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Swara is in operation theatre where sansjar is waiting for her as he came to hospital to pick her up.

Sanskar sits outside the operation theatre
so that he can drag swara to outside as soon as she comes out. So that she couldnlt go to her cabin becozz he very well knows that if swara goes to her cabin she will take atleast 1 hr to come out.m aftr checking all the files.

After operation swara comes out.

Swara to patient’s family – u no need to worry. operation is successful.

Patient’s wife – tanq so much Doctor. U r really a god.

swara – no no aunty. This is my duty.
patient’s wife – saving my husband may be ur duty but paying for his operation and all hospital expenses is not ur duty but ur greatness.
Swara – no aunty. It os my responsibility. By the way we hav our rules. We give preference to patient’s life than any other thing. Ok now u go and take rest. U were here from the past few hours. Ur husband is absolutely fine.

patient’s wife just folds her hands infront of swara.
Sanskar feels proud of his wife. HIS

swara then sees sanskar.
swara – sanskar wat r u doing here ??
Sanskar – madam i came to pick up u. Come lets go home together.
swara – i cant come sanskar. Actually i hav a small work in hospital. u go. I will come.
sanskar (dramatically) – hey bhagwan see my wife. She doesnt even care about her husband who is waiting for her from the past 3 hours. Huuuu…
swara – acha baba chalungi… stop ur drama.
sanskar smiles and hugs her.

Patient’s wife sees this.she smiles.

Swara – sanskarr leave me all are seeing.
sanskad immediately leaves her.

patient’s wife – u both look very good together doctor. After seeing ur husband i am believing that god always does good to good people. U r so good thats y u got such a good husband.
Swara – tanq so much.
sanskar smiles.

swara calls nurse.
swara – nurse u give this injection for every two hours. And call me if there is any
emergency. Ok ??
Nurse – yes doctor.

Later swara and sanskar leaves.

in the middle of the driving Sanskar stops the car and blind folds her.

Swara – sanskar ?? Wat r u doing ??
Sanskar – swara stay calm for 10 min ok ?? U will get to know.
Swara – ok sanskar

After sometime they reach a place.

Sanskar lifts swara and carries her as she is blind folded.
swara – sanskarr u no need to carry me. Put me down. I will walk by holding ur hands.
Sanskar – no swara u will fall.
Swara – no i know u will never let me fall.
sanskar kissing her forehead – but i love to carry u.
swara smiles.

After a while they reach a place. then sanskar removes the cloth which is covering ner eyes.

Swara opens her eyes. For the first its dark but later she sees the surroundings. She is in a beautiful farm house with all her photos right from her childhood to now with everyone Except with anand.
And one side of it is filled with swara and sanskar’s pics.
And there are two sides of steps. on the walls beside the steps there are her photos right from her birth that is wen she is a 5 months baby to now.
Each step is indicating her growth. She also has her pics with priya and master.

right now she is the most happiest person in the world.
She is getting a feeling as if everyone is with her.

Swara gets very much happy. She is crying like anything.
Sanskar holds her. She hugs him very tight.
Sanskar – ohhh my dear shonaa y r u crying babyyy. Plzzz dont cry. I am feeling guilty as i made u cry.
swara – no sanskar… u made me realize that i am the most luckiest person in the world.
sanskar – but swara plzz Stop crying na…
u remember i asked to cry on the first day of our marg in car…
swara – ha i remember.. Wats the connection of that with this ??
Sanskar – u know i regret that moment that y i asked u to cry. Now a days u are always crying. U know na i hate ur tears.
swara – arre my dear budhu husband these are tears of happiness. I am so happy today.
sanskar gets surprised with her behaviour.
sanskar – omg swara. Is that u who are shouting like that.
Swara – ha yes this is the real me. I enjoy alot sanskar but i stopped enjoying like this before four years. U know everyone think that i will be real infront of bp and mohit but they are wrong. U know where u can find the real swara ??… with my anand bhai…. (teary eyed) u know sanskar i enjoy alot.. i shout at him. i beat him. Wen i go out with him i will shout njoy and do weird things becozzz i want to embarrass him Infront of everyone. I will be the real me wen i am with him.
u know wen i am with mohit or bp i fear to shout becozzz i think my mohit will get ear pain. hahaha i know i am over protective but i cant help it. I fear that they will get embarrased wen i behave like that… but from four years i had hidden myself some where. (tears fall from her eyes)
Sanskar hugs her tightly – shhhh swara calm down ….
swara breaks the hugs and wipes her tears – hmm but u know sanskar.. i am finding me today again. I wanted to be the real me with u. ONLY WITH YOU. After 4 years i got myself back.. hahaha sanskarrr i am back…

Sanskar gets tears in his eyes seeing swara so happy. Her happiness is indicating her pain which she is bearing from 4 years.

Sanskar goes and hugs her tightly.
sanskar – be happy like this always. I am very happy to see u like this.
Swara too reciprocates the hug.

Later they kiss each other passionately…
and after that sanskar lifts swara and takes her to bed room. They have their dinner together in the balcony as sanskar arranged a delicioys dinner there. The whole way is decorated with rose flowers.

swara – sanskar wen did u do this all ?? i mean this farm house is clised for many years
(Guys i forgot to tell u that this is the same fatm house which shekhar gave gift to swara but she refused it)
Sanskar – ha but wen i got to know that this is ur fav place then i got it cleaned and later i collected all this photographs and decorated it as its ur farm house now.
swara – sanskar but i refused to take it na ??
Sanskar – swara relaxxx i know the reason y u rejected this but think about papa. How he must be feeling wen u rejected his gift. unhone itne pyaar se laaya hai na. thats y i took it. And dont worry instead of this i bought two properties for mohit and ragini. I made them registered. So u no need to worry. I will give them as a birthday gift so that papa dont get to know about this.
Swara immediately goes and sits on his lap and hugs him and kisses his neck and again hugs him very tightly.
swara – tanq so much sanakar. i am feeling very bad as i rejected my dad’s gift but now i am very happy as papa must be very haply now as i accepted his gift. And tanq for thinking about my papa more than me.
sanskar breaking the hug – ohh madam he is my papa too and wen u can think about my family more than me then y cant i ??
Swara kisses him on his cheeks – I LOVE U
sanskar – I LOVE U TOO SWARA…..
they both hug each other for a long time.
Swara – sanskarr hav u informed at home ??
Sanskar – ha i informed. U dont take tension now.
Swara is about to get up from his lap but sanskar holds her and hugs her tightly and places his head into her neck.
swara – sanskar…. wat r u doing ?? Let me go. I must be heavy na ??
Sanskar(husky) – who said that ?? U know i am feeling very good wen u sit in this position (kissing her nape)
Swara (blushes) – sanskar..plzzz
sanskar – ok
Swara gets up. Sanskar lifts her and takes her to bed. He places her gently on the bed and they both gets intimate.

After 2 hours

Swara – sanskarr… tanq for making me happy. Tanq so much for doing this. And tanq for making my papa happy.
sanskar – i told u na. Its my duty and i hav one more duty….
swara – wat ??
Sanskar – i need to tell u something….but u should be strong..
swara – hmm wen u r with me i will always be strong. Common now tell Me.
sanskar tells everything about shekhar’s insecurity(except Shekhar drank alchohal)
Swara (shocked and teary eyed) – i am a very bad daughter sanskar. I had hurt my papa very much. But i didnot find anything like that. I didnot realize that wen this all happened. U know na sanskar.. i mean everything to bp. He had left everything in his life for me. And from childhood onwards he treated me like i am his life. So i was too close to him. I went too close to him that i didnot realize that i am hurting my papa with my behaviour.
Saying this she cries more.
sanskar – swara stop crying yaar. I am there na ?? I will make everything fine. Dont worry..there is no fault of urs. Even though u were close to bp U hav not forgotten ur responsibilities towards ur father and ur family. U hav fulfilled everything that a daughter has to do infact more than that so u no need to feel bad. And i promise that i will make everything fine.
Swara hugs him and he cuddles her. Both sleep in each others position.

Precap – swara and shekhar talk And shekhar thanks sanskar. Another surprise for swara.

Hope u like this part

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