Does dragging lead to love? Epi 1

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So here’s the first episode?
A girl is seen hurrying, packing her bag. A lady comes and says are Swara have your breakfast. Swara says no maa I am already getting late! Today is my first day in college and I don’t wanna be late! Sharmishta says no Swara first have some food. Swara says you always force me maa. She haves breakfast and takes blessings of Shekhar and Summi. She takes her scooty and leaves. On the other hand a handsome boy is shown talking on phone and saying haa maa I have reached here safely!I am not small. The lady says Sanskar you will always be my child for me. Sanskar says ha OK now bye. Just then Sanskar sees some boys behind him. They laugh at him and say oh so you are mumma’s boy! And they burst into laughter.. Although it was not that funny. Sanskar says shut up and he turns to leave when one of the boys hold his collar and say how dare you speak in such a manner with us ha? Do you know whom are you talking to? Sanskar says I don’t care! And he leaves. The boys say usko uski aukat batani hi padegi! (We will have to show him his position.)
Just then Swara enters the college, parks her scooty and moves forward when some one passes a comment. Wow, you look so hot! Swara says hello Mister mind your tongue. The boy says you mind you’d tongue and he goes closer to her and is about to touch her when the boys hand is held by a hand. It’s none other than Sanskar. He looks at Swara and keeps staring at her.
Pehli nazar me aisa jadoo kar diya
Mera man baitha hai mera jiya
Jane kya hoga kya hoga kya pata
Is pal ko milkar aa jile zara Plays in the background…?
Swara looks down. Sanskar leaves the person’s hand and says just stop your nonsense or I will complain. The man is now totally angry. He decides to trouble them along with his friends. Sanskar leaves and Swara thinks oh god I didn’t even thank him! I will have to thank him.
It is declared in the college that day after tomorrow is a party for all the students. So everyone is invited. All the students get excited! Raj and his group thinks now we will show what we are to Sanskar in the party. Just wait and watch!!

Precap: Swara in the canteen. Raj purposely puts his leg in front of Swara when she is walking. She is about to fall when Sanskar holds her in his arms. He stares at her.

here was the first episode! Hope you all liked if. Do not forget to comment as your comments are a source of inspiration. Till then bye☺? I will post the next episode soon!

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    Actually it’s Ragging by mistake it came as dragging…

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    Gud…. But wanted a long episode….

  4. Deeksha

    Gud…. But wanted a long episode

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