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swara is shocked to see sanskar there.
swara(shocked) – sanskar tum yaha kya kar rahe ho ??
Principal is more shocked.
principal – miss.gadodia….do u know sir…
sanskar – mrs.tondon…she is my wife mrs.swara sanskar maheswari.
this is another shock for principal.
sanskar(continues) – swara i told u na i hav some shares in some institutions too..
swara nods
sanskar – this is one of them..
principal – sir has the major shares of this institution.
Swara is shocked. She is afraid of sanskar. If he will get to know the truth…..
sanskar – swara…y did u come here with aarav ??
Swara goes to sanskar and holds his hand.
swara – sanskar come with me. I want to talk to u about something.
Sanskar – first tell me…
swara – sanskar come with me na.. (to aarav) aarav beta go and sit in our car..go fast.
Aarav(cutely) – ok mumma…
he runs…
sanskar – madam now tell me wat r u doing here ??
Swara – woh….
principal – sir woh madam came here for aarav’s admission..
sanskar – really ?? Swara u could hav informed me earlier. I must hav talked with them.
Swara(nervous) – actually i dont know na..thats y…ok now u come i wanted to talk to u…
swara pulls sanskar from there.
Sanskar is surprised by her behaviour. She deliberately forgot her phone there.
Swasan went near the car.
Sanskar – swara i came here to see whether everything is going fine or not. But u brought me here. wat do u want to say ??
Swara – i want to spend some time with u and aarav. Once his schools gets started. He doesnot hav time….so u send ur driver. And we will go in my car.
Sanskar – acha ok madam….
swara gets happy – tanq sanskar….acha u wait here. I forgot my mobile inside. I will go and bring it.
Sanskar – ok
swara goes.
sanskar gets suspicious about her behaviour.
Sanskar too goes inside.

@ principal’s room

Swara – mam i told u to hide aarav’s details na…u plzzz hide them. I dont want anyone to know about this till everything gets fine.
Principal – ok….i will try…
swara – plzzz mam….
swara holds principal’s hands and requests her.
Sanskar sees this from outside but couldnot hear anything.
He thinks to findout.

Later swara comes back.
All trio go to a resort to spend sone quality time. Sanskar and aarav share a very good equation. aarav feels sanskar as his own dad.
first all three goes to the room to freshen up.
Sanskar and aarav starts fighting with pillows.
Swara smiles seeing their bond. But suddenly she feels vomiting sensation.
She vomits….
sanskar gets tensed seeing her.
Swara comes out of the washroom.
sanskar goes near her.
Sanskar(worried) – swara r u fine ??
Swara – ha sanskar…i am fine. I need some rest. U both go and njoy. I will join u both aftr sometime.
Sanskar – no i am not gonna leave u. Come lets go to a doctor.
Swara (smiles) – sanskar i too am a doctor. U dont worry. I am fine.
Sanskar goes unwillingly.
Swara checks the date and she gets a doubt.
Swara(to herself) – AM I PREGNENT ??Omg if sanskar gets to know about this he will be very happy. No first i should call priya. I cant give a hope to sanskar. If its not true then he will get dissappointed.

Sanskar comes up to see whether swara is fine or not. Then he hears her conversation with priya and he gets happy.

Swara (without knowing that sanskar is listening to her talks to priya in phone.
swara – hello priya….i need ur help dear…
priya – ha tell me.
swara – tells her symptoms… I think i am pregnent. i am feeling vomiting sensation.
priya – wow…swara its a very gud news….i want to meet u urgently. Did u tell to sanskar ?? How did he react ?? Is he happy ??….and ur family…
swara – priya…relax…forst i want to confirm it yaar. I am not sure…i dont want to give hope to sanskar or anyone else.
Priya – yaar u r a doctor. U will get to know about it.
Swara – ha but right now i am very confused. I am not ubderstanding anything. feeling dizzy yaar….

sanskar hears all this.. he is so happy… but at the same tine he thinks of swara’s words. If its not true ??

mean while swara cuts the call and turns towards the door. She sees sanskar.
Swara – sanskar…wen did u come ??
Sanskar runs towards her and hugs her tightly.
sanskar – i am so happy swara. I am going to become a father…
swara(shocked) – sanskar its not confirmed.
Sanskar breaks the hug.
Sanskar – i am sure it will be true. Acha come lets go and get ur checkup done…
sanskar is so excited…
swara calms him down
swara – sanskar..relax….we will go but let aarav njoy.. we just came here na.. if we go from here he will be sad.
Sanskar – ohhh i was so excited that i forgot about aarav.. ok we will go aftr sometime. u take rest….
sanskar lifts her up and places her on bed.
and kisses her forehead.
He leaves. He is very happy. Though he has a doubt that this news may be false but still he has a hope.
Swara (thinks) – wat if the results are negative ?? I cant see sanskar sad.. hu…

Aftr sometime…the trio comes out from the resort.
Swasan drop aarav at his house. Then swara sees vatsal’s hand having a bandage.
She gets worried.
swara runs to vatsal..sanskar is also resent there.
Swara – yeh kya hogaya ?? Wat happened to ur hand ??
sanskar is shocked to see her concern.
Vatsal – woh….glass broke down and wen i was cleaning it i got hurt.
Swara (angry) – r u mad ?? u hav servants in ur house then wats the need for u to work…
vatsal is about to answer but he sees sanskar’s shocked expression…
vatsal signals swara that sanskar is seeing them.
Swara immediately leaves his hand.
Swara – take care ……of aarav…

She leaves with sanskar.
Sanskar is confused with swara’s behaviour. He wants to ask swara but wat will he ask her. So he kept quiet.
Swara (thinks) – sanskar i am sry…i cant tell u the truth now but i will tell u soon. I wanted to tell u but bp stopped me. But now as soon as priya accepts vatsal i will tell u the whole truth. I am feeling very bad for hiding this from u. I will accept ur every punishment but i knew u will understand me.
Sanskar intereupts her thoughts.
Sanskar – swara shall we go to ur hospital ??
swara(smiles) – sanskar drive to vatsal’s hospital. i will make my tests done there.
actually aarav was born there. i mean its like a sentiment. i know u dont believe all these. even i too dont believe this but i wanted my checkuo to be done there…..
sanskar (smiles) – ok…i am waiting for the positive news…
swara gets worried
swara – sanskar wat if the reports are negative ??
sanskar gets sad for a second. but smiles seeing swara worried.
sanskar – dont worry…we will work hard next time…(winks at her)
swara(blushes hard) – sanskar……stop it. shameless…..
they go inside the hospital. swara shows the place where aarav was born and everything.
later swara gets the tests done. they tells that the reports will take time to come. so swasan leave from there.
swasan cone to MM
sanskar – swara u go and take rest. i hav sone work…
swara hugs sanskar.
swara – sanskar i dont know y but i am feeling that something bad is gonna happen.
sanskar kisses her hair.
sanskar – dont take tension. everything will be fine.
swara nods and goes to the school.
sanskar directly goes to principal’s cabin.
principal – sir……
sanskar – i want to know the deatails of aarav…
principal – sir….ur wife has joined him today only. thats wat i know…
sanskar(arrogantly) – do u think i am a fool mrs.tondon.. remember u r talking to sanskar maheswari….
principal(afraid) – sir ur wife asked me to hide aarav’s identity sir.
sanskar is shocked.
sanskar(cold tone) – i want each and every detail of aarav. otherwise u know me very well…..
principal gets afraid and tells everything to sanskar. he gets shocked to know about aarav being aarav gadodia.
sanskar leaves to his ofc.
sanskar (thinks) – y did swara gave her surname to aarav. vatsal is his father. and y did she ask mrs.tondon to hide his identity. wats happening… wat is she hiding ??

@ evng

sanskar comes home to confront swara but she is not at home…
he gets to know from ap that she got an emergency…

its night 11pm

sanskar is worried for swara.

here swara finished her operation and wen she is coming on the way some goons stop her car. she gets very afraid. she didnkt cone out from the car. she calls sanskar..
sanskar – hello swara kaha ho tum do u know how worried…
swara (very fearing voice) – sanskar …..some goons stopped my car.they are not allowing me to move..i am very afraid…plzzz come here sanskar.
sanskar gets shocked and worried.
sanskar – swara dont worry….i am coming..where r u ??
swara – i am near to our house….i….(some goons break her front glass)ahhhhh(she drops the phone in fear)
sanskar gets shocked hearing her scream.he immediately rushes to his car and starts driving.

here on the road…

they ask swara to come out. but she refuses. they are about break the door glass someone holds their hands.
yes its none other than swara’s brother anand(vatsal)
swara gets happy seeing him.
just then sanskar too reaches there. swara doesnot see him.
vatsal beats the goons.
vatsal – how dare u do this to her.. i will kill u…
they all run..
swara gets down and hugs him and cries.
sanskar is shocked to see this…
vatsal (consoling her) – sh…..dont cry.. shona…and wat happened to u ?? u are very brave na…then y r u afraid ha ?? see they went..now dont cry….
swara – i dont know but i am afraid….bhai….
anand is shocked happy and tears are rolling from his eyes.
sanskar is far from them so ge didnot hear their conversation. he is just seeing it.
vatsal breaks the hug
vatsal (teary eyed) – wat did u say ??
swara realizes wat she said – n…nthng..i didnot mean it.
she turns to the otherside. there she spots sanskar who is fuming in anger.
swara sees him and runs to him and hugs him.
sanskar (anger and shouts) – wat’s the need to come alone. u must have called me ??
(u guys thought that he will scold fir hugging vatsal…..their bond is not so weak but sometimes due to the misunderstandings every relation will hav to pass through the tough times)
swara (pout) – sry but i thought not to disturb u…
sanskar – its ok..now come sit inside. u leave ur car here. i will get it repaired.
swara – ok…lets thank vatsal. he saved me.
sanskar – hmm
swasan goes to vatsal.
sanskar – thanks for saving my wife.
vatsal – its my duty…
sanskar gives sn angry look and they leave.
vatsal gets teary eyed remembering swara calling him bhai…..
swasan goes to mm and sleeps. swara sleeps on sanskar chest clutching his shirt hard.
sanskar hugs her and assures her that nthng will happen.

sanskar keeps on thinking about the incidents happening from mrng….
he too dozes off.

next day mrng..

swara and mohit goes to collect the report as sanskar is busy…
while going..
mohit (happy and excited) – dii u know i am damn excited to see the reports. i am very happy. wow..i am going to become mamu….wow…
swara – bachuuu relax…wat if the reports are negative……
mohit – no i am sure reports will be positive…

they both go inside. aftr seeing the reports swara getscteary eyed.
mohit cries hugging her.
mohit – di……..i am sooooooooo happyyyyy yeahhhhh i am going to become mamu….yes……
swara too hugs him…..
they both spend some time.
swara – mohit ur jiju will be very happy to know about this. u know i wanted to give him surprise thats y i didnot express my doubt but he heard my conversation with preethi. now he couldnot get that excitement na…
mohit – hmm no problm di…now call jiju and tell him…
swara – no i will tell him directly..i wanted to see his expression……
just then sanskar calls her.
swara – mohit sanskar is calling wat should i say ??
mohit – di dont worry. i will manage.
mohit lifts the call.
mohit(acting to be sad) – hello jiju…
sanskar – mohit…u both went for collectibg reports na…wat happened ?? and where us swara ??
sanskar – jiju…di is sad..reports are negative…
sanskar feels sad..
swara and mohit smiles.
sanskar – mohit give phone to swara.
mohit – ok jiju…(he gives the phone)
swara – hello sanskar…
sanskar – dont worry swara…its ok…
swara gets sad by listening his voice
swara – hmmm ok bye..
sanskar – bye take care..
they hand up.
swara(thinks) – now u may be sad sanskar but wen u get to know the truth u will be the most happiest person in the world. and i wanted to see that happiness in ur face.
swara – bachuuu come fast lets go to sanskar’s ofc.
mohit – ok di…
but just then…swara’s phone rings.
she gets an emergency so she leaves to hospital. whole day she gets busy in hospital. at night priya comes to swara.
swara – priya wat r u doing here at this time ??(guys only mohit and swara knows that swara is pregnent. swara wanted to tell sanskar first)
priya – swara i wanted to tell u one thing.
swara – ha tell me fast..i wanted to go home.
priya – i accepted anand. i told him. he is very happy. tomorrow we both will come to gm. for discussing our marg….
swara (very happy) – omg…..i cant believe this….(hugs priya) today i am very very happy. i hav to talk to vatsal.
priya – ha ok….btw hav u got ur checkuo done ??let me see.
swara (avoids) – ha ha now i hav to leave…bye….

swara leaves to vatsal’s house.

as it became late sanskar too comes there. but he sees swara’s car leaving he too follows her. he gets shocked to see swara going inside vatsal’s house. he too follows her but watchman stops him.

precap – sanskar misunderstands swara and vatsal’s conversations. he gets drunk and slaps swara……

i know u guys wanted to kill me but trust me this twist is necessary but it lasts for only next 2 chapters. i will end the misunderstanding in the next two chapters. if possible i will post the next chapter today itself instead of THE KISS THAT I HATE THE MOST. sry for stopping in the middle but my phone charging is low.

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