director r showing only 5 to 6 min thahaan scene and other dedicated to diwakar and vasu & shradda.
really very disappointing yar.
our jigyasa mam is shooting as she is main lead but u all know she is suffering from jaundice.
but the direc. can’t give her holiday if she go on a leave what will happen nothing bcoz they r not showing thahaan so its gud for them as they will show only shraddha & vasu scene.
very bad
friends lets watch another show.
so that we will entertain.
bcoz we will not seen thahaan scene in this season.
ok gud bye.

much angry from the dragging

Credit to: anu

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Me too agree yaar I have stopped watching this show and I did not read updates also becoz of vasundra and shraddha

  2. I agree with u.?

  3. i also know that there will be no romance this season.thahaan didnot even have a hug disappointing.i just read the updates n see only thahaan scenes ,rest all the part i forward.if it continues like this surely trp will decrease as we all know thahaan is the life of this i show a video of new aditi but there was a comment “we will adjust with anyone ,most of us forward those scenes ,we want only thahaan”.but still now our patience is being tested.Atleast we have a relief that thahaan ff’s are romantic ones.Thahaan took 8 months since aug to realise that each of them are good person so maybe for realizing their love they may take another 8 to 9 months n by that time the trp will decrease n show will end.


      1. Sorry this mistake….I mean PAYAL

    2. I agree seems bhiaan and thapki will just be best friends. Instead of lovers. So makes sense they did win best jodi..cause they are not really a couple. .

  4. Yeah correct payal….n writers r planning to separate thahaan..still they r unaware each other’s feelings…they r just dragging it with nonsense things..god knows when this story will touch it’s real motive like they say it is an inspirational show but going off track…and also they r doing injustice with dhruv character by not to give some importance to him…they just sent him office in morning n take back in evening..that’s it

    1. right prtibha & one more thing whenever we think that they will show thahaan scene they just add only shraddha & vasu scene.
      u remember the epi in which bihaan fights with luka and he earns the money & give to thapki.
      thapki said:”come lets go home. i will do ur dressing.”
      i thought that we will see thahaan scene but thapki haven’t do bihaan dressing instead of vasu scene was shown in which she tell thapki to leave the house.
      totally dragging.

      1. Yes anu me too waiting for dressing scene. But they show dragging scene. They avoid thahaan scenes particularly. They show divakar, shardha vasu scenes more than thahaan s. What we want they never show. What we don t want they must show.

  5. The romance that going in the movies and other dramas are enough, there cant be romance on every serial ??????

  6. Bihaan (Manish Gopalani) gets shot by goons on his love date with Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) in Thapki Pyaar Ki
    The upcoming episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki will show that Bihaan and Thapki return to Pandey Niwas.
    They decide to start a new life where they gift to each other.
    Bihaan gives sandals to Thapki while Thapki gifts a gulel to him.
    Bihaan takes Thapki on love date where some goons pass comments on Thapki.
    Thapki to bring Bihaan back to life
    Bihaan fights with them but gets shot by one of the goons’ gun.
    Thapki is shocked seeing Bihaan in pool of blood..
    Bihaan will get shot by a gunda…Thapki to realize her love.HOPE GUYS NOW ROMANCE WILL START.

    1. i have also read the spoiler loved it

  7. REALLY SORRY ANU FOR THE LATE COMMENTS.your obervation is right.

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