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All youngsters comes down. They all get surprised seeing gadodia family.
Sanskar(surprised) – papa ka badepapa aap sab yaha…
swalakrag (together) – hum ne bulaya hai…
mohit – dii u made every arrangement to fix my marg na ??
swara – hahaha bachu…shubh kam me deri kyun ??
Laksh – well said bhabhi..
mohit – di cut ur frndship with this laksh. He is spoiling u.
all laughs.
laksh – oyyy dont blame me. Bhabhi is my partner in crime.
ragini – infact di is the main person who planned this.
Mohit – ragini u shut up. U too joined hands with them. U all planned against me.
Preethi – mohit y do u always run away from marg…infact u and di u both are the same. but i am happy that di got sanskar jiju as her husband. She is very lucky.
swara sees sanskar. Sanskar gets sad remembering how he ignored swara.
They both hav a cute eyelock. But soon swara turns her face and pouts. Sanskar smiles seeing her antics.
swara – now all of u stop talking and lets go.

They all go towards gm. Sanlak take blessings from everyone.
Bp – durga prasad ji…i know u all must be thinking y we all came here. ok my brother will tell u the reason. Shekhar u want to say something na..
swara – bp…u r elder than papa na ..so u talk na…
shekhar – ha bhayya shona is right.
bp – no shekhar mohit is ur son. So u hav that right. (Bp wants to give shekhar his rights becozz bp feels that he snatched those rights from his brother and he is guilty but now shekhar doesnot hav any feeling like that. He is happy as swara got to know about his insecurities and everything is gine between them)
Swara(shocked) – bp…wat r u saying.. though mohit is his son but u r elder na…u hav that right.
Bp – no ma…
swara (suspiciously)- wats the problm bp ??
Bp thinks that if he resists more swara will get to know everything. So he thinks to tell by himself.
shekhar – bhayya y r u behaving weird. U hav more right on my children. Plzz bhayya u only tell.
Bp(fake smile) – ok durga prasad ji..i will come straight to the point. Woh…actually.. we came here to ask uttara’s hand for our mohit.
All gets confused and happy too.
ap – arnav ji but preethi….
bp (laughs) – maa now plzz explain them..
swara – ok bp..
mean while preethi goes and hugs bp.
bp – kaisi ho beta ??
Preethi – i am vety fine badepapa. And i missed u so much.
Bp – i missed u too.
Preethi goes and talks to everyone.
sumi holds her ears.
Sumi – y didnt u come there ha ?? U came here directly…
preethi – ahhh aunty sry..but its all di’s plan. Diii tell na..
swara (laughs) – haha maa leave her.
She is not at fault. Badima actually …..(tells everything. Laksh too joins her) i am sry for lieing. But i dont hav any other option.
dp – its ok beta..u did this for good purpose.
Uttara come here..
uttara fears but sanskar tells her to go.
Dp blesses her – i am proud of ur choice beta.
Uttara smiles.
Dp – but instead of telling ur brother..u could hav told me.
Rp – ha beta..u could hav told me or bhaisab..
sujatha – are ji…how will she say…she may be feeling shy..Anyways i am very happy with this alliance.
Ap – me too. Swara wen u introduced preethi i felt very bad as we all hav a thought of getting uttara married to mohit but now i am very happy.
dp – arnav ji..we r very happy With this alliance.
Shekhar – i am very happy dp ji.
All congratulates each other.
Uttara and mohit takes blessings from their respective future inlaws.
Later all are busy in talking. Swara us standing there. Sanskar comes and stands beside her.
sanskar – swara…
swara – …….
sanskar – talk to me na…acha ok i am sry for ignoring u.
Swara(acting to be angry) – i don’t need ur sry..
sanskar – swara plzzz understand na..i was worried for uttara. if u r at my place then how will u react. U will get angry na….
swara – i will use my brain. i will not react without thinking… and i will never ignore u.
sanskar – swara…sry na…(Sayibg this he looks around and seeing everyone busy in their works he kisses swara on cheek)
Swara eyes widened. and opens her mouth wide.
Sanskar – close ur mouth otherwise i will close it in my way. (Winks at her)
Swara blushes but hides it
Swara (angry) – shut up. Shameless creature.
Saying this she goes to mohit.
Sanskar (smiles and thinks) – ok then get ready for my surprise wifey…. I know u will forgive me by seeing that.
swara goes to mohit.
swara and mohit talk for sometime. later bp too joins them.
swara – mohit inform all our family members.
Mohit – dii…elders should say that.
Swara – ha elders will say to elders. And u should say to youngsters.
mohit – so i should call all our cousins and tell them right ??
Swara – not cousins mohit firsf our family should know it.
mohit (understands wat swara meant) – priya ko aap bol dijiye or i will tell her…
swara – i am not talking about priya.infact i informed her already I am talking about vatsal…..
Mohit(Angry) – di u know naa..i dont think him as my family. Becozzz of him u suffered so much.
Swara – but u hav to inform him..
bp – ma..i am proud of u. Even though u r angry with him.. u r thinking about wat is right and wat is wrong. Mohit do as ur di says.
Mohit – ok badepapa. But di u will be with me.
Swara – ok come.
They both go to a side. Mohit calls anand.
He gets happy seeing mohit calling. he knew the matter as priya told him but he is happy that mohit himself called him.
anand – hello mohit…how r u ?? Ghar pe sab kaisa hai ??
Mohit (cold voice) – no need to show ur fake concern mr.vatsal. i called u just becozz my di insisted me to do so.
anand feels bad.
Swara – bachu…talk properly…
mohit nods – i wanted to inform one thing.
anand(happy) – ha tell na mohit…
mohit – my marg got fixed with di’s nanand. Uttara…. i just called u to inform u.
anand – congrat…
mohit cuts the call.
anand feels bad.
anand (to himself) – congratulations mohit. I am very happy for u.

Later swamoh cones inside. Swara notices sanskar no where. She thinks ask but her ego stops her. just then he comes there. Swara gets happy seeing him. Wen he is descending the steps his front part of the hair is moving. He is looking very handsome. Swara couldnot do anything bit adore her husband’s gestures. His walk his smile…his everything.
Sanskar smiles at swara who is staring him.
swara comes to senses by seeing his smile
she turns her face.
Sanskar goes to uttara. Who is looking a bit tensed and busy in her deep thinking.
Sanskar – uttara i need to talk to u.
uttara – ha boliye ba bhai..
sanskar – i know u r little tensed about this alliance as mohit doesnot love u back.
Uttara – bhai…woh..Nthng like that. I am happy that he agreed to maary me. And i know he cares for me.
sanskar – ha uttara. U know these brother and sister are The same. Mohit is a carbon copy of swara. U know na..before my marg..only i love her. She doesnot love me. But see us today.. we both love each other to the core. Thats becozz of the care swara showed towards me and the love i showed towards her aftr marg. Then slowly she realized her feelings. The same way mohit too will realize. hav patience.
Uttara smiles – tanq bhai…u r the best. U always solve my problms.
sanskar smile and hugs her.
Laksh (pouts) – ha uttara mai kabse dekhara hu..u totally forgot me ha ?? Everyday i used to drop u in ur clg and pick u from clg..and see wat i got…hey bhagwan this is injustice..(starts his drama)i made ur love story. Becozz me oy u got ur private time with mohit everyday in clg.
Sanskar – stop ur drama lucky..
uttara hugs laksh
uttara – tanq bhai..i love u..
laksh (smiles) – i love u too uttara…

Precap – swasan moments

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