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In swasan room

Swara wakes up and sees sanskar beside her sleeping peacefully on her.
swara smiles pecks his forehead and places him gently on pillow so that his sleep doesnot get disturbed.
Then she wears her clothes and looks around the room which is messed up.
She ties her hair in to a messed bun and starts cleaning the room.

While she is cleaning the room..sanskar wakes up. He sees swara cleaning.
Sanskar (puppy face) – sry…
swara sees him And smiles…
swara (smiles) – gud mrng….wen did u wake up ??
Sanskar – just now….come here (streches his hands and signs swara to come towards him)
Swara smiles and goes towards him.
she holds his hands and he pulls her and makes her sit on his lap…and caresses his face.
swara – sanskar…i hav a lot of work to do..so plzzz let me go…
Sanskar – sry swara..becozzz of me ur hav to clean the room..
swara – hogaya…ya aur kuch bolna hai tume.. first of all u did this for me.. i am happy infact very happy. And jaha tak rahi baat saaf karne ki toh its not a problm. see i almost finished it. And ha tanq so much for making all these arrangements.
sanskar smiles and hugs her.
swara – sanskar..now leave me. I hav to get ready… and u too hav to go to ofc na..
sanskar (unwillingly) – ok….
Swara again starts cleaning

swara – sanskar it takes some more time for me to clean this.. till then u go and take bath..
sanskar – shall i help u..
swara (smiles) – no need baba..u go and fresh up….fast..
sanskar – ok..
he goes and freshes. Later swara too gets ready and sanskar starts working in laptop.
whereas swara goes to kitchen and they all prepare breakfast.

Later all arrive at the dining table. Laksh and swara as usual starts their chit chating
all smiles at their bond.
Suddenly swara’s phone rings. Its from priya.
Swara lifts the call.
Swara still standing at the dining table amd serving everyone And at the time talking to priya.
swara – hello priya..

priya – i want to talk to u.
swara – ha tell me..
priya – …….(tells everything which happened at anand’s house) swara i went to him just becozz of my son. But he doesnkt deserve me. I will never go to him…
Listening to her swara gets teary eyed.
Swara (choking and sad voice) – don’t worry. I am coming to hospital. U too come there. Lets talk there. Do u want me to call mohit..
priya(sobs) – no u just come fast.. i need u.
Swara – ok.
she cuts the call.
By now all are looking at her. Then she understood. She puts a fake smile on her face.
swara (fake smile) – kya hua… y r u all seeing me like this.
sanskar – kya hua swara ?? Priya tikh hai na ??
Swara (fake smile) – nthng…she just want to talk to me about something. I hav to go…
uttara u finished ur breakfast na.. can u serve them.
uttara – ji bhabhi..
ap – but hav breakfast and go beta.

swara – no badima i will come again if i have sometime. U dont worry.. i hav to leave now.
saying this she rushes to her room.
Sujatha – jiji ye chori na.. apne bare me bilkul nahi sochti hai…
sanskar – dont worry mom….i will take breakfast to her hospital.
dp – not only that make sure she eats there.
laksh – bhai…u dont worry..i will take breakfast to bhabhi. U go to Ofc. U hav important meeting na..
sanskar – ok lucky.. but make sure she finishes it.
Laksh – tike bhai.

They all see swara rushing outside with her bag.
Then she comes back and bids bye to everyone and goes.

Ap (smiles) – kitni jaldi mai kyun na ho ye apni sanskar nahi bhulegi….
laksh(winks) – haa right how can bhabhi forget sanskar bhai…
uttara hits him on his head.

sanskar (fake anger) – luckyy…ma is talking about values…not me..
laksh laughs and everyone joins him. Except sanskar.


Swara and priya keeps on talking in priya’s cabin. Then anand storms into her cabin.
Swara gives an angry look to him.
Swara – y did u come here. Just go away…
anand(calm voice) – swara let me talk to priya. I wanted to talk to her.
Swara is shocked to see him so calm and happy too but she cannot ignore priya’s feelings.
Swara (cold tone) – Mr.vatsal just go away…
anand – swara….i want to apologise to priya. So can u plzzz excuse us..
swara is double shocked. Anand never apologises to anyone. Even though if there is his mistake. He has a lot of ego…which is destroying him.
Swara – ok..
priya – no swara..u r not going anywhere. Ask him to get out from my cabin…
swara (calm voice) – plzzz listen to him. May be it will help u to get over everything.
just listen to him once. mere liye. hmmm.plzz
Priya – ok.
swara hugs her and goes..but before going she stops near anand…
swara (slowly audible to anand) – if u hurt her this time..then she may forgive u but i will never forgive. Remember that.
she leaves.

She goes to her cabin.

@swara’s cabin

Swara is in deep thinking..
then her assistant comes and informs her that someone has come to meet her from her family..
swara – who is it ??
Assistant – mam its neither sanskar sir nor mohit sir..

swara – then who is he ?? i think lucky hoga. Ok send him.
laksh comes inside.
swara – lucky…i know that u will come. Sanskar ne bheja hai na tumhe..
laksh – haa he is worried about ur health. Not only he we all are worried.. so hav ur bteakfast bhabhi..
swara (smiles) – mujhe kuch nahi hoga.. ok i will hav breakfast. U go.. i think u hav work at ofc.
laksh – i am not going anywhere until u finish it completely. Its bhai’s srict order.
Swara – tumhara bhai pagal hogaya hai..
swara finishes her breakfast…they hav a cute chat aftr that laksh leaves.

@ priya’s cabin

priya – anand tume jho kehna hai kaho aur chale jao yaha se.
anand – priya listen to me calmly.
priya – ok
anand – priya..i am sry..i am really sry…i did that becozz sahil blackmailed me. u know anand gadodia never give explanations to anyone but i am giving u.
priya – ohh so i am very lucky..

anand – priya plzzz yes i agree i did a mistake by not trusting u. I got angry wen sahil said that u planned everything to get married to me. I lartially believed him but somewhere in my heart i feel that u cannot do that but wen i asked u. U said that u love me and even swara knows about it and knowing all these things i was frustated. I even slapped her. I know she will never forgive me. But dont u think that i hav beared enough for wat i hav done to u.
since ur father’s death till now i was leaving a lonely life. No one was there for me. I know its all becozz of my deeds. But u said it right. I cant let aarav suffer just becozz of my ego.
He bends on his knees and asks – i am sry priya for wat i had done to u. I hav many reasons for doing those but i should hav asked u a sry but u know male ego…
priya laughs a little by seeingbhis expressions.
Anand – so do u accept me ??
priya – i need sometime.
anand – no problm. I will wait..

anand gets up and goes..
while going..he stops at the door.
anand – u think that i am responsible for ur father’s death right ?? But today i want to tell u something.. that day if i hav not gone then sahil blackmailed me that he will leak those videos in internet and shoe it to ur father. I hav gone to stop him. I thought if those videos get leaked ur father will be affected but i didnt know that ur father ….
i am sry….jho bhi hai its becozz of me.. i cant give u ur father back but i can give u the affection and love like him. hope u will give me that chance
saying this he goes…
Priya gets teary eyed. She is happy. Very happy….there are no bounds for her happiness. But sonething is stopping her to go near him….may be her self respect..
it takes sometime to heal her wounds.

Like that the day passes.. priya reacts normally to swara. priya tells that she needs sometime to think.

In evng

Swara gets ready to go home but just then she gets an emergency. so she attends the case. as the patient needs an operation immediately she starts the operation.


sanskar comes home.

Sanskar – ma,mom swara kaha hai ??
Sujatha – abhi tak aayi nahi sanskar
laksh – bhai come with me. Lets chat for sometime. Wen bhabhi comes she too joins us.
Sanskar – ok i will fresh up and come.
Sanskar goes.
Laksh adharsh and parineetha are sitting in parish room.

Sanskar comes there.
Sanskar ‘lucky…uttara kaha hai ??
Laksh – bhaii she told that she has some assignments.
sanskar – ok u guys carry on. I will go and call uttara.
parish and laksh – ok

sanskar goes to uttara’s room.
uttara is in wash room..she is about to call her but he sees a white paper under his feet. He takes it and goes to put in some book. He sees a diary on her study table. He opens a random page to put the paper but he is shocked to see wat was written in it.
“I LOVE U” is written in the page in a very big font which occupied the whole page. It is decorated with glitters and sketches.
He is shocked amd angry too but composes himself. He turns the next page.. he sees
“U ♡ M”
He is again shocked. He is about to turn another page but uttara comes out from washroom. She is shocked to see sanskar seeing her diary.
Uttara snatches her diary and acts normally.
uttara – bhai u shouldnot read other’s diary. Don’t u know that ??
Sanskar(cold tone) – who is that ??
Uttara (fumbles) – w..who ??

Sanskar – the name of the person whom u love ??
Uttara – bhai…wat r u talking…
sanskar – shut up and tell me the truth..
uttara gets afraid and decides to tell the truth to sanskar.
uttara – ha bhai…i love someone…
sanskar (impatiently) – who ??
Uttara – bhai….(closing eyes) I LOVE MOHIT
sanskar gets shocked and happy for his sister’s choice.
Uttara slowly opens her eyes.
Sanskar hugs her – omg i am so happy uttara….mohit is a very nice guy..did u tell him..did he accept ??
Uttara (sad) – i hav not told to anyone bhai. Not even mohit. He doesnot love bhai. He only loves bhabhi. He told me that he is not interested in marg.
sanskar – hmm jaisi behan waisi bhai..dont worry…i think swara and mohit are strongly influenced by their badepapa. Hahaha.
uttara too laughs.
sanskar – dont worry..i will talk to swara..
uttara – no bhai….I dont want bhabhi to know anything.
sanskar – ok ok first i will ask swara her thoughts about mohit’s marg. Swara told me that she planned everything about mohit’s life. So today i will casually ask her about mohit’s marg.
uttara – ok bhai…and inform me tomorrow..
sanskar – no need of that. I will ask her infront of u only………

uttara – no no bhai…
sanskar – hush….listen to me completely. tonight we are all planning to chat and play. As we do every week.
laksh is in adarsh bhai’s room. I came here to call u. so as a casual chat i will ask her.
Uttara – ok bhai…tanq so much. I love u..(hugging him)
Sanskar smiles – ur choice is the best uttara. mohit is a very nice guy. I always think that u should get a husband like mohit. But u made my work easy.
uttara – bhai…..
sanskar laughs..
sanskar and uttara goes to parish room.
they all five have a chit chat. Just then swara comes from hospital.
She is going towards their room. But sanskar sees her and asks her to join them.
Swara too gets fresh and joins them.

They all started talking like that.

Laksh – Bhabhi…. in our house we gather like this twice in a week and talk like this. And once in a week we all sit with our elders on terrous and njoy with our family.
wat will u do in ur house.. i mean in every house they will set some rules so that everyone can slend some family time. Like that in ur house wat u used to do ??
Swara – lucky we dont hav such rules or like that becozzz everyday we will talk with everyone. I mean even if it is a small thing i mean for example if somone wants to buy anything for that too we all discuss…and they suggest different brands or they all give suggestions and atlast bp would finalize it. every day we all talk for sometime aftr dinner.
adarsh – woww super swara. But wat about the children…i mean u four. u,ragini, mohit and….anand…
swara – ohhh for that wenever anand bhai used to come from hostel we used to enjoy a lot. Even bp used to join us. we used to discuss about our future. hahaha…
sanskar – arre y r u laughing…

swara (laughing) – u know sanskar…wen bp asked us wat we will become in future then i used to tell tat i will become doctor. Mohit – businessman , anand bhai – businessman but ragini used to tell…hahaha..
uttara – bhabhi tell me na…wat she used to tell..
swara (laughing).- that she will become a wife..
all laughs. laksh too laughs.
swara(continues) – bp changed the questions to get a lroper answer from her but the only thing that revolved in her mind is marg. Wen bp asked that wat will she do wen she becomes big then she told that she will marry. Watever may be the question haha..her answer was related to marg. We used to laugh alot..
uttara and all laughs..
sanskar – ha….ha now stop laughing at my saali.
swara – ha exactly…anand bhai too supported ragini like this only.
Uttara – haha bhabhi i will tease ragini..
swara – no no uttara..u r not going to do anything like that…
sanskar(thinks) – acha hua swara herself started the marg topic.now i will ask her about mohit’s marg.
sanskar – swara..waise…raginj marg is fixed. but wat about mohit’s marg..
hearing this uttara’s heart beat rises.
swara(smiles) – y did u get that doubt suddenly ??

Sanskar – not suddenly i am just asking..
swara – there is still time for it Sanskar. its too early.
Sanskar – its not early Swara. He will turn 25 this june.
swara – haa i know. i hav planned everything about his marg. But right now he is nkt ready for marg. Actually he didnot want to marry. He want to remain unmarried.
sanskar(thinks) – hey bhagwan not fair…firstly i struggled alot to change her mind and now its my sister’s turn. huu…
sanskar – i think u influenced him..
swara – sanskar….acha now leave his marg topic.
sanskar – arre but try to talk with him. If u talk from now then he will get convinced.
Swara (smiles) – it doesnot take much time for me to convince him. I know him. He will never say no to me. But right now i want him to enjoy his life.
uttara – bhabhi wat kind of a girl u want for mohit.
swara – i want her to understand our relation. She should care for my family. She should love them as she loves her family. And most importantly she should know the importance of me in sanskar’s life. In short i want a female version of my sanskar.
parish and laksh – aha….
They all teases her.
Swara(blushes) – stop it guys. Wat wrong did i say…sanskar is so understanding. he understands mine and mohit’s relation. He loves my family as he loves his…
uttara – ha right bhabhi….do u hav any girl in ur mind..
sanskar looks on shocked.

sanskar (thinks) – omg this uttara is too fast..i hav to stop her..
swara – hahaha…i will tell u wen time comes.
swara (thinks) – i am sry guys but first i hav to talk about her with mohit first. later i will tell everyone. I am sure she will be perfect for mohit and like this my master’s wish will be fulfilled.
uttara – tell na bhabhi..
sanskar – uttara now its too late. Come on lets hav dinner and then we hav to sleep.
Uttara passes angry look to sanskar but sanskar takes her to side.
sanskar – pagal hogayi ho kya ??
Uttara – wat did i do bhai ?? I was just asking.
sanskar – do u want to ask everything today only ?? If she gets to know about ur love matter then i dont know how will she react. Uttara try to understand me…the swara whom u r seeing is nkt the same..she is very loving towards u and our family but wen it comes to mohit..she will not tolerate and then i too can’t stop her. Try to understand. do u trust me ??
Uttara – ofcourse bhai
sanskar – then leave it to me. I will see.
uttara – tanq bhai…
sanskar – par tum chup raho plzzzz
uttara(pouts) – ok..
sanskar kisses her forehead.
swalak comes there.

swara – lucky i think something is going between these two..
laksh – ha bhabhii i too feel the same.
sanskar – arre bhabhi ke chsmche…nthng like that.
swara (laughs) – acha ok ok come fast for dinner.

Precap – priya decides to forgive anand. swara reveals to sanskar about the girl whom she wants as mohit’s wife.

I am sry guys for the late update. But as a compensation i gave a very long chapter.
omg it took 5 hrs for me to write. Hope u like it

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