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Swara – i don’t want to save my marg ragini. Bp…papa..(broken voice) i….want….divorce….

All are shocked.

Shekhar(shouts) – shona pagal hogayi ho ?? Beta….
bp – shekhar calm down….
mohit – papa atleast see her condition and talk….
anand – this is just becozzz of that sanskar…
All starts badmouthing sanskar…except shekhar and bp.
Swara gets angry….
swara(shouts) – enough….stop it. Don’t dare to speak against MY sanskar.
Mohit – di still u r supporting him…
anand – ur sanskar ?? Seriously swara ??
swara realizes wat she said….
Swara(broken voice) – galti meri hai….mistake is mine. If i had told the truth to sanskar before only….now my situation must be different. we would hav been enjoying with our family….but everything is chamged becozzz of me….(cries)
Bp hugs her. Swara hugs him tightly…
bp – i am sry ma. I stopped u from telling the truth to sanskar…but i dont know that this will happen…
swara – dont blame urself bp. I always believed on my fate. And this is my fate.
Anand – Swara tell me clearly. Y r u supporting him ??
Swara – i am not supporting him. Actually the fact is he deserve much better girl than me. kya kuch nahi kiya usne mere liye…..
he accepted mohit and my relation. He loved mohit as i do. He cared for him. He fulfilled my every wish. Hmm..he arranged a get together so that i can njoy with my frndzz. Though he loved me…he waited for me patiently till i realize my love. I always hided things from him…i dont deserve himmm bp ….i dont…(starts sobbing hardly)
Anand runs to her and hugs her. Swara falls on her knees. Anand and bp consoles her.
Mohit is broken to see his di…his life in that situation. He sat on the sofa with a thud. Shekhar goes and sits beside him. Mohit hugs shekhar. Ragini too consoles mohit.

Aftr sometime swara gets normal.

shekhar – swara…tell me clearly wats ur decision….
swara – papa….i know y u reacted wen i said i want divorce.. i know u love sanskar very much…he is the person who returned ur daughter back to u…he did everything for me…wat a husband can do.. he was a very good husband papa….
shekhar – then y do u..want divorce beta. Let him know the truth and sort out..
swara – papa i said he was a very good husband not is…
all gets puzzled.
Swara – the time he slapped me i was half dead. And the time he pointed finger at my character…i was completely dead….(starts sobbing again) how can he say that this child….how can he even think that i am cheating on him…i….
all gets teary eyed seeing swara’s condition..
sumi goes and hugs her daughter…
sumi – i never saw u sooo broken shona…u are always brave child hai na…don’t cry. Mera bacha….
swara sleeps on sumi’s lap…

Anand – i can’t see her like this. I am going to MM.
shekhar – we all will go. sanskar is not in his senses but wat about others. How can they do like that ?? kitna kuch kiya meri beti ne unkeliye….she always supported her family. Instead of being a busy doctor she always managed to satisfy them..cook for them….everything…she loved them like her own family. But wat did they do ??
Anand – papa relaxxx..u stay here. I and priya will go..
saying this anand and priya goes.
As soon as anand steps out he gets so angry that he bangs the wall with his fist.
Priya(shouts) – anand ?? Hav u gone mad ?? Wats this ?? Plzzz be calm….just becozz of ur anger u once gave pain to swara…now dont do that mistake again..deal with them calmly. keep the fact in mind that swara loves sanskar madly….still…
anand nods..

They leave for mm…

At gm

Mohit lifts swara and places her on the bed.

all starts discussing about wat to do ??
Sumj starts crying at her daughter’s state. Shekhar consoles her.

Bp doesnot know wat to do. He gets into deep thinking….swara’s childhood memoriescstarts flashing in his mind. Then he starts thinking about sanskar. His first meeting..how he saved him. How he supported his ma his swara….and finally swara’s crying face..
he suddenly opens his eyes…his eyes are very red and becomes watery…


Sanskar gets up from bed…he feels immense pain in his head…. he starts remembering wat all happened the previous night..how he lustened their conversation. that birth certificate….how he got drunk…how he slapped swara…..how he said those words to swara. how she is broken….Her crying face.
sanskar – shit….how can i slap her.. yeh kya kardiya maine ?? But wat did she do to me ?? She cheated on me…she deserved this…(shouts) i hate u swara….i hate u…
He throws their marg picture on ground.

Hearing the shout and sound of broken frame..all comes to his room…

He sees the room in a miserable condition and sanskar lieing in between them.

Sujatha goes to sanskar.

Sujatha – sanskar…yeh kya haal bana rakha hai….y r u punishing urself wen swara did the mistake..
sanskar – mom dont utter her name….i hate her….mom y did she do this to me….y…mom…(starts sobbing)
laksh – bhai….i think u r misunderstanding bhabhi…..
sanskar – no lucky……
suddey they hear a scream….
Anand (shouts) – SANSKAR MAHESWARI…
all go down…
sanskar gets angry to see vatsal there. he too get angry seeing sanskar….
both holds each other’s collar…
laksh stops sanskar and priya stops him….
priya – plzzz stop this….u came here to settle the matter not to fight. So just stop it…..anand….
All gets shocked to listen anand from her mouth…
dp,ap,rp,sujatha,parish – ANAND ??
whereas laksh is busy in stopping sanskar..
Sanskar – y did u come here ?? I left ur so called girl frnd. Now u both can marry….but remember one thing i willnot leave u both…i will destroyyy her….
anand – enough mr.sanskar maheswari… if u say a word againt my sister….i willnot spare u…
all are shocked to listen sister from his mouth…
laksh – sister….
sanskar – lucky…dont believe him…he can change relation…they dont know the value of relations….that swara..chi..i hate myself for loving her such a cheap..
anand(shouts) – shut up just shut up….u believe or not she is my sister…u all wanted to know about our actual relation right ?? Then listen….I am…..VATSAL..VATSAL ANAND SHEKHAR GADODIA….Gadodia parivaar ka bada beta aurr..swara ka BADA BHAI…
All are shocked….Especially sanskar….
sanskar(fumbles) – wa…wat…r u..saying ??
Anand – truth…only truth…i am only anand… and aarav is my son. Mine and priya’s son….
again a shock for everyone….
dp – but that birth certifivate…
priya – uncle wat is there in the certificate ??
Dp – Miss.gadodia..
priya – wo mai hu…..i am miss.gadodia..(teary eyed) at that time..anand divorced me. And my father died..and my family disowned me blaming me for my father’s death. Then bp gave me his sur name… aarav is my son. But swara took all the responsibilities of aarav. But today becozzz of my son..her life is spoiled……
sanskar is shocked…..
he falls on his knees…and cries…He remembers how he insulted swara…
Laksh – bhai….i told u…that bhabhi is not like that…abb roke kya faida…bhai….I told u all that trust bhabhi..but no…u all people did watevervu want..now see wat happened..
ap – laksh…stop it. We know we r at fault….but y did swara lied to us that her brother was dead.
Anand – thats becozzz of me aunty……
All gadodia family comes there except mohit and swara….
bp – anand…no need to tell anything to anyone…
sumi – nahi bhayya…becozzz of him..my daughter’s life is spoiled.
Anand – ma….
sumi – dont call me like that….u r dead for me..u know wat…though u did so bad woth ur bp. And with priya…i still loved u becozzz u r my first child. But becozzz of u my daughter’s life is spoiled. I hate u…i hate u..if i know that u will change like this then i would hav killed u as soon as u were born..
shekhar(shouts) – sharmishta….he is our son….
Bp – stop it both of u…We came here to discuss about ma. so stop this….
priya – i am sry to disobey u bp but i cant see everyone blaming my husband.
Anand – priya tum chup raho…
priya – no today everyone should know everything. waise anand u asked me to hide it from swara but yaha toh swara nahi hai. So i can tell everything. ma i agree anand did wrong with me and my papa but there is a reason for this. Sahil blackmailed him. (Priya says everything)
Sumi is shocked…as well as dadaji and dadi.
priya(continues) – and coming to blackmailing sanskar and laksh….anand didnot do it….
anand – bus bahut hogaya…i came here to talk about my sister. dp uncle…aunty…sanskar….i agree swara did wrong by hiding this fact. that i am her brother but i deserve this. I kept her bp away from her for 2 yrs. So she broke all the ties with me…
laksh – so u blackmailed us to take badepapa to london…chi..how can u do this to ur own…
priya – laksh…mind ur words. He didnot do it….
shekhar(unable to bear his son’s insult decides to confess the truth) – i did this…
just then mohit comes there….
mohit(shocked) – papa…..
bp – mohit dekho ur sister should not know about this. she will be broken. Already she is suffering so much..
shekhar – bhayya u knew about this ??
Anand – ha papa..badepapa knew about this and….
bp – stop this discussion here itself. And mohit y did u come here. I told u to take care of ur di na…
mohit – badepapa woh…di….
swara comes from behind – becozzz i wanted to come here….
bp goes to her…- maa r u fine….u need to take rest At this condition.
All maheswari family gets puzzled.
Sanskar sees swara..her eyes became so red becozzz of continuous crying. Her face became pink. Simply she is like a life less body.
She walked in to the hall while bp is holding her.
Shekhar – shona…Y did u come here ??
Swara – i should ask that question papa…i refused u all to come here. Y did u come here. To give explanation on my behalf ??
anand – shona…i dont know y these all came here but i came here to rectify my mistake…
swara – ur mistake ??
Anand – ha sanskar misunderstood u becozz of me…
swara – dont blame urself. (looking teary eyed to sanskar) he misundersttod me becoz of lack of trust….
sanskar(with utmost sadness and guilt) – ..i am so…
swara – i am sorry sanskar….
sanskar and all are shocked.
sanskar – swara y r u saying sry i am at fault…
swara – no…i hided this fact. I realized my mistake but its too late. I should hav told u earlier that vatsal is none other than anand. eldest son of gadodia’s. But i didnt. see now i am facing….. vatsal always used to force me to say the truth to u. I always misunderstood him. I failed to understand that he is saying for my betterment.
Sanskar gets teary eyed to see swara in that condition….she is looking pale. She is talking emotionlessly. he understood that she is very hurt.
Sanskar – swara lets sit and talk. U r not fine…
swara – no thanks…i came here for a purpose…..plzzz let me talk… from childhood onwards i had a very bad habbit of hiding things. i hided things becozzz i dont want anyone to suffer becozzz of my problms. the same happened with u. i hided things but still u supported me. Today i realized my mistake but nothing is left for me. I lost everything…(she feels dizzy She is about to fall…mohit holds her)
Sanskar is about to hold her but swara stops him.
Swara – i am fine…let me complete
sanskar observed a different feeling in her
eyes for him. Its not hatred. But its not love too…
swara – u always supported me. u understood mine and mohit’s relation. U did alot for me. U mended my relation with my papa. U made every single thing to make me happy. Wen i saved vatsal for hitting u….u supported me. Hmm u know at that time i felt i am the most luckiest person in the world. actually i am the most luckiest person to get u….
sanskar – swara…plzzz..leave all these..
swara – let me talk….i am very lucky to get u…but..i (stsrts to cry) spoiled everything with my own hands…i destroyed my life with my own hands. I am really thankful to u For loving me to core.

sanskar – swara plzzz dont cry…
all gets teary eyed seeing swara
Swara – no no…(she wipes her tears) i dont hav anything to cry. I came here to inform something…I am pregnent…
All maheswari family gets happy to know this…especially sanskar.
Sanskar(happy) – swara…
he is about to hug her…..
swara(sarcastically) – mr.maheswari….y r u so happy…i said i am pregnent….but i didnot say that u r the father of this child.
bp and shekhar – ma/swara…wat r u talking ??
dp – swara yeh kya keh rahi ho tum…
swara(strongly) – this is the truth mr.durgaprasad maheswari…..
All are shocked to hear swara…..they didnot even imagine that their swara will behave like this…
laksh(slowly) – bhabhi….
dp,rp,ap,sujatha – swara…
swara – haa kyun….bura laga….
do u ever imagine wat i would hav gone through…(sobs) yesterday u all doubted my character….ur son slapped me…and insulted my child. He even said that this child is….chi….how can he…
sanskar(teary eyed) – swara i am sry….
swara – sry….hmmmm is thatvso simple for u ?? Do u even know how excited i am to say this news to u…(holds sanskar’s collar) i wanted to say this to u directly. I wanted to see ur excitement. I want to hug u. I want to give u the best gift and best happiness but….but everything changed…. u changed everything….sits on her knees and cries…
bp cries seeing swara’s condition. Mohit and ragini sit beside swara and console her.
Sanskar is about to touch her.
Swara gets up – dont dare to touch me…… Mr. sanskar maheswari…u said that i have to search for the father of this child right ??
Sanskar(sobbing) – swara…i am sry….i…
swara – i dont need to search for it. Becozzz from today onwards i am his mother and i am his father. i dont hav any relation with this house from today onwards.
Shekhar – shona…u cant do this….beta…atleast..
swara(looks with tears) – papa…they raised doubt on my child..my character…but still u wanted me to stay here….how can u even think like that….for every girl her self respect is more important than anything…
and these people killed me papa.
laksh hugs swara…
laksh – bhabhi…plzzz dont do this….
swara – lucky….do u want me to die…everyday….
laksh – bhabhi…
swara – plzzz let me go lucky….and tanq for supporting me…
rp – swara beta….atleast think about ur child…
swara – exactly…i am thinking about my child. And thats y i took this decision…now he doesnot know anything about wats happening outside. But once he comes to this world and then if this man(pointing towards sanskar) says that he is not the father of him. Then wat should i do ?? I dont want my child to face the same which i hav gone through….. I am leaving….
sanskar – swara…go….i won’t stop u…but answer my one question and go….
swara nods…
sanskar(teary eyed) – can u live without me ??
Swara – no…

sanskar gets happy..
swara – no..if i am alive. But i died yesterday itself.
Saying this she runs outside. Sanskar falls down on his knees and cries hard…..
dp – arnav ji..shekhar ji…hume maaph kar dijiye. We all did very bad with ur daughter. But plzzz dont let this happen. Swara loves sanskar…….
mohit(to sanskar) – u gave the utmost happiness to my sister. And now u only gave the utmost pain to her. She can live without that happiness but she is dieing with the pain given by u….
saying this mohit is about to go..uttara stops him.
Uttara – mohit…i am sry..
mohit – sry…i dont know u…..
saying this he goes to swara…
bp,shekhar and everyone leave except anand and priya.
Anand – i request all of u to hide the fact about bp’s kidnalping and going to london. Swara couldnot bear is she gets to know that papa did this. She is already in shock. plzzz (folds his hands)
dp – ok beta. We willnot let swara know anything.
anand – tanq so much…laksh…
laksh – ji…
anand – thanks for supporting my sister. Ragini is very lucky to get u. (looking at sanskar) i can do anything for my sister’s happinessm i took the blame on my head not to save my father’s reputation but to save my sister from getting affected. I am ready to make her hate me if it comes to her happiness. (looking at everyine) and if i can do that..i can do anything to protect her….
saying this he goes…
priya – i am sry for his words.
Sanskar get up and wipes his tears.
Sanskar – priya….will swara forgive me ??
Priya – 4 years passed away since anand slapped swara. She didnot forgive him till now…..and u raised a doubt on her character….how can she….its difficult sanskar……
sanskar gets disheartened….
priya(continues) – par na mumkin nahi… (saying this priya smiles slightly)
Sanskar gives a questioning look – matlab…
priya – swara bahut pyaar karti hai aapse. So i will help u in convincing her. She really needs u at this time.
Sanskar – tanq so much….i will do anything for convincing swara. I just want her again in my life.
Priya – ok..I..
anand calls her…
priya – i hav to go….now..
sanskar – take care of swara..
priya – sure…

Precap – sanskar going to gadodia house. swara’s silent treatment to sanskar…

i am not feeling well but u all wanted a update so i wrote it. If its not upto ur expectations then i am sry…

Credit to: sam

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