I am sry frnds as i am describing the brother and sister bonding and giving more time to them but it is just a starting so i thought to give u a clear vision about every character tanq for supporting me frnds and thakns to the silent readers

Here we go
sanskar is trying to call swara but swara’s phone is busy actually she is talking about some case
sanskar thinks to himself “is she fine ??
how did mr.gadodia reacted to her did she tell everything to him does he get convinced ??”
So many thoughts are running in his mind
then his phone rings it is of swara’s
sanskar – hello swara how r u ??
swara – i am fine sanskar tanq but y did u call me at this time ??
Sanskar – i wanted to know whether u r fine or not i mean ur father was angry with u today mrng
swara – no sanskar my father loves me alot after learning the truth he felt very happy
(Just then shekhar enters her room )
so when will we do our next planning
sanskar – omg swara i think u are determined to make ur brother and sister united ok come to my ofc

swara – ofc ?? no my dad gets upset listening this i think he will not … she is interrupted by shekhar’s voice
shekhar – i dont hav any problm if ur frnd and my buisiness partner comes here
swara – papa i didnot get u
shekhar takes the phone from her and says
shekhar – mr.maheswari i will feel very good if u come here for breakfast if u r ok with it
sanskar – no no mr.gadodia actually i cant ..
shekhar – if u r not comfortable as a buisiness partner then come as my daughter’s frnd (sanskar listening to this cannot refuse becozzz he too wants to meet swara )
Sanskar – yes sure mr.gadodia
shekhar – i am happy beta but as u are coming as my daughter’s frnd u should cal me uncle instead of mr.gadodia lets keep them to buisiness meetings itself
sanskar – ok uncle (feels little uncomfortable but does so)
Shekhar handovers the phone to swara and kisses her on her forehead and leaves
swara – si mr.sanskar maheswari u r coming to my place tomorrow
sanskar – ha but please stop being so formal ok
swara laughs and says ok ok bye cu tomorrow

sanskar – ok bye take care cu
swara smiles touching her chin with the mobilemohit comes and notices this
mohit – di wat happened to u u r smiling in urself (actually mohit is little bit angry as swara didnot introduce sanskar to him)
Swara – jist like that leave it first u tell me r u angry with me
mohit – no di why will i be angry with u wat did u do ??(in a taunting way)
Swara – somy little brother is angry with me
i am sry mohit i didnot introduce him to u but he knows u actually he is my patient
mohit – wat at a such a small age he had heart problms
swara – no no no actually that day general doctor is on leave so i cheked him he doesnot hav any heart problms ok he is perfect infact moee than perfect
mohit gets shocked and some wat jealous becozzzzzz its her sister who is talking about someone that to about a man other than him mohit with little anger but swara doesnot notice him and keeps on talking about sanskar
mohit – oh so u know much about him
swara laughs loudly and says – mohit y r u feeling jealous of him he is just a frnd
mohit – but u know more information than a frnd should know usually
swara – not like that i am meeting him frequently for ..(she is about to say then she stops)
Mohit – about wat ?

Swara – nothing just like that
mohit – i thought that my sister will share everything with me but i was wrong there r somethings which u dont even like to share with me
swara – mohit stop it there is nothing important than u for me i am doing this for ur happiness i just want give u a surprise( i am sry mohit if i told u ,u will not allow me to do this i hav to do as for our family who are waiting desperately to see u both together back)
Mohit -wow surprise wat r u planning but for wat i hav a long time for my bday right
swara – y can i give u surprises only on ur birthdays
mohit – no di not like that but
swara – ab but vat kuch nahi hai u go to bed sleep early as tomorrow sanskar is coming to our home
mohit – for wat ??
Swara – mohit he is my frnd he is coming for breakfast behave properly ok (As swara knows he is insecure about sanskar)
Mohit suddenly hugs swara and then sleeps in her lap
swara understands that he is feared and
swara – my dear budhu u know na no one can replace u u r the first priority for me and u always will be ok now sleep
mohit hearing this feels a bit relaxed

@sanskar’s room
sanskar to himself “omg i hav to go to their home wat shall i wear”
laksh who enters his room stare at the room and sanskar randomly with his mouth open
laksh – ami dreaming please someone pinch me wat happened to u
sanskar sees him and ignores him
laksh – is that u mr.sanskar ram prasad maheswari
sanskar – lucky please apni bakwas bandh karo if u want tell anything important then say it otherwise get out i am really tensed
laksh – bhai iam serious u used to keep ur room neat and even if someone tries to mess up u used to scold everyone but wat happened to u (saying this laksh points out to the room which is messed up with his shirts suits blazers deos ties etc
sanskar sees everything and realizes that laksh is right but he didnot show it
sanskar – wooo i hav to meet sw…(no if i say him he will tease him as i called him in the evng when he was with his to be gf that too just to tease him i dont hav any important work but still i made him come noway he will not leave me)
Laksh – ohhh bhai wat r u thinking tell me

sanskar – i hav an important meeting
laksh – u made this room a mess just for a meeting asked laksh suspiciously
sanskar – yes now u go i hav a lot of work
without listening to him sanskar pushes laksh out and closes the door
laksh to himself”there is something fishy i hav to find out”
And he goes to his room
sanskar cleans his room and sleeps at late night
The next day
laksh goes to drop uttara he sees ragini and goes towards her they talk and laksh leaves unwillingly while leaving he sees some gundas coming into the clg and saying all the students that it is bandh and there is a holiday
but principal tries to argue
principal- please we should conduct the classes please go from here
gunda – no we will not allow our leader should get realesed then only we will stop this
principal- wat nonsense is this i will cal police
gunda is about to hit but laksh comes and stops that
ragini is watching everything
laksh – please hav some sense he is elder than us and moreover a teacher so please respect him
sir please give them a holiday today as there are many people outside the clg
principal- ok laksh meanwhile tanq beta
ok students today is a holiday
gundas go from there
principal- laksh u here ??
(guys as i hav already told u laksh too studied in that clg)
Laksh – yes sir actually i came here to drop my sister
laksh signs uttara to come there uttara and ragini go there
laksh introduces uttara to the pricipal “sir she is my sister uttara maheswari
principal- ohhh so both brother and sisters are book worms right ??
uttara u may be a good student but not more than ur brother
laksh – tanq sir now we will leave ok young boy take care
laksh – yes sir
wen they r walking towards their car

ragini – laksh so u were a topper
laksh – no ragini but i was a gud student
ragini – oh really i thought u r useless..
Laksh – wat ??
Ragini – i mean i thought like that before but not now after listening our principal praising u how can i even think like that
laksh to himself “then i should thank principal for changing her views,so my daring did not go in vain by saving him”
Ragini – laksh u told that u want meet my brother right then come to my home now
laksh is super happy but acts like thinking
ragini – please laksh i will get bored sitting at home the whole day so i want to spend some time with uttara
uttara also asks him
laksh – ok lets go
@sanskar’s room
he didnot wake up even its nice
sujatha comes and sees his son sleeping

she again gets shocked and shouts “sanskar”
Sanskar wakes up and looks at the clock he gets shocked he goes to washroom and gets ready
@gadodia mansion
swara and her family are waiting for sanskar
mohit losts his cool
mohit – di how much time will he take i am leaving bye di
swara – oh so u are leaving without meeting my frnd
mohit – di he is so lazy..
swara – stop it mohit he is not lazy i am sure he is busy with some important work otherwise he would have called me
suddenly her phone rings
its sanskar
swara – hello sanskar where r u ??
Sanskar – i am sry swara i will be there in 5 min
swara – ok

sanskar – swara stand outside as i feel little uncomfortable to come inside alone
swara smiles and says “ok”
Swara cuts the call and says “ma baba he is coming in 5 min”
And she starts to go
sumi- now where r u going ??
swara – actually ma he is little bit reserved so i will stand outside the gate and will come with him
sumi- ok
sanskar comes to swara’s place
he sees swara wearing a baby pink colour chudidhar she is looking like an angel
sanskar gets down from the car and gives a beautiful boquet to her
swara – thanku its beautiful but wat is the need for this
sanskar smiles and goes inside along with her
she introduce every member in the family sanskar takes blessings from everyone all are impressed by him
swara finally goes to mohit and says”he is
sanskar – mohit ur life
everyone are shoked and surprised to listen this from him
at the same time mohit feels happy
sanskar notices their faces and says “swara talks more about him so i thought ..
mohit – its ok mr.maheswari anyways u r right
mohit too gets impressed by sanskar they all do breakfast together
mohit and sanskar starts their buisiness talks
swara comes in the middle and tells stop this buisiness talks now
sanskar – but we r just discussing that as u were busy in ur household works
sanskar gives hi-fi to mohit
swara – acha bacho u too joined with him to tease ur di
mohit – no di but he is right u come and sit here

swara – but i hav to help them
mohit – stop it di servants her are there to do those u will not stay at home everyday so come he drags her but unfortunately she falls on sanskar
they hav a eyelock which lasts for a few seconds they r interrupted by mohit’s voice
mohit – oh i am sry di u r fine na r u hurt
swara is angry a little bit
Swara – wat is this mohit u shouldbe carefull and apologises to sanskar awkwardly
sanskar – its ok swara
sanskar understands that swara was uncomfortable so he starts his funny talk
sanskar – ok mohit lets discuss about our
buisiness deal as u r sister is not going to talk today
swara understands his words and says
swara – no no if u guys start ur buisiness talks then u will not end so lets start a game
then they r interrupted by a voice
ragini – game ??
Which game di ??
Mohit sees ragini and says “oh no the devil came now no game nothing ”
sanskar hears this and just smiles at him
swara – ragini u came so early just now u went
ragini – wo di actually ..
mohit – i think she killed her proffessors by her useless talks
ragini – bhayya nothing like that

mohit – so u killed him for a holiday ??
Ragini is raging with anger while everyone are smiling
mohit wants to irritate ragini
swara – MOHIT
mohit – ok ok i will not talk anything
swara – u tell na wat happened
Ragini – ohh shit i hav forgotten to invite them inside
come inside yaar
uttara comes there
mohit gets angry seeing her
while sanskar is busy in his phone
swara – hi how r u
ragini – she is fine di but listen wat happened today is bandh today is a holiday di
uttara sees sanskar and gets surprised
Uttara – sanskar bhayya aap yaha ??
Ragini also sees him and remembers the hospital scene
sanskar – uttara wat r u doing here
swara – uttara is he ur brother ??

Uttara – ha di he is my brother
swara – wow wat a coincidence actually ur brother is my frnd (sanskar feels happy listening that )
ragini – uttara where is ur laksh
sanskar – wat laksh too came here and thinks to himself”now i am gone wat if he sees me yeah wake up mr.sanskar maheswari u r here as swara’s frnd but u can utilise the fact that gadodia’s are dealing with our company” and he smiles
uttara – ha bhayya he came
mohit to himself “oh shit i cant even bear ragini but if i stay here i hav to bear her pagal frnd and her bhai too escame mohit gadodia escape”
Mohit – di i hav an important work
ragini – but bhayya meet laksh and go na
Without replying ragini he asks swara
mohit – di please i hav to go i hav an important meeting shall i go ??
Swara – is it possible that u meet laksh and go
mohit murmurs i cant tolerate this ragini anymore and says
mohit – no di please
swara – acha ok ok come home for lunch ok bye take care
mohit bids bye and shakes hand with sanskar
sanskar – bye mohit i had a wonderful time with u
mohit – same here bye and he goes
he just goes out and laksh comes in
laksh sees sanskar and gets shocked
uttara – dont get shocked bhayya is here as….
sanskar – interrupts and says i told u na lucky our company is having a deal with gadodia’s do u remember ??
Laksh – yes bhai i remember

nice meeting u mr.gadodia
shekhar – well wat r u doing beta
laksh – well actually i just completed my mba last year and joined our company to help dad and chachu as bhai is busy with his company
sanskar – but not more than a month uncle he will be shifting to karma grp of companies as adharsh bhai is there to look aftr maheswari’s as both the companies belong to maheswari’s we should take care of both right
shekhar – yes u r right
Ok laksh beta come and hav breakfast
ragini uttara come u too hav it
ragini – no papa i am not hungry ma these two will hav
swara – ragini u too sit and hav wih them
as they r ur guests u should make them feel comfortable so eat
ragini – but di
swara – ok shall i give u a sandwich specially which i used to prepare only for u
ragini – wow di i love it thanku
swara – ok sit i will make it in 5 min
swara goes to sanskar and says “i am sry sanskar i am making u wait but if u hav any important work then u can do it ”
Sanskar – so u were telling me to leave ur house right ??
Swara – no no not like that
sanskar smiles and says
sanskar – u were so good and well mannered swara u not only care for ur sister but also for her frnds kaash wo samajpathi

swara – she understands me sanskar but she cannot express thats it
sumi comes there and says
Sumi- swara it is a long process how can u make alone
swara – my dear mom u go and serve brealfast to them i will prepare it
and she goes
swara – ragini hav ur breakfast with ur frnds then only i am going to give u this
ragini – ok di
swara goes and makes it only little
she gives it to ragini laksh and uttara and keeps there she forgets sanskar
sumi – go give it to sanskar also
swara – oh i am sry i forgot
sanskar- no no its good that u forgot i hav breakfast just now i cant eat anymore
swara – please sanskar just taste it
all insists him so he takes
he really loves it he eats it in one minute
sanskar – this is so yummy swara u r really a very good cook
laksh – yes u r really a very good cook

uttara – ha di its realky nice
swara – tanq very much
ragini – ohh ok ok stop praising my sister ok u three of them say thanks to me becozzz i hav told her to prepare that and just for me she prepared it
swara smiles
laksh and uttara – acha why shiuld we thank u u didnot made it
in the meanwhile sanskar tells
sanskar – thank u ragini
laksh and uttara are shocked as they know sanskar will not say thanku or sry unnecessarily
ragini also forgets that he scolded her that day in the hospital and tells
ragini – no mention and by the by sry
sanskar – its ok
everyone see that y she is saying sry
laksh – ragini u know my bhai before only ??
sanskar” before she tells anything that she met him as swara’s frnd i hav to stop her” ha laksh actually we met in the hospital
ok mr.gadodia we will leave
both laksh and sanskar wants to stay but becozz of their helplessness they leave while sanskar intentionally forgets his phone there and goes they bid bye to everyone and goes
laksh and uttara go to mm but sanskar goes inside to get his mobile then he see swara talking to ragini and laughing

he is mesmirised to see her like that suddenly swara stops laughing seeing him swara – sanskar
Sanskar – swara i forgot my mobile
swara – oh here it is
she handovers the phone while he goes towards her and says
sanskar- wat about our plan
swara -lets discuss later now ragini is here
sanskar – ok bye and goes towards ragini and tells “please dont say anything to my brother or sister about that incident in hospital”
Ragini – ok but i forgot everything as it is my mistake
sanskar – i too forgot it sanskar goes from there

Precap – flashback and sanskar stops somone from slapping swara

** thanku guys today i tried to make it long hope u like it thanku frndzzz and please do comment if u like it
thanku to silent readers

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