I am really very sry guys. I am feeling really very bad that i couldnot update my ff regularly and i am sry for making u wait but i dont hav any other option.
I will update my next part after april 4th
after that i will take a break for my final exams and my next update will be on april 22nd
i am really sry guys if possible i will update webever i get time i will write and post it
plzzz forgive me and the upcoming track will be superb as many more secrets to be revealed

I am informing the time becozzz some of u requested to post my next update time


Person – hiii sanskarrrr how r u i juat came from london to seevu i missed u yaar
just then swara descending the steps sees the person and hugs him tightly

Sanskar is shocked

Swara – do u know hw much i missed u. Where r u ha ??
She releases the hug S

Sanskar – swara do u know him ??

Swara – sanskar wat r ubtalking he came here only for me. i saw u both talking
didnt he inform u the reason y he came here and who is he ??

Sanskar – swara he is my best frnd. He came for me

Swara is shocked.

The person tries to explain swara but

Swara moves back

Swara – so u havnot come for me right ??
ok then i too dont know u

Sanskar – swara who is he ??

Who is he ??

Not a suspense guys u all know him

Credit to: sam


  1. Dharsha

    Yaar cannot wait to know who is he??? But gonna wait for April 4 but anyways studies important so once again ALL THE BEST for your examinations…..?

  2. Reethi

    It’s OK yar u concentrate on studies. We will wait until your exams get completed .ALL THE BEST FOR UR EXAMS. KEEP SMILING

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