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Next day mrng

All maheswari family gets freshen up and comes down.

Swara gives coffee to everyone.
Swara goes and prepare breakfast.
pari – swara i too will help u
swara – no bhabhi u plzzz take rest. I will prepare
pari – but swara it is very difficult. Akele kaise kar sakthi ho ?? Let me help u.
swara – bhabhi u plzzz sit i will do.
ap and sujatha are going to get up but swara stops them.
swara – badima mom y r u getting up.
Ap – to help u
swara (strictly) – no need u just sit.
she goes and starts preparing breakfast.
ap – sanskar ur wife is really vety stubborn.
sujatha – ha sanskar she is straining herself. Saara kaam khud karri hai.
Sanskar worries about swara’s health.

Sanskar goes to kitchen.

Swara is preparing breakfast.

Swara sees sanskar and says – kuch chahiya kya sanskar ??
Sanskar – swara plzz don’t strain urself. Take someone’s help. I mean i understand u don’t want to strain ma and mom but atleast take ramu kaka’s help.
swara goes and holds sanskar’s hands.
swara – sanskar.. don’t worry. i am fine.
sanskar – parr…
swara – par var kuch nahi. I said na i am fine and i will be happy doing this for my family.
sanskar – swara i understand but straining here and in hospital..
swara – sanskarrr don’t be silly. I am fine and i am doctor. I know how to take care of my health and u know doing work is a very good exercise.

Sanskar – acha ok but take care. Let me help u.
swara – no need sanskar u go. I will prepare but don’t disturb me. U go.
sanskar goes to sone distance but comes back and kisses her cheeks And runs.
Swara – pagal…

Swara prepares breakfast.

Everyone is having breakfast just then mohit comes there.

Swara – mohit come u too hav breakfast
mohit (serious) – no di i came to take u. I mean i want to talk to u and then i will drop u in hospital.
swara seeing mohit being serious gets worried.
swara(worry) – mohit wat happened ?? U r looking sad
mohit (fake smile) – di i told u na i am fine. Don’t worry. U hav breakfast and come outside. I will wait in the car.
dp – y to wait in car beta. U wait here.
mohit – no thanks uncle. i will wait there.
saying this he goes.
dp – swara beta i think mohit hum sab se naaraz hai. wen sanskar is in that condition. We treated u very badly in the hospital.
swara – aisa kuch nahi badepapa
rp – nahi swara thats y he is not talking to us as earlier. Neither he is coming here. Don’t hidd from us beta. We know.
sanskar (shocked) – wat u all did with swara wen i was in hospital.
laksh – nthng bhai. They just protested bhabhi becozz she is trying to save vatsal.
swara – ha sanskar. i mean they r right at their position. If i were at their position i too would hav done the same.
Sanskar calms down but not completely.

Later swara goes with mohit. Sanskar and laksh to sanskar’s company. Dp and rp to maheswari company and uttara leaves to clg.

In car

Swara – mohit y r u behaving like that with my in laws.
mohit – di i am worried. U did so much for them infact u r still doing very much but still they dont understand u. They know how much u love jiju but phir bhi they hadnot thought atleast for once that y u did this ??
Swara – but u r over reacting. anyone will do the same.
mohit – u r right di. I understand their situation. But still anyone who hurts u will never be my family.
swara – mohit…..
mohit – di ur hospital came.
swara gets down and goes.

Swara (thinks) – even bp is thinking like that. But how will they understand that my in laws are right at their place.

She goes inside.


Swara comes out of the hospital and she takes her scooty and goes home. She stops at a shop near mm. Buys some groceries and again starts her scooty.

Aarav came to the near by shop. Aarav saw swara. He started running behind the scooty.
Vatsal doesnot see swara. So he runs behind Aarav.

But he misses aarav.

Swara comes home.She sees sanskar.
Swara – sanskar i am shocked. U came home so early…
sanskar pulls swara close by waist and says – ha i thought to spend some time with my wife.

swara releases herself and calls ramu kaka
swara – ramu kaka plzz keep this inside.
ramu kaka goes.
swara sees ap dp and everyone coming outside.
swara – arre wah badepapa wat’s the special today. U r all at home at this time.
dp – ha beta woh actually we thought to go to ur house.
swara – par k…

a 5 year old boy interrupts swara – MUMMAAA

his voice is filled with excitement , happiness , sadness, and angry too

Swara turns and gets shocked but within seconds she gets very happy.

Swara – AARAV…….

swara runs to him. And he too rubs to swara.

Swara hug him and twirils him.

Swara – MY BABY…… How r u ?? U kniw i am very happy to see u.

all maheswari family is shocked. Sanskar is double shocked wen the boy called swara ‘mamma’

Swara breaks the hug.

Swara sees his condition

Swara – Aarav wat is this ?? U r sweating and panting heavily. Y did u run so much ??. (Shocked) and how did u come here…..

Swara wipes his sweat with her dupatta.

Aarav pushes her hand.

Aarav – i hate u mumma. u didnot come to meet me from 4 months. wen i came her i am continuosly asking papa about u but he is telling that i cant meet u now. (Cries) i hate u…..
swara hugs aarav and cries hard…
swara – na bachaaa aisa nahi rote hai. U r my brave boy hai na ?? U shouldnot cry. plzz don’t cry. U know na i love u very much.

Seeing swara cry aarav wipes her tears.

Aarav – i am sry mumma i don’t hate u. I too love u. U don’t cry. if u cry na i too will cry.

Swara smiles – acha ok i willnot cry. U too willnot cry.

aarav – ok i won’t cry.

Here vatsal is searching for aarav but he suddenly realizes that it’s swara’s house area. So he understands that aarav might saw swara and went to her. He runs to mm
vatsal – ohhh shit wat if aarav calls mumma infront of swara’s in laws. My son is totally crack just like his bua. He will not call me papa but he will call her mumma.

Vatsal runs…

in mm

Swara – aarav gets breathing problem.
swara gets worried.
(Shouts) ramu kaka plzzz bring water. Plzzz
Swara lifts aarav.
sanskar too comes there and helps her. They both make aarav lie down in sofa. Swara calms down aarav. He drinks water. He gets fine.

Swara then realizes everyone’s presence.

Swara – i’ll explain…
aarav – mumma… u asked me na how i came here.
Swara – ha bacha bolo
aarav – i saw u there at that shop. Wen i called u. U didnot hear so i ran behind ur scooty.
swara is shocked.
swara (angry) – r u mad aarav ?? Kuch ho jaatha toh ?? its a main road. With whom u came To that shop ??
Aarav – with vatsal…
Swara – don’t call him by name. He is ur dad. Just now u called him papa na ?? Now wat happened ??
aarav – arre mumma i told it by mistake. I will call him only by name. U know u say that i should call him papa. And he says that i shouldnot call u mumma. Y ??
Swara – kuch nahi beta leave it. Listen to me u shouldnot run like that on the road ok ?? wat if some thing hits u ??
Aarav – I dont know mumma but as soon as i saw u i ran behind u. I didnot see anything except u.

maheswari family is shocked to see that boy’s love towards swara.

Swara hugs him and says – but beta if u r hurt then mumma will cry so hard na ?? do u want mumma to cry ??

Aarav nods no

Everyone smiles seeing his cuteness.
just then vatsal comes there.

vatsal (shouts) – AARAV…
hearing him and seeing his anger aarav hides behind swara.

Aarav – mumma he came to take me. I don’t want to go plzz send him. i will go to him later. I want to talk to u.
swara – don’t be afraid beta. U be here i will go and talk to u. Lucky plzzz take care of him.
laksh – ji bhabhi

Leaving aarav in hall swara goes to the door where vatsal is standing..

sanskar too follows her

Vatsal – swara i am sry he came here running
I think he saw u. i came here to take him. Send him.
swara – i am not going to send him. U can go.
vatsal – wat the hell ?? Hav u gone mad ??
Sanskar(angry) – control ur tongue mr.vatsal. don’t forget that u r talking to my wife.
vatsal – ok mr.maheswari… by the way the kid with whom ur wife is playing i am his father and i hav the right.
swara (smirks) – oh really ?? Right ?? which right r u talking about mr.vatsal ?? I think i hav to remind u of something. 4 years back….
vatsal – no need to remind me. Ok fine wen r u going to send him..
swara – my wish…
vatsal goes from there angrily.

Swara turns to sanskar
Swara – sanskar i can explain. plzzz don’t be angry…
sanskar holds her face – y will i be angry ?? Pagal hogaye ho ??
Swara smiles and hugs him.

Aarav comes there and hits sanskar on his Leg.

Sanskar breaks the hug and sees aarav.
swara too sees him.

Aarav – y r u hugging my mumma ??
Swara smiles – becozzz he is my husband.
aarav – wat ??
Swara – come with me. I will tell u but before that u will sleep for sometime. Ok ??
Aarav – ok
swara – ramu kaka plzz take him to our room no no guest room.
sanskar – no ramu kaka take him to our room.
swara looks at sanskar. Sanskar smiles.

aarav goes with ramu kaka.
He is really a very good boy. He mingles with everyone very easily.

Swara – i am sry. He is used to call me mumma. I was there for him wen vatsal separated his mother from him. i know his mother misses him alot..
sanskar – where is she swara ??
Swara – kya faida sanskar.. there is no use. Acha now i hav to call mohit. Aarav will be very happy to see mohit.
and badepapa badimaa aarav will stay here for few hours later i will send him with mohit. Can he stay here till then ??
Dp -beta wats there to ask in it ??
Sanskar – but swara y r u sending him.
Laksh – bhabhi let him be here. U know he mingles with everyone so nicely.
sanskar thinks about the story wat mohit said. He thinks that vatsal and swara are frnds.
Sanskar – swara did u call mohit ??
Swara – ha sanskar i told him to come here but didnot tell the reason…he will be surprised.
sanskar – but i am surprised. hiw did vatsak agreed to u so easily ??

Precap – swara tells sanskar something.
mohit comes to mm and gets shocked to see aarav

I think these chapters will be bore for u but there is a track ahead but u all don’t want that. So i am post poning it. So for that i hav to add these all.

Credit to: sam

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