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Next day mrng…

swara gets up early and gets ready and leaves for gm leaving a msg to sanskar.


Bp is returning from mrng walk.

bp – ma u here at this time ??
Swara – ha i have a very important work with mohit. I hav seen a girl for him.
bp (excited) – wat ?? Whom ??
Swara says something which is muted.
bp – wow maa wat a plan and ha the girl is really perfect for mohit.
Swara (smiles) – ok now i will go and talk with mohit. Thats the most important thing. We hav to convince him.
Bp i need ur help in convincing him.
bp – ha ofcouse ma. Come lets go and talk to him.

Mohit just wakes up. He gets shocked to see swara and bp that too at this time.

Mohit – di..badepapa u both are here…di is everything fine ??
Swara – ha bachu..first u go and take bath. We need to discuss an important matter.
Mohit – par..
bp – hmmm first go to bath.
Mohit – ok…
he goes. Swara takes a formal royal blue colour shirt and suit for him.
Mohit comes out.
Swara – mohit wear this.
mohit looks on but wears it as swara said.
He comes out and says “now will u plzz tell me wats the matr”
Swara – ha come first sit here.
they three sits on bed.
Swara – mohit i wanted u to get married…
mohit (shouts) – wat ?? Badepapa is this ur idea ??
bp – i dont hav any part in this crime.
Swara gives an angry look
swara – bachu…plzzz listen to me. u know na..aaj nahi toh kal u hav to marry.
mohit – no di. I will never marry. Di… i cant give importance to someone else. U r..
Swara – i too thought the same but wat happened ?? See me how much happy i am. Thats becozz of ur jiju. Do u feel that my love towards u has decreased aftr marg ??
Mohit – no di.. u r the same. U love me the same. But u are happy becozz of jiju. He is so understanding. Thats y u r happy. no one will be like jiju. And i cant expect this from girls.
Swara – oh hello dont say like that. Girls are more understanding than boys and ha ok if i find the female version of ur jiju will u marry ??
Mohit – di plzz…i cant..
bp – mohit…listen to ur di. She is absolutely crct.
mohit – badepapa u too didnot marry but u r happy na…
bp – ha i am happy but thats becozz of ma and u all. though i didnot marry i got children who loves me to the core. But u cant get that mohit.
mohit – i will Badepapa. I will give the same love to di’s kids as u gave us.
Bp – its not easy….
swara (angry) – bp leave him. He is not in a condition to understand anything.
Mohit – dj gussa mat huyiye. Ok tell me wat do u want ??
Swara – i want u to marry. U know na i always think about ur happiness.
Mohit – will u be happy if i marry ??
Swara – ha very very happy.
mohit – ok then i will marry.
Swara(shocked) – omg i am very very happy..bp he agreed so easily. I am so happy. I cant believe this. She hugs mohit and bp together.
mohit and bp are very happy to see her like that.
Mohit – di u always smile liks this and i will do anything for ur smile.
Swara kisses him on his forehead.
mohit – but i want a girl who loves u as i love u.
Swara – hm u will get a girl like ur jiju. Is that ok now ??
Mohit – impossible di. Jiju is the best. No one can be like him. Di if the girl is atleast 50% no no 20% like jiju i will marry her. Ankh band karke shaadi karlunga mai uss ladki se.
swara – acha ok then be ready to meet the girl. today completely u r going to be with me. U will do watever i say.
Bp – everytime he will do the same na.now wat is new in It.
swara – hmm firsf listen to me completely. Mohit until i tell u that this is the girl u r going to marry u willnot utter a single word. I mean watever i say u will do it without asking any questions.
Mohit – ok di… di y am i feeling that something big is running in ur mind…
swara – ha u r right….u will get to know it today.
Bp – nice job ma..
swara – tanq..haha mohit chalo
mohit – kaha ??
Swara – just now i said that not to ask questions.
Swara calls someone and says “we will reach there in 2 hours. So make sure everything goes according to plan”
Swara sits in the driving seat. Mohit sits beside her.

They leave to airport.

@swasan room

Sanskar gets up. He doesnlt find swara..so he thinks to call her but he sees her msg and gets angry

Sanskar (to himself) – wat the hell…now she will bring them.here hu….
I hav to do something…
Sanskar goes and freshes and goes to uttara. He informs her. They both make some plans to fear preethi.


swara – listen to me carefully…now preethi is coming and we came to receive her. And behave with her properly. u both behave as if u both are meeting for a match.
mohit – but….
Swara – now we will go to mm. Ok ??
Mohit -ok
Preethi comes there. She hugs swara and talks with mohit freely as they know each other from childhood. Mohit too starts talking to her freely as he know her since years.

They all go to mm.

trio enter the mm

Ap – swara subhe subhe kaha chali gayi thi tum ??(concerned)
Just then everyone comes out. Including sanskar and uttara.
uttara fumes seeing preethi. She is wearing a cotton sari with perfect steps and she is looking very beautiful.
swara – badi ma i went to gm and actually i have to receive preethi from air port. Ohh shit i forgot to introduce her. Preethi come here.
Preethi – ha di…
mohit too comes behind her. Uttara sees him in that royal blue colour shirt and suit. He is looking very handsome.
uttara (to herself) – he is looking handsome
but wats the need to wear such a nice suit ??
swara – badima she is preethi. priya’s sister. Preethi she is badima..she is mom…(introduces everyone)
Preethi takes everyone’s blessings.
Swara – actually badima…i wanted mohit to marry preethi. so my family knows preethi very well. I thought to introduce to u too.

Ap and all become sad for a second becozzz at a corner of their heart they too hav a thought of mohit’s match for uttara as he is a very good person. But listening to swara they got shocked but composes.
mohit (to himself) – wat is di upto ?? y is she doing all these ?? Oh no if i think i will get admitted in metal alysulam for sure.
ap – acha kiya beta.come Insids beta.
They all trio gets inside the hall.
uttara and sanskar tries many tricks to change preethi’s mind but nothing worked.

like that the whole day they all keeps on enjoying except the two. Ofcourse sanskar and uttara.
uttara – bhai…i am getting angry on ur wife. I can’t control my anger.
Sanskar – ha me too but swara doesnot know about ur love. Warna woh aisa kabhi nahi karti.
Uttara – huuu…


All youngsters are on terrous enjoying the cool air.

Mohit and preethi are talking freely..
uttara is becoming so jealous. she is like just one thing should happen and the volcano will burst and see the thing happened.

Preethi is about to slip due to the water on the floor but mohit holds her and makes her stand.
Mohit – careful yaar preethi…
preethi (blushes) – tanq for saving me mohit.
all tease them while this was enough for volcano to burst.

Uttara goes and holds mohit’s collar.
all are shocked. sanskar hits his head with his hand.
Uttara – wat do u think of urself ha ?? y r u such an idiot ?? Y can’t u understand my feelings. How can u do it to me ?? How can u marry her ha ?? u r a dumb head. And bhabhi u how can u do this ??
Mohit gets angry as uttara shouts at swara.
Mohit – uttara wat nomsense r u talking and y r u shouting at di ??
Uttara – this us not nonsense. Its my love. Haa…I LOVE U MOHIT.
mohit looks on shocked.
and ha she is my bhabhi i hav a right on her. how can she…..
uttara realizes wat she said. She leaves mohit’s collar. Uttara gets embarrased while mohit looks on shocked. Seeing them in such state two people start laughing hard.
YES THOSE ARE NONE OTHER THAN SWARA AND LAKSH. soon preethi too joins them.
Swalak falls on floor and laughs.
laksh(laughing) – omg bhabhi…..u r too intelligent. See ur brother’s face.
swara (laughing) – haha lucky…see ur sister’s face..haha
sanskar (angry) – arre wats happening here ?? Y r u both laughing ??
Swalak stops laughing but they both cant control laughing.
preethi (laughing) – mohit change ur expression. otherwise we cant control our laughter. Di now stop laughing and give some clarity to ur shocked brother.
Swara – haha ok.
swara goes near mohit
swara -now listen to me Carefully. She is the girl whom i want u to marry (pointing towards uttara)
all are shocked.
sanskar – swara wat r u talking ??
laksh – bhai relaxx..bhabhi lagta hai hume inlogon ko sabkuch pehle se samjhana padega..
swara – ha lucky. Sanskar i told u na i hav a girl in my mind. She is none other than our uttara but i thought to convince mohit first about marg and later i can talk to u but wen i and lucky came to invite u for dinner we heard ur talks. We both understood the Matr.
laksh – but i got very angry on u and uttara.
I and bhabhi made this plan to make uttara confess her feelings.
Swara – ha thats becozzz i knkw my dumbo brother will never do that.
Mohit – di….i..
swara – let me complete. Aftr that i will ask u.
Sanskar – but swara u said ur master’s wish..
swara – ha my masters wish is that i and mohit should get married to siblings. So that they can understand our bond and so that we willnot face any problms in our married life. So to fulfill my master’s wish i thought to take master’s daughter’s help. and so i called preethi and told everything. She became reasy to help us. Do u remember sanskar….i talked to preethi infront Of u Deliberately as u will inform this to uttara. And that night i lied u about master’s wish so that u believe that i wanted to marry mohit and preethi married to each other.
laksh – ha and aftr that bhabhi askes me to keep an eye on u in ofc. Then i saw u very tensed and u calling uttara. So i informed bhabhi about this.
Swara – and i am sry uttara for making u sad and for hurting u so much but its necessary warna my dumbo will never understand. I thought to know mohit’s feelings towards u thats y i made a plan with lucky. Laksh and ragini left from there and u burst out into tears infront of mohit. There i saw that he is very comfortable with u. And by seeing his concern towards u i understood that u r the perfect match for my brother.
Laksh – and yes all this credit goes to mr.laksh maheswari and his beautiful bhabhi Swara maheswari…
cameraman lucky…..
all looks on surprised
laksh – wohhh actually i recorded the video so clearly na thts y i calles myself cameraman
raginj comes from back – jhoote..di i recorded the video
laksh – ragini tum kab aayi ??
Ragini – i came here along before but i didnkt want to stop this so i enjoyed the show standing there itself. Hahaha
Mohit – ohhh so u all are included in this plan…is there anything that i should know more ??
Swara – mohit r u angry ??
Mohit – ofcourse di…
Swara gets teary eyed. Mohit goes and hugs her.
mohit – di y r u crying. U know na…i love u very much. If u want me to marry uttara then u could hav said me. Y to make these plans amd all. u will be tired. U already do alot of work.
Swara breaks the hug – iska matlab u r not angry wit me ??
Mohit – no way…its impossible..
swara – ok now how do u like uttara..she is….
suddenly uttara hugs swara tightly…
uttara – i am sry bhabhi i misunderstood u. And thanku so much
swara – no i should thank you. U know wen i heard ur talk with ur bhai…i was very happy. I always thought that u r the best for mohit.
Uttara – tanq Bhabhi…
swara – bachu…all are waiting for ur answer. My nanand showed so much daring by proposing u. Plzz answer na…
mohit – di i love u. And i never said no to u. Then y will i say it today. I am ready to marry uttara.
All becomes happy except swara.
Swara – oyyy wat is this ha ?? U said as if u r telling a yes to me. Turn towards uttara and tell her.
Mohit shies.
Sanskar – swara bechare ko tang mat karo
swara – no sanskar today i am on my nanand’s side. Bachuu common tell her.
mohit seeing uttara – uttara i am ready to marry u.

All shouts and enjoys very much.

They all go down…
all see the whole gadodia family there.

Precap – all gadodia and maheswari family accepts their alliance. Sanskar convincing swara. And their love moments.

Guys mostly this is my last update in this week. If possible i will post it. I am sry but i am going out of station. Hope u understand.

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