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Here we go

laksh – ragini now everything is fine between u and mohit na…now leave the past.
Ragini nods…..
sanskar – ok now i will go to swara.
Bp listens this but he goes from there and pretends that he doesnot know anything.
bp (thinks) – i know ma u don’t want to see sanskar’s face but i think this is right. U love sanskar very much. I saw it at the dining table. I understood that only sanskar can heal ur wounds. I know he did wrong but i also did wrong by stopping u from saying the truth. If i hadnot stopped u u would be happy with sanskar now.

@swara’s room

Swara is alone As mohit went to ofc.

Swara is sitting near the bed holding her marg picture.
Swara(crying) – ek hi din me wab kuch khatam hogaya sanskar….how can u let this happen. How can u say that to our child….
sanskar comes there and hears everything. He gets teary eyed.
Sanskar immediately goes and hugs swara.
Sanskar – swara i am sry…i shouldnot say that to u. I am sry…i am really sry…plzz forgive me..
swara breaks the hug and goes away from him.
Sanskar is about to say something but swara stops him by showing her hand.
sanskar – swara atleast listen to me once. I was drunk at that time. I am not in my senses….
swara(gives him a strong look) – i heard that drunkurd will speak their heart out…
sanskar hits his forehead with his hand.

Sanskar – ji nahi…galat suna aapne….
like that sanskar talks with swara but swara doesnot reply him.
swara – plzzzz leave…
sanskar – no i am not going anywhere…
swara starts going out but sanskar stops her.
Sanskar – wait swara….u no need to go becozzz of me. This is ur room. U stay here. I will leave…
saying this he starts walking backwards staring at swara….
swara sees a sharp edge at the back if sanskar….
swara rubs to him and pulls him. as a result they both fall but sanskar puts swara above him..
now they both are lying on bed with swara above sanskar. Swara is hiding her head in his chest in the fear of falling.

swara rises her head and sees sanskar. They both have eye lock.
both swasan realizes their positions..swara is about to get up..but sanskar holds her tightly.
Sanskar (angry) – hav u gone mad. Wats the need to pull me. Wat if u hav fallen down ??
Swara stands up and makes him stand… and she takes sanskar and shows the sharp edge….
sanskar understands that she did this to save him. A small curve appears on his lips. He immediately kisses her forehead. Swara pulls hik back.
Sanskar(smiles) – tanq for saving me (holding her face in his palms) but don’t do this…nthng is more important than u and my child’s safety….
swara pulls him away
swara (angrily) – how many tines should i say its my baby……
sanskar(smiles) – thankgod….u hav spoken something…..
swara gets shocked.

Sanskar moves near to her where as she moves back….finnaly she hits the wall. Sanskar comes very nearer to her. Their lips are inch apart….
sanskar cuos her face..
sanskar – swara…talk sonething. Scold me..beat me but plzzz don’t give that silent treatment. Its killing me. U remember wenever we used to fight u used to scold me but u never did this but y r u doing this to me ??
Swara – thats becozzz i used to love u then but now i dont love u. And u r no one to me…
saying this she turns her face. Sanskar gets hurt by her words but he very well knew that she is lieing…..
sanskar – acha then tell it once again looking into my eyes.
Swara – ha bolungi…becozzz its the truth…
she sees in his eyes but she gets involved in his eyes.
Swara – i…..i…don’t……nahi…..

she couldnot say it looking into his eyes becozz she knew that she loves him and she cannot see pain in his eyes. She turns her face. She is breathing heavily due to their closeness. Sanskar smiles at her. He gets very happy to see her love.
Sanskar – kya hua…koi baat nahi swara..ek baar aur try karlo…say it again…..
swara nods in a no…
sanskar smiles…
he turns her face and now they are facing each other.
Sanskar kisses her lips and moves back.
Swara gets shocked….Whereas sanskar smiles.
Swara(angry) – get out….

sanskar – no…
swara (more angry) – i said get out….
sanskar – ok ok but calm down…take rest.u hav to attend ur bhai’s wedding..with ur husband(winks at her)
saying this he goes..
swara(shouts) – nahi woh mera bhai hai aur nahi tum mere pati ho…..hu….
sanskar (shouts back) – suna maine…
swara – ha suna no toh yaad bhi rakho…
all hears this. They gets surprused to see swara talking freely…without dullness.
Sanskar descends the steps smiling..
ragini – jiju kya jaadoo kiya aapne….

sanskar(puts his hand on her shoulder) – i know how to handle my wife…
bp smiles at his statement…
laksh – bhai…plzzz give teaching classes to weak students like me…
sanskar – lucky…how can u say this to raagu. U r saying that handling ragini is very tough…
ragini(fuming in anger) – laksh…did u mean that ??
Laksh – no ragini…i didn’t mean it. Bhai…meri love story ki band kyun bajaraho aap
sanskar laughs….
whole family joins them….
bp comes there. All becomes silent.
Bp (serious) – get ready for the marg. Priya beta call anand and inform him. I will go and tell ma.
priya – ji bp…
bp goes…
sanskar(joins his hands infront of priya) – madam can’t u call him badepapa…y r u calling him bp. becozzz of this only all the confusion started…y r u all so lazy….call him badepapa…only swara can call him bp.
priya smiles – acha ok ok…now u too go and get ready…chalna nahi kya …..
sanskar – ok ok come lucky….Ragini call mohit and inform him too…i think his work is completed…(winks to ragini)
Ragini(smiles) – ha ha jiju….right…if ur work is completed then obviously mohit bhai’s work is also completed…
laksh – acha ok ok…come bhai….
sanlak leaves….


At registrar ofc

All the formalities are completed….
priya and anand are exchanging the garlands.
All elders surrounded them.
swasan are standing beside each other.
Aarav (to swara) mumma i can’t see anything. (he opens his arms and asks swara to lift him)
Swara forgets that she shouldnot luft heavy things…
swara is about to lift him…
sanskar – swara yeh kya kar rahi ho tum…. y cant u take care of urself. U know na u cant lift heavy things.
Swara remembers…
sanskar – aarav beta…aao mere paas…
sanskar lifts him So that he can see.
aarav claps seeing this….

sanskar kisses aarav. Aarav too kisses him back. They both keep on talking cutely As a real father and son.
Swara gets very happy. She keeps on staring sanskar and his cute expressions which he is giving to aarav….
sanskar observes swara from the corner of his eyes.
He leans to her.
sanskar(playing with aarav) – staring is rude mrs.maheswari…..
swara gets in her senses.
meanwhile anand calls swara.
Anand – swara come and do the sign as a witness.
Swara goes front.
Swara – mai kyu ?? I mean bp and papa ma..elders are there….
anand – if u sign i will be happy. Its a promise that i will keep ur frnd very happy.. forever…
priya signs swara to sign as a witness.
Swara smiles at her and signs. Later all completes the formalities….
bp comes to sanskar and takes aarav…
aarav – where r u taking me bd…
all together (frowns) – bd ??

Aarav – ha short form….bade daadu…
all laughs….
shekhar – hahaha he is the male version of swara.
Sumi – ha right…..
dadi – aarav u r same like ur swara bua….
aarav – bua ?? Swara bua kaun hai ??
Anand – kuch nahi beta…u go and sit in the car. We will come…
aarav jumps to sanskar and sanskar lifts him.
Aarav – chalo papa lets go and sit in ur car..
anand – no u sit in my car.
swara – let it be….aarav u go with papa…
sanskar gets happy As swara herself told this to aarav.
Sanskar and aarav leave.
Anand – dadi…he adresses swara as mumma. and i dont want any changes. Infact swara gave motherly love to him.
dadi – lekin priya ke baare me toh socho..
priya – no no dadi…anand is right…i agree

swara – but i dont agree. Ghar jaate hi aarav ko sach batati hu. And no more arguments over this.
Bp – ha ma is right….
anand – no badepapa…if u want tell the truth but he will call swara as mumma only
Swara – ha ok bhayya (excited) u know sanskar calls badima as ma and ma as mom.
all gets surprised and some are shocked. One is swara is calling anand as bhayya and second one she is talking about sanskar with so much excitement…
laksh gets happy.
Laksh(thinks) – wow bhabhi us slowly changing…i hav to tell this to bhai…laksh too goes.
swara understands and goes from there.
Mohit too goes with swara. They both go in one car.
Laksh tells that to sanskar. sanskar gets happy.
Laksh gets a call from ap.
ap – laksh…how is the marg.
laksh – good ma. Infact we r going to gm now. Ok i will call u later bye.
ap – how is swara ??

Laksh (smiles) – very fine…
ap – take care of swara and sanskar…
laksh – ok ma. bye.
ap – bye…
he cuts the call.
All reaches to gm.

Precap – priya’s grihpravesh…. and bp forgiving sanskar. Sanlak staying at gm.

Sry for the late. If u hav any ideas of how to convince swara then plzzz tell me through ur comments. If i like any of it related i will add it. tanq so much….

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