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chapter 90

Here we go


all elders are discussing about the dates for engagement and all. They also called pandit ji and aaked him to come for seeing the horoscopes of both uttara and mohit.

Swara comes to sanlakuttara.
Where these three are busy in talking.
Swara – uttara come here…
uttara – ji bhabhi….
swara – take this…(handovers a packet)
Uttara – wat is this bhabhi ??
Swara – i bought a dress for u. This is a small gift from my side in this happiness. I am so happy for my brother and u. Uttara mohit is my life. Plzzz take care of him.
Uttara – ok bhabhi…and tanq for this dress.
preethi cones there.
Preethi – i am sry uttara. if di didnot tell u the truth then u would hav killed me na…
uttara – nthng..like that. And i am sry…I iver reacted.
Preethi – arre no no actually we expected the same reaction. Kyun di ??
Swara (laughs) – haha true ..acha preethi wen will u go to meet priya ??
preethi (serious) – never di…
Sanlak uttara gets shocked.
Swara – wat r u talking preethi …
preethi(fake smile) – i don’t want to talk about this topic di…plzz
sayibg this she goes….
sanskar – swara wat happened ??
Swara – nthng sanskar she is just angry with priya…..(changes the tone into teasing one) ek minute….y am i talking to u ha ?? I am angry with u.
Laksh – exactly bhabhi…i too forgot about it. Ha u are angry with him. So u shouldnot talk to him.
swara – ha lucky u r right.
Sanskar – tum bhai ho ya dushman ??
Laksh (fake tears) – bhabhi……see ur husband…how he is talking….i am really hurt….hu…
swara – lucky come lets go…dont worry ok…ur bhabhi is with u.
laksh – ok bhabhi (winks at swara)
Swara smiles but hides it and acts as if she is angry with sanskar…
swalak leave.
Sanskar – dramebaaz devar ki dramebaaz bhabhi…hu…bhagwan kaga phasa diya aapne mujhe…

Later all tge ladies arranges the dinner.
Everyone are having dinner. swara is feeding mohit.
sujatha – swara u r still feeding ur brother. Now he is getting married…i think now uttara should feed him….(she says it casually but it hurts swara)
Swara feels hurt.
mohit – no aunty….only my sister should feed me…i…
swara stops him by holding his hand..
uttara – maaa wat r u talking….only bhabhi has every right on mohit and will be always…
swara becomes happy. Mohit too gets happy.
bp – i am very happy beta. U understood their bond. U know i used to take tension about their relation with their life partners. Becozzz this brother and sister bond is beyond everything. I was worried whether they will understand them or not. I was half relaxed aftr seeing sanskar and now i am very happy uttara.
uttara smiles.
swara – bp i used to tell u not to take tension but u bever listen to me…i told u that we cannot change the destiny…
bp – maa ok now i hav no tension in my life. U plzzz reduce my bp tablets dose….(Laughs)
Everyone laughs…
Everyone finishes the lunch. All ladues starts cleaning. Swara goes to kitchen. Seeing this sanskar goes to sujatha. all ladies are present there except swara.
sanskar(angry) – mom wat was that ?? Wat r u saying ??
Sujatha(guilty) – arre sanskar…i told it without thinking..i am sry.
just then swara comes and hears their talk.
sanskar – mom its ok..but plzzz dont talk like this again. Swara and mohit both will get hurt. Swara has every right on mohit and sge is the first preference for mohit now and always… dont talk such things with them. She will be hurt and i cant see her hurt….
all nods.
Swara is overwhelmed with his love. He didnot want her to know that he scolded his mom for her becozzz if she knew she will feel guilty. he doesnot even want to know that he cares for her to this extent.
She stares at him lovingly. But soon composes herself and goes back to kitchen.

Swara is mixing the aata. sanskar cones there.
she sees him. She wanted to hug him and kuss him tightly for his love and care he showed towarfs her but she stopped herself listening him.
sanskar – r u still angry with me ??
Actually she forgot that she is angry with him. But with his words she rembered.
Swara nods to him in yes.
Sanskar smiles at her actions.
Sanskar – ok tell me wat should i do to please u…
swara – ……
sanskar – swara i am sry for ignoring..now please u dont ignore me. I cant bear it yaar…
swara takes aata and applies it all over his face And laughs.
Sanskar stands still.
Swara (laughs) – ok i am forgiving u. But this is a small punishment for ur big mistake.
sanskar – acha…small punishment….haa. he wipes his face on her face neck her sari…everywhere. ..
swara – sanskar…wat r u doing….if anyone sees us like this then wat will they think ??
Sanskar – kitchen romance….
swara (angry) – wat ??
Sanskar – dont get angry baby..shall i show u..
swara (fumbles) – sa.. sanskar..plzzzz…not here….
sanskar(winks) – u look too good with this aata…
he rubs his thumb on her cheek.
He wipes her face with his lips…
swara (stammers) – san..sanskar…plzzz.koi Aajayega..
sanskar – Its ok…they will go by seeing us..
swara – sans….
sanskar kisses her. She gets numb…..
sanskar releases her….
swara blushes….
swara – kardiya na…ab jaoo yaha se…
sanskar – ok i will go but u too will come with me…
swara – sanskar i ….i hav work..
sanskar (lifts his eye brow) – we all finished our dinner. U hav already kept the aata ready for tomorrow. So now wat is left to do ??
Swara – woh…woh….
sanskar – dont try to escape…
swara(shocked) – no..i mean…yes…i no..
sanskar smiles at her and kisses her on cheeks and goes While saying “come fast..i am waiting”
Swara blushes….
sanskar comes to hall followed by swara.

Preethi – di i too am going to GM.
swara – ok preethi.
Swara goes near to her.
Swara – preethi come to my hospital tomorrow. I want u to meet priya.
Preethi – di even i too want meet her but ma doesnot want to meet her and even priya di angry with us and she is right at her place.
Swara – leave all that on me. I will see it.
Preethi – ok di bye.
Preethi bids bye to everyone. Mohit comes to swara.
Mohit – di mai bhi chalta hu..
swara – nahi…u will go later. Bp..u all leave..mohit will come later.
Bp – ok ma..
shekhar – mohit come fast ok…
swara – papa dont worry he will come.
They all leave…
mohit – di y did u stop me ??
Swara – bachu….ur marg got fixed na…aftr that u didnot talk to uttara…. i want u to talk to her. Badepapa…r u ok with this ??
Dp – swara i dont hav any problm…beta….
i too want them to talk. Uttara take mohit to ur room.
uttara – ji badepappa…
mohit looks at swara. Swara nods….

Mohit and uttara talk for sometime casually.
Later mohit leave.

next day

Swasan are sleeping peacefully in each others embrace…
just then her phone rings…
swara lifts it.
swara – hello priya..bolo…(Talks slowly not to disturb sanskar)
Priya – swara today u plzzz go and admit aarav in school…as he is going to stay with us from this year.
Swara – ok then…i will go..u inform my assistant about this. And ask her to call me if any emergency…
Priya – ok
swara – priya one more thing…today preethi is coming to meet u. Plzz dont be angry with her. Its not her fault. She just obeyed ur mom. tall with her properly…(priya is angry as her family disowned her and blamed her for her father’s death)
priya – ok i will try..
Swara – ok bye take care.
Swara cuts the call. And sees sanskar. He is sleeping peacefully holding her waist.
She slowly tries to get up but sanskar holds her more tightly.
Swara – sanskar plzzz let me go..i hav some work…
sanskar (in sleepy tone) – swara plzzz stay with me…
swara – acha ok…sleep.
sanskar sleeps on her belly kissing her belly.
Swara (feeling ticklish) – sanskar….
sanskar – hmmm..
swara – sleep properly….
sanskar gets up and sleeps on pillow hugging swara tightly.
Swara too sleeps for sometime but later they both get up and get ready…..

Sanskar goes to ofc.
Swara goes to vatsal’s house and take aarav with her.
both aarav and swara comes to the school For aarav’s admission.
Sanskar has a major share in the institutions as he is the richest person in state….but swara is unaware of it.
Swara and aarav to talk to principal.
Principal asks aarav some questions about academics. He answers perfectly. Then swara asks aarav to go out and play. He comes out.

In principal room

Swara – mam i hav a request .
principal – plzz tell me dr.swara..its my pleasure to help u. U saved my husband. I am very thankful to u.
swara – no mam its my duty but now i want a favour from u. I dont want aarav’s surname to be revealed. U should hide it till some months. Aftr that everything will be fine.
Principal – but y…
swara – i cant say u the reason…no one should know that he is aarav gadodia…
and u plzzz fill my name in the gaurdian list. But aftr some days…i myself will come and inform u his parents names. And i even bring his parents to u. Till then plzzz do this for me.
Principal – ok miss.gadodia…i know aarav is not ur son but still u r giving him motherly love And ur surname too.
I am happy to help u(principal thinks that swara is giving her surname to aarav. She doesnkt know that aarav’s father is a gadodia)
swara smiles….
Later swara comes out and tells aarav that he got his admission. he jumps in excitement. swara smiles seeing his excitement…
swara – acha…aarav…u sit here. I hav sine work. I will go and see.
Swara goes to washroom.
Sanskar comes to the school (it is an international school and best school in the city. It has branches all over the country)

Aarav is playing.and plucking the flowers and…does naughty things….
principal comes out and scolds him…
just then sanskar comes and sees aarav.
Principal – aarav wat kind of behaviour is this ?? Wat e u doing ?? Is this the manners u hav learnt….
just then sanskar cones there.
Sanskar – aarav….
aarav sees sanskar and runs to him crying…and shouting papa….
principal us shocked.
sanskar bends down. Aarav comes and hugs him. Sanskar lifts him.
sanskar – kya hua bacha…y r u crying…..
aarav (crying) – mam is scolding me…
sanskar gives an angry look to principal. His eyes became red due to anger.
sanskar – nahi beta…u shouldnot cry.. u r my champ…u should be brave… stop crying…
(To principal) he is a kid mrs.tondon. u are well experienced. Dont u know how to behave with the kids ??
Principal is still in shock. She is shocked to see aarav calling sanskar papa. But soon comes into senses by sanskar’s shout.
sanskar – answer me ..
principal – i….i am sry sir…sir…u here…
sanskar – i came here to check whether everything is going fine or not…
(to aarav) champ…how did u come here…u know i missed u soooooo much…
aarav – even i missed u papa….and i came here with mumma….
sanskar (shocked) – swara….
just then swara comes there and gets shocked to see sanskar…

Precap – swara takes sanskar from the school hurriedly. sanskar gets suspicious about her behaviour. Later sanskar gets to know about her talk with principal and aarav being aarav gadodia. later he sees vatsal saving swara from goons.

I am sry for the short update but i am ill. So i need sone rest. Sry frndzzz

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