Hiiiii frndzzzzz. As u all wished i am giving another update today itself. Some of u do not wanted the slapping drama but i am really sry yaar. Actually this is wat i hav decided thats y i explained about swara’s hatred towards drinking and raising hand on women. actually i wanted to post pone the truth revelation but i changed my idea as u all will not like it. And actually sanskar is drunk so he doesnot know wat he is doing and wat is he talking. So there is a chance for forgiveness(i think).
Some of u didnot like swara hiding the truth from sanskar but she wanted to tell the truth to sanskar but bp stopped her. (in previous chapters) hope u understand and sry for dissappointing u.

Below is the previous chapter link


Here we go

Swara goes inside the house where as sanskar is stopped by the watchman.

inside the house

Swara goes and shouts”Vatsal , vatsal…

Vatsal comes out.
Vatsal – swara u here…at this time.
Swara (happy) – i am so happy that priya accepted u. Just now she told me. Thats y i came here to talk to u. She also told that tomorrow mrng u both are going to gm.
thats y i came now.
Vatsal – wats so urgent swara ??

Swara – i wanted to tell u that plzzz don’t hurt her once again…this time she can’t bear it (teary eyed)
Vatsal – never swara. Its a promise. And i am sry for slapping u. Plzzz its been 4 yrs since that incident took place. Plzzz forgive Me.
Swara – no i cant….though i forgive u for slapping u but i couldnot forgive u for keeping bp away from me for 2 yrs. So plzzz leave this topic. I wanted u to practice how to propose priya tomorrow infront of our family. Ok..
Vatsal – ok but before that u tell me wen r u telling sanskar the truth ??

here sanskar diverts watchman attention and enters the mansion. Sanskar comes and stands there near the window so that he can see and hear everything.

Swara – tomorrow. i will say everything to sanskar. Aftr that watever may be the punishment he give i am ready for that.
Vatsal(wiping her tears) – dont worry….its ur past swara. And from tomorrow i will change ur life. I mean i too will come and tell truth to sanskar and the i will accept my mistakes which made u hide our relation.

Here sanskar is getting shocked listening each and every word.

Swara (smiles and slowly) – ok lets start practice.

Vatsal – ok ok. i am sry i hav hurt u alot and i even separated u from our son aarav….

(Sanskar is listening everything…. he remembers how swara gave her surname to aarav)

Vatsal – but u never tried to hurt me back. I am sry for everything. But plzzz forgive me. I know yesterday only u forgave me but still i want to ask u forgiveness now.

(Sanskar remembers how swara cared for vatsal…. and how she hugged him wen he saved her the previous night. His eyes gets moistured)

swara – ok i forgave u…I am very happy that i am going to live with u and my son from tomorrow.(winks at vatsal as she is acting same like priya)
vatsal – but wat about the divorce swara ?? And the proceedings. Our lawer is out of station. He will return aftr 1 month.
swara – dont worry about that. I will talk to sanskar to arrange his lawer.
Vatsal – swara is it good to take help from sanskar….
swara – ha its ok dont worry…he will understand…

Sanskar comes away…
sanskar(thinks) – is she planning to divorce me ?? No no my swara can’t do this….nooo but wat is she talking with vatsal. Aarav is her son…(he remembers swara’s care towards aarav) she is planning to leave me ?? No no aarav is not her son…..(he suddenly remembers swara saying him that aarav was born in that hospital)
Ya i will go and check the mother’s name in the birth certificate. Yes this will be better. I know my swara can’t leave me….

He starts going…..

Inside the house….

Vatsal – so from tomorrow onwards u will be very happy. Becozzz u need not hide anything from sanskar.

Swara – ha i am very happy. U know wenever i lied to sanskar….i used to feel someone stabbing hard in my heart…but noww i will be very happy with my family and my child (holding her belly)
Anand(confused) – shona…..Wats that ??
Swara – i dont know y but i wanted to say u about this… I thought not to tell anyone untill i tell to sanskar but now i wanted to say u. i am pregnent…
anand jumps in excitement.
anand – omg….i am going to become mama. Wow i am so happy shona…
saying this he hugs her……
swara breaks the hug and says – u hav lost that right…and plzzz call me swara….
saying this she goes away. whereas anand gets hurt but he is very happy about swara.
Swara is about to go..
anand – wait i too will come.
Swara – no sanskar will get upset if he sees u. I will go.
Anand – ok then call me aftr reaching home.
Swara – ok. And haaa dont sent ur watchman behind me..
anand (smiles) – u know very well about me. I will send him whether u agree or not. Becozzz i want ur safety.
Swara goes home. and anand asks his watchman to follow swara until she reach the home.
swara leaves to mm.

Here sanskar goes to hospital. He asks for the details of the child births 5 yrs back. They refuses to tell first but knowing him as sanskar maheswari they tells him.
He goes on searching for the birth certificates…
he gets a birth certificate of aarav. Without name but there is a s*x and date. So he confirmed it as aarav’s. Becozz he knew aarav’s dob.(date of birth) and on that day only he was born. And wen he saw mother’s name…he is literally shocked.
sanskar(to himself) – no this can’t happen. Swara is the mother of aarav …..no she cant cheat me like this…..(to that people)excuse me i want to talk to the people who had done this delivery.
Person – sir we cant say that we hav one nurse who is working here for 10yrs.
He goes and calls her.
Sanskar asls her about this case.
nurse – yes sir…i only wrote this details. Only her father is there with her. I was surprised she is calling her father bp.. and she is also a doctor i heard them talking….

Sanskar was completely broken by hearing these words….

He takes those papers with him.
He goes to bar and gets drunk…..


All are tensed as it is past 1 but sanskar didnot return home.
Swara called mohit to know if sanskar came there but mohit refused. Swara got more tensed.
To console swara mohit too came to MM.
swara hugs mohit and cries.
Mohit – di relaxxx jiju will come… he will be safe.
Swara – i don’t know mohit but i am feeling that something bad is gonna happen….
ap – swara don’t worry beta. Sanskar wil be fine.
Sujatha – jiji mujhe bhi aisa hi laghta hai..
laksh – chachi bhabhi…u both relax…i will go and see bhai….
mohit – ha ok..come i too will go with laksh.
swara suddenly sees sanskar fully drunken and holding some papers and alchohal bottle in his hand…
swara (shocked) – sanskar………
She runs to him And hugs him. All goes to him.
but sanskar pushes her. Swara is about to fall but mohit and laksh hold her.
Mohit (shouts) – jiju…..
all are shocked to see sanskar in that state.
sanskar(full drunken) – shhhhhh..chillao mat….
saying this he goes to main hall and sit on the sofa.
Dp(angry) – sanskar….wat kind of a behaviour is this ??
rp – sanskar…..answer me…
swara keeps on crying seeing his state… she tries to go near him but he stops her showing his hand….
sanskar gets up…
sanskar – papa….badepapa…its all becozzz of ur adharsh bahu….
swara(shocked) – san..s.kar…
sanskar (shouts) – shutup..dont take my name from ur blo*dy mouth…..i feel disgusted to call u as my wife…..
swara and all shocked.
Laksh (shouts) – bhaiii…kya bakwas kar rahe ho aap ??

Sanskar – lucky…..u too r shouting at me for this cheap woman….
mohit – hold ur tongue jiju….
swara – mohit u stop…sanskar….wat happened ?? Plzzz dont talk to me like that..
sanskar – stop ur drama….i got to know about ur truth….
swara – sanskar…woh….
sanskar – shutup. Let me talk…..u r going to divorce me and go to ur boy frnd na ??
Swara(shocked and tears starts rolling down) – wat r u talking….
sanskar – don’t act smart…..i got to know that aarav is ur son….
mohit – jiju wat rubbhish u r talking..

sanskar – mohit u r too innocent…ur sister is fooling u. U know she is having an affair. And ur bp knows this. Infact..he us supporting her. How can he do this ?? I thought him to be a great man….but..he is cheap…
swara (shouts) – shut up sanskar….i am not going to tolerate a word against my bp.
Sanskar(starts crying) – y did u do this to me ?? Y u played with my feelings but u cheated on me. See this…(he throws the birth certificate papers on her face)
She sees those.
Swara moves forward – sanskar…u r misund…
sanskar slapped swara…
all looks on shocked.
Dp(shouts) – sanskar…..
mohit holds swara whereas laksh holds sanskar….
sanskar – i told u to stay away from me…
mohit(shouts) – wat the hell is wrong with u jiju…..
uttara – bhai wat happened to u ….y r u behaving with bhabhi….like this..
sanskar – uttara don’t call her bhabhi. She doesnot worth of it. She cheated on me…
rp – sanskar…we all believe on swara. U r drunken…go and take rest….
sanskar – no papa i can’t live with thus women under one roof. i want her to kick her out.
swara is crying vigorously not becozzz of physical pain but becozzzz of her pain in heart and seeing her love blaming her and his condition.
swara wipes her tears and decides to ask him directly.
Swara – sanskar….tell me directly wat did i do ??
Sanskar – ok toh suno…u r having an affair with vatsal…and aarav is ur son…ur illegim….
mohit – enough jiju….How can u say that..
sanskar – no mohit i am saying truth. I saw ur sister with that vatsal today…see the proofs….
uttara picks the birth certificates and sees.
Uttara (shocked) – bhabhi….wat is this ??

all sees this….all gets doubt except laksh.
dp – swara wat is this ??
laksh – papa how can u question bhabhi…u all know about bhabhi…..
swara(broken voice) – hmm i thought this family as mine but u all doubted on my character.
Uttara – bhabhi….y u did this with my brother…..
mohit (shouts) – uttara…..
sanskar – don’t shout at my sister mohit. Ur sister is at fault.
swara – i thought to tell the truth to u all tomorrow….but now i wanted to tell u the truth…..
sanskar – ha i know…u r going to divorce me and marry that vatsal na…..u know wat…acha hua tum pregnent nahi ho…becozzz if u r then…u need to search for the father of the baby……
mohit holds sanskar’s collar shouting – jiju….
swara breaks down listening those words…
laksh holds her…
laksh – bhabhi…sambhalo apne aapko….. she looks helplessely at everyone….but she can see only doubt on her in everyone’s eyes. Except laksh’s.
Mohit – that day i lied to u jiju rhat vatsal is di’s frnd becozzz i cant reveal the actual relation but today..i will reveal it. Vatsal is….
swara(weak voice) – bachu…leave himm..
mohit – di…
swara – plzzzz leave him.. we need not give any explanations to anyone…. these people doesnot trust me so wats the need to explain. Leave it. Lets go from here.
Laksh – bhabhi…bhai is drunken…plzzz dont take such decisions.
Sanskar – let her go lucky….i will be free from this betrayal..
swara – he us drunken lucky but wat about others…anyways i have to leave… chalo mohit…
sanskar – ruko..take ur things from my room and my life..

mohit – laksh…..can u plzzz pack her things
laksh – mohit u too… papa plzzz stop bhabhi….maa chachi….chachu…adarsh bhai…….
ap – swara beta….dont leave like this…if u r innocent then prove….
mohit – this is not maths aunty to prove. Its life. Wen u all dont trust her then wats the need in it.. from today..we dont hav any relation with this house. I am breaking my relation with uttara…
uttara breaks down..
swara – mohit…..
mohit – noo di ..how dare she blame u…. Laksh thanks for supporting my di. I always trust u but i cant send ragini to this house. from today every relation is ended.
All are shocked.
Mohit takes swara from there. He makes her sit in the car. Tears are rolling down from her eyes. Mohit keeps her seat belt.
Mohit again comes inside and goes to swasan room and packs all swara’s things and takes down.
Dp – mohit beta…shouldnot take decisions in a hurry. u cant break all the ties like this.
Mohit – u people broke that uncle. my sister is living here from 6 months but still u didnot understand her….hm waste of talking with u people.
saying this mohit is about to go.

Laksh – mohit i too will come with u.
Mohit – no laksh…dont worry..u take care. and i am sorry.
Laksh – its ok bhabhi ka khyaal rakhna…
mohit nods and goes…

Sanskar falls down and cries…..And falls sleep.
Laksh – r u all happy now ?? Y dont u trust bhabhi… i am sure thete must be a huge misunderstanding..huuuu u all destroyed everything….abb bhuktho….Agar bhabhi ko kuch bhi hua then i will not leave u all. Saying this he goes.
uttara cries sitting on sofa….
ap and sujatha try to console her….

Here mohit takes swara to gm.
He makes her sleep in the room and he also sleeps beside her While crying..
mohit (to sleeping swara) – di ek hi din me sab kuch khatam hogaya…how can jiju do this to u…. saying this he too falls asleep…

Next day mrng…

Anand and priya comes home. He gets shocked to see the scenario.
Swara is sitting in between shekhar and bp and crying. Mohit is sitting down and consoling her…
sumi – how can they do with our swara…..
anand – badepapa wat happened ??
mohit – abb khush hoo aap..di’s marg broke just becozz of u.
anand – mohit atleast tell me wat happened.
sumi – tells everything……
anand drags priya and go to MM.
swara stops him.
Swara (wiping her tears) – noo u r not going to that house.
Ragini – but di until they know the truth..how will u save ur marg. And how will jiju rectify his mistake.
Swara – i dont want to save my marg ragini. Bp papa..(broken voice) i….want…divorce…
All are shocked…

Precap – anand and priya comes and reveals the truth… sanskar fells down and cries and is very guilty.

plzzz don’t hate sanskar…he is right at his place. And moreover he is drunken..i am sry for thus twist.

Credit to: sam

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  4. oh god…..what an episode! Nice. Thank u for 2 eps.

    Hehe…u thought all readers will blame sanky n after reading comments, everyone r blaming swara. I love both…so i can’t really pick a side. But make them unite soon…swara should realise that her secrets pushed sanky to act like that.

    Did u recover completely? Take care.

  5. This is highly intense and sensitive track ..I hope u handle it in better way…
    Swara should control her overgoodness from this track…and concentrate more on her personal life after their union…
    My pov of this ff:
    Yaa i agree swara’d overgoodness quality is highly irrating for sometimes…
    We should react for situation as human,but everytime she used to take it as lightly and forgiving people….
    Even when people younger than her insult her…being too good at her sasural….
    BUT…she cares for everyone in sasural…
    Main issues rise in every house is doing household works among ladies… But here she never complaint/irritated regarding this, instead doing evrrything on her own will…swasan are married just before 6 months…
    Coming to bp issue…
    According to her family he was dead,but she feels he is alive..she kept quite bcz she can’t give any false hope yo her family..And wen c came to know lucky did accident,she slapped him..but she trusted him and sanskar tat they can’t do such things without any reason…
    She faced many problems at short pan of time vatsal problem ,bp death,her uncle cheating,…
    In this involves all gadodios…
    But wen married Sanskar she told all about her like, her friend interest over her,went to jail,ragini-mohit hate story…
    I didn’t support swara for over goodness,but it is kind of saving her respect..it is quit natural…
    Sanskar believed wat he see and hear…human nature…he has full rights to confront her…but without confronting & getting into conclusion…spitting such words…specially about pregnancy is not good…it is human nature to react but if we spit such words we hve to regret for it….wen d issues get cleared…Swara saving vatsal…vatsal is d one admit sans in hospital..he himself admit he did accident..he is not potrayed as bad…he ready to go to jail….

    Sanskar protect laksh from accident case…
    Help in uttara love story secretly..
    I just feel sanskar became victim fir situation and swara trapped and paying for her overgoodness …but mf reaction and uttara behaviour is not justified…bcz they should hve control d situation…..

    It is purely my pov…not to hurt anyone…if it so sorrrrrryyyyy…..

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    1. Its not a first time she hide something all time she do same thing Only hide some thing form its not good for any relations

      I know relation are based on the trust on the swara case she hide many times like sibling fright reason, moltora frighht, her cousin ritik sercert, mohit uttara love and now her bother anand or verstal metter to sanskar how can anyone can believe her

      I know she doing this because she dont want problem to sanskar but relations made by believe and trust if any relations lack anyone there will some misunderstanding

      Some are says believe and trust are same but these have some difference in real life i am say sanskar is right but as husband think form his pov then how u will feel when ur love dont believe (i know sanskar trust and believe swara in swara case she trust him but dont believe him)

  9. I love ur ff but pls dont make swara mahaan…n sanskar feeling guilty…sanky is not wrong in his pov.so that swara should only solve problem

  10. Why r u so hell bent to potrsy swara excessive mahaan?….let her b human .why cannt she b wrong and why can’t she seek sorry for it? I feel now she will get an advantage of being a girl like bechari and all ….hate this thng to core
    ….plz do something

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  12. Hi Sam… couldn’t resist commenting after reading today’s episode. I completely support everyone who are in support of sanskar. I know no writer will like to receive such comments for their story as I myself write. I always support the writers but this time I agree with your readers. Swara owes an explanation to everyone.
    In your story,
    Swara is the weakest and sanskar is the strongest. Swara was unable to see her husband’s closeness with even his friend, then how can she expect sanskar to trust her when she’s hugging her so-called enemy. Whatever be the reason that she didn’t disclose it to sanskar, is not justifiable. Why bp is interfering between husband and wife? I know he’s protective and all but this doesn’t make up for any reason. Sanskar has always trusted swara, she’s the only one who has never trusted him in spite of the fact that he’s very mature and understanding. I don’t understand why bp feels that disclosing everything will affect their marriage. It’s not expected from him. He should know that secrets are bound to mar a relationship. Swara should realize the importance of sanskar, she’s always taken him for granted. I completely support sanskar and his family… and his family didn’t allege swara … they just wanted to clear their doubts and they have a right. Sorry to say, but if swara doesn’t apologise and continues to think that she’s right, then that’ll be the last episode for me. I guess that you’re a big fan of swara but you have just portrayed her as the person who’s always right no matter what

    1. Ur right friend why bp interfere the husband and wife

  13. Kritika

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    It was as usual awsm..loved it

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  15. Feeling bad for sanskar, he wI’ll reget n punish himself for wat he did….Even I agree to other commentators, Swara only loved sanskar but didnt trust him its not good hide matters even when he supported her so many times like a get together with her frnds, mending relationship with shekar, when swara was jealous of sanskar frndship with his frnd (don’t remember her name) he took tht lightly he is always understanding….I want swara realise she’s not always right even there are mistakes from her side also….

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  18. asusal awesome update dear.. but here both are at fault ya sanskar mundstnd her becz he dont no he is anand he knows him as vastal who swara hates him.. swara is hided about her bp, and anand she even didnt tel about him to sanskar and about preganancy she want to tel sanskar first but mohit with her its ok.. then she want to tel sanskar when priya asked she didnt tel then why she told this with anand she gave proiry to him before sanskar she tok him like granted.. he always try to cop up with her but she even nt tld abt her life with sanskar and always hided things…mohit hw can he say that ya even in sanskar place anyone is there they recat like this.. when swara wants to tell her bp stop her so she didnt tel gave prority to bp,mohit and gmf only.. when sanky acdnt hapend she didnt complain police abt anand as shomi requsted her but sanskar supported her when all mm family scolded her.. when vastal himself admited she stops him frm gng jail.. but when abut bp she knows she gave slap to laksh.. here sanskar is like always supported her but she didnt tel anythng to him she always hided.. haan whatsanky tld is nt good.. even in tdy episode also when mohit try to tel the truth she stopd him bcz all are nt trusted bcz of her overgdness know her maried life in danger but she hided all always his reactn like that only but what gf and mohith are telng sanskar is nt right .. inprecap what u should when he comes to knw truth obvisouly he feels guity and ask forgiveness and at end u showed swara want divorce its obvious like any husband did this her reaction is natural. and sanskar also.. but she always gave prority bp, and mohit and gf she always gave sanskar last prority in my pov as she never tel him hided thngs frm him.. he loves her so much she to loves him but he try to mend her relation with her dad, try to bring mohith and ragini together bcz he want swara to happy.. but what she did is wrong want swara to come to knowwhat mistake she did hiding things from sanskar hw he felt and hw much he hurt.. and cmng to mohith when family didnt trust his sis hw he cancel mrg with utara and hw he cut all ties with her.. both are fault and right at there place.. i want swara to come to know what she did is wrong hw much it hurt… if sanskar ask forgiveness frm her she also ask frgiveness frm him bcz the one who hided the truth.. hop u justify sanskar charcter and want swara to come to know hw much she hurted him aand ask frgiveness frm him… and mohith also dnt show here sanskar is wrong… bcz he is right at his place.. but why she want divorce if she loves him… hope anand dont create any scene in mm.. ya if he sanky feel guity he can ask frgvness but first swara should ask.. hope this time u didnt show swara as overgoodness for all and gave prority to sanskar…

    1. U r right anu but even swara slapped vatsal for doing sanskar’s accident. And one more thing i agree with u swara hided things and she will ask forgiveness from sanskar. And ya i will try my level best to justify sanskar’s character. And thanks for commenting

  19. update next part soon but want swara to knw what she did hiding it frm sanskar… dnty make sanky only suffer its his mu bcz its swara who hided actual relation and all… she waited exact time fr reveal the truth but its ended up with what.. she gave prority to her bro and gf but what abt sansky if she want to tel abt her preganncy to him then why she tld anand first as she want sanky to tel frst here she gave prty to her bro ratherthan her husbnd… please dont show only sanskar feel guity want swara to fell guilty .. bcz she is reason fr tdy he drank… hope u justify sanky here otherwise its nt good.. sry if i hurt you by my comment…

  20. I read all ur comments. most of u feel that swara is at fault including me. some of u are vety frustated with this episode. A sincere apology from my side. In the next episode i will try to justify both the characters. Especially sanskar’s. But according to me no girl wanted to defame her brother infront of her husband even if she hates him. the same happened with swara. If she has to tell sanskar about anand she has to tell wat all the things he did but she can’t. Yes i agree with all of u. Only thing i can say is wait for next update and thanks for commenting. Some of u said that u wasted ur time by reading this ff. Sorry to u all for wasting ur time.

    1. Hey dear don’t feel bad…. Abt comments…. Both swara and sanskar r fault in their side… I see many comments against swara… I knew some of them who r rag san and raglak fans.. I see them commented on only dt ff not in any swasan… And they r only trying to prove swara wrong not supporting sanskar… Bt not all… There r many swasan fans who criticized you truly even though they find swara wrong

  21. Jenisha

    I am very angry on sanskar??…how can he do these….. he should not be forgiven….and plz tell what is swara hiding from sanskar……

    I wish that whole mm family except lucky should get punished…..

    Plz unite raglak….

  22. Sam plzzz update next part soon.. Plzzz take the critizing positively…. I find SOME people who bash swara’s character r not swasan fans … They r rags an fans…. Only some… Some people critized swara’s character truly… Eventhough they point out swara’s character is at fault… They done it postively…I also admit swara is also at fault… Bt some people take it as a chance to bash swara’s character…. I think they r swara haters…

  23. Rabia

    Im commenting for the fisrt time i just hv one request plz dont include any leap in this ff like swasan seprated their child grown up like that. because there are do msny ff on that in ehuch both get seprated and there is a time leap so plz dont include it itd my humble request and ya i agreed that
    Both done the mistake because trust is the first key of any relation… plz try to unitr them soon with no more secrets between them its a request

  24. Nice..please post next epi soon

  25. I’m a huge Swasan Fan huge swara fan but see yet I find it really hard to accept that swara character here is becoming a bit Over the Top honestly…. because Well reasons already mentioned above by other readers Same she hid things from her husband

    Ok Sam I agree no girl wants to defame her brother or any one from her Mayka truly I agree

    But Sam she even need to understand that
    Calling her brother himself as her enemy some one she hates to core
    What exactly is that then??????
    One fine day she will tell Sanskaar Anand
    is her brother den what is he supposed to think that someone his wife hates so much is actually her brother that she doesn’t even want to accept him as her brother in front of all

    By not regarding him as her brother she is defaming him the most try
    I don’t really buy your justification Sam

    N I don’t think at all that I have wasted my time reading this no not at all
    Because you have given some beautiful episodes

    But what so ever Swara s gesture here is not at all acceptable
    I just request you to make her realize that anyone in place of Sanskaar who loves his wife crazily will react like this n ask for forgiveness please humble request

    No hard feelings dear

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    Its toooo emotional……. shit yaar,……… u made me cry??

  27. Dhara

    I am big fan of swasan. In this ff Sanskar I’d portrayed as matured and understanding husband. And Swara always tries to solve all the problems in her way. Both are right in their place but hiding things from ur better half is never appreciated in real time or reel time. And Swara always does that. She forgets her priority also. Anyways I have trust on the writer. Sam please make sure that both of their characters are justified as u always do.

  28. Alishatani

    I know what swara does Is for good but u can’t be correct all d tym nor can u fight everything alone,, u need support n in case of swara, sanskar is there as her hun safari that’s what marriage is all about.. This plot can be used efficiently to make both realize their mistake n all others too who didn’t support swara.. Uttara he can she doubt her..

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