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Here we go

Sanskar – i am surprised. How did vatsal agreed to u so easily ??
Swara – becozzz i hav a right to complain against vatsal if anything goes wrong with Aarav.
Sanskar – but how ??
Swara – ha sanskar i mean Aarav is very small wen his parents divorce happened. So he needs a care taker. So court
permittes his mother but vatsal refused. So i put some conditions infront of him. So vatsal hav to do wat i say otherwise i will complain to court that he is not allowing his mother to meet Aarav.
U know na untill the child gets 6 years his custody cannot be given to anybody.
Sanskar – haa but where is his mother.y is she not coming to meet her son.
swara – becozzz vatsal warned her not to come.
Sanskar – but swara how can u all keep
quiet. Do something yaar.
swara – sanskar we can’t do anything.
Becozz if i do anything he will leave aarav.
sanskar – swara i can’t understand anything…
swara – sanskar this matr is very complicated. i will handle it. Do u trust me ??
Sanskar – ofcourse i do.
Swara – so believe me i will make
everything fine.
Sanskar – i know.
Sanskar kisses his forehead.

Swasan goes to the hall where all sitting.
Dp – swara beta that kid is very cute and very good. hum vatsal jaisa aadmi ke saath aarav ko nahi chod sakte hai.
swara – no badepapaa u are mis –
understanding vatsal. He loves his son very much.
rp – but he sent his son to hostel
swara – don’t worry papa its npt a
residential. I mean it is maintained by our relatives only. So they will take care of him.
rp – Ur relatives ??
Swara (fumbles) – i mean….ha..vatsal’s relatives. we told them to take care if Aarav. As we also know them.
dp – acha ok ok. U all go to ur rooms.
Ap – ha after dinner gets ready we will call
Swara – u call me badimaa. I will prepare.
ap – no need today ramu kaka will prepare and this is my order.
swara – ok badimaa.

Swasan goes to their room. laksh parish
and uttara all are present in their room.

Swara and wanskar sits either sides of aarav.
Laksh – bhai , bhabhii u know how u are looking ??
Swasan – how ??
Laksh and all together – like parents carresing their kid. Hehehe.

swara blushes hard but soon composes
swara – shhhh he is sleeping.
swara carreses his hair.
Aarav in sleep – mumma plzz dont leave me plzzz..
aarav cries.

Swara and all are shocked. Swara hugs aarav.
Aarav wakes up. He soon hugs swaea tightly.

Swara – kya hua bacha ?? did u see any bad dream ??

Aarav – ha mumma in my dream u r leaving me and going away. I see this dream everyday.

Swara (shocked) – EVERYDAY ??
aarav – dont worry. i used to get very afraid at beginning but now i got used to it mumma….

swara (cries) – i am sry aarav. I am not a good mother..i kept u away for my selfish motives.

All are shocked as swara is reacting like she is his own mother.
Sanskar hugs swara and consoles her.
Sanskar – swara y r u crying ha ?? U shouldnot cry ok. U didnot do anything wrong.
Swara too hugs sanskar.
Aarav again hits sanskar in his stomach.
Sanskar – ahhh
sanskar breaks the hug.
swara – aarav y did u beat him ??

aarav – becozz he is huggging u. Only i should hug u.

Swara (smiles) – no bacha i told u na. We r
married and he is my husband. He has the right to hug me.
aarav – ohhh then i too will marry u.
swara laughs hard. Everyone too laughs hard.
swara – no we marry only one time and u know u dont need to marry me to hug me ok. Come baby hug me.

Aarav jumps on swara and kisses her.
Sanskar – hooo how cute..

Swara – aarav say sry to him.
Aarav – ok mumma.. i am sry. ..
mumma wat should i call him ??
Swara and sanskar gets puzzled wat to say swara is about to say to call uncle but aarav interrupts.
Aarav – ha mumma u know my frnds parents who stays with me call their mumma’s husband as papa so i too will call him papa ok ??
Swara – nooo i mean…
swara looks at sanskar.
Sanskar (smiles) – ofcouse u will call me papa.
Come to me.
aarav goes to sanskar and sit in his lap.
Aarav – i am sry papa for beating u.
Sanskar gets very happy to listen papa from his mouth.
swara too gets happy. Swara hugs both sanskar and aarav.
laksh – ahem..ahem. see here we r also there.

they three breaks the hug.
laksh – aarav shall we play sonething.
aarav – ha ok.

swara – before playing listen to me.
aarav – ha mumma tell
swara – beta listen u should not run on road like that. Do u know how much i am scared wen u told me that u ran on the road. I am afraid of accidents beta plzzz.
Seeing this sanskar hugs swara but swara jerks him.

sanskar – swara wat did i do ??
Swara – see aarav r u seeing this wounds on papa’s body (showing marks on sanskar’s hand)
Aarav – ha mumma wat happened ??
Swara – he too ran like u on the road then one car came and hit him.
Aarav – hoo mumma who hit my papa with car. I willnot leave him. I will fught with him.
saying this he stands and shows his muscles.
sanskar(murmurs) – tera baap

Swara hears this and laughs.

Sabskar goes near her and says in her ears – thankgod u laughed. Dont be angry with me. I am sry. Saying this he slightly kisses her ear lobe without anyone noticing it.

All too plays with aarav. Just then mohit
comes there.

mohit – dp uncle where is di ??
Dp – beta go to ur di’s room. She has a surprise for u.
Mohit – surprise ??
Dp – ha ha go go.

mohit enters the room. He doesnot see aarav.
Mohit – di uncle told me that u hav a surprise wat is….
mohit sees aarav.

Mohit – AARAV….

aarav sees mohit.

Aarav jumps on mohit from bed – CHACHUUU……..
mohit gets tears in his eyes – CHAMP how r u ??

Aarav – fine chachu. U know i missed u so much…
mohit – i too missed u so much champ.
mohit keeps him down.
mohit – di how did he come here ??
Swara tells him everything.
Mohit (angry) – champ wat is this. How can u run on road.

All gets shocked as both swara and mohit are over protective towards aarav But ignores it.

all plays with aarav For sometime.

Swara – mohit take aarav with u.
Sanskar – par swara…
mohit – no jiju i will take him he shouldnot stay here.

Sanskar – but y mohit ??

mohit – becozz its not his house.
Sanskar – to kya wo ghar iska hai ??
Mohit – ha ofcourse becozz its his grand parents house……

swara looks on shocked.
mohit – i mean as he calls swara mumma
they also thinks aarav as their grand child.
sanskar observes this.
sanskar – mohit let him be here.
aarav – ha chachu i will be with mumma and papa.
mohit – acha so u don’t want chachu.
Aarav – i want u too chachu…
swara – aarav beta if u live ur mom then go with chachu.. u know u will hav so many people there. U know grannie is ur fav na
??.she too will be there go.
aarav (sad) – ok mumma…
sanskar – but swara y r u sending him ??
Let him be here.
swara – no sanskar.
aarav – mumma i want to sleep in ur lap. After i slept chachu will take me with him.
Ok ??
Swara gets teary eyed – ok beta but first eat ur food.

Swasan and aarav had their dinner in their room itself.
where as mohit refused to eat.
Swara – mohit u go out and talk with everyone. After he sleeps i will call u .
mohit – ok di.

mohit goes. Wen he passes by uttara’s room. Uttara pulls him inside.

Mohit (shouts) – wat the hell is wrong with u ??
Uttara – ohh Mr.. that dialogue is mine ??
Wats wrong with u ?? Y r u behaving like this with all of us ??
Mohit – nthng lije that.
uttara – stop it mohit. i am noticing everything. u r not eating anything here. U r not even drinking water in our house. I know we all did wrong with bhabhi but u understand our situation na ??

Mohit – acha ok madam. But i need some time to behave as earlier.
uttara – ok thats gud.

mohit – now will u leave me ??
(Actually uttara is capturing mohit ib between her both hands)

Uttara (shy) – ha sry.
mohit (smiles) – its ok.

mohit goes.

Uttara blushes thinking how they both are so close to each other just a few moments before.

Uttara – y i feel very happy wen i am nwar him ?? y i feel hurt wen ge ignore me ?? Do i love him ?? Watever may be but he is a very nice person. The girl who marries him is the luckiest person in the world. Y cant i be that person ??

mohit goes and talks with laksh and parish where as uttara too comes and joins them.

@swasan room

Sanskar and aarav are playing while swara
is trying to make aarav sleep.
swara – sanskarr plzz stop it. Aarav come baby u have to sleep.
aarav – no mumma let me Play with papa.
swara (angry) – acha ok then i am going u both play.
Saying this she is about to go. Sanskar pulls her. She falls on him.

sanskar – where r u going mrs.maheswari??
Swara – sanskar chodo mujhe aarav dekhra hai ??

Sanskar leaves.
aarav – mumma will u sleep daily like this on papa ??

Swara gets embarrased.
swara – u come and sleep first.
Swara makes aarav sleep. She calls mohit
to take him.
sanskar – swara i dont want him to send him.
swara – but he has to go sanskar.

sanskar – swara y cant we adopt him ?? By proving that vatsal is a bad father.
swara – no sanskar its wrong. But i am
proud of ur thoughts. I love u.
saying this she is about to kiss him but mohot comes there.
sanskar(murmurs) – wahhh wat a timing
saale saheb
mohit understands(laughs) – haha sry jiju…i am going. Bye di gud ni8.
mohit kisses swara’s forehead.
swara kisses mohit on head and aarav on
swara(teary eyed) – miss u baby.
Mohit listen he is getting dreams now a days u sleep with him. Dont make him sleep near our kumbakaran behen she doesnot eveb wake up wen tsunami comes.

mohit – hahaha ok di dont worry i will sleep with him.
haha waise di accirding to ur logic her
name should be surpanaka (kumbakaran and ravan’s sister) not ragini
swara and mohit giggles while sabskar gets angry (fake angry)
Sanskar – shut up u both. I will not spare u if u say anything to my saali. She is the best.
mohit – haha di jiju is doing comedy. Jiju u r tio funny.
swara laughs – acha now stop and u take him.
sanskar – wait…
sanskar goes to mohit who is lifting aarav.
sanskar kisses aarav on his head.

Swara and mohit smiles.

Precap – swasan went to gm. But sanskar hears bp talking about mf.

Dont worry about precap.

Credit to: sam

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