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Chapter 87
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Aftr having dinner all go into their rooms.

@swasan room

Swara(thinks) – i think i should tell sanskar about this. I hav to talk to him about MOHIT AND PREETHI’S MARRIAGE.
Sanskar removes hus watch and comes and sits on the bed but swara is busy in her own thoughts.
Sanskar – swara…kaha kho gayi ho ??
Swara (smiles) – nthng…i hav to talk to u about something. can i ??
Sanskar – ha tell me. No need to ask for permission.
Swara smiles and keeps her head on his shoulder.
Swara – sanskar…i told u na…i hav a girl in my mind for mohit.
sanskar(interestingly) – haa kaun ??
Swara – PREETHI….
Sanskar (shocked) – w..who..is preethi ??
Swara (smiles) – master’s daughter. Priya ki behan..
sanskar – why do u think that she is perfect for mohit ??
Swara – we know her from childhood sanskar. She knew about mohit very well. And more than everything master wanted her get married to mohit. He wanted his both daughters married to my brothers.
and during anand bhai’s marg he told this to me and bp. That day i told him that his wish will be definetly fulfilled.
Sanskar(very sad) – swara….but wat about mohit ??
Swara – sanskar…he will definetly listen to me. And according to me preethi se achi ladki mohit ko mili nahi sakti…
sanskar – swara…wat is she doing ??
Swara – she is a professor by profession.
sanskar – ohhh.. ( in a dull voice )
Swara – sanskar…wat happened ?? Aren’t u happy ??
Sanskar – nthng like that swara. But i am telling u one thing. Don’t force mohit or don’t say him that u wanted him to marry her. Just introduce her to him. Let them talk and decide.
swara – but y sanskar ??
Sanskar (angrily) – becozzz u can’t force him to marry her. If u do so.. 3 lives will be spoiled..
swara (shocked by his anger and his words) – wat do u mean by 3 lives ??
Sanskar – nthng swara…u just sleep. I hav an important meeting tomorrow.
Swara – par sanskar…baat kya hai ??
Sanskar – gud ni8 swara…
swara feels sad but thinks he is in pressure. And she too sleeps.
Sanskar turns the other side and his eyes gets teary. He remembers uttara’s words.
Sanskar (thinks) – how can i tell this to uttara ?? She loves mohit unconditionally…
shall i talk to mohit ?? No no he will listen only swara’s words. And here my pagal wife is ready to get him married to that preethi.. no i can’t let this happen. i will never let this happen.
swara keeps her hands on him hugs from the back but sanskar doesnot respond. Swara feels sad but still she hugs him tightly and sleeps.
(Yaar i am very sad seeing the serial. In serial swara is treating sanskar very badly so for this swara is suffering here..hehe sorry. But sanskar too is right at his place)

@ next mrng…

Swara and sanskar gets ready. But sanskar doesnot even utter a single word. He leaves for ofc. Swara too leaves fod hospital.

in hospital

Priya enters swara’s cabin very happily..

priya comes and hugs swara tightly.

priya breaks the hug.
priya (happy) – swara today i am so happy.
swara – arre tell me first wat happened ??
Priya – i decided to forgive anand and start a fresh life.
Swara (very happy) – omg…is this true ?? I am really very very happy for u priya….
did u informed anand about this ??
Priya – no i am enjoying his care towards me and his methods to convince me. So i will tell him aftr some days.
Swara (smiles) – acha ok ok but don’t make him wait too much.
Priya – aha…supporting ur brother…ha..
swara (angry) – priya…according to me..he is ur husband. Thatsall. I don’t hav any relation with him. plzz don’t call him my brother.
Priya gets sad thinking about anand.
Priya – ok ok now leave all that u know i wanted an admission in the school here as Aarav will live with us from this year.
Swara – u don’t worry about that. I will take him with me and get his admission done in the best school In kolkata.
priya hugs swara.
priya – tanq swara for being with my son wen i was not there for him.
swara – shhh no need to thank me.
(Breaks the hug)
By the way madam he may be ur son but i gav the right on him more than u.
priya (smiles) – ofcourse….
swara – ok now i will leave. I hav an operation.
Priya – ok ok u go..
swara leaves whereas priya gets ready for going out with anand as he called her for a date.


Swara (thinks) – did i do right by saying sanskar about preethi ?? Will our plan work ??
just then her phone rings. She attends the call and aftr hearing it. She gets happy.

@sanskar’s ofc

Sanskar (thinks) – no i need to tell this to uttara. Hm ok i will call her and ask her to come here.
sanskar calls uttara.
Uttara comes there in a hour.

Sanskar tells everything to uttara.
uttara – nahi bhai…bhabhi aisa nahi kar sakthi..bhai..plzz tell bhabhi that i love mohit very much. I can’t live without him. I will die. (Cries)
Sanskar – no uttara u no need to cry. i promise u. mohit will marry u. Only u.
uttara hugs him and cries.
aftr that uttara comes to clg.

in evng


Ragini and uttara are coming from clg. As usual laksh and mohit came to pick up their respective sisters.

laksh – raagu i need to talk to u. Mohit yaar if u don’t mind can i take ur sister.
Mohit – ha ha it became a daily routine for me lucky. i am habituated to this. U take her.
laksh – haha tanq.
ragini – laksh…i can’t make bhai wait for me. Lets talk later.
mohit – no no ragini. U go..its ok.
ragini – ok bhai..
raglak goes to a side.

Mohit and uttara are alone.
Everyday uttara keeps on talking with him but today she is very silent. She didnot utter a word.
Mohit(concern) – uttara…wat happened to u ?? Y r u so silent today ?? R u ok ??
uttara doesnot say anything.
Mohit touches her shoulder – hey…did anyone say something ??
(He asks with so much care)
Uttara couldnot control herself hugged him tightly and cried hard.
Mohit is shocked. He doesnot know wat to do..
mohit – shh…plzz dont cry…y r u crying ?? Wat happened ??
Later she realizes her position and composes herself
mohit – uttara wat happened ??
Uttara – nthng but plzz don’t say anything about this anyone.
Saying this she goes and sits in laksh’s car.
mohit feels bad as she never goes like that. Untill raglak returns..she keeps on talking with him but today he is feeling lonely.
aftr sometime they return and ragini and mohit , laksh and uttara leaves to their respective places.


@swasan room…

Swara is in call.

Swara – hello preethi…ha wen r u coming here ??
Preethi – di i will come tomorrow at 10am.
swara – ok then i and mohit will come to airport. Ok take care bye..
preethi – bye di.

Sanskar hearing this conversation fumes in anger.

Sanskar – y uscshe coming here ??
swara – u oy told na..to introduce her to mohit. Thats y i called her. Actually u r right sanskar. They should talk between themselves. And i am sure they will like each other. Preethi knows mohit from childhood so she knows everything about him. So it will be easy for her to impress my brother.
Sanskar (thinks) – huuu i gave this idea to stop their marg but seeing swara i feel that she will get them married asap. if uttara gets to know that i gave this idea then she will kill me.
Sanskar (angrily) – do watever u want.
saying rhis he sleeps.
Swara (thinks) – master.. ur wish will be fulfilled. Definetly. I promise u that. And this is the best for mohit.

Swara goes out covering her self with a shawl.
swara – so wat is the progress ??
Person – (handovers sone photographs to swara)
Swara smirks – so our plan is working…
person – yes ofcourse…

Precap – uttara gets jealous with preethi’s entry And confesses her love to mohit infront of everyone. Mysterious person and plan revealed.

Hehehe i know u all are intelligents and u can guess everything but still i wanted to keep as a suspence. Bty sry for the short update.

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