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@Sanskar’s ofc
shekhar and mohit gets shocked to see swara there
sanskar is equally shocked seeing mohit there with shekhar gadodia
mohit – “di aap yaha ??”
Sanskar – yeah mohit she came to meet me but u with mr.gadodia
shekhar – becozzz he is my son mohit gadodia
sanskar is shoked and looks at swara
many thoughts were running in his mind he thinks to himself “that means swara is the daughter of shekhar gadodia she is so rich but even though she is so simple and humble”sanskar starts to remember shekhar calling in phone and saying swara he links everything his thoughts are disturbed by shekhar’s words

shekhar is also in thoughts
he remembers hearing sanskar’s voice in phone when he called her to inform about her dadaji and now before few minutes when he called to enquire about mohit shekhar misunderstood swara and thought that she was with sanskar that’s why she came late to the hospital shekhar is furious now
shekhar – swara wat r u doing here ??
Swara – papa wo .(swara thinks to herself wat shall i do i cant say him the truth
becozz mohit is also here)
Shekhar – shut up how dare u to lie to me u told me that u were in hospital but wat is
this u never lie to me right then wat made u lie to me this time
(Actually shekhar thinks that swara didnot come to hspital as she is with sanskar but he doesnot know that she went to help a woman)

Swara – papa i will tell u everything but not now please papa try to understand
shekhar – swara wen i called u to inform about ur dadaji even that time also u r with him right ??
Swara – ha papa but i hav started imm..
shekhar – just shut up for him u left ur dadaji and u even forgot about his health not as a grand daughter but as a doctor u could have reached there ragini is right u only care about mohit
Mohit and sanskar both r furious this time everytime mohit shouts at his father but now sanskar also joins them
sanskar and mohit shout at a time DAD and MR.GADODIA

swara is shocked to listen both of their voices she expected her brother’s voice but she didnot expect sanskar’s voice she is shocked
swara signs sanskar not to tell anything meanwhile mohit says
mohit – dad if u dont know anything then keep quiet but please dont pass allegations on my di i can’t tolerate it i know y she is lare i dont know that she is with mr.maheswari or not but she was late that day becozzz of another reason
(Swara looks at him not to say anything )
mohit – i willnot say him the reason also dad doesnot deserve to hear the truth
but onething dad di cares about everyone and coming to the part that di told u a lie i am sure there must be a reason and she is a responsible doctor and she is matured infact more than u she knew wat to do and wat not to do so u better stay out of this
swara – mohit please stop papa is right
mohit – di please stop being so good to everyone

saying this he leaves from there
shekhar stands still he diesnot know wat to say
sanskar – mr.gadodia i dont know that swara is ur daughter but i know that she loves her family unconditionally this is the reason why she is meeting me
swara – sanskar please
sanskar – i am sry swara i am involving in ur family matters but i cant see that ur father is blaming for that mistake u hav not even done
swara – dad the mistake is mine i should hav told u this earlier but i thought to give u a surprise
shekhar – surprise

swara – yes surprise lets go home i will tell u everything
shekhar goes
swara – tanq sanskar for being with me
sanskar – its ok swara as u r my frnd its my duty to protect u
swara smiles and whileleaving her phone rings its mohit
mohit – i am sry di i know u will be angry with me for talking to dad like that
swara – no mohit dont think like that i cant be angry with u but please talk with dad properly and u leave for ofc i will come with dad or in my scooty and ha drive slowly and careful after reaching cal me ok
and she cuts the call and bids bye to sanskar
sanskar thinks to himself “how can someone love anyone to this extent this brother and sister bonding is unique
@gadodia mansion
in shekhar’s room
swara tells everything to shekhar and then
shekhar – i am sry beta i hav scolded u without ur mistake and that too infront of stranger
swara – no papa its ok and sanskar is not a stranger he is my frnd and he is very nice (saying this she smiles )shekhar notices this and asks swara
shekhar – swara do u like him
swara – wat do u mean dad ??
shekhar – i mean do u lov..

swara – dad please u know that i cant love anyone except my family and u also know that i am not ready for any kind of relationships so please coming to sanskar he is very nice and i like him but not in that way
bye dad i hav to go to clinic i will see u in the evng
at evng
swara – mohit go to ragini’s college and pic her up
mohit – di no need aap ne use itni achi gaadi di hai she will come
swara – are budhu today we hav dropped her in her clg so u go and pick her
mohit – ok di as u say
swara – ok take care and ha dont fight with her
mohit – i dont fight with her she leaves no stone unturned to make me angry ok but phir bhi i will try for u
swara – ok bye (smiles)
laksh comes to pic uttara (actually to see ragini )
Ragini and uttara are coming and ragini sees laksh
ragini – hey uttara ur brother came
uttara – ha ya and they goes towards laksh’s car

uttara – chale bhayya
laksh – kaisi dost ho tum
how can u leave ur frnd alone
ragini – its ok laksh my brother or my father will be coming
laksh – if u dont mind u can come with us
just then some car comes and ragini sees this
ragini – my brother came (di ne hi bheja hoga to herself)
ragini is about to go but laksh stops her
laksh – ragini please introduce ur brother na ur sister is so sweet like u i want to meet ur brother too
uttara – no need bhayya her brother is a karela Arrogant
ragini – wat did u say ??
Laksh – shut up uttara please ragini u introduce

ragini – ok laksh
she goes to mohit and says
ragini – bhayya get down from the car
mohit – wat (he is about to shout but remembering swara’s words he keeps calm)See ragini i hav an important work so please get in
ragini – please bhayya my frnd’s brother wants to meet u
mohit – which frnd oo that karela
ragini – even she called u a karela
mohit – wat how dare she
(now ragini gets a idea)
Ragini – yes bhayya how dare she come we have to teach her a lesson
mohit understands and tells “no need come get in we shall leave”
Ragini – ok u don’t want to come then its ok i will cal swara di
mohit – hey pagal dont call her she will be busy i will come
ragini – that’s good
meanwhile laksh gets a call its of sanskar’s

sanskar – lucky where r u ??
Uttara – with uttara bhai came here to pick her from clg
sanskar – i know that u didnot go for uttara but someone special come home fast otherwise i will tell this to everyone
laksh – no bhai i am coming
uttara come lets go
uttara – but u told to meet ragini’s brother
laksh – i will meet him later now i hav to go home inform her
uttara goes and tells ragini “i am sry ragini bhai got an important cal so we hav to leave”
Ragini – ok
mohit feels relaxed
sanskar thinks about swara
“Omg how simple she is even though she is the daughter of shekhar gadodia she is so simple i am really impressed by her ”
“do u love her”
He heard some voice its his badimaa

sanskar – ma aap yaha u havnt slept yet ??
Ap- first answer my question do u love her
sanskar – ma wat r u talking
ap – sanskar dont try to hide from me i got a doubt that day itself when u r saying that she is a good doctor and all. I though to talk to u but i didnot find time
sanskar – i dont know ma she is very attacjed to her family u know she can even sacrifice her life fir her brother and sister she is a daughter of a millioniere but she maintains a scooty and sanskar goes on praising her

ap looks surprised as it is the first time sanskar is talking about some girl
ap – i think u r in like her so much
think about ur feelings and try to convey them to her before its too late
Sanskar thinks
ap – gud ni8 beta
sanskar- gud ni8 ma

Precap – sanskar and laksh in gadodia mansion.swara gets to know that they are brothers Will mohit sees laksh (why is destiny not allowing to meet mohit and laksh,wat happened between them )

**I am sry guys if its little elongated feel free to express ur views
and one more thing its going to be a suspense about mohit and laksh’s secret
so please enjoy it

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