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Here we go

The episode starts with swara and sanskar reaching mm.

Swara – sanskar i am sry…
sanskar – swara wats ur mistake ha ?? Infact i should thank u for supporting my family.
Swara – ur family ?? Huuu
sanskar (smiles) – sry our family. And thank so much…
laksh comes there in hall As swasan are talking in the hall.

Swara gives an angry look to laksh.(Funny)

Laksh doesnot understand.
sanskar – nthng lucky actually wat happened is…
swara – sanskar u stop i will tell. Actually its all becozz of the great laksh maheswari.
Sanskar – swara wat r u talking ?? I cant understand. How is laksh involved in this ?
Swara – sanskar do u know he informed ragini…. swara says everything.
And swara fumes in anger.
Laksh looks at sanskar for help but sanskar shruggs his shoulders. As he cant do anything. Laksh looks on helplessely.
swara – laksh how can u tell ragini…. swara goes on scolding.
laksh (whispers) -bhai plzz help me.
sanskar (loudly) – i cant do anything.

Swara – wat u cant do anything ?
sanskar – arre he is asking me to help him and control ur anger. He also called u an angry bird (saying this sanskar winks at laksh)
Laksh opens his mouth wide. and laksh runs.
Swara too runs behind him.
swara – lucky i will kill u….
they both run around the whole house where sanskar is enjoying the devar-bhabhi fight.
sanskar tells his plan to all family members how he told lie to swara and made them fight.
All laughs.

swara finally holds laksh.
laksh – bhabhi i am sry for telling the truth to ragini and ha i promise i didnot call u angry bird. Bhai ne aapse jhoot bola mujhe pasane keliye.
swara – kya ??
Laksh – haa
swara – hooo sry lucky…
laksh – its ok bhabhi… but we shouldnot leave bhai.. he tried to break our team.
swara – ha lucky.. we willnot leave him. Chalo…
they plan something

Swalak went to sanskar And they both give death glares to sanskar. Sanskar
understood everything.

Sanskar – sry….
laksh goes near sanskar and hugs him.
laksh – its ok bhai…..
he signals swara to do the work.
swara in the meanwhile goes at the back of sanskar and sticks a paper on his blazer.

Sanskar thinks it is laksh’s hands.
swara shows a thumps up symbol.
laksh breaks the hug.

sanskar gets a call and he moves around. All family sees that paper and laughs hard.
Its written “I AM A FOOL”

Sanskar comes back after the call and sees all of them laughing. He couldnot understand. later ap tells him. He immediately removes the paper and sees wats written on it.
Sanskar (shouts) – swara…

Laksh and swara runs..

Sanskar – lucky swara i will not leave u both.
Laksh – i didnot do anything. Idea is bhabhi’s
swara – hoooo lucky. This is cheating. Sanskar i agree that idea is mine but laksh provoked me to do so.
laksh – bhabhi dont involve me in ur personal matters. I am going to my room.
he silently escapes.

Swara too runs to their room. All laughs.
Sanskar too goes behind swara.

@swasan room.

Sanskar goes to him and sees swara going to washroom inordee to hide from sanskar but to her bad luck sanskar sees and holds her.

Sanskar – so am i a fool ??
Swara – sanskar who said that ??
sanskar – so u dont know who said that ??
Swara – sry na sanskar actually u tried to create a fight between us. So we planned this. Abb hisaab barabar. Now leave me.
Sanskar – no u did more so i want to give u a punishment.
swara – wat ??
Sanskar – right now i am leaving u. I will tell the punishment later.
Swara – tanq sanskar. I love u.(pulls his cheeks)

Saying this she goes to washroon while sanskar smiles on her acts

Later all hav dinner. During dinner too they talk about aarav. Swara decides to tell sanskar about aarav’s mother.

@swasan room.

Swara – sanskar i need to tell u something.
sanskar – ha swara bolo na .
Swara – sanskar i want to tell u about aarav’s mother. U know her…
Swara gets afraid saying that becozz she is going to tell him everything except vatsal’s is her brother.
Sanskar – wat i know her ?? who is she ??
Just then her phone rings. Its bp.

Swara – bp is calling. Par iss wakt..
Sanskar – i think its important. U pick up the call.
swara – ok..
swara picks up the call.

bp – hello ma
swara – ha bp r u fine?? I mean u called me at this time ?? Everything is fine na ??
Bp – ha ma everything is fine. I hav called u normally.
swara – oh ok.Missing me ??
Bp (sad) – ha very much..
swara too gets sad. she goes out to talk becozz she knew that this conversation is not goimg to end soon.
she signals sanskar to sleep but he refuses.
Swara smiles and goes.

swara – haa bp i want to tell u something. I am going to tell sanskar all the truth except vatsal’s identity.
bp (shouts) – noo maaa. How can u do that ??
swara – y bp ??
Bp – how can u tell sanskar all the truth. I mean if u say sanskar will get to know that anand is vatsal. And i also dont want trouble in ur lives. Jho jaisa hai vaisa hi rehenijiye.
swara – haa u r right. I didnot think of that. I cant let sanskar know the truth. I understood bp. U dont worry. I willnot say anything.
Bp – hmmm ……….
they both talk like that for hours….

Later wen swara comes to room. She finds sanskar sleeping in sitting position.

Swara to herself – hmm this man will never change. y didnt he sleep till now. he is waiting for me and slept in sitting position only.

Swara makes sanskar sleep properly. She too sleeps beside him by hugging him tightly. He too hugs her tightly in sleep.

Both gets up in the mrng.

Sanskar sees swara sleeping still. Later he understood that may be she slept late. So he kisses her forehead and gets freshen up and goes down.

Just then rahul enters the hall.

Sanskar is descending steps. He sees rahul.
rahul comes.
dp – ji whom do u want ??
rahul – i am swara’s classmate. Swara gadodia yahi rehti hai na ??
Sanskar – no swara maheswari lives here.
(Sanskar gets shocked to see him. He feels jealous of him)
Rahul sees sanskar and smiles. Sanskar too smiles fakely.
rahul – hi sanskar how r u ??
Sanskar – fine and wat about u ??
Rahul – ya fine.
Dp – sanskar u know him ??
Sanskar – ha badepapa actually i met him at exhibition Once. Then swara introduced.
dp – ohh ok.
rahul – where is swara ?? I want to meet her.
Sanskar – she will come. U wait.
rahul (impatiently) – ok plzz tell her to come fast.
sanskar (little bit angry) – y ?? I mean y r u in a so hurry ??
Rahul – becozz i hav a lot of work. I need to distribute these cards. Ohhh sry i forgot to inform u. My marg got fixed.
sanskar (happy) – ohh congratulations man… i am so happy for u.
Saying this he hugs him.
rahul – ha dikhra hai

Sanskar breaks the hug.
Sanskar – sry i mean swara will be so happy listening this news.
Rahul – no i think she will be shocked first and later she will become very sad.
sanskar – wat ?? no y will she become sad ??
Rahul – u will get to know in a few minutes.
swara comes there and sees rahul and gets shocked.

Swara – rahul…
rahul – hii swara how r u ??
Swara – fine wat r u doing here ??
rahul – swara atleast ask how am i yaar.
swara is confused by seeing his behaviour.
rahul – wat happened ?? Y r u so confused ??

Swara – nthng like that ?? Plzz tell me y u came here ??
Sanskar – arre swara his marg got fixed.
swara (happy ) – kya…. i am so happy for u. Really i am very happy.
sanskar – dekha rahul i told u na she will be very happy.
rahul smiles faintly – ha sanskar. But i think she needs to know more about my marg.
swara dont u ask me who is the bride.
swara – who ??
Rahul handovers a card to her – u urself see swara.
swara opens and gets shocked to see priya’s name.

Rahul – swara r u shocked ?? I expected this.
swara gets very angry.
Swara (angry) – wat the hell is this rahul… she throws the card on his face.

All comes there with her shout. Parineetha sees priya’s photo in the card.
Pari – arre wah dr.priya is getting married ??
Rahul – ha ji… she is getting married to me. By the way aap…
pari – i am dr.priya’s patient.
swara – answer me rahul ??
Rahul – wat do u want ??
Sanskar – wat happened swara ??
Swara – sanskar he is marrying priya..
sanskar – so wat swara ??
Rahul – swara y r u reacting like this ?? Dont u want priya to get married or u dont want me to get married ??
Swara – shut up rahul. U very well know wat am i saying. priya cant marry u. I dont care whether u get married or not.

Sanskar – swara wat happened ??
swara – priya is already married sanskar.
sanskar – wat ?? But i dont know. To whom ??
Rahul – to swara’s brother.
Swara (shouts) – rahul…..
rahul – y swara ?? Y r u doing this ?? Ur family had destroyed her happiness completely. but now if she is getting married again and she is going to start a new life. So leave her.
all mf is shocked. They cant believe that swara’s family could do anything like that.

swara – rahul even aftr knowing everything u cant marry priya.

Rahul – i know everything swara thats y i am marrying.
Rahul (smirks) – waise swara ?? Ur brother anand is dead na ?? Then dont u want priya to move on in her life.
swara understands his words but she doesnot understand y rahul is doing that.
Swara – rahul…..no i wont let this marg happen.
sanskar and family doesnot understand y swara is trying to stop the marg.
rahul – swara u cant do anything..

swara – just stop ur nonsense and tell me how u blackmailed priya ??
Rahul (gets teary eyed but composes) – wahhh swara. Wat a frnd u r. Without even thinking for a second how easily u blamed me.
swara – becozzz i know priya cant do this on her wish. i know her.
rahul – ohhh really ?? But for ur kind information priya herself asked me to marry her. She said that she cant live alone the whole life.
swara (shocked) – no i dont believe this…
rahul – u believe or not but this is the truth. And i am going. I hav to give invitations to many people. I thought to give u first. I didnot inform anyone. U r the first.
swara – rahul plzzz wait. Give me sometime. I will talk to priya. till then u plzz dont say anyone about ur marg.
rahul – ok swara. i am giving u time till tomorrow mrng. If u failed to convince priya then i will start distributing the cards and first card will go to ur family.

Swara is shocked while rahul leaves.

Swara sits in the sofa with a thud.

Sanskar – swara…..
sanskar sits there crying.Swara hugs him.
swara – yeh kya hora hai sanskar… This shouldnot happen.
sanskar – but y swara ….ur brother is dead. Y cant she move on..
swara – sanskar priya loves him very much. and she cant marry like that. i know she is doing this by a reason.
sanskar – swara but y didnt u tell us that priya is ur bhabhi…
swara – i dont want anyone to know about this. Even priya is uncomfortable with this. She beared many taunts becozz of her marg. And i dont want her to suffer more. And waise bhi now anand is no more. So she is not my bhabhi. She is my best frnd and i cant let her life ruined.

@vatsal’s house.

Rahul – bhai i did as u told. Hoppe swara tells everything to sanskar.
vatsal – no rahul she wont tell it so easily. We need to do another drama.
rahul – but bhai y r u doing this ??
Vatsal – swara challenged me that she will never tell her relation with me to anyone. If she does so she hav to do anything which i tell. So she never says like that.and most importantly she hates me. according to her i am not her brother but a blo*dy murderer abd a cheap person. But i dont care. I just wanted her to say the truth. in this only we hav many benefits. If she says the truth to sanskar she will be from all these problms as she can share everything with him and most importantly if she looses the challenge i can make her do anything.
Rahul – wat do u want ??
Swara – i want my son’s custody. And only she can do this…
rahul – but wat if swara gets to know that we r doing drama…
vatsal – she has to know rahul and she will get to know. and then she will confront me and everything will be seen by sanskar. Then the truth is out and everyone can live peacefully.

rahul – but y cant u tell the truth by urself..

Vatsal – do u think swara will leave me alive aftr that ??

Both laughs….

Rahul – but bhai to be frank i was not able to see her state. I was angry with myself for hurting her.

Vatsal – do u still love her ??
Rahul – Hmmmm well if i say a no then it will be definetly a lie but ha i am trying to forget her. And bhai i want u to forget everything and move on in ur life with priya. She is really very good. And u know that mistake is urs.

Vatsal – if u want to talk about this. U can leave.


swara – sanskar i hav to talk to priya.
sanskar – ok bit wat if she says that she really wanted to marry rahul.
swara – no no.mm i know her. She will not say that..

Saying this she runs out of the house and leaved to hopsital in her car.


dp – sanskar how is swara ??
Sanskar – fine badepapa
ap – this mad girl na… always thinks about others and their problms but never shares her problms with anyone. She suffers all alone.
Sujatha – ha jiji u r right.


Swara reaches there. Mohit too comes there as swara informed him while driving.

Swara and mohit strom to priya’s cabin.

Swara throws the card on her face.

Swara – wat the hell is this priya ??
Priya (confused) – wat ??
Swara – u r getting married ??
Priya – wat ?? hav u gone mad ?? Who told this ??
swara and mohit are shocked.

Mohit – wat r u talking. Then wat is this card ??
Priya picks up the card and gets shocked to see her photo.

Priya – who did this ??
Swara (in dialemma) – rahul…
priya – wat ?? But y is he doing this ??
Swara – i dont know and i am sry priya… i ….
priya – its ok swara. By the way how is aarav ??
Swara – he is fine.

Priya gets teary eyed – i think i am the first mother who couldnot even see her own child being alive.
Swara – control urself priya. only for a few months. Then everything will be fine.
Priya – how swara ?? How can u be so sure.
Swara – priya aarav’s custody case will be held in a few months as he turns 6. Then u can live with him.
Priya – aarav toh mujhe jantha tak nai swara. Then y will he choose me.
Swara – priya y cant u reunite with vatsal.
priya (angry) – hav u gone mad ?? he is the reason for my dad’s death. And u know i love my papa more than anyone. Infact more than my son. Ok now i hav a case. So i am leaving but swara u finout the reason y rahul did this.
swara nods in yes.

Swara and mohit are sitting.
swara – i am really confused.
mohit – issme confuse hone ki kya baath hai di ??
Swara gives a surprised look.
mohit – its clear cut that vatsal did this so that u say the truth.
swara realizes suddenly.
Swara – ya u r right Mohit.

Swara calls vatsal.

vatsal – ha hw r u swara ?? How is my surprise.
swara – shut up vatsal. I difnot call to hear ur nonsense. I called u to tell that i am not going to fall in ur cheap tricks. u better understand.

Saying this she cuts the call.

mohit – di relaxxx everything will be fine. U sleep for sometime.

Swara sleeps in mohit’s lap.

Swara thinks


Wen priya swara and anand are really very close frnds.
they went everywhere together. They used to enjoy alot.

Gadodia family thinks to get anand married to priya.
Priya knows this but anand is unaware of this. priya loves anand very much.

at one day swara priya and anand goes to a party.

Swara’s frnd who is very much obssesed with her mixes a drug in her juice but unfortunately priya drinks it. Swara goes to home early as mohit is not feeling well.

Priya starts behaving weird due to drug affect. She is really behaving very weird. She confesses her love towards anand and kisses him forcefully. Anand hated her behaviour. But he took care of her as sge is his sister’s frnd and most importantly a family frnd of them.

But as the person who is obsessed with swara. (His name is sahil). Puts a camera in their room.
Sahil thinks to blackmail them by showing this video.

Sahil sends this video to all gadodia family and priya’s family.

master slaps priya. They all decide to get priya and anand married.

Swara gets to know about sahil and slaps him infront of the whole clg.

Saahil thinks to take revenge from swara. So he knows swara’s happiness lies in their family. So he thinks to destroy her bhai’s marg.

After marg anand accepts priya. though priya loves anand. Anand doesnot love priya. he just cares for her. Finally everything goes well. Priya gets pregnent.

Sahil thinks to create problems in proya’s marg life to destroy swara As he knows swara loves priya alot.
sahil goes and tells anand that priya did this intentionally to get him.
at the same time he gets to know that swara knows that priya loves him. He slaps swara very hardly. He is very angry.

anand takes priya forcefully and leaves her at home. anand behaves very rudely with priya’s parents. anand tells that he will give divorce to priya. by seeing all this priya’s dad gets heart attack.

At hospital too… doctor tells that he can be saved if his tension gets less. All requests anand but he puts a condition. He asks priya to sign the divorce papersm those includes that priya doesnot hav any right on the child. She should handover the baby to anand. Priya signs it for her father.

But anad doesnot tell anything to priya’s dad. he goes and master dies.
priya’s family blames priya for his death and disowns priya.

Swara to anand – u are a heartless man. i hate u Bhai.no u r not even my bhai. U r soneone else. chiii for me u r died today. Becozz of u master died.
Anand (guilty) – swara i am sry. I dont knkw that this will happen. I was just angry…
swara – angry my foot. u r a blo*dy murderer. I hate u to the core. Just leave from here.

Later priya delivers a baby and nurse asks wat is mother’s name…

Bp – priya gadodia…
nurse didnot hear the first name and she writes miss.gadodia.

after the baby gets 6 months she leaves him to swara and goes to abroad for further studies.

Anand still hates priya. No one knows the reason Except he hinself.
From that day he is ignored by every family member. They r allowing him to stay there becozz swara has to take care of aarav.

But after bp’s incident. swara cant even bear him for one second. So shekhar sends him out of the house. but swara refuses to send aarav but aanad took him to forcefully and joined him in kuds school which is of their relatives.

**flashback ends**
(guys i dont want to drag the story. I want to concentrate more on swasan)

Swara opens her eyes with full of tears.
Swara hugs mohit.

Sansjar comes there.

Swara and mohit doesnot see him.

Swara – sab meri wajah se hua mohit. priya’s life is destroyed becozzz of me.I hate myself for this.
mohit – di y r u blaming urself. Its not ur fault.
Swara – no mohit i am at fault.
mohit – no di u r not at fault. jho bhi hua anjaane mein hua.

Sanskar comes to swara.
swara wipes her tears off.
Sanskar – swara wat about the marg ?? Did u talk to priya ??
Swara – ha rahul lied to us. There is nthng like that.
sanskar – wat ?? But y did he do that ??
Swara – ah….um….
mohit – he played a prank.
sanskar (angry) – wat stupid. Idiot. he troubled swara unnecessarily.
swara – leave it na sanskar. Acha tell me y u came here ??
Sanskar – to check whether u r fine or not.
swara smiles and hugs him. I am fine sanskar.
sanskar – ok bye.

Sanskar goes but he thinks of the reason y swara is blaming herself.

Precap – swara and sanskar moments. Sanskar tells swara about shekhar’s insecurity. swara feels bad. Sanskar supports her.

Guys i know this chapter is very bad but plzzz bear this.

and one more thing sanskar will get to know about the truth soon but with a blast.

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