I am extremely sry frndzz but this total week i will be with my cousins. They are not leaving me at night also. We r spending the whole night by chit chatting. I am having a very good time with them but how can i forget about my frndzz. I am requesting them but they are not even listening to me. I am hiding under the blanket and writing this part. Sry frndzzz but i am laughing at my self for all my plans.

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Here we go

@farm house

Swara gets up in the morning. She sees sanskar sleeping peacefully. She goes on staring her husband who looks like a baby wen he is sleeping.
Swara kisses on his forehead and carresses his soft and silky hair.

later swara drapes the blanket around her and slowly tip toes to washroom as his husband doesnot get disturbed.
she gets freshen up and tries to wake up sanskar but seeing him sleeping so peacefully she couldnot do it. But finally she decided to wake him up.
swara slowly sits beside sanskar carresing his hair – sanskar… get up. u r getting late to ofc.
sanskar keeps his head on her lap and holds her tightly by her waist(in sleepy tone) – shona let me sleep yaar. i am very tired.
swara – par..ofc..

sanskar – i am the boss. Who has the dare to question sanskar maheswari….
saying this he sleeps in her lap.
swara smiles at him and kisses him on his hair.
sanskar (sleepy tone) – if u like my hair so much then u can kiss it wenever u want.
swara blushes. Sanskar sleeps for some more time. Later sanskar gets up and freshes and both leaves for mm.

@ MM

They both knew that if anybody sees them they will tease them badly so both planned to run away to their room immediately bit to their bad luck pari saw them.
pari – hmmm wom welcome my dear devar…and devrani ji…. how was ur night ??
Swara is blushing hard but composes herself.
sanskar – bhabhiii plzzz yaar let us go. U r my team na ?? If uttara or adharsh bhai or the devil of this house lucky see us then we r dead.
pari – its not so easy sanskar…

just then uttara adarsh and laksh comes there.
Uttara – wowww bhayya making deal with bhabhi ha ?? Not bad…
sanskar hits his forehead with his hand. Swara smiles at him.
laksh – but u r so unlucky.bhabhi is our team only. We r waiting for u since this mrng to tease u.
Adarsh – hmm leave them na lucky. swara u go. We want to play with our brother.
Swara smiled and about to go. but sanskar holds her hand And stops her.
sanskar (like a child) – this is cheating. We both are equally responsible. We r partners in crime so u cant leave her.

All bursts into laughter. Swasan gets embarrassed. Both rushes to their room.

As soon as they reach their room swara beats sanskar in his stomach.
sanskar – ahhhh
swara – wat r u telling outside. Duffer.
sanskar – i said it in tension. If they start teasing us u will only turn into red tomato. I told everything so that they leave both of us becozzz ur pyaara devar won’t allow anyone to tease u. So we both can escape together.

swara (smiles) – not bad mr.maheswari.
I thought u dont hav brain but u proved me wrong.
sanskar – ohh madamm. Dont dare to say that again to me. i am sanskar maheswari,the business tycoon
Swara – acha sry sry.
Saying this swara hugs him.
Swara (still hugging) – sanskar I want to talk to papa.

sanskar – ha ok. go and talk to him. I am sure u will feel better.
swara – u too come na…
sanskar – swara i hav important meetings. U go na…
swara – sanskar i am afraid to face him. I am feeling nervous becozzz of my guilt….
saying this she hugs him more tightly.
He can feel her nervousness.
sanskar breaks the hug abd cups her face.
sanskar – ok i will come.
swara – but wat about ur meetings…
sanskar – dont worry i will postpone them.
swara – u tell me wen will u finish ur meetings ??
Sanskar – at evng 6

Swara – ok then lets go after that.
sanskar – r u sure ??
Swara – ha i am sure.
sanskar – ok then… i will go and take bath. I hav to leave now. Its getting late.
swara (smiles) – ok
swasan get ready and hav breakfast and leave for their respective works.

Swara made sure that sanskar takes his food as he is busy today.

@ evening.


Swara while cooking – badimaa actually today me and sanskar are going to gm for dinner. u dont hav any problm na ??
Ap – arre swara beta y r u asking like that… no need ask. Its ur house, u can go anytime.
swara – tanq so much badima.

Soon swara prepares food for all of them. In the meanwhile sanskar comes. They both freshens up and leaves for gm.

Swara and sanskar enters gm. laksh is already present there as he came to meet ragini.

Shekhar saw swara. He is coming towards them. Swara holds sanskar’s hand. He feels her hands wet. He understands that she is very tensed and guilty.
shekhar comes and hugs her.

shekhar – arre swara beta u know how much i am happy Wen sanskar informed me that u r ready to accept my gift. I am so happy.
Swara hugs him and cries – i am sorry papa. I really sry. I spent more time with bp but i never realized that i ignored u. I am sry papa….
shekhar gets shocked to listen to her. he looks at sanskar. Sanskar nods his head that swara got to know about everything.
shekhar too got tears in his eyes and hugs her and kisses her forehead.
shekhar – u no need to say sry beta. U didnot do anything wrong. I am sry that i didnot understand u and bhayya. I hav hurt u very much in my stupid assumptions.
swara – no papa i am sry..

sanskar – will u both stop blaming each other….
swara and shekhar smiles

Just then mohit comes there.mohit sees swara tears.He immediately rushes to her
Mohit – di wat happened ?? Y r u crying ?? did papa say anything to u ??
Swara – relax bachu nthng like that. ha i am crying becozzz i am very happy.
saying this she hugs mohit tightly.
mohit becomes very happy seeing his life his sister happy….
mohit – di i am so happy to see u like this.
Swara – ha all credit goes to ur jiju.

mohit breaks the hug and jumps and hugs sanskar. Sanskar was about to fall back but composes. Both hug eachother.
mohit – tanq so much jiju for returning my old di.
sanskar smiles. Swara and mohit goes inside while talking.
shekhar – sanskar did swara know that i consume alchohal.
sanskar – no papa dont worry. I didnpt tell her. Except that she knew everything. Now everything will be fine between u both.
shekhar – tanq so much sanskar. U r the best son-in- law anyone can ever get.
sanskar smiles.

shekhar and sanskar goes inside.
swara – ma where is bp ??

Sumi – shona bhayya went to ofc.
swara – here i came to home and he went there. How dare he ?? ma call him and tell him to come here.
sumi – swara he strictly warned not to disturb him as he has an important meeting. I cant do it.
Swara – ma u r number 1 darpok. Dadu u call him
dadaji – shona y me ?? I want to live swara. I dont want to die so soon. Abhi mera umar hi kya hai ??
Swara laughs
swara – haha dadu this is really funny. U r afraid of ur Own son.huuu ok i will only call.
swara calls him from landline.
bp – i told u na papa not to disturb me (shouts)
Swara – bp mai hu….

bp – arre ma aap…
swara – ha me only. I came here…. u come right now…
bp – ha ok ma i will be there in 10 min.
swara – ha its ok but no need to hurry up. Ok. I will wait for u.
bp can feel her happiness in her voice.
He cuts the call.
bp (thinks) – y am i feeling that my old ma is back. Today she has a different spark in her voice.
bp is in the meeting
bp – cancel the meeting

pa – but sir they will cancel the deal
bp – cancel the deal itself. I am going to my ma. Nthng is more important than her.
Bp leaves.


All njoys very much. Hav dinner together.

Just then calling bell rings……
sanskar (thinks) – i think they came
mohit is about to open the door but sanskar stops him.
sanskar – swara u go and open the door.
swara (confused) – ok…

Swara opens the door and she gets shocked.

So many balloons comes inside and she sees her college best frnds gang there.
They all comes inside leaving the balloons in their hands. They hug swara together.

Swara is with mixed emotions. Surprise, shock, happiness……
she hugs them back.

A group of voices – oh hello we r also here.

They are some boys in her group including rahul.

Swara is very happy.
They all together – swara how r u ??
Swara (laughs) – very fine…How r u all ?? wat a pleasant surprise…..
kavya one of her best buddy – its all ur husband’s plan.
swara looks at sanskar. Sanskar comes there.
Sanskar holds her face in his palms – R u happy ??

Swara – very happy. Tanq so much….But how do u know ??
Mohit – i told him.
swara – wat ?? Wat did u tell him ??
Mohit – di i only told jiju that u used to enjoy with ur frnds gang very much. But from the last four years u r not even meeting them. U even refused to go to the get together.
Sanskar – so y not we plan a get together for u and ur frndss.
mohit – ha thats y we planned it together. But i must say idea is of jiju’s.
Swara (happy) – tanq so much
saying this she hugs mohit and sanskar.

laksh – wahhh bhai, mohit u both forgot me.
sanskar – oops… sry lucky. Madam ur devar too helped us vety much. Infact he is so excited to see ur excited face.
Swara – hoooo sanskar u r really bad. how can u forget my cute lucky….
saying this she hugs laksh.
Sanskar – dekha mohit tumhari behan badal gayi hai….
mohit (pouts) – haaa jiju u r right
swara and laksh side hugs eachother.
all laughs.
swara’s frnds comes inside. They all sit in the hall. they all talk to bp very closely as they know bp more than shekhar.

Shekhar feels bad. Swara understands this and she goes and sits beside shekhar and hugs him. shekhar feels very happy.
Swara too smiles.
Mohit – jiju according to our plan they should come tomorrow na ??
Sanskar – ha mohit but at the last minute plan changed.
kavya – ha so we all came today only to spend some time with swara becozz tomorrow our families will come.

Swara – familes ?? I didnot get u
sanskar – madam i planned a 3 days trip for all of ur frnds and their familes. So that u can spend sometime with them. u were missing every get together from 4 years na ?? So we planned this so that u get every moment to njoy which u missed these years.
Swara – tanq so much sanskar. And lucky tanq so much yaar…
laksh – bhabhi dont so tanq. We both are one team na…
swara – ha right and bachuuuuu from wen did my little brother become soo big…..
mohit (murmurs) – from the day u left me.
swara hears this. She gets suspicious about this but thinks to talk to him later.
Swara – ok guys wat else …. kavya wen did u get married ??
Kavya – before 3 years yaar. See this is my son… (showing a pic)
Swara – wowww he is sooo cute…..

swara takes the mobile… and shows it to sanskar.
swara – sanskar see na he is so cute…..he is milky white
(Swara is sitting in between shekhar and sanskar, mohit is sitting infromt of swara in a chair, they all are sitting randomly, bp is beside sanskar)
Sanskar (whispers in swara’s years) – if u r ready we too can get a son like him. He will get his father’s colour and his mother’s cuteness.
swara blushes hard.
Sanskar smiles.

mohit (announces) – soo guys tomorrow after ur families arrival, we all will leave from here at 10 am Kyun di ?? Is it ok.
swara – ya ok. But sanskarr wat about ur ofc….
sanskar – i’ll manage. Dont worry….
swara – ok then lucky, ragini and uttara also will come.
sanskar – y uttara ??
Swara – kyun ?? Vo kyun nahi aa sakthi ??

Sanskar – aisa kuch nahi hai par… ur frndzz
swara – stop it sanskar.. she is coming and thats it. Ragini call uttara.
ragini – ok diiii
deepak (swara’s frnd) – swara u r ordering THE SANSKAR MAHESWARI u are really daring. No one dares to talk with him in a high pitch and u r ordering..
swara – sanskar maheswari for the outer worlf but for me he is my husband sanskar…
sanskar smiles.
swara – waise tum kaise jante hoooo..
deepak – madam who doesnot know him. He is the youngest and the one if the top most business man in not only our country but the world too.
Swara – hahaha true..
sanskar – ntng like that. Now stop my discussion…

kavya – no no u r the main topic now…
sanskar – wat ??
Kavya – haha just joking.. but i hav to say onething Swara. Even after being in so high position he is so simple and humble. He asked us so politely that we couldnot refuse him. U r very lucky. I must say…
swara – ha i know now u stop praising my husband.
ragini – kavya diii something is burning na ??
Kavya – ha i too feel the same.
Saying this both laughs….

rahul is feeling hurt. He is happy for swara but he is sad for himself. Akash is the best frnd for both rahul and swara.
Wen swara is talking.. she suddenly notices that akash didnot speak a word to swara. Even though swara doesnot love rahul she never hurted him. Akash too never involved in their matr. But this time akash was angry with swara becozz she insulted rahul (guys remember wen rahul said that he is going to marry priya, swara asked him that if he had blackmailed priya)
Swara – akash is everything fine ??

Akash (fake smile) – ha swara everything is fine.
Swara – if everything is fine then u would hav called me shona instead of swara.and u would be the first person to talk with me. I thought even though we dont talk with each other frequently our frndship is the same but unfortunately i was wrong.
akash – no swara i told na everything is fine. U r thinking too much. Excuse me guys i need to make a call.
Swara feels sad. Sanskar asks her wat happened ??
Swara – i dont know sanskar but he was not like this earlier. He is my best frnd.
sanskar – its ok swara may be u r thinking too much. Now leave it ok.
swara smiles
Sumi – shona i hav made the guest rooms ready.
swara – ok ma…

sanskar – swara so we r planning to spend these 3 days in our farm house which is located in goa.
swara – GOA ??
laksh – ha bhabhii tomorriw mrng we r going to goa. We hav a farm house there. It is big enough for us.
Swara – but hospital….
sanskar – dr.sahibaaaa i arranged everything. I checked ur appointments. u dont hav sny operations. and dr.bhakhi will handle ur cases.
Swara smiles says tanq to sanskar with eyes.

after sometime all are getting ready to sleep.

Swasan , raglak and mohit are checking the guest rooms. Whether they need anything.

swara goes out to talk to akash.
sanskar too comes with her.

Akash is standing facing his back towards swara.

Swara – akash ….
akash turns towards her.His eyes are red due to tears.
swara – akash wat is this ??
Akash – nthng swara y u came here ??
Swara – i got that u r angry with me but tell me the reason.
akash – nthng…
swara – dont u dare to cover it. I know my frnd.
akash – ohh really swara then how can u doubt rahul ??
Swara – i ….i..just…

akash – swara u know na he is my best frnd. U both are equal for me. But i am angry with u becozzz without even thinking for a second. U blamed him that he was blackmailimg priya. How can u say that yaar. U know how much he was hurt. U must have known that there is some reason behind this.
swara – ha akash i know. And i am feeling sry for blaming him but i am not sry for hurting him becozzz he too did the same with me. How can he lie me that priya is getting married to him. U know i was shocked hearing this.
Akash – there must be any reason…

swara – reason jho bhi hoo wat he did was wrong…
akash – hmmm ya acha ok i am sry. I too over reacted……
just then sanskar comes there.
Swara – i cant forgive u so easily. U do the thing wat u used to do in clg.
akash – swara i am a father of two kids. Now u cant make me do that.
swara (smirks) – ofcourss i can. If u want forgiveness then do it. Otherwise leave it.
akash sits on his knees and holds swara’s feet.
swara laughs. Sanskar gives an unbelievable look.
sanskar – swara…. (unbelievable)
Swara – acha ok ok i forgave u. Now stand up.
turns back and says – ha sanskar come here na…

sanskar comes near to her.
sanskar – swara i cant believe this. Wat r u making him do ha ??
Swara – sanskar woh…
akash – oh now i got it. Thats y u told me to get up na.. mr.maheswari u know in clg days wenever we fight she used to make ask sry by holding her feet. And she never used to say me to get up so early. But now u saved me.
sanskar (laughs) – swara i didnt know that u were so naughty…
akash – not only this mr.maheswari…

sanskar – call me sanskar. I like it.
akash – okay sanskar…..
the trio talks for sometime and after that they all go to their respective rooms where as swasan and laksh leaves to mm.

Precap – their first day at goa. Swara apologises to rahul. Rahul too apologises to swara and tells her the reason y he did that. Priya too comes there. Swara asks mohit whether he is fine or not.

I think this chapter is boring. But i will try to make it interesting.

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