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Swara directly goes to her room and closes the door. As soon as she closed the door tears made their way.

Mohit is about to go but bp stopped him.
Bp – let her be alone for sometime.
all looks angrily at shekhar.
shekhar – bhayya i am sry. I realized my mistake.
Bp – its not ur fault shekhar. Its my mistake. I am sry for everything….
shekhar goes and hugs bp.
Shekhar – plzzz dont ask sry bhayya. Mistake is not urs. I failed tp understand ur selfless love. How can u forgive me so easily even aftr knowing the truth.
Bp – becozzzz u r right at ur place.
Dadaji – that is ur brother. He loves u very much shekhar.
Shekhar – sry papa i did a very big mistake…
sumi – how can u do this ?? Becozzz of u my son is away from us….(cries)
Anand goes and hugs sumi.
Sumi beats him.
Sumi (cries) – y didnt u tell me before…..haa
anand – ma plzzz dont cry…relaxxxx… promise me u willnot let swara know about this…
sumi – but beta….
anand – promise….
sumi – she will hate u for the life time that too without ur mistake…
anand – i am ready to bear her hatred but i can’t see her broken…atleast not now..
sumi nodes in yes….
mohit hugs anand..
mohit – i am sry bhayya. I hav behaved very badly with u.
Anand(smiles) – its ok mohit…now take care of our sister…
mohit – ok bhayya…..
dadi hugs anand.
priya – ok now i will leave…
anand – ok wait i will drop u and then i will go to my place.
Bp – no one is going anywhere. U both are staying here. Anand go and bring ur things.
anand – but badepappa…swara…
Bp – i will take care of it.
Anand – not only that…(looks at priya)we both are divorced. We r not yet married.
how can we live together in this house.
Bp(strongly) – ok then….i will talk to registrar. U will get married today itself. And u three of them coming here today itself.
Anand – but badepapa…
bp – i don’t want any arguments….
anand and priya nods….
bp(to servants) – bring anand and priya’s photo frames from store room and put it in the hall. And anand’s pictures with swaragini and mohit.
Ragini gets happy.
Ragini goes and hugs anand.
Ragini – bhayya….i am so happy..u will live here…with us…yeahhhh…..
swara comes from her room – ragini…..wat r u talking….
all gets shocked to see swara….
All gets afraid that how will swara react to this….
bp gains some courage..
bp – maa..today is priya’s and anand’s marg. And aftr..that….
swara(smiles and gets happy but still looking pale) – thats a gud news bp. Finally priya will be happy…
bp – not only that….anand…and priya….
suddenly swara sees anand’s photographs hanging in the wall.
Swara – ye kya hai….
bp – wahi toh kehra hu……mai…ma anand and priya will live here only….
swara(frowns) – wat ?? This man tried is the reason for ur…..
bp – i know ma but still all forgave him. Except u. Think about sumi and shekhar…
swara looks at them.
Mohit – di…..i agree with bp…
swara(shocks but agrees) – ok…but i can’t forgive him… i am surprised mohit….ki how can u forgive him…but its ok….
mohit – di….
swara – its ok mohit….ok i am going to my room….
priya – swara aren’t u happy with me living here ??
Swara goes to priya and hugs her.
Swara (breaking the hug with teary eyed) – i am so happy that u r going to live with us from today Priya. But plzzz don’t force me to forgive ur husband….
priya nods….
swara is about to go…but she hears sanskar’s voice….
sanskar and laksh comes to gm
Sanskar – swara……
swara turns and sees sanlak….
she looks at sanskar with a lot of pain in her eyes. They both hav a painful eyelock….
swara breaks the eyelock…
swara sees sanskar and is turns to go to her room….
sanskar goes and holds her wrist and stops her….
all looks on…they can see sanskar repenting…and his pain in his eyes.
swara jerks his hand….
laksh – bhabhi….ek minute…plzzz listen to bhai…..
swara – nthng is left to listen…..
sanskar – swara….i am sry..yaar….i am not in my senses…i….
without listening to him…she goes to her room..
sanskar looks at her with teary eyed…..
while climbing steps….she is about to fall…..
sanskar runs to her and catches her…
all shouts – swara/di/ma…/shona…
sanskar(shouts) – dyaan kaha rehta hai tumhara ?? Wat if something happened to u and our baby ??
swara removes his hand on her waist….
swara – MY BABY…..
mohit comes and holds swara. And takes her to her room…
sanskar comes to everyone……
sanskar(joining his hands) – i am really sry for hurting swara….plzzz forgive me…all of u for hurting ur beloved one. Plzzzz help me for seeking swara’s forgiveness becozz u all know that swara still loves me. And i promise i will never hurt her.
priya – sanskar…anyone will react the same like u if they were in ur situation….
anand looks angrily at priya…
priya(continues) – and swara is also not wrong at her place…….I forgive u and i will help u in patching up with swara…
anand – priya…..
priya – anand i said my opinion…..sanskar us asking each amd everyone. So u can say ur opinion.(smiles slightly)
ragini – ha bhai…bhabhi is right…..and jiju..i understand u…i will support u jiju.
priya and ragini comes to sanskar’s side. Laksh smiles.
Anand(angry) – u both are doing wrong.
sumi – no anand i think this is right for swara. U know she loves sanskar…and this is best for swara and her baby. We can’t ignore the fact that she is going to be mother of sanskar’s child. I know sanskar did wrong but he is repenting. I can see that in his eyes.
Sumi too comes to sanskar’s side.
Sanskar(teary eyed) – tanq maa. Tanq so much. did u forgive me ??
Sumi – i always treated u as my son then y will i backout now Wen u need me the most
but promise me that u will never hurt my daughter.
Sanskar – never ever. I promise….
sumi smiles and hugs sanskar. Sanskar too hugs her.
Shekhar comes to sanskar and keeps his hand on shoulder.
Shekhar – i can’t forgive u sanskar but i will help u in getting swara’s forgiveness. Becozz u r swara’s happiness. And this is the best for her and ur child. But u didnot do right by pointing at my daughter’s character…..
sanskar – papa i am sry…i was drunk….
anand(angry) – do watever u want. I am going to ofc.
Sanskar – ya lets meet in the ofc mr.anand gadodia…
anand – y ??
Sanskar – for discussing the deals…
anand gets shocked as how did he know that he is the same person whose company is dealing with them.
(some of u hav a doubt that wen maheswari family saw anand y didnt they find out that he is vatsal but then he was having a moustache and beard. so they couldnot recognize him as vatsal. Becozzz anand had moustache and beard but vatsal never had that and now sanskae got to know about that becozzz he saw the photograph.)
Sanskar(smiles) – don’t get shocked mr.anand. i got to know by seeing that (pointing towards a photograph)
Anand goes out…..
priya – i am sry for his behaviour. He is angry. Thats y….
sanskar – its ok priya. i can understand. Even i too am a brother. I too will react the same if someone rises doubt at my sister’s charater(sayibg this he closes his eyes imagining how he blamed swara and said those words to her)i hate myself for doing this to the person i love the most.
bp – sanskar..laksh…both of u leave before swara and mohit come here…otherwise swara will get upset….
sanskar – badepapa plzzz forgive me…i am sry…..
bp goes without saying anything.
dadaji – its ok beta…u know arnav ko gussa bada jaldi aajatha hai. And its related to swara. Thats y he is reacting like that. give sometime to him.
Sanskar nods.
Dadi – ha beta…we forgave u but i can’t send my grand daughter to ur house. Becozzzz ur family didnot do right by doubting her.
Laksh – i know dadi..that my family is wrong but they are feeling sry….
shekhar – how many times laksh….they hav already insulted my daughter during sanskar’s accident…..
sumi – shekhar leave all that. First we hav to help sanskar to convince swara.
ragini – jiju…u can start ur work from today only…in bhai’s marg…
sanskar – marg ??
Ragini – ha anand bhai aur priya bhabhi ki shaadi…
sanlak – wow….congrats priya/bhabhi….
priya – tanq…but lets plan something…

Just then they see swara and mohit coming down…
mohit – ma i think its the time for lunch. So plzzz khana lagado…..
swara silently goes with mohit….
swara – papa bp kaha hai ??
shekhar – he will be coming shona..sanskar beta laksh beta..come join us for lunch….
sanlak – ji papa….
swara doesnot even look at sanskar. This hurts him but he is determined to get her back.
bp comes and sits beside swara. Raglak sit beside to eachother.
Ragini(whispers) – laksh first we should make jiju and di talk. For that we should send mohit bhayya to somewhere.
Laksh – par kaha ??
ragini – oho dumbo….to ofc….aur kaha ..
laksh – par kaise ??
Ragini – hushhh do something how do i know that ??
Laksh – acha tikhe wait i will do something. I will talk with bhai.
Ragini – ok…
they talk slowly. its comes out like a murmur which irritates swara…
bp observes this..
bp – ragini….eat without talking….
ragini – ji badepapa….
bp feeds food to swara And mohit.
Swara – bus bus bp hogaya…..i cant eat more.
Bp – ma u hav to eat on behalf of my grand child too. So eat more. He has to be strong hai na…
swara(emotional and teary eyed) – ha bp. Ge has to be strong.
Bp – ma don’t worry. I will give every happiness to my grand child.
Swara – he is very lucky bp…(Teary eyed) he neednot bear anything…
mohit (to change the topic) – wause di….how can u say that baby is a boy.
Swara(sees emotionally at sanskar) – i know he is a boy….
she remembers something..sanskar too remembers that
Sanskar – swara…..i need a baby…..
swara – sanskar…..phir se shuru hogaye tum…
sanskar back hugs swara…
sanskar – i am serious…..swara….(kissing her neck and caressing her bare back)
Swara – ha ok baba……
Sanskar – swara i need a son just like aarav…cute like u and intelligent like me…
swara – acha ji……
sanskar – ha and for that….we hav to do our work…
saying this he pulls her to the bed..
** flashback ends**
Swara blushes slighy remembering the incident….
Sanskar seeing this gets happy to know that swara still loves him.
laksh – bhabhi…..y r u smiling….
swara realizes that she is actually blushing and again keeps an angry face.
Swara – no lucky…i am not smiling
Sanskar – lucky….thats not smiling thats called blushing….(winks at swara)
swara immediately gets up..
swara (angrily) – i am done…ma i am going to my room….
mohit – diiiii i too am coming with u…..
sanskar (in mind) – arre sale sahebb…plzz leave ur di for sometime so that ur jiju can convince her huuuuu
mohit too goes with swara….
all finishes Lunch.

raglaksan discuss about the plan to send mohit to ofc.
Sanskar calls his ofc and tells something.
Aftr half an hour…..
mohit comes down wearing a formal suit.
Bp (unaware of sanlakrag plan) – mohit r u going to ofc ??
Mohit – ha badepapa actually ofc se cal aaya tha. They need my signatures it seems. I thought of not to go but di insisted me to go. And she told that she will be fine…plzzz take care of her.
Bp – ok u don’t worry.
Mohit says bye to raglak but ignores sanskar. he feels bad imagining their bond previous this incident..
laksh – its ok bhai….he will change..
sanskar – hmmm i know lsksh..he doesnot hate me. He is just angry.and he is right. I had hurt his life….
ragini – leave him jiju. Bhai is like that only. If he can hate his own sister for di then this behaviour is expected…..
laksh – ragini leave all that. Now everything is fine between u both na..purane bathon ko bhool jao

Precap – sanskar trying to convince swara…but swara is giving him a silent treatment.

Credit to: sam

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