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Chapter 98

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Swasan are in one room.
Sanskar is very happy as well as swara. But swara acts to be irked.
Sanskar makes swara sleep on the bed. He sits on the other side of the bed.
Swara thinks that he is going to sleep on the bed.
Swara(angry) – u sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the couch
Sanskar – stop acting foolish swara. U sleep here. I will sleep on the couch. I was just checking ur medicines. Aftr that i will go and sleep on the couch.
Swara us facing his back so she couldnot see wat he is doing.
She feels bad.
Swara – sanskar….
Sanskar – hmmm(while checking the medicines)
Swara – u sleep here. We can manage….i mean if rithik sees us….he will get tobknow that….
Sanskar smiles at her….
Sanskar(winks at her) – if u want me to sleep besidevu then ok…
Swara(angry) – shut up and sleep.
She turns to other side and sleeps.
Sanskar smiles and pecks her forehead
Swara gets irked….
Both sleep…but in sleep sanskar and swara come closure. They both sleeps in each others embrace.


Swara wakes up first. She sees herself in sanskar’s embrace. She smiles and about to kiss gis forehead just then the reality hits her. His words echoes in her ears. She immediately separates herself from him.
Sanskar too wakes up…
Swara goes to washroom without saying anything.
Swasan freshen up and comes down.
They gets shocked to see maheshwari family there.
Sanskar – ma mom…aap sab yaha ??
Ap – ha beta….we wanted to see swara so we came….
Gadodia family and maheshwari family are talking to each other freely.
Maheshwari family hav asked sorry to all
gadodia family and gadodia family also
asks sry for hiding about anand.
All gadodia family is present there except mohit and anand.
Sanskar – ohhh ok…..
Swara goes silently without even seeing them.
They feels bad.
Shekhar diverts the topic.
Shekhar – durga prasad ji…annapoorna ji..sujatha ji…aayiye…nashta karte hai…
Dp – ji let anand and mohit too come. Btw where r they ??
Sumi – anand went to drop aarav to school and mohit is sleeping i think. Wohhh yesterday he came late from ofc.
Ap – ohhh its ok. We will wait.
Sujatha – ha jiji sahi kehrahi hai. Waise bhi we came here to talk with swara.
Hearing this swara gets up.
Swara(to sumi) – ma..plzz send my breakfast to my room.
Ap and sujatha feel bad.
Ap – swara rukho beta…we need to talk to u.
Swara stops and turns back.
Ap and sujatha holds her hands.
Ap – plzzz forgive us beta. U r our respect but we disrespected u by pointing at ur character. We r very sry. We realised our mistake. Plzzzz come back beta…
Dp – ha swara…forgive us beta…
They all keeps on talking but swara doesnot utter a word.
Ap and sujatha cries. By seeing their tears swara hugs them both.
Swara – badi ma , mom…plzzz don’t cry. I don’t hav any hatred towards u all. I love u as my family. Plzzzz badima but don’t ask me to return to mm.
Ap – but beta…if u really forgive us then plzzz come back.
Swara – no badima…i…
Mohit – wats happening here….
All gets worried about mohit’s reaction.
Swara – mohit….y did u wake up…u hav slept very late na..go and sleep…
Mohit – i think this is more important di… and u all came here to take her to mm right ??
Dp – ha mohit beta…actually we..
Mohit – i am sry to say this uncle but my di won’t come with u..and now u can leave.
Bp(shouts) – mohit….bado se baath karne ki tammez nahi hai tumme ??
Mohit – badepapa they…
Bp – enough is enough..now u keep ur mouth shut…let ur di take the decision.
Swara – bp i don’t want to go there.
Bp – r u sure ma ??
Swara – y bp ?? Do u want me to go there ??
Bp – i want u to be happy. Thats all.
Sanskar gets an idea.
Sanskar – swara i hav an offer for u..
Swara – and wats that mr.maheswari ??
Sanskar – u come with me to mm for one month. If i am unable to convince u in this one month then i promise i will never interfere in ur life. I will do watever u want. Shart manzoor hai ??
Swara – nooo
Sanskar – y r u afraid that u will fall for me once again..
Swara(angry) – aisa kuch nahi hai….ok i accept.
Mohit – di..no plzzzz i can’t let u go there. I still remember how they treated u.
Dp – ok then mohit u can accompany ur sister..
Shekhar – no dp ji…mohit shouldnot come. Irs not good…
Rp – shekhar ji..jab sanskar aur laksh yaha reh sakete hai toh mohit waha kyun nahi reh sakta ?? So plzzz
All agrees.
MF leaves with happy faces except uttara.
Uttara goes to swara.
Uttara – bhabhi i am really sry. I should not hav behaved with u like that…
Swara – its ok uttara. I am sry for my brother’s behaviour towards u. I will talk to him.
Uttara – no bhabhi…u don’t talk with him. He hates me. And i…. (she couldnot talk further so she leaves cryingly)
Swara feels bad for uttara.
Rithik and rakesh comes out from their rooms.
They all talk for sometime and leaves to their respective places.



sanskar – so mrs.maheshwari….all packing done ??
Swara – hmm be ready to call me miss.gadodia..mr.sanskar maheshwari becozz i am gonna win the challenge and u promised me that u will do warever i ask. And i am going to ask divorce.
Sanskar gets shocked and sad hearing this.
Swara(continues) – and ha coning to the packing.. i am not going to live in ur house for lifetime. Its a matter of one month. So i am done with my packing. It will be easy to pack the bags wen u again throw me out of ur house like last time. U told that u don’t want any of my things in ur room but unfortunately space was not sufficient in my bag that time. But u don’t worry this time i hav very less stuff. So it will be easy for me.
Sanskar – swara i am sry yaar. Plzzz maaf kardo mujhe. Aur kitne taane marogi ??
Swara – tana ?? No no mr.maheswari this is the truth….anyways i will go and check mohit whether he is done with his packing or not.
Sanskar holds swara’s hand and hugs her tightly.
She feels her neck and shoulders getting wet slightly. She realises that sanskar is crying. She too cries but soon breaks the hug and goes to mohit’s room.

@mohit’s room

Swara – bachu… done with ur packing ??
Mohit – ha di…almost…
Swara – mohit i need to talk to u about ….
Mohit – uttara …..even i need to talk to u about her di..
Swara – thats very nice. I was thinking to talk to u from a long time but i was worried about ur reaction but now as u urself wanted to talk about her its fine.
Swara and mohit sit on the bed.
Swara – bolo wats the problm…
Mohit – di…u know…i…broke…
Swara – ha i know..lucky told me everything. U did very wrong with uttara. U shouldnot hav done that..
Mohit – di..mai kya karta..i was angry. How can she blame u.
Swara – mohit keep urself in her situation and see. If u get to know that sanskar is cheating on me then wat will u do ?? U will question him na…becozzz u love me very much and u can’t bear someone betrayibg ur sister. The same happened with uttara.
Mohit – but u r not cheating on jiju di…
Swara – but uttara doesnot know this mohit
U shouldnot hav hurt her. She loves u very much. U r lucky to get her. U r thinking only about me but uts wrong. Think in her pov too. Jho mujhe kehna tha maine kehdiya baaki tumhari marzi…
Mohit – di….now wat should i do ??
Swara – that u think by urself…
Saying this swara goes….
Mohit goes into deep thinking. He remembers how he broke all ties with her. Their eyelock at clg. Her tears. Her words. Everything is running in his mind. Thinking this he sleeps.

Laksh,ragini, priya, aarav, sanskar and swara are sitting in hall.

Priya – i am very afraid. How will anand react wen he gets to know that swara is going to her sasural. Omg he will kill me.
Sanskar – y will he kill u ??
Priya – becozzz i didnot stop her…
Swara – i will talk to him..u don’t worry.
Raglak(at at a time) – bhabhi…
Priya – y r u both shouting. Tell slowly na…
Ragini – r u really afraid of bhayya or r u acting ??
Priya – shut up…u don’t know about him thats y u r saying like this…and laksh wats ur question ??
Laksh – same as ragini (smiles sheepishly)
Swara and priya together – u both are impossible.
Just then anand comes home.
Priya – anand khana lagadoooo…
Anand – i am not hungry priya….swara how is ur heath ??
Swara – fine…
He starts leaving…
Swara – bhai…..i mean anand….i need to talk to u…
Anand (happy) – ok come.
Anand holds swara ‘s hand and takes her to his room.
Swara informs him about going to mm.
Anand(angry) – nooo u r not going there…
Swara – its a matter of one month aftr that everythimg will end. I promise…and ha even mohit is coming with me and i will go to hospital regularly and priya will be with me there.
Aftr a lot of discussion anand agrees.

Precap – swara in mm. And ……….

Credit to: sam

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