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bp rushes to his room.Swara gets teary eyed. Mohit comes there.
Mohit – diii u dont worry. I think something is wrong. Lets go and ask dadu and papa.
swara – ok chalo.

sanskar comes towards them. Seeing him swara wipes her tears and smiles.
Sanskar comes to them.
sanskar – we all are leaving swara. U spend sometime here and then come ok ??
Swara just nods.
mohit excuses and goes away.
Sanskar holds swara’s face in his palms…and asks caringly.
sanskar – kya hua ….y r u worried….
swara hugs him tightly…..
swara – sanskar bp is ignoring me. Firstly he didnot come to airport and now even aftr seeing me he was going without talking to me. Wen i went to him he was avoiding me.
Sanskar breaks the hug and kisses her forehead.
Sanskar – don’t worry. First go and talk to him. do u want me to stay with u ??
Swara – no u go.. i will be fine. I will settle scores with hi . I will punish him for ignoring me.
Sanskar (smiles) – thats like my wife… pakka… u will be fine na ??
Swara – ha baba..itna khyall rakho. i will get used to it.
sanskar – soo wat…i will be with u for my whole life.
swara smiles – ok now go.. i think all are waiting for u…
sanskar – ok…shaam ko jaldi aajana….i am waiting for u.
Saying this he kisses her cheek and left.
Swara smiles and goes back of him to bid bye to maheswari family.
Laksh – bhabhi come fast..we hav to irritate bhai…
swara – ha sure lucky….

They all go..

Swara and mohit go to dadaji and ask him about bp’s strange behaviour.

Dadaji – i too dont know y is he behaving like that….yesterday aftrnoon he went to ofc. Aftr that he us behaving like this…
Swara – iska matlab ofc mai kuch hua hoga.. mohit u just call ofc and get the details about bp’s meeting. And whom he met..till then i will try to talk with him.

Swara goes to bp’s room….

Swara goes inside. Bp sees her..
Bp – arre maa aap kab aaye…
Swara – y r u avoiding me ??
Bp (fake smile) – me…..hahaha its impossible To avoid u ma. Its just that i am busy with work.
swara – no bp….
bp cuts her – no ma plzzz i hav some important work u plzz go…
swara gets dejected. She feels very sad. becozzz it is the first time he is treating her. though he didnot say anything to her but still he is ignoring her. Her bp is ignoring her. She without talking anything left from there.
Bp (to himself) – sryyy maaa i hav to do this. This love of mine towards u made my brother jealous. he even forgot everything and sent me to london…nooo i cant let u know anything about this. my brother should be happy. And now he will give u a father’s love.

Flashback starts

rahul aftr saying truth to priya Calls anand.

Rahul – hello anand bhai…
anand – ha bolo rahul..
rahul – actually wen i was talking to myself in my room…priya heard my talks…she got to know everything..
anand (shock) – wat do u mean by everything ??
Rahul – i mean how u took blame on urself and the person behind bp’s kidnap is shekhar uncle…
anand – ohhh shit..now she will tell everything to swara..
rahul – no bhai…she told that she will not tell anything.
anand – but still i cant stay like that.. ok i will do something..u dont worry. Ok bye.
rahul – bye..bhai..

the next day anand calls bp to meet him. Bp goes there.

bp – y did u call me now ?? U already hurt my ma alot. Now wat do u want..
anand (interrupts) – i want to tell u a truth.
bp – wats that ??
Anand hugs bp and cries. Bp too melts..
bp – shhh y r u crying….anand…stop crying like a kid….
anand wipes his tears
anand – badepapa aapko sach mein lagta hai ki maine aapke saath….
bp – anand i know u didnot do it ?? But u confessed urself.. i tried to talk to u many times but u never gave a chance to me..

anand – badepapa i didnot do that but….(he says everything) bp sits on chair with a thud…
bp (teary eyed) – i can’t believe this.. i hurt my brother to this extent. i dont know that i snatched my brother’s happiness.
Anand – badepapa r u not angry with papa for doing this to u ….
bp – i am angry but not with shekhar but with myself. Becozzz of me he suffered alot.and i am angry with shekhar for making ma cry these two years by keeping me away from her but…he is right at his place.
Anand – no badepapa papa has me mohit ragini and even he has a family…But u sacrifised everything for swara. U hav right on swara. He is not right at his place.
bp – no anand…ma is his blood…
anand hugs bp
Anand – u r too good badepapa and u taught swara the same. And u know she may be papa’s daughter but she resembles u in everything. I told u everything as priya got to know everything from rahul. So u hav to stop priya from saying everything.
bp – ok i will do that. And i will also return shekhar his daughter.

anand – u r not going to do that badepapa…
bp (angry) – now u will say me wat i should do ha ??
anand gets afraid – no badepapa i…i ….mean….
bp – anand leave about that. Think about priya and aarav.. just becozzz of ur ego u r spoiling her life. I will never forgive u for wat u hav done with my frnd. and wen i was unable to forgive u then how will priya forgive u….so u only hav to go and apologise her. plzz bring her back into ur life.
anand – no badepapa it will never happen…
bp – ok then i am leaving. Do watever u want. u know priya did a biggest mistake by loving u….

Saying this bp leaves.

**flashback ends**

Bp (thinks) – i hav to avoid u so that u can get back to ur real father ma…

Here in swara’s room….

Mohit – di….badepapa went to meet anand bhai…
swara – wat ?? Now i get it…i think he said something to him. Mohit u dont worry bp cannot see me crying Or in pain.
Now come do as i say…
swara says something to mohit…
mohit smiles and nods..

Swara goes and gets ready as if she is going to mandir. She wears half sari. Puts some flowers and she also applies baba’s vibhudhi…and she comes out..

Mohit comes to bp’s room..
Mohit – badepapa di is going to mandir..
bp – haa achi baat hai. Let her go she will get peace..
mohit – badepapa she is going to baba’s temple. She will take 108 rounds so that u behave normally with her…
bp (shocked) – wat ??
bp runs to swara.
Mohit smiles..

swara sees bp coming to hall starts her acting..
swara – maa i am going to temple..dont tell mohit that i am going on bare foot and by walk. I just said him about 108 rounds…he tried to stop me but i didnot stop
sumi also starts her acting – par beta wat if mohit or ur bp gets to know..
swara – maa mohit ko toh mai manage karlungi aur bp…now he doesnot love me. So he doesnot care…
bp lisrens everything. He rushes to her.
bp – ma stop…
swara smiles but hides from him. And gives an angry look.
swara – wat ??(angrily)
Bp – maa how can u say that i dont care for u ?? U know na i love u the most…if u go to temple on bare foot wat will happen to ur health and 108 rounds.. no no…
swara – u are ignoring me na ?? so i thought to pray to god. So now let me go..
bp – maa i was acting..i …..
bp stops thinling wat he was about to say..
swara (smirks) – i knew that.. so y are u doing this so called drama ?? Mr.arnav gadodia ?? Hmmmm
bp – maa…wat drama ??
Swara – now stop acting and tell me the truth. I knew that u met anand yesterday. Did he tell u something ??
Bp gets shocked (thinks) – omg maa got to know that i met anand. If i continue my act like this then she will start investigation and wat if she gets to know the truth…no no she cant bear it and moreover if i act like this she will get hurt.
swara – kaha kho gaye aap ??
Bp – nai nai maa i met anand in ofc matters. Y will i meet him personally ?? I dont hav any work with him..
swara – ha ok then y r u behaving like this ??
Bp – ahh….wo…. i just want ur attention……
bp smiles playfully..
swara gets suspicious but as he is fine now she leaves the matr.
swara beats him – acha…so u were showing ur acting skills ha ??.now i will show my fighting skills…..
mohit laughs hard..

bp – i should make u an actor instead of doctor… wat an acting ha ?? And u mohit and sharmishta… u both joined hands with her ….
sumi – sry bhayya but this is the first time my shona asked something from me. So i did it.
mohit – sry badepapa..
bp – its ok…
they all smile..

Swara goes to mm

Swara finds everyone there except sanskar
she goes to parineetha and asks her about her health. Then she leaves to her room.
Her room is very dark.
swara – itna andgera kyun hai ?? Aur sanskar kaha hai ?? Papa told that he is in our room.
sanskar comes there and puts the lights on..
swara sees the decoration…the room is filled with rose petals of all colors. there are dim lights and scented candles all over the room.
She is very happy…
swara (lovingly) – sanskar…..
sanskar (hitting his chest) – ahhhhhhh..i am dieing to listen my name from ur mouth with so much love….
swara goes and hugs him.
swara – dramebaaz…..
sanskar – ha not more than u..

swara – yes u r
sanskar – achaaaa ok now tell me how is the decoration…
Swara – very beautiful…i loved it…..
sanskar – and wat about the person who did the decoration….(he leans to her ears and tells this in a husky voice)
Swara(blushes) – i love him too….
sanskar kisses her forehead.
Swara – sanskar bhuk lagri gai…
sanskar – ha then come lets hav dinner. He arranged a table in their balcony and they hav their dinner.
Swara – wats the need to do all this ?? u were already tired from.journey..
sanskar – no i am fine…but i am sure i will be tired by tomorrow mrng…(winks at her)
Swara blushes….
sanskar carries her in his arms and places her on the bed. Later they..intimate…

Here priya goes to anand’s house..

Firstly anand was shocked to see priya..but then aarav comes..

Aarav goes and hugs priya..
priya and anand both are shocked..

aarav calls her mumma….she is shocked again. Anand gets angry..

aarav – mumma how r u ??
Priya gets shocked as well as happy. She kisses him every where on his face and hugs him.
Priya – i am so happy to hear that from ur mouth..
anand (shouts) – Aarav go to ur room.
aarav goes to his room.

anand – how dare u priya.. mera mana karne ke bawajoot bhi tum aarav se mili…
priya – shut up anand. I am not cheap like u..
anand – then how did he know u ??
Priya – i too was shocked hearing him anand. I too dont know how he knew me..
anand – stop it priya..how many times will u lie..
priya – galti meri hai anand. I came to talk with u about our future. Not becozzz i want u but becozzz aarav needs a mother and i need my son. I thought u were changed. By learning the truth i thought that u were changed but no i was wrong. U r still the same. U never trusted me. That day too u believed that sahil and left me without listening to me and today too u are not ready to listen to me…goodbye mr.anand gadodia…

Saying this priya leaves from there.

Anand was numb hearing her.
Anand (to himself) – she came to me.. aftr wat i hav done to her…i thought she would never come back to me but she came…but i had hurt her again. I let her go again…hu….
Anand gets tears but he controls.
he goes to aarav…
anand – aarav beta how do u know her ??
Aarav (scared) – vatsal…swara mumma showed her photo to me and asked me to hug her wen ever i see her and she also told to call mumma…
anand feels guilty for hurting priya again..

her words goes on echoeing in his ears..
“that day too u believed sahil and left me without listening to me and today too u r not ready to listen to me”
anand makes aarav sleep and he goes to his room..and keeps on thinking about priya and dozes off..

Precap – anand comes to hospital to talk to priya and tries to convince her. Here sanskar gets to know that uttara loves mohit.

Credit to: sam

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