Drabble: How Could You? – by Ria

Drabble: How Could You?

Hey Guys, so this is a really short fiction, probably that’s why titled it a ‘Drabble’. This story continues after Shivaay had brought Anika home after the entire Daksh chaos. Hope you’d like it!



Back at Oberoi Mansion, all I could remember was the deceitfulness I’d come across. His arms was where I felt protected, but now everything about him haunted me. Even a drop of blood of him screamed horror. I would’ve asked him to put me down, but I felt immensely weak after drowning in the cold water for more than an hour and then, losing my consciousness. I could’ve died because of his scrupulousness, but he could’ve let me. At least, I wouldn’t have had to face the reality that he couldn’t trust me, have faith in me. Was I so bad? What had I done that God punished me so ruthlessly? All I wanted was to have someone by my side whom I could call my own just like Sahil calls me and looks up to me for everything. But, this marriage, this relation, everything was based on scruples.

Laying me down on the bed, he said, “You’re drenched. I’m waiting outside till you change.” He walked out of the room and slowly, I took a pair of clothes for the night from the wardrobe. After all that had happened, I didn’t wish to share any of his things. He could stay with his believes and scruples. I’d just get out of his life. I was beginning to love him, make myself understand that he was the one, he’d mend everything even if it takes time, but he was scrupulous about me. Why did I ever come across him? In my small world with Sahil, I was happy. I was contented. But then, he came. Amidst our fights and arguments, I was falling in love with him. Despite of the forceful marriage, I still convinced myself that he would take care of me, he’d love me and this relation would be mended upon and would seem like any other. But everything shattered. I am alone, again. He couldn’t trust me. He doubted me, my character, everything. But, I still loved him. He was the only one whom I’d loved and would always love, dearly and passionately, but we won’t stay together.

Togetherness with him would always remind me of how he doubted on me, my character, my values . . My being. And with that burden and sorrow in my heart, I’d never be able to stay alive. He’d asked me for divorce on the second day of our marriage. I’d accepted that he couldn’t love me, after all, not everyone is fortunate enough to be loved and certainly, I was the most unfortunate one, but never in my wildest nightmares had I thought that he’d be scrupulous about my character. Changing into another outfit, I walked towards the drawers and pulled out the divorce papers. I signed them, and with grieves and sorrows building inside me, I opened the door. He stared at my tear stained face and hurriedly ran away towards . . . Towards the kitchen. His absence would make it easier for me to go away, run away.

Running away from the problems wasn’t a solution, but everything inside me was broken. The person whom I loved doubted me. I didn’t even ask him to love me back, yet all I received was deceit. I didn’t have a place to stay, but may be, this time I’d be a little less unfortunately than I’ve always been. May be, I’d be forbidden from the cruel and ruthless punishments that have always shattered me.

I could hear him shout, and I could hear my heart shout too asking me to forgive him, give him another chance, but I was shattered. All I could listen to was what my mind screamed. ‘Go away from him. He doesn’t deserve you.’ I didn’t deserve him. He had blood, family and lineage, and I, I had nothing. I was an orphan. I wasn’t so deserving. He deserved better, much, much better. The tears rolled down my cheeks. My mind flashed through all the memories I’d attached with this house, with him, but alas, today was the last day. After today, I’d never come back to Oberoi Mansion. I stepped nearer to the door when he picked me up in his arms. Every inch of his body still screamed horror, but somehow, it again felt protective. His embrace felt protective. He felt protective.

He walked inside the room and laid me back on the bed. He forwarded me a glass of water, but I turned my face away. His face still reminded me he was scrupulous about me. “Anika, please talk to me. We need to sort out the misunderstandings.”

“Misunderstandings Shivaay? That’s all they are for you, right? You doubted my character, you crumpled my dignity, and all of it just seems to be a mere misunderstanding for you? I, Anika, turned to Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi just because you were gullible and you think we can sort it out? No Shivaay. You’ve shattered me inside-out and you want me to mend everything? How could you Shivaay Singh Oberoi? How could you think I was one of those girls who seek their dignity just at the cost of some rupees?”

Holding my hands between his, he gently sobbed and said, “Anika, I know I should be brutally punished for what I’ve done, but believe me, the mere thought of you and Daksh together bothered me, bothered me to an extent where I was forced to marry you. I had become possessive about you Anika. You can only be mine, and if not mine, then no one’s. But forgive me for all that I’ve done. I know it’s difficult, but can’t we just start everything afresh?”

“You’d become possessive about me? Just like Daksh had? How could you Shi . . . ,” I stopped when his lips lingered over my face smothering me with kisses. “I loved you Anika. I wasn’t a psychopath like him. I would’ve waited for you all my life, yet if you’d had rejected me, I wouldn’t have minded.”

My lips shuddered and my body trembled. Did he mean his words? Was this what God had planned? Something better? Shoving my thoughts away, I yanked him upwards and pressed my lips on his, slowly and passionately. Clenching the hem of his shirt, I looked down when we pulled apart. Even after all the massacre, I dearly loved him. And knowing that he loved me, there couldn’t be a second thought to our togetherness. He lowered himself on me and lacing our fingers together, we escaped into a world of fantasy which dealt only with love. Our love. I loved him dearly and passionately. Forever and always.


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