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Episode 83

Here we go

@farm house

In swasan room

Swara – sanskar… uthoo na…kab se uthari
sanskar – plzzz baby let me sleep
swara – sanskar i’ll always let u sleep but not today. do u remember, we should go
Sanskar – shona lets sleep for sometime. We can go after sometime. U know yesterday we slept too late.
swara – ha i reminded u that we hav to leave early in the mrng. But wen did u listen to me ?? Huuu
sanskar pulls her by her wrist as a result she falls on him.
sanskar – toh kya karu. U r too tempting….
Saying this he leans towards her.
swara(blushes) – sanskar stop there.
She gets up and takes his clothes out and pulls his blanket.
Swara – now get up and get ready fast. I will go and see mohit.
sanskar – u r a very bad and unromantic wife a person can ever get.
Swara – ok i agree. Now go and get ready.
Saying this she goes out.

@mohit’s room

Mohit is still sleeping.

Swara comes there and sees him sleeping. She gets worried. she immediately runs towards him and checks his temperature.

She sighs relieved as his temperature is normal.
She sits beside him and carreses his hair.
With her touch he wakes up.
Mohit – di aap yaha ??
Swara – ha bachu i came to wake up u. Y shouldn’t i come here ??
Mohit – di nthng like that. Y r u talking like that ?? U know na u r the most important person in my life who has every right on
Swara (teary eyed) – mohit maine shaadi karke galti toh nahi ki na ??
Mohit (shocked and surprised) – di wat type of a question is this ?? Y r u thinking like that ??
Swara – i don’t know but i am feeling that u r going away from me. I mean i can’t bear these changes. I am worried about u. U never slept alone. I was always there for u But my marg changed everything. I kept on thinking about this from the day of my marg but i never had courage to say this to u. I hav sanskar with me but….
mohit – hogaya aapka ?? Ab mai kuch bolu ??Di first of all i am not alone. U hav left no stone unturned to make me feel ur
presence. Even though u r busy u made sure that we both hav lunch together in ur hospital as we do before ur marg. And most importantly u r not going away from
me nor i was going away from u. do u remember our conversation before ur marg ?? We decided to show the world that our relation is not so weak that would get effected by ur marg. And see we r still the same. And we will always be the same. And never talk like that. I can’t even
imagine the thought of going away from u.
Swara hugs mohit tightly.
Mohit – i love u di. More than anyone in this world.
Swara – i too love u more than anything.
Sanskar comes from back – acha then wat about me ?? Ha ??
Swara (teasing) – i don’t love u. I only love mohit and more than anyone.
Sanskar – acha…. ok then i will make u say that u love me. Its my challenge. Now we r going out na ?? before coming back here u
will say that u love me.
Swara – haha ok lets see.
mohit – diii y r u arguing with jiju ??
swara – bachuu u don’t know him. He will tease me more than this.
Mohit – hahaha acha ok. Di i am going to freshen. jiju don’t tell to uttara that i am
Sanskar – ohhh so u r still her slave.
mohit – ha jiju
swara – bachu r u fine with this silent mode or shall i tell uttara to…
mohit – no di its ok. If u say she will feel bad.
sanskar – no no mohit she willnot feel bad. I will not talk to her.
Mohit – no jiju its ok.
Swara – ok ok now u go and get fresh. I will bring milk for u.
Mohit – diii nooo. I dont want to drink milk.
Swara – first u go and take bath.
mohit goes. Swara is about to go.
Sanskar – y will u trouble ur brother always with milk
swara – ohhh hello wat r u saying ?? I am not troubling him. I am making him healthier. He hav to drink this. So that he
will not get sick.
Sanskar – if he doesnot want to drink then leave him na ?? He is not a kid.
swara – ofcourse he is. And now u stop supporting ur brother-in-law.
Saying this she goes to kitchen.
sanskar – hey bhagwan.. i hav a request. Plzzz make my kids stronger to bear their mad mom.


Swara merts priya.
Priya is preparing black coffee.
swara – do u still love black coffee
priya (smiles faitly) – huuu i used to hate this but the day i started loving him i started loving his tastes too. That is the reason y i started loving this black coffee. waqt ke saath saath ye coffee aur anand dono meri aadat ban chuke hai. Huuu lekin… see my fate swara today i hate him from the core of my heart for killing my father. But i couldnkt hate this coffee.
swara – priya i need to tell u something..
priya – wat ??
Swara – …..(tells everything aboit how blackmailed anand to divorce priya)I know that anand commited a very big mistake but there is a reason. he wanted to save ur reputation. i know that he shouldnot hurt u like that and for this u hav full right to hate him but plzzz think about aarav. And take a decision.
priya is shocked to listen the truth but still she cannot forget the behaviour how he dragged her to her house and how he insulted her father and how her father got heart atrack.
priya – wat decision are u talking about ??
Swara – u know better…
Saying this she leaves the kitchen and
comes with milk and coffee To mohit’s room. She gives coffee to sanskar and milk to mohit.

Mohit refuses but swara makes him drink. Sanskar laughs seeing mohit’s

They all get ready and go out. they all move out in pairs.

They all enjoy their personal time with their partners.
Except priya and rahul.
Rahul keeps on talking about anand and how gud he is . This irks priya so she goes to farm house.

Priya enters the farm house and starts thinking about her and anand. Hiw he cared about her. Though he didnlt love her. He cared about her alot. Their consummation and their lovely moments and then anand hurting her. Everything is fladhing in her mind.
And then she remembers swara saying this that anand did this to save her reputation. Then she thinks about wat rahul said about how he took blame on him to save shekhar. she keeps on thinking about this And sleeps.


Uttara and mohit keeps on fighting. Uttara keeps on irritating him and he keeps on talking in sign language.

Raglak and other couples are busy in romance. Whereas swara and sanskar are enjoying the scenery.
Suddenly sanskar gets an idea to win the challenge.
He goes and flirts with a girl.
Sanskar to a girl – hiii dear… hw r u ??
Girl – hiii handsome. But i didnot recognize u…
sanskar – ok guess. I am ur frnd…
girl – my frnd ….
sanskar – yes i am ur school frnd.
Girl – ohhh really. Ok let me guess.
Swara sees this and she is fuming in jealousy as the girl called her sanskar handsome…
sanskar – ya ya guess….
girl – hmm rajesh…sanjeev….manik….
sanskar keeps on nodding a no.
girl – sahil….. r u sahil…
sanskar nods yes playfully….
girl hugs sanskar – omg sahil….u became so handsome…..
sanskar gets shocked by the sudden hug whereas swara is angry by hearing sahil’s name and also by seeing them both hugging each other. Now its enough for swara. Her anger is out….
swara goes and separates them..
Swara – excuse me..u….see he us not sahil.. he is sanskar.. my husband. So plzz stay away.
Girl – but he himself said that he is sahil…Hai na sahil…
swara is very angry now listening her calling sanskar as sahil..
swara (shouts with all her might) – shut up…just shut up..he is not sahil..don’t even dare to call him sahil.
mohit and uttara who are near to swasan hears swara’s shout goes to them.
sanskar is shocked to see swara’s anger. He didnot know that swara can be so angry.
girl gets afraid and goes away.
Mohit – di y r u shouting at her.
Swara – mohit how dare she call my sanskar sahil….
mohit (shock) – wat ?? Y us she calling jiju as sahil…
swara gives an angry look to sanskar and leaves….
sanskar – arre swara i just did it for fun. listen to me Once…
but swara goes.
mohit – jiju y is she calling u sahil..
sanskar – woh…actually…. (he says mohit everything his prank)
Mohit – ohhh shit…jiju..
sanskar – now wat hapened ??
Mohit – nthng noe u go and convince ur lila….
sanskar – not funny mohit…
mohit – acha ok ok sry. Ha she us jealous of that girl and moreover di hates that name. I mean sahil. She really hates that name. So she reacted like that.
Sanskar – y ??
Mohit – becozz he is back of di. He is obsesed with di..
sanskar (thinks) – duniya ke saare mard meri biwi ke peeche kyun pade hai ??.huuu
Mohit – jiju wat r u thinking ??
sanskar – nthng…ok i am going to search ur di. U all go to farm house.
Mohit – ok u go. Don’t worry di went there, near the swimming pool. I saw her. U go and convince ur wife. I will inform all of them and we will leave.
Sanskar – ok..
sanskar goes and he finds swara…

Swara is sitting on a bench.Sanskar goes and sits near her.

Sanskar keeps his hands on her shoulders – i am sry swara. I just thought to make u confess that u….
swara – that i love u hai na ?? I know. I love u. I love u. And i love u. Happy now.. i will say this thousand times a day but plzzz dont talk with any other girl. It hurts me.
sanskar – i am sry swara. I thought u will take it as a joke but u became too serious.
Swara – thats not a joke sanskar. Yesterday u told that u cant propose anyone as it hurts me but today u r flirting with that girl.. huuu how can u do this sanskar ??
Sanskar – arre meri maa plzz forgive me. I just did for fun. And i promise u i will never do that again and i didnot expect that u will be hurt. I thought u will be irritated. U know i love ur irritated face very much. U look very cute in that look.
Swara – acha now stop buttering me. I forgave u.
Sanskar – waise madam i got to know about ur fan
Swara – wat ?? Who ?? Wat r u talking ??
Sanskar – arre sahil. Mohit told me that u hate that name and him as he is obsessed with u….
swara – ha now lets leave this topic and lets go home.
sanskar – ok chalo…

Swasan also go.

all after having supper sit together.
Deepak – so guyd we all are leaving tomorrow. Again we will get indulged in our works. So we hav to njoy this night fully.
All – yes…
rahul – first of all we should thank sanskar for this wonderful get together.
Akash – ya true. Thanks sanskar..
sanskar – stop it guys. I just did it for my wife.
kavya – but still sanskar we r really very happy and this is all becozz of u.
Kavya’s husband – ya sanskar. Tanq so much.
Swara – ok ok now stop this tanq session and lets start enjoying. First let us start with a dance.
uttara – woww dance…. who ??
Swara – mohit ….
mohit – me ??
Swara – ha u only. U r a superb dancer. and now u r going to dance. Come om start….
mohit – ok ok..

Mohit goes on stage and performs for
tu tu tu meri..ri…mai tera.ra..hone laga…..
song from bang bang….
swara shouts and njoys fully.
laksh – wowww bhabhiii wat an energy ha….
Swara – ha ofcourse see my brother…..his dance makes me energetic…..
laksh – ya not only u see all are njoying…
uttara is staring mohit lovingly…..
priya sees this but ignores.
Like that all.njoy….
raglak dance on bajara….song…

akash dances with his wife….

Like that all njoys very well

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