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Here we go

next day mrng.

@ farm house

All get ready to leave goa.

Kavya – swara we enjoyed alot yaar. Just becozz of sanskar.
akash – ya swara and u know the best thing which happened in this trip is u started singing. I think arnav uncle will be very happy.
ragini – ha akash bhai..u r absolutely correct. badepapa will be very happy to listen di’s voice again after 4 yrs. Not only badepapa but our whole family…
sanskar – and even our family too. They know that their bahu is multi-talented. now their happiness increases more.
swara smiles at him.
laksh – acha bhabhi i think its getting late…
swara – ha lucky lets go…ok guys bye and i am really very happy to see u and ur familes. Tanq for coming.
deepak – ohhh madam stop ur thanking session becozzz we r not leaving u yet. We all are going to kolakata snd from there we all will disperse.
Swara – yaa i know….ok ha but deepak i need ur help. i want u to check dadaji and dadi. They r suffering with body pains. I think their bones r affected.
Deepak – ofcouse i will check them. No need to request…
mohit – ok now lets move guys….

All goes to air port.

They all board the flight. And after few hours they reach airport.

To surprise them all maheswari and gadodia family reaches there.

Swara ragini and all are surprised and happy.
Sanlak take blesseings from dp and rp and shekhar and all. Whereas swaragini and mohit goes to dadaji and dadi. and later everyone.
bp didnot come to airport.

Swara – y didnt he come papa ??
Shekhar – i don’t know beta. He said he has an important work.
Mohit – di se zyaada important kaam aur kya hosakti hai papa ??
Sumi – mohit just now u came na ?? Relax for sometime. come everyone. Lets go home.
Kavya , akash – nai aunty..we hav a flight in an hour. So we hav to leave. Bye everyone..
shekhar – acha ok beta. Take care. U hav to come like this every year ok ??
Kavya – we will try uncle. bye swara…
kavya hugs swara , priya , ragini rahul and everyone..
akash too hugs them. They hav a grp selfie Before leaving akash comes and hugs sanskar. He says tanq and they leave.
Shekhar and sumi are showing their love towards priya. All maheswari’s know the truth about priya being daughter-in-law of gadodia family.
they all observe.
Shekhar – priya beta u r becoming lean day by day. R u eating well.
priya – ha pa…uncle.. i am eating well.
Sumi – dont know wat u r eating or wat not…
priya smiles.
Swara smiles seeing them but suddenly she remembers that all maheswari’s knows about priya being anand’s wife.

swara – ok come lets move..

Sumi – swara beta i prepared fav dishes for everyone. So u all will hav lunch at gm only.
swara – ok ma….


All are having lunch…Then suddenly..

Dp – shekhar ji…..y cant u get priya married once again ??
shekhar gets shocked
Swara who is eating food suddenly starts coughing….. hearing this..
priya too gets shocked.
dadaji – jii aap jante hai ??
Dp – ha we know… that day rahul came to our house…..
swara – papa ma i forgot to tell u. Badepapa and all know about priya being dil of this house.
Shekhar – par..
swara – badepapa is saying that y cant priya get married again wen her husband died. Hai na badepapa..
dp – ha wen priya’s husband died then we cant leave her to live her life alone na.. even priya is like my daughter.
sanskar tries to stop them but how will he stop them..
shekhar – my son is alive…
all are shocked…
dadaji – ha he meant that he is alive in our hearts. And priya is not able to fotget anand.
sanskar – haa badepapa..
dp – ohhh ok…
priya gets teary eyed by listening to their talks….
she gets up and leaves from there.
Dp feels guilty – arre swara beta did i say anything wrong ?? I think she is hurt…
swara – no badepapa. She is fine. She just needs sometime. Thatsall. U dont worry.

Here priya goes and thinks about anand and her moments.
then her dad’s death. And then recent reveletions. She starts thinking about aarav… and she thinks to talk to anand.

In the mean while bp comes there. He sees swara and all but goes from there but swara stops him and hugs him.
Swara – bp kaise ho aap ??
Bp – fine. How r u ma ??
Swara – not fine.
bp (tensed) – wat happened ??
Swara – dont worry. I am fine but ur behaviour is not fine. Wats going on ??
Bp – nthng ma. I hav some important work.. ok bye..

Saying this he rushes to his room.

all are shocked by his behaviour.

Precap – reason for bp’s strange behaviour. Priya and anand meeting. Swasan moments.

Sry for the small update. I am very busy but still i am managing two give u regular updates. But next time i will try to make it longer.

Credit to: sam

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