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Here we go

After 1 hour sanskar gets conscious.
swara is lost in thoughts holding sanskar’s hand. She doesnot see sanskar getting consciousness.
sanskar(slowly and in a weak voice)- swara
swara seeing sanskar getting conscious gets excited and hugs him while crying.
swara (while crying and hugging sanskar) – sanskarrrr i am so happy to see u.
(angry) kya ho tum paanch saal ka bacha ?? Don’t u know how to cross the road. Idiot waste fellow. I hate u. I hate u.
sanskar (smiles weakly) – swara now i am a patient. So u shouldnot scold me.
swara – shut up. Tumhe pata hai meri kya halat hogayi hai tume aise dekhkar ?? Haa ??
saying this swara cries hard.
sanskar – swara i am sry. I should be careful. Now plzzz stop crying. I am walking so careful but i didnot realize wen the car came and hit me.
swara – sanskar now u take rest ok ?? i willnot leave the person who did this. I will send him to jail who ever may be he is.
now u take rest.
swara brushes his hair and about to leave.
sanskar – swara plzzz sit until i sleep
swara – ok
swara brushes his hair continuosly. He feels sleepy. He soon dozes off.
swara to herself – my husband is soooo cute wen he is sleeping.
swara kisses his forehead and leaves.

All maheswari and gadodia family are waiting outside.
swara comes out.
ap – swara how is sanskar ?? Hosh aaya ki nahi ??
Swara – badi ma don’t worry. He came to consciousness. Talked with me and just now he slept. He is completely fine now and u all go inside and see him.
all go and see sanskar and comes out.

all mf and gf are standing in the corridor.

swara – mohit kuch pata chala uss insan ka Jisne sanskar ka ye haal kiya hai ??
Mohit – di we informed police. Police told that they are coming right now ?? We will soon find the culprit.
all turns And sees vatsal.
gadodia family gets shocked specially sharmishta , shekhar and swara.
Laksh runs to him and holds his collar.
laksh (angry) – y did u do this ?? Did u do this intentionally ??
ragini goes and calms down laksh
ragini – laksh calm down. i think bhayya is innocent.
laksh – innocent my foot
vatsal – i am sry but let me explain.
Mohit is seeing swara. swara sees sharmishta crying….
swara closes her eyes. She gets a flashes of a small boy…
swara opens her eyes. She goes to vatsal.
Swara holds his hand.
all are shocked.
swara – mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai akele me
vatsal nods his head in yes.
laksh – bhabhi wat do u want to talk ??
Swara – laksh let me talk.
swara holds his hand and takes vatsal to her cabin. bp too goes with her.
swara locks the door.

@ in swara’a cabin

Bp – ma wat do u want to talk ??
Swara – i need to know something. So mr.vatsal tell me did u do this intentionally ??
Vatsal – wat do u mean swara ??
Swara hits her hands on her table. Her eyes became red.
swara (angry) – i mean did u do it to hurt me through sanskar ??
Vatsal – wat ?? R u mad ?? y will i do like that ?? No it was just an accident. How can u think like that ??
Swara – i too used to think that u don’t harm me though u hate me but after wat u did to spoil my reputation i am left with no option.
U used a small child just to spoil my reputation.
vatsal – stop it swara. Yes i agree i did that. But i didnot harm that girl. I just thought to create a mis understanding so that u come and ask me for help. I want u to beg me but i never thought to harm u or ur hospital swara. Did u get that ??
Swara – hmm ok now come with me.
all three comes out from swara’s cabin.

Just then police arrives.

police – we are trying to find the culprit.
laksh – no need inspector. We already found. U plzz arrest him.. he is….

everyone are shocked.
laksh – bhabhi wat r u saying ??
Dp(angry) – swara wat is this ??
Swara – badepapa plzz let me do this. I will explain u later.
dp – wat will u explain ha ??no we r not going to leave him
dekhiye inspector saab this vatsal is responsible for sanskar’s accident. He hir sanskar with his car. Arrest him.

All are even more shocked.
ap – swara how can u blame sanskar. How can u do this to him. He loves u alot…
swara has tears in her eyes but she has to do this.

Rp – swara i don’t know y u r doing this but i will make sure that this man goes behind the bars.
inspector – i am sry dr.swara but as there are proofs against mr.vatsal. we hav to arrest him.
swara – no u can’t do this. U WILL NOT ARREST HIM
inspector – ok mam we shouldnot say this to u but as i know u and ur values completely i am saying this if any politician or higher official recomend we can postpone the arrest. And to completely remove the case we need ur total family and husband’s statement.

Swara (to herself) – no i can’t comvince the whole family now so i hav to talk to the local politician.
swara – ok inspector u plzz wait. Bp plzz cal the mp and talk to him. he is ur frnd na ?? Plzz talk to him.

laksh – bhabhi y r u doing this ?? U were very determined to get the person punished na ?? Then wat happened now ??
Sujatha – leave it laksh. but i willnot let u succeed swara. This man will go to jail snd thats final.
all are shocked again.
sumi to shekhar – no one should face my shon’s condition. Not even our enemies. one side her in laws and other side….. saying this sumi cries…unnoticed by mf
mohit – di i don’t think u r doing right. Plzz once again think.
swara – no mohit i already thought about it. And my decision is final.
bp did u talk with him.
bp – ha ma inspector u will get call anytime.

Just then inspector gets a call
inspector – yes sir…ok sir….as u say sir…
saying this he cuts the call.

Inspector – sry durga prasad ji we can’t arrest mr.vatsal
dp (angry) – no u hav to arrest him. How can u do this ?? I will not leave u.
inspector – no sir but listen to me completely. Swara mam we can remain for only sometime. After that if ur family doesnot take the case back we hav to arrest mr.vatsal.
swara – tanq inspector…but don’t worry my family will take back the case and u will get my husband’s statement too….
inspectir goes

All maheswari family scolds swara. But swara remains silent.
vatsal – swara y did u do this ?? U hate me na ??
Swara (shouts) – ya ofcourse i hate u but i did this not for u but for ur….
she is about to say sonething but stops seeing everyone. Just then priya comes there.
priya – swara wat hav u done ?? Kyun bachaya isse ??
Swara – priya…
priya – u r wrong swara. this is very wrong…
mohit – priya leave the matter and go from here.
Ragini – priya… wat r u doing here ??
Parineetha – dr.priya is working as a gynacologist in ur sister’s hospital. Dont u know ragini ??
Ragini – that means di u lied to me. U both are in contact with each other in these four years and infact u are meeting her everyday.
mohit – ragini dont create a scene here. Priya u go.
priya goes.

Ap sits in a chair and cries
ap (cries) – wats happening to my family ??

Mohit holds swara’s hands and takes her to a room and closes the door.

Swara – mohit let me go. I hav ro convince badepappa to take the case back.
mohit – di first tell me y did u save him ??
Swara – u know better
mohit (shouts) – no i dont know. I wanted to listen from ur mouth.
there is a piece of silence for a few minutes.
mohit – di wat did u say ??
Swara (realizes) – i know mohit but do u know hiw much difficult it is for me to leave him like that. More than u all i was determined to send the person to jail who is the reason for my sanskar’s condition. My sanskar’s pain but we shouldnot punish his son for vatsal’s deeds.
Hmmm vatsal…
mohit do u know we should thank god that vatsal is not revealing his identity. If he is arrested his real identity will be revealed that HE IS NONE OTHER THAN ANAND GADODIA. VATSAL ANAND SHEKHAR GADODIA. Do u want that ??
Do u know wen he disguised himself and came as anand i was shocked but soon realised that i should keep calm. I dont want anyone to know that anand is alive.
mohit do u remember before 4 years becozz of my brother master died. From that day i stopped calling him bhai…. i started calling him anand. I stopped talking to him. I just beared him becozz of my baby…. But he crossed every limit by sending badepapa to london and declaring him as dead. Then i couldnot bear that my brother anand did this. Not even me but our whole family couldnot believe it. we cant even think that our anand did this.
to make ouselves fine we killed anand. Becozz this man cant be my anand. My brother cant do this. This man is someone else. My brother died. My brother dies mohit…..
saying this swara cries miserebly…….
mohit hugs her. Both cries.
swara gets up and says – and main reason is….
mohit – i know di… and i am sry…. i just got frustated becozzzz of ur decision. I should think about ur condition….
swara – its ok bachu
mohit – no diii even after knowing how much love jiju i should hav thought thaf how much it is difficult for u.
swara – mohit u know u always supported me and even today u didnot utter a single word even though u think i am wrong. god has blessed me with such a good brother. I am really lucky to hav u bachu…
both brother and sister hug each other.

Swara and mohit comes out.
vatsal – swara …. don’t do this. Don’t go against ur family…..
swara – u no need to tell me wat should i do mr.vatsal.. stay in ur limits….

Swara goes to dp.
swara – badepappa plzzzz i beg u. Plzzz take ur case back.
dp – swara actually u hav to send him to jail but inspite of that u r trying to save him.
Swara – badepappa i hav a reason for it.
dp – ok tell me wats the reason .
swara – i cant tell u but plzzz….
dp – enoigh swara
swara – badimaa atleat u tell badepappa
ap – no swara. u are wrong
swara requests everyone…but no one listens to her.
swara – lucky atleast u tell them.
but laksh remains silent.

Swara doesnot have any option except…..
precap – u hav to wait

Sry for late and my twists. Hope u all liked it.

So finally the major secret is revealed. Now lets see wat swara will do.
will she succeed ??
Wat will be the sanskar’s reaction wen he gets to know about wat swara did ??

Now still priya’s and master’s truth are yet to be revealed.

Credit to: sam

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    maheswari family is right …
    Swara hiding too much of secrets vch is highly irritable..and her patience…o god…she is normal human …but behaving like a mahaan…
    She should tell d reason to her sasural…they have rights..but she won’t…
    She is bearing every insults..even if she is not at fault…and even youngers to her insult her(like ragini)…
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    First of all….is apologies….
    Ya….am really sorry yaar for no commenting in previous 2 chapters coz I was not at my home….that’s the reason ?
    Now am back and have read all the three chapters at one go……………
    Am out of words to express my feelings….
    Just u nailed it perfectly…….?
    Am in love with ur ff…..
    And I love the twists u give?
    All r amazing and now this one is shocking ???but am loving it…
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