I am really sry frndzzzz. I really dissappointed u all. but these secrets lead to a major track coming up. That is y i am writing this. Swara hiding these secrets will lead to the upcoming track. and swara is saving vatsal just becozzz of one reason not just becozzz he is her brother. i am sry but i can just tell u one thing that plzz wait. i know u r not liking this ff but i am helpless. I am sry once again but i decided to write this. Hope u understand wen the complete truth is revealed……
i am hurt but not becozzz of ur comments but becozzz in our place power came at night 12. I started writing that part then and it took 3 hrs to write but there is no use. U all didnot like it. I am feeling bad for disappointing u all. I hate myself wen i make u wait for my ff. That is y i am posting daily. But it became useless. I am feeling bad for disappointing u all. I think u all will feel like this the next parts too
Sry once again

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Episode 74
Here we go

Swara – badepappa plzzz i am requesting u all. Plzz take back the case.
dp – swara i don’t understand y r u so desperate to save him from going to jail.
shekhar – durga prasad ji she has a very strong reason u plzzz understand.
rp – wat should we understand shekhar ji ??
Hav u seen sanskar’s condition ??
Bp – hav u seen swara’s condition wen sanskar is getting treated inside. She will never shout at doctors becozz she understands their condition but for the first time i saw her getting angry… i know how much she loves sanskar. Infact more than anyone else.
sujatha – then y is she not punishing him.
swara has tears in her eyes.
swara – so u don’t take the case back right ??
Dp – ha swara tume jho karna hai woh karlo.
swara – then i don’t hav any other option other than reopening my bp’s accident case…..

All are shocked.

Dp(shocked) – swara…
swara – ha badepapa i am saying that i will reopen my bp’s accident case which was done by laksh….
rp – u can’t do that swara. u r doing this just for this man ?? Who is he to u ?? ha ??
swara closes her eyes with pain.
vatsal(shouts) – enough… u all wanted me to be jailed right ?? Ok then i will. And swara stop ur trials to save me.
swara comes to him and slaps him hard.
she slaps him 3 times continuosly.
swara (shouts) – wat do u think ?? I am saving u for u. Noooo i am saving u becozzz of ur…. leave it. if i don’t hav a reason then i would hav killed u here itself For harming my husband. i am feeling like killing u with my own hands but i can’t do that. This slaps will remind u my hatred towards u. Just leave from here.

maheswari and gadodia family is shocked.

Swara folding her hands – i am sry. I don’t hav any other option. plzzz take back ur case.

Saying this she leaves.

Dp – ho kya gaya hai swara ko ?? I think she has a very strong reason But y is she not telling us ??
ap – i think we should leave the decision to sanskar..
sujatha – par jiji….
rp – i think bhabhi is right sujatha. I too feel that swara has a very strong reason. but how can she say that she will get laksh arrested.
laksh – chachuuu i know bhabhi. She will never do that but she is trying to make us agree for taking back the case.
ap – hum jante hai laksh. But still she shouldnot hav said those.
mohit – i am asking sry on behalf of my di. But her intentions are not bad. I can’t say anything to u.

After sometime.

Swara is sitting in her cabin along with all gadodia family.
sumi goes near swara and holds her hands.
Sumi – shona tanq for saving my son , ur brother.
swara (angry) – maa don’t dare to call that person my brother. He died and try to understand it.I saved him just becozzz of his son.
Maaa vatsal separated his own son from her mother. How cruel he can be ma ?? Chiiii i hate him. now i can’t let anything happen to my baby just becozzz of vatsal’s mistake. Ma i can’t snatch his happiness. Now it is summer holidays. Wen he comes from the hostel and he asks about his father ?? Wat should i say ?? That he is in jail and i sent him to jail ??
swara has teara in her eyes
chota sa bacha hai ma woh.. apne papa ke bina nahi reh sakta..
and i decided one thing..
shekhar – wat ??
Swara – i will tell about AARAV to sanskar and my in laws
Bp – maa r u sure ??
Swara – don’t worry bp i will tell only about his son. Thats it. I don’t want sanskar to suffer for my problms. I will never tell anything to him. I cant trouble him.
mohit – dii first u go and tell everything.

@ sanskar’s ward.

Sanskar is sitting on the bed.
All maheswari family is with him…
sanskar – arre i am asking u where is swara ?? Kab se puch raha hu tell me ??
Dp – swara is in her cabin with her family sanskar. U take rest.
sanskar – noo badepapa first call her. I want to talk to her. And laksh wat about the culprit who did my accident ?? Did u catch the person.
all becomes silent.
sanskar – ohhh now i understood. I think mer sherni went to teach the person a good lesson. Hmm ye swara na…
ap – sanskar vatsal did ur accident…
sanskar – wat ?? Hahaha then swara willnot leave him at any cost.
sujatha – nahi sanskar. Swara saved him from police.
sanskar (shocked) – wat ?? It is impossible
sanskar looks at laksh.
laksh tells everything to sanskar.
sanskar gets shocked – no laksh i think swara is hiding something. u know na she treats u like mohit. She never shows any difference between u both. I have to know the reason…
swara comes from back.
swara – sanskar….
sanskar – swara.. wats all this ??
he is about to get up but swara comes and hokds him.
Swara – sanskar… plzzz be on bed.u can’t get up like this….
sanskar – first u tell me the reason y u r doing this ??
Swara – ok i will tell u
swara turns to family members and asks forgiveness.
swara – first of all i am really sry for going against u. Badepapa plzzz forgive me.
sanskar – swara i know u hav some reason. Tell us. u no need to ask sry swara.
swara has tears in her eyes.
Sanskar makes her sit beside him and wipes her tears with his one hand while other hand has saline.
swara smiles – are u not angry with me ??
Sanskar – y should i ?? I know u hav some reason.
swara – haa sanskar i will tell u.
actually vatsal has a 5 year old son. his name is aarav. He is soo cute (saying about aarav swara smiles widely) sanskar he doesnot have his mother. He only have his father. if we send vatsal to jail wat will happen to that child sanskar plzzz think of him. plzzz i beg u all. Plzzz think of that child.
all maheswari family has tears in their eyes. All are attached to the story.

sanskar hugs swara.

dp – swara beta u could have told me earlier about it.
Swara – i don’t want to trouble all of u. And more over i don’t want to mention about his son infront of him. Vatsal doesnot want u all to know about his son. he doesnot inform anyone. Infact vatsal joined his son in residential
dp – kya how could he do that ?? How can he join in residential. He is too small to handle that. Kids should be with their parents…
swara(sad and low voice) – hmm my aarav is not so lucky to live with his parents.
sanskar keeps his hands on her hands.
laksh – bhabhi don’t worry we will take the case back But….
swara – don’t worry laksh he will get his punishment for hurting my sanskar..
adarsh – ur sanskar…..hmmmm not bad swara…
all laughs.
Swara blushes slightly.
sanskar – bhai don’t tease my wife.
Pari – wahhh wat a couple. Adarsh kuch seekhiye sanskar se…
adarsh gives death glare to sanskar

Just then doctor comes and checks sanskar.
swara – wat is the prgoress doctor.
swara – nthng to worry dr.swara. he is recovering very fast. U can take him home tomorrow.
swara – no no doctor. untill he gets fine u don’t discharge him.
sanskar (shocks) – swara wat r u saying ?? I can’t stay here.
swara – no sanskar ghar me toh tum meri baath sunte kaha ho ?? Doctor i am telling u he will not take rest if he stay at home. He will definetly indulge in his ofc work.
ap – i agree with u swara.
sujatha – ha me too
sanskar – badepapa plzzz tell na. I can’t stay here.
swara winks at dp.
dp – acha ok but on one condition.
sanskar – wat ??
Dp – u willnot do ofc work. U will sit and take rest. Thats all. if u are ok with it. I will talk with swara.
Sanskar – ok i will not even touch ofc works happy ??
Swara – very happy. ok doctor plzz make everything ready for sanskar’s discharge.
doctor – mam there is no need of that. U can take him.
swara – no doctor u plzzz get the discharge papers ready.
doctor – ok. take rest mr.maheswari..
sanskar – ok doctor…

priya comes and visits sanskar. All maheswari family goes to home except swara and laksh. Gadodia family too goes to home except ragini and mohit.

Priya – how r u mr.maheswari ??
Sanskar – fine tanq
priya gives an angry look to swara and goes.
ragini – tanq jiju
sanskar – for wat ??
ragini – for forgiving bhayya
Sanskar – ragini chot mujhe lagi hai par dard tumhari behan ko hua hai. Jab woh vatsal ko maaf kar sakti hai toh mai kyu nahi ??
swara – correction sanskar.. i hav not forgivrn him. i hav changed his punishment. Thats it. He has done many wrongs. Now its pay back time. Acha leave all that. U take rest.
Lucky ragini mohit u all go out.
mohit – diii if u want jiju to take rest then u too hav to come out otherwise he won’t take rest. Hehehe we all know wat will he do
Swara – hooo bachuu this laksh and ragini spoiled u.
laksh – ohh bhabhi i didnot spoil ur brother. He is already spoiled. Hehehe
all the three giggles and goes out.
swara adjusts sanskar’s bed sheet and is about to go.
swara – sanskar u take rest Ok. I will be in my cabin. Call me if u need anything.
sanskar – kaisi biwi ho tum ha ?? Leaving ur husband in this condition ??
Swara (smiles) – dramebaaz stop ur drama ok . i willnot go anywhere .
sanskar makes swara sit beside him.
sanskar keeps his head in her lap.
swara carreses his hair.
Sanskar – swara….
swara – haaa
sanskar – u should change the beds in the hospital
swara – kyun sanskar ?? These are of a very good quality and costly.
sanskar – arre i am not saying about the quality. I am saying about the size. If two people want to sleep then how ??
Swara doesnot ubderstand first but he holds her waist and keeps hus face on her bare belly as she is wearing saree and kisses her on her bare belly.
swara (blushes) – sanskar. This is hospital and behave urself. Stop it and sleep.
swara holds his face and makes him sleep on the bed properly.
swara – ha sleep like this.
sanskar (pouts) – swara u know u are very bad.
swara smiles.

@ next day

Sanskar is discharged.
swara laksh and mohit are taking sanskar to home.

Sanskar enters mm

Ap and sujatha gives him aarthi.

Sanskar comes in.
swara and mohit takes sanskar to swasan room and make him rest while laksh is checking out the hospital formalities.

@ swasan room.

sanskar closes his eyes. swara and mohit thinking that sanskar is slept talks there.

Mohit – diiii u said that u will punish vatsal. How ??
swara (smirks) – mohit watever he snatched from us i will snatch each and everything from him. I thought to forget about him but no he can’t be forgiven. Becozz of him sanskar is in this condition i can’t forgive him.
mohit – di everything is good but wat r u going to do.
swara – i will tell u later. now u go and see ofc work. Take care of maa. She will be the one who is most effected by this.
mohit – ok di. U take care of jiju and urself too. Don’t worry jiju will be fine. Plzz don’t neglect ur health.
swara – ok bachu take care bye.
Mohit hugs swara and leaves.
sanskar (thinks) – y is maa effected with this ?? may be seeing swara in this condition effected her.
Sanskar opens his eyes. He sees swara is sitting beside him carressing his hair.
sanskar – u know wen u touch my hair i will automatically sleep.
swara – i know and now too u will sleep.
Sanskar – ha sure but along with me u too will sleep.
swara – but i hav other works too.
sanskar – no swara first u lay down. I know how much u stressed urself. So just take rest for sometime.
Swara – no one can win over u mr.maheswari.
swara too sleeps with him.

After some days sanskar recovers completeky by swara’s over care.
pari is 5 months pregnent

@ swasan room.
Swara is feeding sanskar soup.
swara – sanskar plzzz don’t act like a kid na ?? Drink this.
sanskar – no its not good. I dont drink
swara – plzzz baby
sanskar – no swara i dont want to drink it.
Swara – ohh god sanskar i cant even manage u. I dont know wat will happen wen we hav kids.
sanskar hearing her pulls her close.
sanskar (in a husky voice) – wat did u say ??
Swara realizes wat she said
swara – n..nthng. leave me.
sanskar takes the soup bowl and keeps in the side table.
sanskar pulls swara on bed and he comes above her.
swara – sanskar kya karre ho ??
sanskar – u want me to hav the soup na now i will hav it. But u hav to feed me not with ur hands but with ur ..(pointing to her lips)
swara – sanskar u r becoming naughty day by day.first get up from me.
swara is getting up but sanskar pulls her towards him and kisses her neck. And bites it.
Swara – sanskar….
sanskar – dont disturb me.
soon both gets intimate.

After sometine both freshen up.
sanskar – swara as i am fine now i will go to ofc.
swara – ok sanskar. Acha listen.. u plzzz tell ur lawer to prepare the papers for transferring of shares from my name to bp’s name.
sanskar – Did he agree ??
Swara – ha i talked to him. He agreed.
sanskar – thank gid ab sab kuch tikh hogaya. But y did he do this ??
Swara – sanskar it is a very silly reason. If i tell u will laugh.
sanskar – wat is that ??
Swara – badepappa believe in horoscope. Even i believe it but not blindly. U know we hav a guruji. I mean our family believes in him. He said that my marg will break. I will try to go away from all. So bp believed in that and transferred hus shares so that i hav a responsibility and i couldnot leave.
how funny na ??
Sanskar gets serious – swara i am worried. Wat if it becomes true. I know badepapoa he doesnot believe all this but he only believed him means…
swara – sanskar bp believed him becozzz tilll now watever he told it became true. He told that my marg will happen without bp’s consent. i didnot believe at that time but it happened becozz it is written in my fate.
sanskar – that is y i am worried swara. Wat if it is written in my fate that u will go awat from me ??
Swara – sanskar nthng will happen like that. now don’t think too much.
sanskar hugs swara. And kisses her shoulder.
both break the hug.
swara – now stop worrying about unnecessary things. Go to ofc.
Sanskar nods and goes. Swara too gets ready to hospital. And leaves.

Precap – a small boy comes to mm running and hugs swara.

I am sry once again.

Credit to: sam

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