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@ mrng

Everyone get ready to leave to Goa.

Swara goes to hospital early mrng and
checks everything and comes back.
She sees the bags packed and sanskar getting ready standing infromt of mirror.
Swara goes and back hugs sanskar.
swara – wat is the need for u to pack the bags. Mai kardeti…
sanskar – no but u r already tired with ur hospital. So i packed it.
Swara – tanq so much.
sanskar turns backs and holds her hands.
Sanskar – do u really want to thank me ??
Swara – haa
sanskar (smiles naughtily) – ok then kiss me
swara (blushes) – stop it sanskar. Our bags are packed but wat about my dear devar
and nanand. I have to go and help and i am sure this lucky will be shouting at ramu kaka.
Just then they hears laksh’s shout – ramu kaka..
swara and sanskar smiles.
sanskar – u know very well about them.
swara – ha i know now leave. I hav to help
sanskar – no first my kiss.
Sanskar leans towards swara. They are inches apart frpm each other but laksh
storms in to their bed room.
Soon both composes.
Sanskar cursing laksh For spoiling the moment. Swara smiles at him.
laksh – bhabhi i am irritated with my packing.
uttara too comes and joins him.
uttara – mee too bhabhi plzz help…
sanskar – uttara lucky u became so big. Till now u dont know how to pack the things ha ??
Laksh – we dont know tho kya karenge aap
swara – nthng now stop ur discussion and lucky u come with me. I will pacj ur things. And uttara for u i kept some clothes separately folded. U just take them and
pack it. Thats all u hav to do.
uttara hugs her – tanq so much bhabhi…
uttara goes from there. Swara goes with laksh where as sanskar gets upset.

@ laksh’s room

Swara packs everything in his bag.
swara – lucky do u need anything more ??
Laksh – no bhabhi thats it. But sry for troubling u.
swara – shut up. from wen did u start
saying me sry.
Laksh – haha ok ok i won’t say sry. Now u go i think u hav to pack mohit’s bag also na…

swara – no no i already did it yesterday night itself.
Laksh – omg bhabhi u r really a super fast
express. Wen will u do all these works. U will spend time with us at the same time u will complete all the work. Sach mein bhai is really lucky.
swara (smiles) – now stop buttering me.
swara and laksh talk for sometime and after that all reach the airport.
mohit comes to swara and talks normally no actually pretending to be normal. But swara is swara. She knew very well about her brother.
All board the flight. Their families already
reavhed goa.

In flight

Mohit and uttara sits beside each othere.
As usual both starts fighting but later they keep on talking. Uttara loves him but mohit being dumbo doesnot understand her feelings. But mohit starts to like her
Swasan and raglak sits together. But swara keeps on noticing mohit. she finds something is wrong.

Swara (thinks) – wats wrong with mohit. He is smiling but not whole heartedly. Wats wrong with him ??
Sanskar taps swara’s shoulder.
Sanskar – shonacwat r u thinking ??
Swara – about mohit
Sanskar – mohit ?? Wat happened to him ??
Swara – thats wat i am not able to understand. He is pretending to be fine but not fine.
sanskar – swara relaxxm u r over thinking.
Swara – no sanskar something is wrong with him. I can feel it.
sanskar – ok then after reaching goa u talk to him.
swara – hmm ok.
swara keeps her head on his shoulder.
They reach goa.

All leave to the farm house except mohit and swara.

Swara stops mohit as she wanted to talk something with him.
Mohit – di y did u stop me from going.
swara – becozzz i need to talk to u.
Mohit (stammers) – wa…wat do u want to talk…
swara – mohit wats happening to u.. r u hiding something ??
Mohit becomes numb. he doesnt knoe wat to say. If he say no then his sister would catch his lie. Uf he say yes then he should tell her the truth.

swara – i know U r hiding something. Now tell me wats that…
mohit – di woh….
swara – mohit tell me bachu. wats bothering u so much ??
Mohit – di leave it na.
swara(hurt) – i thought u will never hide
anything from me but u r hiding. Ok i understand.
mohit – di dont talk like that. Ok i will tell u.
But u shouldnot worry becozzz i already started my work. So everything will be fine.
swara – first tell me wat happened.
mohit – di wen i was searching for ur frnds
names and lists. I found one of my old frnds number. So i calked him. But wen i talked to him i gotvto know about the truth.
swara – which truth ??
Mohit – dii u remeber sahil ??
Swara(angry) – how can i forget him ?? He is the main reason behind spoiling priya’s life.
mohit – he is not only the main reason di but he is the person who spoiled her life. Di we only know that he had sent the video of anand bhai and priya’s to our familes. But
there is one more thing he did.
swara – wats that ??
Mohit – sahil told anand bhai that priya loves him and so to marry him, priya only asked him to take the video and send to familes. That is y anand bhai is furious th
at day and on knowing u know the matr…
swara – mohit i knew it but it is anand’s fault thatvhe believed on him not priya. And one more thing becozzz of him oy master
died. I cant forguve him.
mohit – di there is one more thing u need to know about.
swara – and wats that ??
Mohit – anand bhai was being blackmailed by sahil.
Swara shocks.
mohit – ha di sahil blackmailed anand bhai
to divorce priya and also about the custody.if anand bhai didnot do as he said then he threatened to upload their videos in internet. Thats y anand bhai did this. ha i agree anand bhai was wrong but wen i got to know the truth i was shocked. I am feeling very guilty for leaving him alone in
that situation.
Swara feels guilty but soon her guilt is replaced by anger.
Swara – but he is the one behind bp going
to london na ??
mohit too agrees with her.
swara – waise how did ur frnd know about all this ??
Mohit – becozzz sahil is his cousin. sahil himself confessed everything To him. my frnd told that sahil is guilty for wat he had done. He realized his mistake and he also
asked an apology to anand bhai.
swara – hmm then y didnt anand accept priya ?? Y did he make her suffer all these years. Ha ?? Becozzz of his ego. He is
spoiling priya’s life and how can he keep priya away from aarav. He doesnot hav any reason for it. He is just doing this becozz of his ego. Hmmm leave it bachuuu. u dont
take tension.
Mohit – di i want priya and anand bhai together once again.
swara – i too want the same but not for
anand but for priya. she cant live her whole life alone na ??
Mohit – ha di. Lets do something.
swara – u dont worry i will slowly convince
her but anand has to realize his mistake and he has to apologise to priya. And i will make sure this will happen. Now u be happy. I will take care of it.
Mohit smiles. They both go to farm house.

Sanskar sees them coming and by seeing swara’s face he understood that everything
is fine.
Soon he goes and hugs both of them.
sanskar – thank god u both are finally smiling. i am happy that everything is fine.
swara breaking the hug – how do u know
that everything is fine ??
Sanskar – nadam by seeing ur million dollar smile anyone can understand that.
Swara and mohit smiles.

sanskar – mohit from next time onwards u dont be upset like this. Becozzz if u r upset then she will eat my brain.
swara beats him on his shoukder playfully.
mohit – dont worry jiju. Even though she eat ur brain u will hav lot more with u.
Swara – haha very funny….(Sarcasticaly)
now u both will tease me ha ??
Sanskar – ha any doubt ??
Swara – ok then i too will call my lucky. sanskar i hope u remember last time prank.
Sanskar remembers swara sticking ‘i an a fool’ paper on his back.
sanskar(shouts) – no u r not going to do anything like that.
Swara (laughs) – then u too dont try to tease me.
Saying this she goes.

Everyone hav lunch after sometime.

After lunch…
sanskar – swara i need to attend a video
call. So i will be back in an hour.
swara – ok
sanskar goes. Laksh is busy in romancing
with ragini. All are busy with their partners.
Just then priya comes there.
Priya hugs swara and tells her – i am sry swara i came late but i suddenly got a delivery case so i missed the flight.
Swara – koyi baat nahi u first settle down.
Swara tells servant to keep priya’s luggage inside.

Seeing priya rahul too comes and wishes her.
rahul – hii priya how r u ??
Priya – y did u do that ??
Rahul becomes silent.
swara calms diwn priya. Akash too teaches there.
akash – heyyy priys how r u ??
priya – fine…
swara – rahul i am sry actually i shouldnot accuse u like that ??
rahul – its ok swara.
priya – wat did u tell ??
Swara – woh priya actually i know u never do that on ur own so i thought he was blackmailimg u. I told it in anger.
Priya – wat shona.. u know about him na ?? He can never do that.
swara – but priya if he can fake his marg and if he can help that man then y cant He
do that ??
rahul – swara i understand ur pov. U r right
Anyone in ur place will think like that only. But i hav a reason for doing this. I want u to tell the whole truth to sanskar.
swara – wat ?? R u insane ??
Rahul – swara he need to know about this. He need to know about ur brother being alive and he is none other than vats…
swara – dont dare to call that person as my brother. My brother died. remember onething i hate vatsal. Hope u get it.
Rahul – acha ok ok u calm down. and i am sry. I will never do anything like this again ok.
swara – hmm ok
Akash – hmm shona atleast now u smile yaar…
swara smiles.
all of them talks alot. Just then sanskar too comes there. They plans to play something.
laksh – ok guys i hav a plan. Lets play truth
or dare but in a different way.
swara – how ??
Laksh – bhabhi its simple lets make two teams. We will play truth or dare normally.
If u fail to do something u have to be slave for two days to the winning team. How is that ??
Ragini – laksh its really nice. Now i agree u
too hav a brain.
swara – now u stop insulting my devar. Dumbo…
sanskar – rago leave them yaar. They both
are like that only. i pity them. Huuu mad people….
mohit – omg now u guys stop fighting and lets start the game.
Laksh – ok all boys one team and all girls one team. If u fail to do the dare or say the truth h should be a slave to ur partner for the rest of the days we spend here.
swara – but all are not couples here na. Then wat should we do….
sanskar – who else are remaining ??.mohit uttara priya rahul thats it na ??.so lets pair them…
ragini – good idea jiju
mohit – ok me and priya one team…
kavya – arre no mohit she is elder to u and more than u both share a brother and sister bond. She will not let u be her slave and neither u do.
mohit – kavya di this is too much.
sanskar – arre she is right… Ok do one thing.. u pair up with uttara. And priya with rahul.
deepak – ha this us good. Ok now lets start the game…

they all sit in a round. Sanskar spins the bottle.it stops at kavya.

Deepak – i will ask her. Truth or dare ??
Kavya – ofcourse truth…
kavya’s husband – deepak anywaysxshe will say truth only. Ask somethinh that she cannot say and so that she become my slave.
Kavya – hahaha u dont be so happy. I hav courage to say the truth.
Deepak – acha jii lets see. during our clg days do u hav any crush. If so then tell about the whole story…
kavya shocks…
swara and rahul laughs hard. Swara gives hi-fi to deepak.
kavya – swara u know about this ??
Swara – hahaha ha kavya i only told rahul and deepak. but sry dear i dont know they will tease u like this…
deepak – now say na kavya. Just a few
moments before u were saying that u hav the courage to say the truth..now wat happened ??
Kavya seeing her husband fuming in anger -umm…..i used to hav a crush on our professor but wen i saw…….no i cant say. I agree my defeat…
swara – no kavya its ok tell na. No need to
worry. Its just for fun.
kavya – but its so embarasing
kavya’s husband (fuming in jealosy) – aisa kya kardi tumne ??
kavya – umm. Wen i saw him with his wife in a clg fest… i….mixed motion salt…
all laughs….
kavya – i was so jealous seeing him with his wife so i did that but i want his wife to drink it but unfortunately our proffessor drank that…..
all laughs hard…
sanskar – omg u r too funny kavya..
kavya – haha sanskar if u get to know about ur wife’s deeds na then u will be shocked..
swara -u shut up kavya and commom guys lets start the game. So kavya told the truth. So we won.
laksh – bhabhi u are diverting the topic very nicely but we wont leave u wen ur turn comes.
swara – hmm ok lets see.
like that all play like that. Now wen the bottle gets spun it stops at swara….
rahul – i will ask.
laksh – no i will ask bhabhi.
ragini – laksh we will play everytime na. Let rahul bhai ask di..
swara (thinks) – omg swara u r dead. Rahul knows everything about u. He wants to tell the truth to sanskar. Now if u say the truth… u are out……
Rahul – truth or dare….
swara – dare…
rahul – ohhh wow dare ??.impressive… sanskar dont worry i will make u win bro.
Sanskar smiles.
swara(tensed) – give fast idiot.
rahul – haha ok domt be tensed. I am sure u cant do this. SING A SONG FOR UR HUSBAND.
all are shocked.
Mohit gets really very angry and shouts – wat the hell is this rahul bhai. U know that di….
sanskar – mohit relaxxx its just a song…
mohit (thinks) – now how can i tell u jiju that di left singing 4 years back only. She is a very nice singer but she left it after breaking ties with anand bhai. Anand bhai only asked di to join music academy.
rahul – swara so u cant sing right ??
Swara (smiles and very happy) – no i will sing a song for my husband but before that i need to say a few words.
Mohit is shocked – di u no need to sing..
swara – mohit i am happy to sing a song fir sanskar.
Swara – u all know that i left singing 4 years back. Sanskar actually i used to sing in every functions and parties and fests in our clg. I am not a great singer but not bad too.
kavya – dont say like that swara. u know mr.sanskar swara will sing very nicely. She also got an offer to sing for a movie through her badepappa’s business partner but she refused.
swara – acha leave all that. Sanskar i am sry i didnlt tell u becozzz i hav decided not to sing untill i die but today i changed my decision. Ur love changed my decision. I again want to start singing that too only for u. Shall i ??
Mohit and ragini are very happy.
ragini – omg jiju u know even bp asked her not to stop singing but still she stopped. She didnot agree to badepapa but she is singing for u.. wow i must say di loves u very much..
mohit – jiju i am feeling jealous of u. di how many times i asked u but u refused me…
swara (smiles) – sry.. everyone laugh…
sanskar hugs swara tightly. She too recipricates…
sanskar – swara if u dont want to sing then u need not sing ok ??
Swara – no sanskar i want to sing that for u.. but its ok if u dont want to listen then…
sanskar – no i want to listen plzzz sing na….
swara smiles at him and about to kiss his cheeks but seeing everyone she stopped.

Swara sang the song sun raha hai na female version From aashiqui 2

She sang so beautifull that all are involved in her melodious voice.
Sanskar is shocked and haply as well.

All claps to her. All praises her voice.
Laksh – wow bhabhi sach me u should sing in mves.
swara – dont be funny laksh.

later all go to their rooms.
Swasan room

Sanskar hugs swara tightly – swara u know u sang really very well.
swara – tanq sanskar….
sanskar – but i need to ask u y did u stop singing….
swara – becozzz of bhayya. She says sanskar how anand joined her in music academy and all.
Swara – so wenever i sing i used to remember him. So i stopped singing but today for the first time i didnot remember him. Today for the first time i am happy and infact very very happy. I love u sanskar…..
sanskar is on cloud nine seeing her love towards him…

Precap – another day in goa.

wanna know who lost and who win and also about the punishments.

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