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It is an another beautiful mrng for our swasan

Swasan room

Both are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.
Swara wakes up first.
She is sleeping on sanskar’s chest
Swara – sanskar utho na
Sanskar – swara let me sleep for sometime. I am sleepy.
Swara – acha ok u sleep.
She is about to go but sanskar pulls her towards him.
Sanskar – u too sleep with me.
Swara – sanskar i am getting late. Plzzz let me go
Sanskar – ok but u hav to pay conpensation.
Swara – compensation for wat ??
Sanskar – for spoiling my mood

(He points his lips)
Swara – i will not pay any compensation. Wat will u do ??
Sanskar pulls swara close and tells her – i know how to take it.
Swara – ok then try it.
Swara gets up to go but sanskar pulls her and she falls on him.
Sanskar places his lips on her and kisses her pationately.
They break the kiss after sometime.
Swara – sanskar i hate u.(wiping the blood on her lips)
Sanskar – but i love u. And i am sry.
He wipes her blood with his lips.
He brushes her lips again
Sanskar – sorry.
Swara hugs him tightly

Later they both get freshen up and goes down.
All have their breakfast
Swara – sanskar i am leaving. I hav an important operation.
Sanskar – ok i hav a meeting at 11. So i still have sometime. And ha we will have our lunch together today. Ok ?? U me and mohit.
Swara nods in yes.
Swara – sanskar if u want to calle then call me after 12 becozz i will be in operation theatre.
Sanskar – ha i think i too have to stay in hospital for u
swara(angry) – sanskar y do u talk like this always. I hate u.

saying this she goes from there.
laksh who listens to their conversation comes to him.
laksh – bhai y will u always upset bhabhi. Y r u talking like this. U know she cant even bear the thought that something happens to u.
sanskar – acha ok ok i will not talk anything. Ok i am going to ofc.

Sanskar while driving to himself – there is still more time for the meeting. I will go to the park and spend some time.
So he parks the car and he crosses the road.


swara thinks to call sanskar mohit and all as she is feeling restlessness. To findout whether everything is fine or not.
just then nurse comes
nurse – doctor everything is ready for operation.
Swara – ok i am coming.
swara goes


sanskar is crossing the road while a car comes and hits him. He falls with pool of blood.
person comes out from the car.he is none other than vatsal
vatsal – omg yeh kya hogaya ??How this happened ?? I have to call swara. He calls continuosly but swara doesnot lift the calls as she is in operation theatre.
vatsal lifts sanskar and places him in his car and rushes to hospital.


Swara is feeling restlessness in operation theatre but she completes the operation.
wen she comes out.
swara to the patient’s family – ur husband is safe. No need to worry.
Patient’s wife – tanq so much doctor. Hope u and ur family lives 100 years.
swara smiles and goes to her cabin
she sees vatsal’s missed calls.
swara to herself – y did he call now ?? I think to trouble me. But these many missed calls ??
Now first i will call sanskar…
here vatsal admits sanskar in swara’s hospital (sun shine hospital) and he leaves.

@swara’s cabin

She is about to call sanskar. A nurse comes to her panting.
nurse (panting) – doctor…doctor….
swara – wat happened ??
Nurse – mam sanskar sir met with an accident. he is admitted in our hospital. He is in emergency ward.
Swara’s phone falls from her hand.She runs to him.
she cries hard. But then she remembers sanskar’s words “if i met with an accident don’t panic”
Swara sits there and cries. Soon all gadodia and maheswari family reaches there.
mohit and bp comes to her.
Mohit – di…..
Swara hugs him and cries.
Laksh too comes to swara and consoles her.
Swara wipes her tears – no sanskar asked me not to panic. I should be strong for him. My sanskar will be fine. I know him.
Doctor comes out.
Swara , sujatha, ap, rp and dp and everyone rushes to doctor.
Swara – doctor wat is his condition ??
Doctor – dr.swara he lost so much of blood .But we r trying to get him to conscious but he is not responding to medicines.

Swara(angry) – so wat ?? Get him to conscious. Do something.
Doctor handovers the reports.
Swara sees the reports. She sits with a thud on the chair.

Mohit and laksh goes near her – diiii/bhabhi…. wat happened.
Ap – swara wat’s there ij the report.
Swara(shocked) – sanskar should get consciousness in 24 hours. Otherwise….
Dp – otherwise ??
Swara – otherwise she could slip in to coma….
Bp gets shocked. He goes to the temple and prays.
Bp – wats happening in my ma’s life. I can’t see her like this.
Bp goes to swara.
Doctor – dr.swara u know well wat to do. U all try to make him get in to conscious. So that we can treat him.
Doctor goes from there.
All asks swara to go in.
Mohit – mai bhi di ke saath jaatha hu.

Bp – no mohit let her go alone.
Swara goes inside
Sanskar is lying like a lifeless body.
Swara – sanskar plzzz get up na. See me how i became. U know na i can’t live without u. I will do watever u want. Anything. U needed the kiss na. See i will kiss u.
Saying this she kisses his forehead ,cheeks.
Swara hugs sanskar and cries hard.
Sanskar moves her finger. Swara observes this.
She calls the doctor.
Doctor checks and treats him.
Doctor and swara comes out.
Swara hugs bp and cries and tells – bp sanskar is fine. He is getting well. He will get conscious in 1 hour.
All maheswari and gadodia family gets happy.
Swara – aap sab ghar jaayiye. I will take care of him.
Lucky i need each and every detail of the person who did this accident. I will not leave that person.
laksh – yes bhabhi. I will find out.

Laksh and mohit goes to find the culprit. Laksh also calls police.

Precap – unexpected……..

Credit to: sam

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