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@swasan room

After mohit left with aarav both swara and sanskar became dull.
sanskar – swara y u sent him ?? How cutely he is calling me papa.
swara (smiles) – u know sanskar i feel immense happiness wen he calls me mumma but wen ever i remember that
oneday he will stop calling me that i control myself.
sanskar – but y ??
Swara – becozzz then he will get back to his mother. And sanskar i am telling u don’t get attached to Aarav. Or else u too suffer like me.
saying this swara is about to break but sanskar hugs her.

He sits on bed and makes her sit beside
him. he again hugs her.

Sanskar – Watever he calls u his love for u will alaways remain the same and u know
that better than me.
Swara – haa i know
sanskar looks at swara who is still sad.
sanskar (naughtily) – swara i hav a best solution for ur problm
swara – wat ??
Sanskar – lets hav kids.
Swara – sanskar……
sanskar – kya hua ?? Now wat did i say ??
Swara – dont u know wat u said
sanskar – arre i just said a solution and for ur kind information its my wish too.

Saying this sanskar touches her ear with his lips.
Swara – sanskar….
sanskar – i feel my name is the most beautiful name i ever heard wen it comes from ur mouth.
swara – hmmm acha so mr.maheswari flirting with ur wife ??
sanskar – i am not flirting i am saying the fact. Acha now dont change the topic. I want my kids r u going to give me or not ?? (Asks sternly)
Swara – hooooo very bad mr.maheswari…. u r asking as if i hav a shop of kids and….
sanskar – ha ofcourse u hav na ??
Hospital…acha ok u r not going to give me right then ok. I will try from the other source.
Saying this he winks at sWara.
swara fumes in jealosy.

Swara – i hate u sanskar. Saying this she beats him.

sanskar resists her but suddenly they both fall om each other and their lips brushes
with each other.
Swara is on top of sanskar.and sanskar is holding her by waist.

swara – sanskar leave me.
sanskar – no way lets start our production…..
saying this sanskar rolls swara and comes on top of her.
Sanskar burries his head in her neck And starts kissing her.

swara mourns in pleasure. Soon both get intimate.


Both swara and sanskar gets freshen up.
Swara – sanskar i will go to gm to meet
aarav. Actually i hav appointments upto 12.
After that i am free so i am going. If u r free then come.
sanskar – swara actually i hav a meeting
cum lunch with Mr.anand. so after completing the meeting i will come there and after that we can go out as my doctor is free today which happens once in a
swara – shut up sanskar. These days i am being very free as i am adjusting my timings. But the great business tycoon
mr.sanskar maheswari is busy in cracking deals. So how can he observe how much his wife struggles to get his time.
sanskar pulls her close and ways – tum kaho toh sari meeting karwadunga. Lets spend some time together like yesterday night. U know i love spending time with u.
Swara (blushes) – no need u go to ofc.
Sanskar – ok bye
saying this sanskar pecks her cheeks. And goes.
swara (smiles) – bye… (to herself) – omg sanskar didnot hav his breakfast.
(to sanskar) – sanskar ruko..
swara runs after him but due to steps she is about to fall but laksh holds her and makes her stand.
laksh (shouts) – careful bhabhi. Do u know wat would hav happened now ?? U wouldhav fallen from here.
sanskar sees this and Rushes to swara.
sanskar (angry and scolds) – hav u gone mad ?? Wats the need to run here ??
Saying this he checks her if she is hurt.
swara – sanskar i am fine. Laksh held me at the right time.
sanskar (worried) – shut up swara. wats the need to run ?? Gir jaathi toh ??
Swara (pouts) – wat if u leave without having breakfast ?? U will get sick so i was running to stop u but….
sanskar – huuuuu just for a breakfast… u r really mad.
Swara – ha i am mad for u.
both hav a eye lock.
laksh (teases) – ahem..ahem…bhabhi. u r not less ha ?? Mad for bhai hahaha….
they both come in senses.
Swasan (together) – shutup..

laksh giggles and leaves.
sanskar – acha ok i am going. Take care.
swara – hav breakfast and go..
sanskar smiles seeing her care – ok.
he kisses her forehead and goes to dining table.

Swara too goes and serves him.
all the family is very happy seeing their love for each other.


Swara – so is there any appointments ??
Swara’s asst. – no doctor..
swara – ok then i am Leaving. If any emergency call me immediately.
Swara’s asst. – ok doctor.

Swara leaves to ward and checks her patients and leaves to gm.

Swara goes to gm.

Bp is carrying aarav in his arms.Swara sees bp playing with aarav ang gets happy.

Shekhar sees swara – arre shona wen did u come ??
bp too sees swara.
bp – maa (happy)
aarav turns and sees and runs to swara
Aarav – mumma….. swara lifts him and goes to shekhar and bp

swara – i came just now papa…
bp – put him down Maa. He is really heavy…
swara and shekhar together – bhayya/bp… dont say like that.
swara and shekhar looks at each other and laughs.
Swara hugs shekhar.
shekhar gets happy.
Aarav – mumma where is papa ??
Swara – he will come bacha. He has some important work. So he went there.
Aarav (pouts) – ok then his work is more important than me ?? Tell him that i am angry with him.i dont talk with him.
swara bp and shekhar laughs hard seeing his cuteness.
shekhar lifts aarav and says – no aarav u know sanskar papa loves u alot but his work too is more important na ??

Aarav – ha grandpa but y r u telling sanskar papa ?? How many papa’s i hav ??

shekhar thinks something while bp and swara burst out laughing.
swara – badmaash……
bp – ha just like u….
swara – hoooooo bp u know u r really bad.
shekhar puts aarav down. He runs to his room.
shekhar – acha now leave all that and lets hav lunch.
swara – ok papa (to bp) hav u taken ur medicine which is to be taken before lunch ??
Bp – hehehe sry ma…..
swara (angry) – now stop showing ur teeth and sit here. I will bring it.
bp – ok
swara goes.

later mohit too returns from the ofc for lunch as swara is at gm.

all hav their lunch while swara is feeding three persons at a time. mohit , aarav and herself.

All smiles seeing them.
ragini – diii today i want u to feed me.
mohit – ohh madam this plate is sufficient for only humans. For u this is not sufficient. if di wamts to feed u na then she has to put the food in that plate(showing a large plate)
Ragini (angry) – bhayya u r so mean…. i dont eat that much…
mohit – ha right u eat more than that …
ragini – hoooo ok i dont want to eat…
shekhar – arre raguuu sit na beta. U know na he is just teasing u.
but ragini still goes on walking.
mohit soon gets up and holds ragini’s hands.
Swara is shocked and happy becozz everytime swara will ask mohit to convince ragini but this time he himself went to her
mohit – arre ragink i was just joking. I know na how much u eat.. and i seriously want u to eat more becozzz u really eat very less. if u continue eating lije this u will fall sick.
ragini is happy seeing his concern but doesnot want to become emotional so she controlled herself.

ragini (smiles) – if u say so then i will definetly eat more bhayya.
Mohit – ha thats my sister. Now come. Today di will feed u Too.
ragini smiles and goes.
All are happy in the house Seeing mohit’s changed behaviour.

Swara – maa u made this curry ??
Sumi – ha shona y ??is it not nice ??
Swara – no maa its very nice but put less masala. Its gud for health. U know in our house all will eat less masala so i too cook as they like only.
mohit and bp (shocked and shouts) – do u cook the food there daily ??
Swara (composes) – no no just sometimes.
mohit – but di wenever i come only u cook the food.but…..
swara – first eat all of u. Later we can talk.
all finishes lunch and sit there in the hall.

Mohit – ok now can i talk…
swara (to herself) – swara wats the need to tell ma about masala and all. Now u finished.
swara – no its a useless matr.
bp – no it is useful only..if u work so much at both the places….
swara – i dont work bp. badima and mom never allows me to do.
ragini – di jhoot kyun bolre ho ?? Badepapa di only cooks the food daily. U know ma and chachi ji doesnot allow her to do but still she doesnot listen. They all are worrying about di’s health.laksh told me that jiju too is worried about di.
swara (to herself) – lucky u r finished in my hand.
bp and mohit (angry) – diii/maaa
swara keeps her hand on her ears – ahhh stop shouting u both of u. I amnot deaf.
bp gets up (angry) – y do u care for those people who doesnot care for u ??
Swara – bp don’t say like that. They care for me.
Just then sanskar comes.

mohit – di badepapa is right.
swara – u dont know anything bachuuu but…
bp – he knows everything maaa. Y dont u listen to us. do u even remember how they behaved with u wen sanskar is in hospital ??
swara – bp its just a mu. Anyone in their situation will behave like that only…
Bp – ohhh maa stop defending ur inlaws. They know how much u love sanskar. I was so worried about u by seeing ur condition but they didnot think for once that y u did it ??
Sanskar is hearing all this feels sad by listening against his family but he couldnot ignore bp’s pov.

Swara – ok tell me if i met with a accident and sanskar saves the person who did my accident then will u leave him ?? No never… u will go on questioning him…….then y the hell should they spare me ??
Bp (shouts) – becozzz they know u.
mohit – ha dii u r living in that house. So they must be knowing u. But jiju is not staying here so…
dadaji – for god’s sake u all stop ur arguments…
bp (angry) – papa let me talk.

Dadaji and all becomes silent seeing his anger.

Swara – baat ko kaha se kaha lekar aagaye aap log…

Bp – maa y dont u try to understand me…
swara – y dont u try to understand them bp. They r not at fault…

Sanskar feels proud to hav a life partner like swara. She is defending his family fighting with her family..

Sumi sees sanskar..
sumi – sanskar beta….

All turns their faces. They dont know whether he heard their conversation or not.
but swara understood that he heard it by seeing his face.

Swara goes to him and holds his hand and says – sorry…
sanskar smiles. She is surprised….

Sanskar comes inside.

Sanskar – i don’t know who is right or who is wrong. but badepapa if u feel that my family is at fault then i am asking sry from their behalf.
swara – sanskar…..
sanskar shows his hand and asks her to stop talking and let him talk
bp (calms down) – arre sanskar y r u asking sorry.

Sanskar – badepapa i heard ur talks. I can understand ur pain. and trust me i love my swara very much and even my family does. I know they had not supported swara wen she needed but they too are in shock seeing me in that condition. I am not defending them but trying to explain their pov. And mohit jab se mera accident hua hai tab se mai dekhra hu. U r feeling very insecure about ur di. I can feel it. But leave everyone dont u trust me ??
Mohit – jiju nthng like that. I trust u and i very well know that no one can keep her happy than u.
sanskar – ok so u dont hav any problm with me ??
Mohit – no jiju u r just perfect And i am happy for my di.
sanskar – so u hav problm with my family ??
Mohit remains silent.
shekhar – sanskar beta nthng like that..he just….
sanskar – papa i am asking mohit. Plzzz i want answer from him.
mohit – no jiju i dont hav problm with ur family too.
sanskar – ok let me tell u all one thing. i can’t say that my family loves swara more than u but not less than u too. They love swara very much.

Swara thinks sanskar is upset but listening to his next words her face lits up.

Sanskar – and last but not least thank u all for giving me my life’s biggest happiness.
Saying this he goes to swara and embraces her.
swara looks at him and sabskar winks at her.

All gets convinced to sanskar’s words Including bp and mohit.

Mohit – i am sry jiju. Becozzz of my behaviour aunty uncle and all must be hurt na ??
Sanskar – nthng like that mohit. Its just that they r missing u.u mingled with them so easily in less time.
mohit – hahaha i too miss them jiju khaas karki ap aunty ke haath ka paratha….
and most importantly me and laksh irritating uttara….

all laughs….

Sanskar – waise swara where is Aarav….
swara – he is in his room. After having lunch i made him sleep becozz i know bp and mohit are going to create a scene…
mohit – hoooo di not fair ha ??
Swara (smiles) – just joking bachuuu.

Acha sanskar come we will go and meet aarav.

They goes and aarav is playing video games.

Sanskar goes and sots beside him.
aarav sees him and turns his face just like swara. He remembers swara doing that.

Sanskar – hahaha aarav dont u talk to me ??
aarav – no i am angry with u.
sanskar – wat if i say i brought two big choclates for u ?
Aarav – still i am angry with u.
sanskar pouts. Swara laughs.
Swara – he is not like other kids to listen to our words hearing the name of choclate. He is just like me mr.maheswari so let me try.u dont know how to handle kids
sanskar – u r saying as if u hav a kids care taking center.
swara – haha very funny.Now watch.
sanskar – ha ok in future i too will hav to do the same (winks)
swara blushes – shh…. aarav beta…dont u listen to mumma ?? See ur papa has somany works thats y he didnot come with me. Ur dad really works hard. he strains in his ofc. now if u too do like this then papa will get headache na ??
Aarav – ha mumma u r right.
sry papa r u feeling pain in ur head ??
Sanskar nods in yes
aarav with his tiny hand presses sanskar’s head..
sanskar smiles seeing his love.
Sanskar – no need if u kiss me then my pain will vanish. Comeon kiss me.
aarav kisses on sanskar’s head.
sanskar gets happy and hugs him.
swara smiles.

They all spend sometime together.

Later sanskar and swara leaves where as swara tells mohit to drop aarav in vatsal’s house.

All gets sad but mohit drops him there.

Precap – swara’s frnd (who loves swara madly and u all know him.he met swara in exhibition. Sanskar’s jealosy do u guys remember)comes to mm to give swara his wedding invitation. Swara is shocked to see the bride’s name.

Sry yaar i dont remember his name i have to read all my episodes to find his name so i didnkt write it. As it is becoming late for posting

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