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Chapter 97

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Sanskar and ragini together – malhotras….
They both give hi-fi to each other.
Laksh – hey both of u stop this over action. This is not going to work…..
Priya – exactly….sanskar…ragini is a stupid. She will say anything but wat happened to u ??
Ragini – hooooo bhabhi….
Laksh – wah…bhabhi…u r really great. U hav the dare to say the truth but i don’t have…
Sanskar – shut up u both. Ragini is intelligent….
Priya and laksh – hahaha very funny…
Ragini – rehenedijiye jiju(leave it jiju) they dont have that much brain to understand our words..
Priya and laksh are about to say something but sanskar stops them.
Sanskar – not a word….first listen to me…
Only rithik and mr.rakesh malhotra can help me. Becozzz rithik is a vety good frnd of mine. He know me very well and he also knows how much me and swara love each other so he will definetly help us. And coming to mr.malhotra he is suffering with the same thing. I and mr.malhotra want the same thing that is swara’s forgiveness that too for the same mistake(slapping)
Saying this sanskar gets sad remembering how he slapped swara.
He gets teary eyed. Laksh sees this and hugs sanskar.
Laksh – its ok bhai…plzzz control urself.
Sanskar(moist eyes) – its not ok lucky. How can i slap her. She is my everything….how can i do that….
Ragini – jiju plzzz be strong….
Priya – ha sanskar…(smiles slightly) now come on lets start our planning…
Sanskar (smiles fakely) – ha right…
Sanskar calls rithik and says everything. As expected he started scolding sanskar but soon calmed down and started scolding swara.
Rithik – this girl is a stupid. Who will hide these things from their husbands….hu….bewakoof…
Sanskar(angry) – hoiiii y r u scolding my wife. She is not at fault. Mistake is mine.
Rithik – ha mistake is urs aswell. But my cousin is an idiot. Mistake is hers aswell. And u stop supporting ur wife. She must have told u about anand bhai but no..she is busy in hating him…hu…pagal ladki…and u sanskar i am warning u don’t support her. She is at fault and u how can u drink and say that stupid things to her. U gave a long speech on ‘consumption of alchohal’ right….u both r at fault
Sanskar(sarcastically) – rithik babu….plzzzz hold on…i didnot call u to ask u about the percentage of our mistakes. I need ur help to convince swara.
Rithik – huuuu ok. I will come by the very next flight…
Sanskar – thats good. Come along with ur dad.
Rithik – my dad ??
Sanskar – ha along with me he too will get his forgiveness and his bhanji back.
Rithik(happy) – thats a nice idea bro….
Sanskar – i know ok bye cu…..
Rithik(teary eyed) – ok and ha sanskar congrats…..u r going to be a father…
Sanskar (smiles) – thanku..
They hang up
Rithik cries….
Rithik(sobs) – god…y r u doing this to swara. I hav always asked u only one thing that is swara’s happiness. Wen i saw sanskar’s love towards swara i was very happy but y r u creating problms in their life ..anyways..now i will unite them. And i will make sure that she will be happy aftr this…
Aftr crying for a long time rithik goes and informs his dad. Both starts their packing.


Laksh is at work.
Uttara calls him to pick him from clg.
So laksh goes to clg.
Mohit too cones to pick up ragini.
Laksh – arre mohit…y did u come here…i would hav picked up ragini along with uttara.
Hearing uttara’s name he gets smile and at the same time he remembers how she blamed swara.
Mohit – its ok laksh. I think u hav to go to MM na to drop ur sister. So i dont want to trouble.
Laksh – thats not a problm. I wouldhav dropped uttara and later me and ragini would hav come to GM.
Meanwhile ragini and uttara arrives. Mohit and uttara hav a eyelock but soon they both turn their faces. Uttara wanted to ask sry but she remembers how he broke all the ties with her.
So she keeps mum.
Raglak observes this so to give privacy to them they both make an excuse and leaves from there.

They both look to opposite sides for sometime but finally uttara gives up. She wants to talk to him so she breaks the ice.
Uttara – mohit……..i…i…am sry…woh..
Mohit (angry) – sry….oh just stop it. U keep ur sry with urself…u and ur family insulted my di and now u r saying sry. How could u….
Uttara (angry) – just shut up mohit just shut up…. ha we know we did a mistake and ha i hav that courage to accept my mistake but u dont have that…
As u r concerned for bhabhi…i too am concerned for my bhai. Becozzz i love him alot. And by seeing his condition i got angry as the same way u got angry by seeing bhabhi. And stop being so posessive. Ha i know u love bhabhi alot but that doesn’t mean u disrespect other relations…. how can u break all ties with me. Don’t u feel bad for me…atleast for once…did u get a thought of me…(teary eyed) Nooo y would u care….u don’t love me na…but i care becozzz i love u and that is the reason i started the conversation first but u don’t understand becozzzz u can’t love anyone other than bhabhi….
Saying this uttara goes and starts laksh’s car…
Mohit is shocked, confused, feeling bad , guilty , concerned , angry every emotion is clearly seen on his face
Uttara calls laksh.
Laksh – ha uttara bolo…
Uttara – bhai i am taking ur car u plzzz go with ragini and her so called brother. Bye…
Laksh(shocked) – arre uttara wat hapoened listen to me….uttara..hello….
Huuu kaat diya….
Ragini – wat happened ??
Laksh – she got angry with ur brother snd she went…i think…
Ragini – huuu lets go. First lets concentrate on jiju’s love story. Then we can think about uttara and mohit bhai..
Laksh – hmmm ok
Raglak comes to mohit.
Ragini is shocked to see tears in mohit’s eyes.
Ragini – bhai….wat happened…
Mohit – nthng ragini(rubbing his eyes) laksh can u drive the car actually something went into my eyes…
Ragini(indirectly) – something went into ur eyes or heart ??
Mohit gives an angry look and she stops.
They three of them go to gm.


swara is descending steps and sanskar is holding her.
Swara – mr.maheswari…leave me i am not 9 months pregnent. I can walk.
Sanskar – may not be 9th month but u r pregnent right ??
All the family members adores his love.
Just then rithik and mr.malhotra comes..
Rithik and mr.malhotra – shona…..
Swara gets happy to see them. She goes and hugs rithik.
Sumi gets happy to see her brother. She goes and hugs him.
Sumi – bhayya how r u ??
Rakesh malhotra – i am fine sumi…and how r u ??
Sumi – i am very fine bhayya. I am so happy to see u…
Swara – rithik u know…i am so happy to see u. Btw y did u come to india suddenly..
Rithik – woh actually i hav a very important work in india…
Swara – any case ??
Rithik – ha sort of..one married couple got a heart problm. I came here to make them fine. (Looking at sanskar and swara)
Sumi – hooo beta…both wife and husband are suffering from heart problm ??
Rithik – ha bua..
Sumi – hooo so sad….
Sanskar passes death glares to rithik.
Rithik sees this and diverts the topic.
Rithik – bua…i am very hungry…..
Sumi – ha ha aaja…come bhayya.u both go and fresh up. I will serve food to u.
Rakesh while going kisses swara’s forehead.
Rakesh – kaisi hai tu ??
Swara stays silent.
Rakesh smiles sadly – its ok if u don’t want to talk with me..
Swara – i am fine….
Mr.malhotra gets happy to see change in her. He goes to fresh up.

Aftr some time rithik and mr.malhotra comes down. They all have food together.

Just then raglakmoh arrives.
Ragini – Mr.malhotra……
Sumi (angry) – wat mr.malhotra ?? Cal him mamu. I told u na…don’t follow ur di..
Swara – abb maine kya kiya ??
Sumi – shona y don’t u forgive him…
Rakesh – sumi….don’t irritate her. Let her hav the food peacefully. Don’t disturb her. Tu kha beta….
Swara gets happy with his care. She loves him alot but something is stopping her. But she smiles at him.
Sanskar gets happy to see her responding positively. He feeds swara.
Swara (rudely) – i can eat…
Rithik (acting) – shona…y r u talking so rudely with sanskar ??
Swara (fumbles) – woh…n…nthg..like that..
Swara doesnot want them to know about this and give them tension.
Sanskar smiles at rithik. Rithik too winks at swara.
Sanskar – ha ha rithik everything is fine. Hai na swara….(he keeps his hands on her shoulder)
Swara (having no other option) – ha….
They all hav dinner.
Aftr that sumi tells about swara’s pregnency to rithik and rakesh. And she also says that is the reason y swasan are staying here.
Rakesh and rithik acts to be surprised. They both hug swara and congratulates swara.

Precap – Maheswari family comes and asks sry to swara.

Lets see whether she forgives them or not.

Uttara and mohot scenes i wrote it on idea given by anu. Anu hope u like it. I wrote it for u only otherwise i dont hav any idea to involve uttara and mohit part in this episode. Hope u like it

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  18. Abirsha

    Its awesome…. But one thing uttara is at mistake…. Even laksh loves sanskar but he understood that there is no fault at swara…. In d same way she should have understood…. But she made a mistake…. Its k she shouldnt have got

  19. Abirsha

    Its awesome…. But one thing uttara is at mistake…. Even laksh loves sanskar but he understood that there is no fault at swara…. In d same way she should have understood…. But she made a mistake…. Its k she shouldnt have got anger…. She should have politely convinced mohit as Sanskar convincing swara….. She shouldn’t have told that mohiy didn’t love anyone except swara…. I accept mohit loves swara more than anything that doesnt mean he dont love anyone…..

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