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Chapter 82

Here we go

@farm house

Rahul’s room

Rahul is remembering how swara is hugging sanskar and their moments.he gets teary eyed.
rahul to himself – i am really happy for u swara That u got sanskar as ur husband. I don’t know y i love u this much but i couldnot forget u. But seeing u happy is making me happy. the only thing that is worrying me is the truth. I don’t know wen u get to know the truth how will u react. I am sure u will forgive anand bhai but at the same time u will start hating shekhar uncle……
priya – which truth rahul ??
rahul turns back and gets shocked to see priya there.
rahul – p..r..priya….
priya closes the door and asks rahul to tell the truth…
rahul – priya i will tell u everything but plzz don’t tell this to anyone.this truth will break swara completely.
priya – ok. Now tell me.
anand – priya actually…. shekhar uncle is behind swara’s badepapa getting treated in london. I mean the unknown person who blackmailed sanskar and laksh to take bp to london in none other than shekhar uncle.
Priya(shouts) – hav u gone mad rahul ?? Anand did this. Not shekhar uncle.
rahul – no priya anand bhai took this blame on him but shekhar uncle did this. but shekhar uncle just wanted to be with swara and also he sent bp to london for better treatment. So that in the mean time he can spend time with swara and wen bp gets out of coma he will come back.
Flash back
Anand – papa how can u do thid to badepapa ?? He is ur brother…
shekhar – i didnot do anything wrong anand. this is good for both bhayya and all of us. Bhayya will get good treatment and at the same time i will get to spend time with my swara. Do u know how much it hurts wen swara gives more importance to bhayya ?? anand try to understand even i love bhayya. I am not harming him anand.
anand – but papa wat if swara gets to know about this ?? She starts hating u papa. Hav u thought about this ??
shekhar(panics) – no this can’t happen. My daughter cant hate me. Anand plzz do something…
anand – papa i will take the blame but not for u but for swara. She already hates me. So it doesnot hurt her more. But if she gets to know about u she will break. I cant see my sister like that.
Shekhar – but she won’t leave u anand…
anand – its ok papa. but she cant bear the truth that bp died. And according to his condition there are very less chances for him to come out of coma. We cant give swara a false hope. make sure that she believes that bp died.
Shekhar – then she will hate u more…
anand – hmmmm someone has to pay for ur mistakes na papa…
shekhar feels hurt. He slowly starts realizing his mistake.

Then @Gm
swara – papa i dont want to see his face papa. Plzzzz send him out.
Shekhar – swara beta i….
swara – either he should stay here or i should stay here.
anand (arrogant) – ohhh shut up swara. Dont create a scene. Anyways badepapa died na wats the big deal if i send the body with them.
dadaji slaps him hard.
Dadaji – shame on urself anand. He is ur badepapa.
swara – dont call him anand dadu. He is not anand. He is someone else. this cruel animal had no feeling in him.
Dadaji – for swara u died 2 years back only wen priya’s father died becozz of u but for us u died today. that day i thought that there must be some reason for ur behaviour but i was wrong. From today onwards u died for all of us. Shekhar, sharmishta , ragini u three listen carefully. Dont even dare to meet him.
Anand (rude) – here no one is dieing to be with u all. Infact i am ready to leave this stupid house.
Sumi (cries) – y r u doing this anand ?? U were not like this. Wat happened ??
Anand looks at shekhar with painful eyes and then leaves the house with aarav.
Swara tries to stop aarav but anand refused and went away.

**flashback ends**

Priya (teary eyes) – anand did this much for swara ?? If he loves his family so much then y did he do that with me ??
Rahul – priya..woh….
priya – i dont want to listen about that person anymore. Watever he may do for his family but the truth is i lost my father becozz of him and i hate him.

saying this priya starts going…but she stops and says “dont worry i will never let swara know the truth”
Rahul – tanq.
Priya – waise u dont say thanks but u prepare upma for me tomorrow mrng. I still remember ur upma tastescreally very well.
rahul – no i wont…
priya – u hav to make it becozz u lost the game.
rahul – ha shit stuoid game. All becozz of this swara. She gave a dare to imitate our principal. But its really difficult to imitate him huu….
priya – watever may be the dare. U lost it so u are my slave for the next two days. So prepare upma
rahul – huu ok..

@ raglak side

Ragini – laksh so wat is my punishment ?? I lost the game na ??
Laksh – ha u lost the game. So ur punishment will be……. nthng…
ragini – wat ??
Laksh – ha u will do nthng… until i tell u to do anything. Watever u do u hav to ask me even if u r going to eat or even if u r going to take bath or u r going to sleep …..
ragini – laksh this is not fair….
laksh – ha then who told u to lose the game…
ragini – laksh they are asking me about my first kiss. How could i say them ??
Laksh (winks at her) – ha u could hav said about our first kiss na ?? Dont u remember in rain……..
ragini – laksh….

@uttmoh side

Uttara – so r u ready to be my slave mr.mohit gadodia ??
Mohit (sad) – ha ready but dont u dare to tease me more or else…
uttara – or else wat will u do ha ?? And u plzzz dont talk about dare ok. U lost the dare thats y u became slave.
mohit – hmmm ha that stupid deepak bhai.. who will give a dare to eat 10 mirchi’s. I would hav eaten it but di is worried. Di told not to eat so i stopped.
Uttara – ohhh watever bhabhi says u will do ha ??
Mohit – ya ofcourse…
uttara (serious and lovingly) – if bhabhi tells u to marry me then ??
Mohit (shocs but thinks she is joking) – i will but u know my di doesnot want me to face the hell. She loves me very much…..
saying this he runs..
uttara too runs back of him.

later they both get tired and sit there.
mohit – ok now tell me wat do u want me to do.
Uttara – be silent. U shouldnot talk until i say. U should talk to them thorough ur actions (uttara doesnot know that mohot knows sign launguage)
Mohit (smirks) – ok untill u say i willnot talk to anyone.

They both go to their respective rooms.


Sanskar – so madam as i failed to do my dare i am ur slave.
swara – sanskar… y didnt u do that ?? Ha its just a game. U could hav done it. I know u intentionally lost the game.
sanskar – hmm mrs.maheswari.. u know there are many advantages in losing the game. most importantly i love to be ur slave.
and they asked me to propose anotjer girl there except u , ragini and uttara. How can i propose any other girl wen i love u. even though its a game i know it will hurt u. So i didnt do it.
swara hugs him.
swara – y do u love me so much ??
Sanskar – u r saying as if u love me less ??
I know u love me more than i do…
swara – no u love me more….
sanskar – nooo u love me more than i do…..
swara kisses his forehead – we both love each other more than anything in this world.
sanskar smiles and sleeps in her lap.
Swara carreses his hair.
Sanskar – swara u know wen u touch my hair like this na , i will get sleep.
swara – then sleep na …..
sanskar – first will u tell me wat will u make me do ??
Swara ruffling his hair – nthng… u just sleep. (Kissing his hair)
Sanskar – ok i will sleep. but let me first complete mrng’s incomplete work….
swara (blushes) – u remembered it ??
Sanskar – ha my dumbo brother spoiled my moment..huuu.(Pouts) so now common kiss me becozzz i am sleeping in ur lap so i cant get up. u only come to me….(winks)
Swara – sanskar…u r such a dramebaaz……
swara leans towards him and kisses him.

Later both sleep in each other’s embrace.


All comes out of the room after getting ready and all settle down in the breakfast table.
Everyone shouts – breakfast…..
swara – arre everyone cane except rahul..akash where is rahul ??
Akash – i dont know.yesterday i saw him with priya
priya – i dont know swara…
priya winks at swara.

Swara understands that priya told rahul to prepare the upma. Becozzz all their frnds are fans of rahul’s upma..

Swara laughs hard.
sanskar – swara y r u laughing ??
Swara – u will get to know sanskar. Wait for sometime. mohit do u want me to prepare breakfast for u or u will eat upma ??
Mohit signs that he will eat upma and no need of her to strain.
swara – ok but y r u talking in sign language ??
Uttara (shocks) – sign language ?? Mohot knows sign language ??
Swara – ha but y r u shocked ??
Uttara – nooo mohit this is cheating…Thats y wen i saud u to be silent u were smirking na ??
Swara and sanskar understands that uttara told him to talk with actions as mohit is her slave. Swasan smile.
laksh – arre will anyone tell me wats happening ??
uttara – bhai mohit is my slave na ?? so i asked him to be silent and not to talk. He should talk with only actions but then he didnlt tell me that he knows sign language.
sanskar – ohhh my dumbo sister.. who will tell u like that ?? If he says that u will change his punishment na ??…..
All laughs…

just then rahul comes there with bowls full of upma……

All laughs seeing him. His face is full of white powder. He is looking not less than a joker.

swara(laughs) – hahaha priyaa.. wat did u do yaar. Bechara.. see his face.
Akash – hahaha dude u r looking very cute. (He takes a photo of rahul)
i will send this photo marg beuro with the caption “most eligible bachelor with multiple talents like cooking”
Swara and priya give hi-fi to each other.
priya – hahaha akash super caption…..
rahil gives i-will-kill-u look to priya…
sanskar – suresh…… take that bowl from sir’s hand and serve evetyone… and by the way where is meena ma ?? She used to cook the food na ??
Meena comes there – sir actually…
rahul – sanskar its ok. i only insisted her to cook as priya told me as i was her slave.
Sanskar – ohhh ok. Sry meena ma. Now u go and prepare the lunch.
Meena – ok sir…

Swara – ohh joker now go, change and have ur breakfast.
Rahul – huuu ok but i am not joker.
swara – hahaha…
rahil goes..
suresh serves the upma.
All starts eating…
ragini is about to eat….
laksh – ragini u r forgetting something ??
Ragini renembers – ha sry laksh i forgot. Laksh i am eating……
swara – that he can see ragini then y r u telling him ??
Sanskar – lucky wat did u do ?? She is ur slave na ?? Then wat did u make her to do ??
laksh (laughs) – bhai …. (he says about ragini’s punishment)
All laughs……..
deepak – haha that means ragini u hav to say everything before doing hahaha. How funny it is na ??
Imagine ..ragini saying “laksh i am eating..” ,”laksh i am going” , ” laksh i am doing this …. i am doing that…
Sanskar – deepak…stop teasing my saali yaar. And lucky uuuu how dare u to trouble my ragini ??
Swara – sanskarr its just for fun. Lucky u continue….
all hav upma..
laksh – wowww rahul…. upma is really gud. the girl who marries u will be really lucky.
ragini – Ha right all girls are not unlucky like me.
laksh – oyy wat do u mean by that ??
Uttara – simple bhai… i know u understood.
swara – ragini u r really very lucky to get my devar. Dont say like that.
laksh – hahaha tanq bhabhi. mohit u r right yaar no one can handle ragini.
Mohit smiles and shows thumps up.
swara – uttara let him talk na ??
uttara – no bhabhi. He cheated me without saying that he knows sign language na ?? Now he will bear the punishment.
mohit signs something to swara and swara smiles.
Sanskar – wat is he saying ??
Swara – he is saying that now he doesnot need to waste his energy by talking. And by this act i will stay with him only as only i can understand his language.
Sanskar smiles.
Kavya – waise swara, yesterday sanskar failed to do the dare na so wat punishment u gave him.
swasan (shocks as swara didnot give any punishment but she says that they all will tease them)
Ragini – punishment and di… impossible. I think she didnot give any punishment.
swara – arre no no raguuu i gave him..
ragini – acha wat is it ??
Sanskar -woh…she….
laksh – bhai i know bhabhi didnot give any punishment so stop thinking too much.
All teases them…

All hav some fun and the day goes on like that.

Precap – last day of the trip and swara tells priya that sahil blackmailed anand to divorce her.

Lets see whether priya and anand get back together or not.

Sry if it is boring or uninteresting

Credit to: sam

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